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alexis 7m
A faint moment of serenity,
kisses that stain hands in worship,
of feathers light bliss,
using sinful touch as words,
singing praises and gospels
almost missing your wicked smile
1 octobre 2020
8:59 am
Back in the day when all the trees would sway, and the children would play

In the sun, in the shade
through the rain
never kept at bay

puddles needed splashing,
skin needing a tanning.

We laughed once, we cried when we fell
learnt from the scrapes and bruises

It’s a lot different now.
Oh take me back to the 90s.
Icarus cradled himself as the
Surface roared closer and closer,
Screaming like a siren in his ear

For a brief moment he looked and saw
That tower which had kept him and all
That surrounded it. It used to be ugly
But now with death approaching, all that was
ordinary became too beautiful to bare.
First poem in ages
luciana 19h
thin strings made of the self
there is a desperate need for a knot
she feels worthless and empty
wanting to fade into the clouds above
You know this is wrong,

You’re overwhelmed, let me help you

You’ve put your mind on hold,

We can make it disappear,

You know I’m the one
My power is unlimited, and you will know soon enough
I’m about to throw you off a bridge if you don’t stop and think about what you’re doing.
When your light shines pure. You will not be born, you will not die.
Luiz 3d
S.                                    a six word story
m                y
f.a.v.             o.r.i.t.e.
water drops
     drip on rocks
          from the tops
               of tomahawks
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