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Just as the
dawning sun
kisses the sleeping Earth,
your smile brings
warmth and light
to my
I've been trying so hard not to say this
But I want to appear cool
When you send a message I reply so
Quickly like a fool

And you don't talk to me for minutes
Hours sometimes days
And then reply just as I've cried
And act like it's okay

But i am way too sensitive
I just can't deal with this
If you're going to date me
I want more than just to kiss

Don't you get it?
I am human
And I need
To be loved

and I need to be needed
and this isn't enough
Afreen May 16
The cherub and her
balloons waited,
For her companion,
The sun.
He rises roaring
with laughter,
from the east.

They hold hands,
and frolic in merry,
he fills her eyes
with the sunshine of divine.
As time ticks,
They hop to the beat,
of her heart,
to the west.

Where she bids him
To the higher beyond
he goes,
as she, shares
her sunshine,
with the ghouls
among her.
And like that, she acquainted the ghouls void of warmth the sunshine amidst their wary cold existence.
Mitch Prax May 14
This heart
beats in silence
but then I met you
and now it can't
stop singing.
Anastasia May 13
I see stars
on everything in you;
I see stars
in everything you do.
While the world keeps spinning,
it goes too fast, forgetting
precious little gems
like you.
idk this just popped into my head enjoy
pea May 13
the marks, the stains
the pains
i'm wiped clean
off the screen
my insecurities
my disabilities
                                                                they hide                                  
my possibilities
  i only want them to  see                          
the better side

of me.

Everything seems            out           of                         place.
                                                                 The tears   i cry                                      
i now    disguise              
     being told

“you are not alone,”
Doesn’t keep me        

under control

have you got a clue?
                                                                what got you so blue?
how everyone else is perfect?
did anyone tell you that you're cute today? cuz you are!
Mitch Prax May 12
A new pen,
a new poem
a blank page.
There is something
charming about the emptiness-
a new start if you will.
All I ask is that
you help me
fill it in.
Mitch Prax May 10
we all feel a little lost-
lost in a void-
a prisoner of silence.
So come lay with me
here in the darkness,
in silence.
Perhaps we can bring
a little light to
each other's world.
Mitch Prax May 10
Love is
If only you could see it
the way I see it
through you.
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