i’m trying to see what you meant
-when you said she was our kind of beautiful.

our skin is the same, a pimple in the same place,
and the same hair and color.

but have you seen your eyes?
in mine they looked golden.
and then green.
and then yellow, brown and back to gold again.

i know you’ve felt my hair,
and it felt softer in your hands
-you made it beautiful.

the comb, the brush
and my only regret was i didn’t do yours.

i also remember this
-you said you liked this clip,
this dress.

well the dress is still hanging,
and you can be sure i’ll wear it,
next time.
Baby come to me
With arms open wide
And before you go to sleep
I sincerely bid you goodnight

Sweetdreams my love
Oh yes please sleep tight
For I will protect you
In the darkness of the night
i will not like you
i promise i won’t
with shaking hands
i’ll confess that i don’t

i may like your eyes
and i may like your talk
i really like your voice
and how you use it to mock

you sing even though you can’t
and you’re funny even when you’re not
you’re quiet and reserved
at least that’s what i thought

i do not like you
even though i could
i’m just a little broken
but i know that i would

we’re a lot alike
which is good for a friendship
that’s all i can think about
we’re not ready for a relationship

the more i write though i realize
that maybe i like you a little
you’re easy to talk to and
it doesn’t feel like a riddle

okay so maybe it’s a lot
but that doesn’t matter
you’d be a great companion
but you should really be the latter

i do like you
it’s unfortunately so
but it’s not meant to be
i wish it were though
i’ve got a crush
Cuteness wasn't this adorable,
                 "Buy1 get 1free"

Never one to let bargains growl at me..

                 I brought the pack!!
                           ­          "Smitten"
I could give you the entire universe but then i would just be giving you yourself.
but it's true tho
Suffocating from the hatred you keep giving yourself,
I'm so worried sick about you, don't want you to feel unwell.
Just here trying to make you happy as much as I can,
Yet you always end up depressed,
But fuck that,
I'll always love you even after the end.
I'll make sure that you're really fine,
And if not I'll give you a billion reasons why,
Why I'm fucking glad you exist and why I don't want you to die.

Ask me why I care so much about you?
Well you've given me a reason to smile,
You were there for me during my loneliest nights,
And you gave a whole new meaning in my life.
How am I not suppose to love you and hold you tight?
'Cause you were there for me, so I'll always be here for a laugh or a shoulder to cry.

Maybe I care too much,
I don't know,
I don't care.
I'd rather have thoughts of you more than anybody else,
I'm afraid of losing you,
I'm scared.
I fell to fill in your empty heart,
And I knew the risks and consequences I dared.
I care.
I love you boo <33
Amanda Aug 6
Dear You,
I hope you find me someday,
And I am everything you need,
I will be the one that follows
To any place you wish to lead.

A time will come when I meet you,
Although I do not know who you are,
You are somewhere out there in this world,
Maybe close, possibly far.

Wonder if your eyes are blue,
Or if they are brown like mine,
Green, grey, or hazel,
Ask that question all the time.

When will I finally see your face?
How much longer do I have to wait?
I am dying to know your name,
It is kept secret by fate.

Still have all these questions,
No answers I can see,
One thing is for certain,
You were made for me.

We're going to fall in love somehow
According to the universe's plan,
Even if you do not know it now,
You are going to be my man.

We are perfect for each other
In absolutely every way,
The first moment we touch
Will steal my breath away.

You'll tell me I am beautiful
Because we are meant to be,
I'll realize you are The One,
I love you stranger.
I'm proud of this one I wrote way back in 7-28-11
Aniq Ahmad Aug 3
What comes to mind when they say "Disney"?
All the mysteries and Mickey in my epiphany

Aladdin got stuck in the cave and found the lamp
Huey, Dewey and Louie all are out in a camp

When daffy is about to lose control for daisy
Goofy woke up and walked like if its all hazy

Pluto never knows it has a planet on his name
Still it doesn't leave Mickey even being all lame

When Cinderella lost her shoe and ran away
Rapunzel meanwhile got her hair taken away

Timon said "Hakuna Matata it means no worries"
When Simba found Nala, Timon got insecurities

Peter Pan came from Neverland and saw Wendy
Seeing them fly together in childhood was trendy

Hercules got Meg and showed off his muscles with a wink
Hades made her pawn and Hercules found it was a fling

Canine Superstar Bolt thought he was the real deal
When camera stopped rolling,he began to squeal

Pooh with honey and Christopher on journey
Tigger bounces and Owl pretends to be an attorney

A witch with Poisoned apple got her sleeping
On seeing, the dwarfs couldn't stop weeping

Alice got over her fears
Dumbo got used to his ears

All the Kids got mesmerized by the fun
Its Disney, from which you dont wanna run
DJ Aug 3
she was lain on my bed,
fully clothed,
and nude at the same time.
nude because I've seen her,
the true her.
Nude because her smile was natural,
not forced.
her laugh was intoxicating,
her voice was addicting.
the simple touch of her hand,
brought fire among my skin.
I've seen her,
and never have I ever,
seen someone as beautiful as she.
she was lain on my bed,
and now it smells like her.
so now as I lay me down to sleep,
I hug my pillows and covers to me.
If there's no love left in this world
I'll give my life giving it Away
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