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Emma 4d
Your hair falls, like dark
feathers over your forehead,
too soft for lowly
hands. Your eyes they live beneath,
the hole you live in
reflected there. I bend and
shoulder another
of your burdens. It is all
I can do. You are
trapped, like a prince in a
dream. Or a nightmare.
In my love for you, it feels
as though tenderness
will tear a hole through my heart.
I would carry worlds.
Almost a Haiku. In alternating 5-7-5 syllables.
Xallan 7d
I wake with a mango mind.
Brilliant, full of Hope,
without faith. I Rise, and wrestle with the sky.
My arms show no sign of falling off.
I see them,
where they always are, as always,
half dressed in their costume, Weary
at the edge of a of a crosswalk.
Their minds are discolored and contorted,
at odds with their perfect skin.
Their costume, once brilliant as I,
now without Lustre and gleam,

drags in the mud.
They whisper to themselves inside. I never listen, because I have better music.
Their skins peel away, and I shudder and hold mine close.
I pity them in their confusion. Their mind
addled without drugs, just
a mistake, in the massive mechanization of life.
I query the impulses, if they dribble into my pond.
Their cloudy eyes seek mine, their
grotesque hands reach out, their
****** threads threaten to entangle me, their
whispers crash upon my music

and they pump me full of mud.
They beg me to run and warn me to flee,
while desperately clutching at my shoes.
They shudder at my loss
and pity me in my great power.
They state the obvious, screeching
in high tones. They told me
the truth that I knew was a lie, but yet
I couldn't deny. They told me
to take a hammer to my mirror, and then
I might see part of them,
s v e n Jan 7
Remind me to put up more walls around my heart - so they won't fall apart so easily.
Maybe I could use something stronger this time around
Or maybe
You could grant me this wish, please.
"Say that you will never take one glance upon the cracks - because you won't truly understand what you see."
But can you instead say that you will guard and protect those so call walls.
You know -
In case, I try to break down them myself.
You can help me rebuild them.

But I am sorry,
If this burdens you.
I can't help it.

But I hope in time
You will find to understand
That I'm only hiding
Because I don't want others

To see what I see,
Feel what I feel,
Know what I know.

Because if they did.
They would feel were obligated to help.

But in the end
They would learn that
It's more of a burden to help.

So they leave.

Then I'm there

Walls crumbled

Open for all
To use.

The only one that could ever hurt me

Is me, myself, and I.
Big oof, welp hope someone can semi relate?
indigochild Dec 2018
i wish I could take it all away

drink it all
let it burn my tongue
peel my throat as it slides down
digest in my stomach
disperse into my blood
where i can
hold it safe
and keep these pieces of you
for your beautiful being
doesn’t deserve to
carry this burden

i’ll fill you back up
with kisses on your tongue
truth in your throat as it slides down
butterflies in your stomach
peace in your blood
where I can
shut the lid, glue it down, lock it up
hold it safe
i’ll swallow the key
to rebuild the pieces of you
for your beautiful being
to smile again
…really smile
- give it all to me
M G Hsieh Dec 2018
Blue and somber white, I ask that
you ponder in your waking dreams and solid songs to bare the fruits with these eyes
like children and horses and such.

***** and trembling. You frighten me.
Words of a thousand suns are witness.
They cross out the years of servitude and grace.

Absolutions. They yearn
to survive until they crave mortality.

I am about to give way. To see you with fresh sight,
hear the voice of another betrayal. Thus far,
there is only One

I have never seen
I have never heard
I have never known.

Cruelty abates
itself, shuns itself.

We wait in silence and petulance,
longing for a day to last
a thousand days
and more.
Life can be a burden,
with all its anxieties,
its stresses,
its worries,
the thought that time is running out,
the thought that,
everything you loved,
everything you've worked for,
gone just like that,
the sudden emptiness of heart and soul,
No more worries of this world,
no more stress,
no more anxieties,
at last,
fills me with sadness as I approach my groom,
my end,
All adorned for eternal rest,
although a burden,
is worth living,
For I am afraid of my next step,
I take no pleasure in the very thought of death,
But still,
Life IS a burden,
a burden worth living
I have a big fear of death... and anything dead...... I am not afraid of the person suddenly waking up.. no.. I am afraid of the cold.. the very thought of death.. silent... (there goes my adhd.. doing the talking... can't stay still... can't be quiet)
Madison Greene Dec 2018
you touch me and the cracks in my lips bleed I bite them so hard
no one has ever been this close
your fingers draw circles on the back of my legs
you kiss every part of me I say I'd like to change
then your lips drip honey on all of my wounds
(the same ones he used to call a burden)
Latifah Dec 2018
Burden burden,
Don’t follow me,
Everywhere I go.

O Burden burden,
Let me be,
Peace is all I’m asking for.

Burden burden,
Can’t you see,
I’m fading,
Like a lifeless tree.
My fellow poets I'd like to say thankyou for your wonderful words of support
Getting me through adversaries
What would I do without you all
You are a inspiration to me
Love you all.
When life is rough it's good to know that there are still. Kind hearted funny people to lift up your spirits
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