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The distant lights
in your eyes were a beacon
on nights long ago
I would’ve spent alone.
Let me hold you by the throat and take your breath away
Watch you choke out the words I love you
But it always sounds the same
I saw you,
daydreaming yourself into a world
that is kinder than the one we live in.
Good for you,
that kind of peace
is hard to find.
She asked if I
wanted to dance in the ocean
I said 'only if
you promise we won't drown'.
I could turn my skin platinum
But never meet your standards
Because blonde haired girls
Don't like ***** skinned boys
Mitch Prax Nov 30
I hope wherever you wander,
you find a piece of me
just like wherever I wander,
I find a piece of you.
Harley Nov 29
The darkness surrounded her.
It slowly devoured her.
Walking in the halls, she saw him...
She saw him light up her darkness
She stared into his eyes.
She watched as he stared back.
She understood.
He had been living in the darkness too.
They lit up eachothers worlds
Light always wins
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