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Devin Ortiz Jul 12
The finish line is a delusion.
We run the race at our own pace.
Some walk. Some run.
Some crawl. Some quit.
Everyone dies, no one wins.

Suppose there is no other side.
Suppose you just keep going,
Until you don’t.

Is it an uphill battle?
Is it all downhill from here?

A little of both, a lot of neither.
Going, going, gone.
There's a multitude of people on this earth.
But in my eyes there are only a few that know their worth.
Some squander their potiential; complain about how they almost made it.
Have excuses. Blame others on why they decided to quit.
Then there are those that always want to do better.
They dont fear the work, don't crumble under pressure.
Ones that cease the moments that define who they are.
They reach for the stars, takes risks, learn from their scars.
They only regret the chances they didn't take.
These people fall like others but grow from their mistakes.
In this life you want to be part of the latter.
Cause it's really hard to measure almost, cause almost doesn't matter.
Built the rhyme from the last line backwards.
Niki Gray Jul 7
The water will rise,
let it.
The fire will burn,
fuel it.
The darkness will come,
light it.
My strength won't quit
so I fight on.
Thank you to the incredibly talented Christian Love and my big brother Todd Hoover.
Niki Gray Jul 1
What's the point of it all
learning to rise
yet then again fall.
Falling into the abyss
the clutches of hell.
Until I've had enough
of this cold, dark well.
Sick of the gloom, doom in this tomb
I cast off my doubt.
I feel my fiery soul
burning its way out.
Made my choice to burn bright
igniting the light with in.
Knowing that when I fall
darkness will beckon me again.
It is my decision to embrace defeat,
to quit or stay down,
or rise to my feet
regaining my crown.
I starting writing poetry a year or two ago and have shared it with very few close friends.  They encouraged me to post some of my work. Thank you Christian Love, Favour, Sheela and my little sister. So here it is and I hope you enjoy reading it.  I have more work to share if you enjoy it.
Greg Piegari Jun 25
The world is way different with my sober eyes.
And I can’t explain the simple beauty I see watching birds fly.
I’ve missed out on so much these past 5 years.
But now is my chance to raise an empty glass and say cheers.
For all of us dealing with life at the moment.
I know now that we all have a chance for atonement.
You may not know me and that’s okay.
But if you need me I’ll be a kind stranger and hold your hand the whole way.
Stephen James Apr 17
heart racing; my legs
they stay pacing. how close is
this dream im chasing?
a haiku
I know it's hard, but quitting won't make it any easier.
Don't stop now...
keep going!
Akira Mar 27
My kind of addiction is playing Mobile Games,
you said "quit that and play me",
so I quit.
One day as I enter your house,
you're playing fire with someone else.
That hits me so hard and
the first thing that I do is play games
and **** the villains who strike me.

Your now sorry for what you've done.
Your begging now for me to stay.
Few days later,
You did the same mistake again.

Now, I just realized something worth it
I'm going to quit my addiction,
which is
WhiteWolf101 Mar 12
It's a black hole
I try too hard.

But when I don't try,
I get pushed too far.

“They” tell me I'm ok,
but am I really O/K?

How do “they”know
what I am feeling?

I have secrets
but no one needs
to carry the weight
of this.

Should I just stop?
Would quitting help me?
Would “they” notice my lying?
Would they hear my crying?

Should I turn
into the old me?

Would quitting help me?
I was so happy before...
Would returning heal me?
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