zeebee 2h
it's one am
i'm still thinking of you
my bones have so many words
but not enough letters

your fingers twine with mine
two sources of warmth,
one bright
one tired
both touching the other,
red and blue light make
the prettiest of twilight purples

steady, solid,
you're still here
you've stayed,
you don't know
how much that scares me
because no one else has
the same way you have

i'm still drawn to your smile
i'm still a flower to your sunlight
i'm still yours to hold
so please, please hold me
finals ate me, and they haven't even started
shiv 2d
the truth runs wild
the truth runs free.
i've never felt happier
than when you're with me.
sure he's cute
and funny
and compassionate
but that's not why I like him -
I like him because he asks questions
no one else does
and he remembers my answers
better than I do
you are a bunch of different things
but not someone i ever thought i’d write about

you were the cute guy in my class
the one i looked forward to talking to

you were the one i shared music with
the one i didn’t know if i liked

you were the one who helped me study
the one who did more distracting than helping

you were the one who kissed me
the one who made me feel things i haven’t felt in years

you were the one who heard me
the one who still liked me, despite all my problems

you were the one who couldn’t be in a relationship
the one who i can’t have

you were the one who i never thought i’d write about
i really didn't want to write about you.
Annie 4d
It's easier to judge
Not easy to understand

Two feet away
And you won't hold my hand

So I made a promise to myself
My body is not your land

I cut my hair short
Sing songs you hated with my little band

I could dance away the nights
If this was God's plan

I could spend days without talking at all
You're just a boy, not my man
rosie 5d
songs & poetry sing and speak of the oceans, skies, & fields of green
that can be seen
in the eyes of kings and queens that were once prince charming’s and princess anything’s,
the startling blues,
the striking greens,
it seems,
are the only colors to fall for,
a pair of brown eyes, that glow in the sun,
shine warmly in winter,
cocoa cinnamon colored eyes, spices and dry deserts,
pyramids and caravans come to mind,
with those eyes, those dark and brooding, laughing, dancing eyes framed by dark lashes and wrinkles from the smiles he’s always wearing

you can keep,
your blue-eyed boys,
and green-eyed girls
i’ll take my brown-eyed beloved
thank you to any readers xx
I leave here this I LOVE YOU...
so you can hug it always
An I love you that remembers that I'm here for you
An I love you that veils your dreams and absorb your tears
and feels your laugh, ruffles your hair and let you dream…
I wrote this on a pillow that I gave to my boyfriend when we were fulfilling 6 months of being together
all by leigh May 13
He's a God among stars
and they get along nicely.
He's a God to these stars
and they idolize him as such.
He's a God that can see past the stars
and they'd hoped they could distract him.
He's a God that's descended to fix what's fallen under his sky
and the stars knew this time would come.
He's a God on Earth
and the stars must miss him so.
He's a God who's found a purpose down here
and the stars fall down in anguish.

He's a God and the stars just miss him.
There's shooting stars, but the God just missed them.
Özcan Sh May 10
I saw a baby today
The baby looked at me
His eyes shine like diamonds
His skin was sweet as chocolate
And his cute litte smile taught me
How the love in this world feels.
I love when babys smile and laugh ☺️
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