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Invisible breath
sometimes in the colder months
she wears a white coat
Kaka 7d
Sometimes I write poems.
Sometimes I become one.
#poems #sometimes
Cassandra May 31
I cannot breathe myself to sleep,
for you are on my mind -
and should your image disappear
in the presence of a calm spirit,
then I would set lose my heart
to the roaring sea.
The rest of your life has just begun
Time folds itself
A finger on the trigger of a gun
Hand wraps around to help
Written 3-27-30
Zack Ripley May 9
Anxiety can **** you.
A community can save you.
You save yourself when you ask for help.
Isabella Apr 28
I know you hate to see me cry
But I do anyways
I can't seem to stop the tears from rolling out
Will you hold me?
Can you feel
The way I feel
When I think of you?
Or is it a feeling
That leaves us both
When I'm apart from
I wonder if my friends and lovers feel the same way that I do when we're apart...
neth jones Apr 12
wake up pup
eager those linkers
blink your blinkers
unsink from sleep
and stretch
for a four year old human child
I'm sure you would want me to be happy
That you'd want me to smile
Joy is elusive
Cannot be caught
Pretending just isn't my style
It's just as hard as I thought it would be
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