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Tones 2d
Under the bed
I leave each mistake
and I think about them
as I lie awake
We aren't on the playground anymore
There are new rules
We have to be mature but
Mustn't lose the spirit of childlike wonder
What is love anyways?
Maybe it's supposed to break all the rules, life is short
When two people find each other
What should stand in their way?

Because life is hysterical
Because **** is other people
And I think we love who we love and
There just isn't a **** thing that can be done about it
I’ve been trying to
Get past my past but the door
Is locked from your side
Max 2d
Well I'm like a weird book,

With pages unnumberd
And stories not told.
With a cover that's bended and not carefully folded.
Send this to a friend a while ago..
"I mean," She said,
leaning against the wall, arms wrapped around her body.

"I can cry on my own shoulder."
"Can you?"
Peace, my steel-eyed friend,
You are ever present,
Yet eternaly elusive.

Devilishly tugging away at my silken heartstings,
You play,
Tease my fragile soul.
Amanda 3d
The world may judge you before you say one word
But one word may change the judgement of the world
Profound if I do say so myself
Erica 4d
I see you in my dreams.
I wake up and you are there.
I touch you and kiss you.
you are my air.
Butterflies through my body.
It is always new
my somebody.
you are with me sun and moon.
I can feel your every move.
Butterflies through my body.
you are my sun and moon.
Max 6d
Just a little poet
Who's always afraid to
Show it.

But then I met you.
Sometimes I was scared to show my poems, but then I met her and she said she was proud of me, and I felt way better:)
Max 4d
Rather be a sinner
A saint.
While the sinner
Always wins

Sometimes it feels like bad people get the best things, and then I'm like why the **** don't get nice people those things..
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