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Zywa Jun 23
Bombs are made of gold,

they are the expensive ***** –

of our high culture.
#51 – “Heer Bommel en vriend Vijand” (#51 – “Sir Bumble and friend Foe”, 1952-1953, Marten Toonder)

Collection "**** & Lord"
Beckie Davies Jun 20
we are now cancelling people
easier than appointments
we write each other off
at the first hint of disappointment

i remember disagreement
being met with discussion
now when we hear uncomfortable comments
we reach for the cancel button

call me old fashioned
but i refuse to cross you out
even if you tell me
something we'll argue about

i would rather argue with you
than not hear your voice at all
let's cancel this ******* culture
before we cancel our souls
i refuse to cross you out
Zywa Jun 15
Books are enriching,

they're giving me a feeling –

of sedentarny.
#138 – “Heer Bommel en de kwinkslagen” (#138 – “Sir Bumble and the quips”, 1972, Marten Toonder)

Collection "Bearer Toonder"
Daivik Apr 29
You are truly blind
When you refuse to believe your eyes
New year comes for us, not in January first
Cos’ the sun moves to the zodiac of goat
Flowers smile, birds sings to cheer his journey
Ah…ha April came with laughter and harmony

Time for new years’ fest
The kookoo bird said staying at the west
With a whistle with happiness zest
I and thou know it’s the best

Blast of fire crackers with a huge sound
Happiness, purity, the nation found
Wee kids playing all around
Fireworks passing without a bound

Erabadu blossoms red and bright
Bending towards the new year sight
Sinhala spring through day and night
Time to have fun with a pillow fight

Being in the country with a year through spring
This is the best time which is the sun bring
Put on a smile and wash off the grin
Come everyone it’s time to swing

Sweet meats passing hand by hand
Drum beating waving as an Eastern band
Cleaning the shelter by sweeping the sand
New year’s princess, spring is on stand
Sri Lanka doesn't have any seasonal change like Winter, Spring, Autumn and Summer. Everyday, it's like spring but the Spring is increasing on the month of April

As it is mentioned in Sri Lankan Astrology, the sun is travelling from through the Zodiac sign circle. When the sun finished one circle from Pisces and again started from Capricorn, It's new year for us.

Here, I have mentioned about a bird named Kookoo. It is an endemic bird of Sri Lanka who is so active throughout this season. All it's sound is waving through the nature throughout this month.

This season is full of fireworks and crackers.....

Also, here I have mentioned about a flower called Erabadu. It is also an endemic flower of Sri Lanka. It is red in color which especially blooms in April.

The thing I have mentioned about a pillow fight is also a game done on this season. There is a wooden stand above the ground where  2 people sit on with one hand tied. They are fighting with a pillow until one falls to the ground.

I have said "Come everyone, It's time to swing" You may wonder what this means! Swinging is an activity we are doing throughout this season. We hang 2 ropes on a tree and keep a wood in the between those two. Then we are sitting on it...Swinging and having fun.

This is a time which all Sri Lankan share sweets, Clean all shelters. This is the happiest time of Sri Lanka.
Advancing the soul,
metaphysical orc, promote
original thinking,
experience all, I need sleep.
When I’m better,
now you want to know me,
if your heart was
as big as your ego.
You’ll be considered as real.
Let me go,
for my soul needs rest
before it’s taken, I’m not
worried about flying,
I’ll be gone anyday.
after all is done,
I'm alone,
with thyself
Ain't it a shame
that we—
Nature's Human—
can't bring ourselves
to care.
Can't bring ourselves
to care
about our collective actions
nor allowances...
not until they reach us,
as individuals,
not until they
**** with our own
individual day.
Can't bring ourselves
to care,
not until our own
feelings are hurt,
until our own bellies ache,
until we can make it
about ourselves,
until it's too late.
Ain't it a shame.
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