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Jellyfish Dec 2023
Tricky sentences flew after moonrise,
A battle commenced under moonlight,
Swings and beams chased eachother
Like fireflies dance around lovers

It was a sight to see unlike any other
I enjoyed the chase as if I were further,
To be honest I didn't realize it was such a fight
until I saw my hand disappear to reveal the moon.
Odd Odyssey Poet Oct 2023
Stand with me on ten toes
a little piggy that markets a bit of love
And I know we'd kick  it better at home,
while I roast your friends every time we meet,
always having beef with them all
The don't know you truly for yourself,
quite frankly you're better off with none
Still you and I make a perfect we, we can feast like
a little piggy on sweet nothing's, when we're home alone

                    I guess we're still a bit like kids, in love.
Would you like me to write more pieces like this?
M Sep 2023
If I showed you a still from a Wes Anderson film
I'm sure you'd probably have a lot to say--
a multitude of ideas waiting to pour forth from your mouth
and brimming off the top of your head...

I'd gladly spend as many hours as I'd need
waiting for you to empty your excitement
as you talk away about the things you love
in that adorable manner of wanting to say so much

Believe me when I tell you
your impassioned expressions
are more entertaining in their own cute way
than any feature film I can recall

Serve me a dish
of things I never knew
and stuff I could say
I only learned today
Let's keep talking ;)
I love it when you point stuff out in film and what not~
M Sep 2023
i see drops of water tracing the lines of your hair--
it's like you're crying but you're happy and i swear
even a painter couldn't muster the awe to bear
the sight of you under showering rain

i see nightlights peeking behind your silhouette
and the tones of your flustered blush try not to separate
themselves from the warm comely palette
of the shot of our figures in loving embrace

i see a blanket folded into your solemn sleeping shape
with curves smiling back; in a way, i wouldn't escape
had you had me landlocked within your pretty landscapes...

hug me tight
so that i might see
just how pretty you can be
under the soft glow of a burning moment
sorry i havent written u in a while
Mrs Timetable Jun 2023
Pink jelly beans
Kinda don't like your taste
Not sure what flavor
You're supposed to be
Maybe generic Barbie?
Don't take this personal
Still very cute
Someone loves you
I don't enjoy the taste of
I've been missing for days
Caught in a fold
That crease in your cheek
Has swallowed me whole
Steve Page May 2023
like a baby scorpion
like a pink gun holster,
like a fluffy straight jacket.
You know,
not cute at all.
But still ..
You know -
online is a wierd world
Veronica Moore Dec 2022
From star dust to grass blades,
I'd traverse it all for you.
For you are not just my sun and stars,
You're the whole **** universe.
My love.
Brandon Diaz Dec 2022
Where does a sneeze go when you don't sneeze?
Just like a hurricane in my nose
but loses wind and just won't go.
Where did my sneeze go?
Its not up high
and its not down low.

Maybe my sneeze got lost,
doesn't know where to go anymore.
Maybe my sneeze got tired,
resting in a big box of cardboard.
Maybe my sneeze got tossed,
down the river washed up on shore.
Maybe my sneeze just retired,
restless on the dance floor.

Ive lost my sneeze
I put posters everywhere,
Ive lost my sneeze
I can't find them anywhere.

One day that sneezed found me
Not one, not two, but three.
I write kids poems now
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