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Nidhi 7h
orange marmalade ribboned on warm toast
reflecting the golden light from the sun
It looks like Cleopatra's prize possession
It is too bright for a ghost to see
And too valuable to be an investment
Orange marmalade
How it swirls in your tongue
Too afraid to swallow it
Oh how I admire the orange marmalade
It's like a slice of happiness
The sun sprinkled on the orange marmalade
You can see all the orange pieces tucked in the marmalade
I love orange marmalade
TyeniWrites Feb 26
“Can I be your everything?”She whispers. “You are.”he answers.
Bec Feb 16
Lucky in love was never something
I considered myself,
before you.
Even when I spent two years
engaged to someone
who I thought was "the one".
Even when I swore I
couldn't live without
my first boyfriend.
And then came you.
Suddenly, everyone I thought I
had ever loved just
Because there you were,
making something click in
my heart.
A switch turning on a spotlight.
A sigh of relief.
It was just you,
exactly how you are.
Somehow I think it was
always you.
Luna Maria Feb 14
god I missed your lips
oh to stumble all upon the
Feeling of love again
your lips taste so sweet
Luna Maria Feb 7
every time my phone lights up
I hope the notification says your name.
you make me smile more than I would like to admit
Michael Feb 5
When you're happy your face is bright.😃
When your'e cryin, it looks a fright.😫
When you're angry, your face gets tight.😖
It makes a look like it's goin to bite!😬
This was inspired by my 6 year old nephew.
Such a cute face...  when he's happy.
Anastasia Feb 2
If I were to confess,
Which I won’t,
I would apologize.
If I were to tell you,
The words burning on my lips,
Which I refuse to do,
I would say
That I’m sorry
For not giving you my best.
If I were to speak the truth,
Which I’ve never done,
I’d get quite close,
To your blooming cheeks
And whisper to you,
“I was wrong.”
I would watch your lips
As you ask me your question.
I would say, rather softly,
“I was afraid.”
I would gently take your hand
And lace our fingers together
One last time
And I would speak,
“But I lost you anyway.”
I know I could come up with better poetic lies,
but I'm turnt up on sins,
I love you
Starts with the cool wind
and the drizzle flows down
The heaven turns into grey
can you hear the cloud burst loud?
wondering where it came from and why
and yet
we lay on the grass, gazing on the sky.

he said; Hey! see the drench green layout
and hear the sprinkle falls around,
I looked here and there, and no one to be found,
wondering why did he say that and why
and yet
we lay on the grass, gazing on the sky.

In between the green, along with
the big cut down trees,
while the teeming street and the lawn
spread out with dry shredded leaves,
eyes met, and i swear they didn't lie,
and yet
we lay on the grass, gazing on the sky.

unending rain, thundercloud, remarkably beautiful
hopefully this creates a huge leisure pool
I chuckles and he sneeze,
and with the cold breeze,
we hoped we hold hands and fly,
and yet
we lay on the grass, gazing on the sky.
This is a poem regarding a day of me and my love with the nature
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