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Mims 3d
If you say I will get through this
I will spit in your eye

No one survives life
Evan L 5d
I used to trace the acne scars down your back
Like a blind man reading a poem in braille
sully the mental stationary
process the progress
vita 7d
the breeze of our whispers linger with me always
keeping me warm, keeping me quiet
for who else would I want to talk to?
while our night was a fleeting eternity
the prayer of our goodbyes still coos softly
providing comfort to the small of my back
which has been freezing since your hand left it
a genuine work in progress!
Peter Balkus Jun 3
They died long time ago
in now-forgotten wars.
And no one knows them here.

Though someone,
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neth jones Jun 3
I enter a voiceless Forrest
           as after ******

it awaits a wind
                     to disturb
its brooks
          to run full babble
and the creatures
                 to muster bravery
and reveal themselves

Caught unawares
I feel I may have embarrassed it
I shall return later for my walk
neth jones Jun 1
some plants flower at night
  on the pollinators schedule

moon reflects the sun fully
city unburdens its concrete
  of a heat thump

some humans take the night shift
some lovers take the streets
hands publicly crammed down each other
eyes full of moon
Kellin May 31
I found her green in the face
Sick on half hearted lovers

Oh and a puff bar
Dakota May 26
There she stands in all her beauty. Alone, all in her own world. Standing, towering, just out of reach. Everybody knows her. I... I am invisible, nothing compared to her. Still she is my drive either way. My motivation, my push. She is my freedom. She is everything. Her beauty is unmatched in all the land. Nothing has, never will. I am nothing, There she stands in all her beauty, alone.
neth jones May 26
scentless winter over
snow melts            
evacuates into the soil                                      

-under Springs attention-

our strained eyes are relieved                          
       with the dismissal
                                              of the reflective precipitation

Springs arrival elevates mood      
        alleviates the heart halved by Winter

'thirsty things firstly' ;
from the groundswell and sponge
the air is steeped with earth

decay to life

alt version

melting winter evacuates into the earth
a swelling sponge
thirsty things firstly
saturation of decay
brings earth to our dry nostrils
our aching eyes are relieved of the reflective snow
as it is fully dismissed by springtime
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