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Angela Rose Aug 22
When I think about the future with you I smile about the little things
I think about the late nights on the couch, eating leftover Chinese food and laughing until we cry
I think about the days at the pool, putting sunscreen on your back, and finding your sunglasses for you because you misplace everything
I think about the sunny afternoons, exhausted from the work day, and you're pouring me a drink and telling me you're so ******* proud of me
Mitch Prax Aug 14
I drink the poetry
that flows from your mind
like rivers of honey.
So sweet are your thoughts
and so pure is your soul.
Mitch Prax Aug 14
We danced with the trees-
our souls and nature as one-
it was just a dream

3:45 PM
Mitch Prax Aug 9
I hear your voice and
I hear poetry, music
and everything nice

6:11 PM
Mitch Prax Aug 7
You have the only
hand that does not feel foreign
between my fingers

3:40 PM
A heart falling fast
Yesterday's footprints fading
Stumbling into love
Be careful boys and girls as love is a slippery surface
rig Jul 25
Kellin Jul 12
Night changes nothing
when she's as beautiful during the honest hue of the day as she is to me bathed in moonlight
Sindi Jul 1
Pretty power petals

Sit around a garden

Creating a scene of serenity

Pretty power petals

Sit full of peace and love
© Sindi Kalumba
Sindi Jun 21
Like a constellation of stars
The walk upon the stage
Smiling and dazzling
In their best clothing

This small event was successful
But if only there were more people
To watch this spectacular happening

The individuals who participated
Proved that they are not fish in the school
But more like a bouquet of daisies
All glittering by
© Sindi Kalumba
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