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Peyton James Sep 14
Wee little beastie; though now you’ve grown.

Once a dust bunny, underfoot,

To my silent confidant,

With purs that dry tears,

Blanket of fur,

Brazen tail wags,

And vast eyes,

My dear

I'm posting something fun for a change! It's an angst-free zone this week.

In all seriousness, Luna, my black cat, is much more to me than a pet. I adopted her as a kitten for emotional support while recovering from anorexia. She kept me company when I lived alone in University and I didn't have friends
Aimée Aug 21
Little, speedy hummingbird,
Dashing place to place,
And all I see,
A smear of green,
Zipping by my face.

Little, shiny hummingbird,
Always flashing by,
Your colors bright,
Catch the light,
Glinting low and high.

Little, hungry hummingbird,
Flitting by do fast,
Dewdrops fall,
From flowers tall,
You sip from as you pass.

Then little, tired hummingbird,
Perch upon a twig,
Wings quit swooping,
Eyelids dropping,
Dream of growing big.
I love animals:)
Daivik May 23
Today is a very sleepy day
And I am going to sleep it away
So please do not come in my way
For today is a very sleepy day
sitting across from you in this quiet library
while we do homework,
i look at you and wonder-
how did i get so lucky to be loved by you?
6 months ago you asked me out.
6 months of pure happiness and love,
6 months of never once questioning if you do love me,
only knowing that you do.
and now, we look forward to the rest of our lives,
loving someone has never been easier,
it's like second nature,
as simple and innate as breathing.
your fluffy brown curls,
stunning hazel eyes,
and adorable silver and navy glasses;
unparalleled intelligence,
kindness, goofiness, dorkiness,
lovability- my golden retriever boy.
you always take care of me,
especially when my adhd and anxiety get bad,
and i always take care of you,
especially when you're tired and dehydrated.
i love you
Descovia Feb 23
You can help some people, some of the time.
You can't help everyone, all of the time.
i was like you once, always thinking with my heart
obstructions create from using my mind.

The pain you feel does not bother me entirely. Cause I know what it's like to be without and live in doubt. Still remain positive and prosper show everyone what you are about!

Queens like you should remain
in this realm to keep **** from going south.
i know things can get heavy, hectic.
I rather go Gadget, you can cause damage
if you decide to go Wreck It Ralph.

You're a beauty, designed by artist sources of the devine of undying times.

I do not perceive you with eyes of lust.
Forgive me, if I must. Before time turns us to dust.
I desire everything of you. From knowledge, taste, touch.
I get it tho no need to rush. I am not calling you a crutch

Immature minded boys, be hopping around acting
like they know it all but ain't doing much.

For you I would go double dutch, rope in clutch, while rolling a dutch.
I'll put anyone in a noose, ya'll be hanging by threads so thin..
Implementing your demise, and result of repetition proves truth.
It's a wonder how, some men, end up back to where they begin.

What's vibing boo?
Speaking of which, I can get pretty scary.
Universal destruction detonate! Majin Buu.
Just saying, not playing. I'll go super sayian
if you cross my NuNu.
Have faith in yourself.
Everyone needs your story.
Repeat my name in each verse
Flowing within melodies

Sing me to sleep
A lullaby or a love verse
Take me into a new universe
Every time you say my name

Repeat this tune
And play it all-day
Until the day comes
We could be in each other's arms
rewind these tape, play it once or twice
can't get enough of you
giovanna Feb 4
O ar desapareceu dos meus pulmões
Senti como se o hidrogênio tivesse tomado seu lugar
O tempo parou naquele momento e eu me vi em queda infinita
Dentro de um planeta que não tem chão
Dentro de um sentimento sem previsão
Eu corri, e quando senti seus braços, a temperatura derrepente ja passava dos mil
Não contei e nem tive tempo antes que o vento daquela imensa mancha vermelha me levasse consigo
Não há foguete que conseguiria me buscar
Eu não me importaria de chegar ao núcleo
nem mesmo de ser esmagada pela pressão
Então eu suplico, deixe Jupiter me levar
esse poema é especial para mim!
escrevi com base em
memórias que eu tenho da
primeira vez que eu o vi.
meu pitico, meu gatinho, meu yu
te amo.
Gimme a wink, gimme a view...

And I will like all of your poems!

n' that means YOU!
Kassan Jahmal Dec 2021
I imagine the witty hooks
of young ones in love.

He tells her, "aren't you a strawberry
looking like a cherry on top!"

"We're in this jam together,
light of my eye my Sunjam."

And how with a loaf of words,
he'd end with,

"I'll let nothing get in between us;
but be between two slices of bread."

                                              Turning cheeks red and sweet.
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