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Anya 1d
Today, we went backpack
and I got one
covered in pineapples
that matches my hat
from a year ago
So happy!
You know when random, little, nonsensical things make you happy?

If not, being completely confused by this poem sprung from my random bout of strangeness works too.
i can’t quite place,
my finger on it –
but when she told me,
it was too early in the morning,
for me to be so beautiful,
i couldn’t help but notice,
she turned the loveliest shade of red.

Anya 4d
My mom got me a pair
of blue jeans
I never used to wear
Buttoning and zipping
was a pain

Then we got a dress code
And jeans
I could wear
But not blue
Too casual

And so they sat forgotten
Until a few years later
In a rush
I grabbed something
to wear
and it was
My blue jeans
And you know what? I don't look half bad.
Fall feels
I love to bring out the comfy sweaters
get your hot cocoa ready
snuggle up close
read a book
or watch a movie
while the room is filled with falls feels
filled with compelling scents

wishing for the scent of home
the scent of pumpkin spice
(even though I don't like pumpkin)
the scent of the crisp cool air

Fall feels encourages crushes
it just happens
not this time
not for me

they are fun
the mushy feelings
the butterflies
late night talks with your gal pals

the whispers
the quick glances
the lopsided smiles
that make your heart beat quicker

it's cute

not for me
not this season
there is too much going on

but I'll laugh with you
I'll smile
I'll support you
and wish the best for you
It's fall break 2018
Char 3d
You described
I was
a steamy heater in a cruel blizzard,
that blankets the falling snow with
a warm fuzzy hug

You described
I was
scorching fire
that last marathons
as this feeling you hold
felt like nothing you've felt before
first para- the kindness he felt from me in his heart
2nd para- his feelings/passion/how i motivate him
svdgrl 4d
the whirr of the fan, a flash of green in my belly button,
comic books on the nightstand, they might stand for real,
the way you steal a glimpse while we're all laughing at nothing,
the pause when we sit in your car after hanging with our friends,
circles the rain makes in puddles, rapid yet placid,
the subtle way you brush my hair away when it tickles you,
while i'm tucked under arm; a fond pillow,
when i curl up alone knotted in my sheets,
slipping my cold feet in the crooks of my legs to warm,
the only song that's been my alarm since you,
these are the things that make me miss you.
On that misty day we were walking through the traffic
Standing at the cross road just waiting
For the light to turn green

We walked and walked and saw a baby
I waved at him, he smiled back at me

We were talking with our Mcflurries on our knees
Sometimes I just buried my face in it pretend I was eating
I said something funny
You cracked up so much
Then you stared at me
I went back to eating

Mcflurries are melting so I gotta hurry
But I see that you're still staring at me
With a grin
I said What?You said Nothing!

We walked and walked and sat on a bench
Some old people were doing Tai-chi
We made out but don't want them to notice
I looked you in the eyes, you asked what?I said Nothing.

You asked me not to write you in my poems
But since I still have some Mcflurry left
Would you wanna share it?
To Paul
Anya 5d
I can be,
an airhead

And at those moments
all I can think

My amazing ignorance
strikes me dumb
It popped into my head and I wrote it down.
Frozen gold is the colour of your eyes, and I'm a treasure hunter with a sweet tooth. If the eyes are an expression of the heart, then I'm here to capture your heart... The true source of gold. Noah_arkenswagg
Lily 6d
I saw her first across the bowling alley,
Laughing at her own gutter ball.
She flipped her long black hair
Over her shoulder;
She wore a golden cross necklace
That bounced lazily against her
Beautiful olive colored skin.
Lady Gaga blaring from the speakers
Prompted her to dance back to her friends,
Who smile at her antics.
All of a sudden, she looks over at me, and
I try to pretend I wasn’t staring,
But it’s too late.
She smiles shyly, without her teeth,
Just a slight turn of her pink lips,
And her cheeks redden slightly.
Whatever manliness I still had in me
Melted when I saw her smile.
I smile back in what I think is a cute way.
My friends cries break thought my thoughts,
“It’s your turn!”  “Go already!”
Yet I can’t break my eyes off of her.
She goes to her friends and sits down,
Sips her Coke quietly.
I look at the clock.
I’ve wasted five minutes of the game.
I blame the girl in Lane 7.
Just a couple characters I observed at the bowling alley a few weekends ago.
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