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You're a demise.

You don't know that. You're syrup that means so much.

I don't love you,

As a matter of fact I really ******* hate you,

but I need you.

That's right. I need you.
I'm a coward without you. I depend on you.

One day I won't. I hope one day I won't. But until then, I'm at your beck and call.
Connor May 1
I will sit and light this cigarette
Smoke burning in my eyes so I have an excuse to cry
It's a habit you had me quit
But now that you've quit me
I needed to find something familiar again
Passion Apr 29
This is life?
Its ****
I am looking at this knife
I’m about to quit
Zack Ripley Mar 2019
Every day I worked that nine to five.
*** of coffee every morning made me feel alive.
But by the end of the day, after dinner with the wife and kid,
the demons I kept away came back.
So I had a date with jack until the world went black.
For years, i suffered in silence.
I eventually turned to drugs
to try and escape the violence gifted by the tyrants.
But no matter how many times
I pushed the trigger and pulled the thread,
every time I came down I couldn't help feel i was better off dead. Just when I was ready to quit, that's when I met her. That was it.
I finally found someone who cared.
We got married and our son was born.
I had never been more scared.
But we survived. We pushed through.
Life was perfect until the fight we had when he was two.
We said some things we didn't mean
and i walked away again never to be seen.
I'm telling you this because it's too late for me.
But it's not too late for you.
If you feel like you're ready to face the end,
please let me say what i needed someone to say.
I love you, please stay.
With this poem, I wanted a "voice from the dead" vibe. Like, what this guy who regretted what he did would say to someone who was considering ending their life. Also, as someone who has been suicidal and depressed, I wanted to talk about the fact that that level of depression never really goes away. Anything can trigger it. One thing I want to make clear though...I have never done drugs or even smoked.
A bad connection
I didn't hear that-- are you there? Am I wasting breath again?
A bad sign
When you didn't want to call me to hear about my life
A bad sound
Crying myself to sleep while staying at your parent's house
A bad promise
One you said before you meant and regretted before you lost it
A bad daydream
Wondering why you quit loving me or if you never knew the feeling
A bad recovery
Angry, as good as it can be, altogether incomplete
A bad love
One that existed, but wasn't enough
If you have nothing new to say.
Nothing true to say.

Shut the **** up.

Stop feeding off of others words.
They got them from someone else’s plate.

We’ve all had a taste of them,
They’re on the ******* dollar menu.

I can’t stand hearing cheap ****,
Shut up and go take a hit.
Maybe in your daze,
You’ll find something amaze.

Then write about that.
Not something run over on the road.
Love’s practically flat.

I want to see a flash from a barrel,
And hear a bang from a muzzle.
Every ******* time I read a pseudo-love poem.

Put down the pen on love.
I’m ashamed of the poems I’ve writ about it.
Thinking I had knowledge of something so powerful.

If it’s real, you can’t put it into words.
Let it stay that way.
Don’t let a pen astray,
On something in an ashtray.

This bridge has been burned for too long.
Maja Mar 15
Hate me all you want
I’m okay with that

what breaks me is when you lie
and do it with your voice completely flat.

Show me some emotion,
show me that I’m worth it

Don’t just turn your back
and say "I think that we should quit."
indifference hurts as much as emotion
L Mar 2
I'm too serious to play your games
yet too stupid to stop.
I stand upon the mountaintop
And raise my banner high
I feel the inner confidence
A strength I won’t deny

Though obstacles I daily meet
These hindrances I shun
For with my constant confidence
Unless I quit - I’ve won

My banner I display to all
That they too may achieve
I cultivate my confidence
And always I receive
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