Danika 11h

my favorite picture of myself
was taken in a redwood forest

I stood next to a tree
at the age of seventeen
and the height of six feet
and about 130 pounds

and for once
I felt short
and not the giant myself


It was not my plan to end up here
The timing was just a bit off
And you were only slightly worse than I anticipated
But.. I am well, thank you
Because here is good
And now is beautiful
It won't get easier, I'm sure
But let us try and find love anyway

i have learned so much of myself
i have learned of my mistakes
my failures
& faults.
i've been reacquainted with myself
i have learned of my greatness
my kindness
& love.
i still have much of myself left to give
but i need to give those wonders
to myself
only i can appreciate my full self
only i can love my full self
until otherwise

maybe later
or never

should i?
i should

last thing i knew
it was forever



I wish to love you like no one in this world has,
I'll give you the sun, the moon,
the trees, the leafs,
and the greenest grass.

Today, the tress still swayed in the same direction.
Leafy palms, collectively natural shades of green.
The sun set in the same pattern of rise and fall,
yet still "playing god" over the scenery.

what does coming clean do besides out your dirty laundry?

10 word blurb
Leia R 3d

head aches
heart breaks
pain gives
but love takes


Al 4d

I didn't kiss him because I loved him
But because I've been doing everything possible
to cleanse you from my palet

A subtle sense of sorrow swarms over the sailor;
       and a rancid reek of regret reaps just past the rocks
                  as the jailer man creeps close-by.
       No one was safe from the succulent smell
of deceit.

originally written 1/10/17
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