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sunrise                                                      ­   ­                                       
first optic pins toe-tipping play across the meadow
wind bends the forrest fringe west away
the trees adverse to receive
priestly daylight
after all the  
during a most
competitive and predatory
brevity homework - personification
uncut grass
   casts long shadows by night
animated on the inside
   of our basement windows
elongating and dashing away
   projected by the passing traffic
no mow may (May 2021)
Daivik 6d
We are fire
We are lightning
We are thunder
We will roar

We are fighters
We are fighting
And we will keep on fighting
Till we reach our goals

We are the future
We are a revolution
We are the world
We will soar

We want more
kayzamo May 3
----TW: brief mention of blood----

i wanna ***** on your floor.
i don't care how gross it is...
i want you to get a good look
and watch it harden and dry -
like my feelings for you,
like your feelings for me,
like someone's feelings about the weather,
like your lips when they occasionally crack,
like my tears after a regular midnight crying session,
like an old man's emotions,
like my emotional intelligence,
like a kid's year old play dough,
like your sliver of remaining motivation,
like an adhd project,
like the blood i'll cough up,
like a teen's sloppily painted nails.
yeah, like all those things.
I'm not fond of this one but... I'm posting it anyways I guess?
neth jones Apr 23
to bed
a head full of cotton wolves
                 to be
calmly deflead of aggression
                 prior to
the cloud cover of slumber
then the beasts and i
         shall procure our fathom
Brevity Homework 1
esther She says
she's it and
double that
she Says all
doubt you'd held
in the chest
dormant like
some sort of

was just

you're more
of yourself
than you'd
wish to
First time, long time.
Daivik Apr 14
कुछ करने का मन नही करता,
मरने का भी नही
Daivik Apr 14
It's easy to say life has no meaning when you haven't even tried finding it.
neth jones Apr 13
so    very   sewn
the doleful mind is sung
post  to  pillar    weeping  bedlam
unplugged and unsnug smutting out ugly
stopper  in        now  properly  so
property now preserved
dammed up river
so     very     so
woefully  head is hung
side to side sweeping pendulum
frothing out malware and mad medicine
saner  cure     joins  the  jettison
salmon         up  a  river
g o d s  deliver
( s o r r o w )
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