Lin 21h

Time is always catching up to me
Doesn’t anyone understand how hard it can be
They always say
Get your head out of the clouds
And your heart out of the dark
Don’t they understand how hard it can be
Of course they don’t
Cause they aren’t me
They don’t understand how hard it can be
With time always catching up on me

Just a poem I made one morning. Kind of one of the first ones I actually wrote down and thought about sharing
Mims 2d

"You have to battle your depression"

"but it's like fighting smoke"

kate 2d

11:11 appears on the clock
and i think of the times
we were scared to talk

Was it agony of love?
or just
It's hard to tell
I get caught up
at times
imagining that poetry
is just
step away
the illusion
becomes an apparition
of serendipity
I've never
been one
to test the water
head first
I'm through the gates
a lamb
to the slaughter.
The water wasn't above my head
when I first started wading
but now
it's not complements we're trading
we're driving each other into the dirt
inflicting new measures of hurt.
Because this is the human psyche
the way it's always played out.
I'm too tired for anyone to try me.


depression is like running a
three-legged race with yourself


maybe i had so much
truth and you were
scared of that too

As I fall onto the pile of freshly dried clothes, I can feel the freshness seeping into my skin. The comforting warmth  flows through me in the dead of winter. More... and more... and more. I never want to get up.

I tried something different today.
Mims 6d

It looked like fun

It looked like fire

She looked happy

She looked tired

"I fall apart,
Didn't know it before"

The cold had long since started creeping into his bones
marrow into ice
flesh into frost
as he waited.
Just waited.
For what he didn't know
there was no other place to go
he lingered
with only one certainty
that his days were numbered.

Thought of this before as I was walking through town in the snow, so many homeless people. It's tragic.
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