You can watch a fire
begin with a spark,
so I’ll stand by your side
until I spot a flame.
You can watch a fire
begin with a spark,
so I’ll stand by your side
until I spot a flame.
He gave a gap-toothed grin
I watched it spread across a cute face, dappled
with lovely little angel kisses
and red red cheeks, my rosy apple
A sweet little boy. <3
G 1d
green eyes and blue jeans,
lips like a mint dream.
crew necks and boxer briefs,
hands to touch me gently.
love me, love me,
hug me and hold me,
against your freckled cheeks;
don't ever set me free.

-a girl thats needy
Have you ever reached
beneath the underneath
of a desk or table?
as you reached,
the lush wooden maple

Find no treat you'd like to keep
Nor gift you'd want to have
Nothing good,
I wouldn't encourage
one reach or grab.

Gum is there to meet your thumb
soaked in germs and goo
residue left mocking you
smells of grandpa's chew

May my learning be your warning
not to reach nor grab
beneath the underneaths
of a gummy trap
I think it's funny. Someone ask me once to write about the most important lesson I had learned. I thought it was a dumb prompt so I went the funny route.
Venus 3d
I am a perspiring cliche for the boy that is curly red
Years have passed in months and skin I've forgotten how to touch
Should I stay in his thoughts and rest there until bed?

Gummy worm lips argue a string of softness but not too much
Hands are holding, hearts are beating, I am thinking of
Arousal for the thunderstorm that is bodies combining and the intimacy of just one touch

He strolls around in my head and leaves memories around that my heart can clutch
I am a deprived disaster for curly red
He feeds me mountains of positivity and on my own, I don't eat that much
Afeli 4d
He scrunches up his face;
A bravura of sheer irksomeness.
Fruitless tries of wild fathom.

His act halts his face facing mine;
dawning of endless gaze.
After a splendid array of irritability all that his partings exit is a set sound of,
And I smile at the utter cuteness of the act.
He never fails to make me smile be it in any way... Even such as this, even though he doesnt realize that that the sound of Tch he makes, makes me smile.
Mims 5d
You are next to me
I turn to you
And touch your face
Warm lips
Slow kiss
Arms around me
Under white sheets
And flannel blankets
"I missed you"
You smile
"I can tell,

I missed you too"
I'm sick of this screen
Come visit me
If you were the tide
And I was the sand
I'd pray for you upon these shores  
To build a castle
That we could call home
And when you decline
My love won't be following far behind
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