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The whiplash of your farts still linger in my room,
It smells like a ******* zoo.

You smile and laugh
As I coward away in a corner screaming at the top of my lungs because your farts ******* stink.

I ask you what did you have to eat,
and you reply "The boxed mac n cheese, with MILK!"

My heart stops and my eyes nearly plop out of my head
"Milk!?" I scream into my shirt, covering my nose
To stop the smell of death.

******* your farts stink.
i still love my girlfriend but dang, her farts do stink
Ave 6d
I hate crush culture
I’m in love with a *** guy
And a straight girl
I’m in love with people who will never be with me
Because of a dumb thing like sexuality
I’ve tried to define my self but the closest I’ve gotten is that
i like people... just people.
“You mean everything to me.”
He whispers, earnestly.
How did I even get this lucky?
Mitch Prax Sep 29
She grazed my eyes
with an arrow set to stun.
She put another through my soul
and I fell hard, so very hard.
The next one is for my heart
and I am helpless to her
fatal shot.
Mitch Prax Sep 29
She was beautiful,
but not like those girls on TV.
She was beautiful,
for the way she thought.
for the way her eyes
twinkled when she talked
about anything she loved.
She was beautiful,
for the way she made me
smile like no other could.
She wasn't beautiful for her material self,
she was beautiful right down the soul.
Äŧül Sep 27

If beauty is to be a person, it is you.

Looking at you I feel so young,
Over to my lost years I'm taken,
Visit I do my teenage fantasies,
End the ones never would.

Yes, I float in love with you,
Of ethereal foam is my heart,
Up in the cloud nine, you're mine.
My HP Poem #1775
©Atul Kaushal
M Grace Sep 26
I wasn't what you imagined,
but how could you know what love was
until you met her?
Justyn Huang Sep 25
I'd give you the world,
If I could.

But you became mine
and so the world
was given
to me.
Another sweet nothing
KJ Sep 24
I thought my heart was dead.
That I couldn’t feel affection for anyone,
not after everything he had done to me.

But then you came into my life,
so suddenly, I couldn’t see it coming.
I didn’t expect to like you.

I told myself I wouldn’t, or couldn’t, care for you.
You aren’t mine.
I don’t even know if you’re interested.

But thank you for reviving a part of myself
I thought I’d never see again.
Even if this is only a crush,

I’m glad my first was on you.
And you said:
I'm also so ******* in love with you
And together we will move forward, I also don't know what will happen.
But we will get those good things together
A "poem" every day.
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