Mourners of truth, now hashtag your pain.
Retweet and like, righteous fury appease.
Protests are trending, do not apathy feign.
Fight and resist, till the next Marvel release.
soph 11h
my heart is haunted by people that haven't died yet
this sounds like a threat but i think it's more a promise,
more a disease,
all the people i have ever loved
are people i will love forever.

there is no way to shed this, i
scrub away all the love i meant to give you,
but couldn't. and i am trying now, here,
in my own bathroom,
all the scrubbing until my hands
are red
are shaking
are not mine

and all i could ever ask for was that you hold them, so i asked

i think the problem was that you couldn't hear me over the sound of water
you couldn't hear me through the closed shower door
you couldn't hear me down the hall and into the living room

i think the problem was that you didn't want to hear me at all
Since the days of sound
Humans have only known two voices
That of love and the lack of it
That is all we know
Humans will always rebel and humans will always love
For every act of malice, of romance, or may it be of hatred
They all were done due to the love, or absence of love in the heart of a mortal man

Gray 1d
How do you know when someone is running out of ideas?
Well perhaps it’s when they start to talk about tortillas!

I don’t think it’s silly to talk about this circle made of wheat.
As a matter of fact i believe tortillas are rather neat.

Every single chef I've met has never disapproved,
And if i did somehow did meet one I’ll just have to get them removed.

If you eat a tortilla i promise that you’ll beam a great big smile,
And if you somehow don’t then i promise you that you’re in denial.

I'm guessing that you are done talking about this topic that you don't seem to adore,
Unless perhaps you liked to talk to me just for a little bit more?
It's my own fault
For allowing myself to feel
Can I be truly happy?
Strange it feels, that ask.
Stranger still, I can't seem to see -
A face beneath my mask.
Vast islands of garbage float in the seas,
Plastic, I'm sure. Well, maybe some cans too.
This is horrendous. Most everyone agrees.
Water is life. And sometimes blue. So what can we do?
Save it, I guess. Once we're done with the bees.
Amanda 2d
Let's have a party
A pity party that is
Drink up our sham-pain
Inspired by the song title Champagne for my  Real Friends, Real Pain for my Sham Friends by Fall Out Boy
Amanda 2d
Should I try and fight
These demons or give up and
Let them have my soul?
Gray 3d
Today i got made fun of because my mom decided to name me after a certain dairy product of soy.
People sure do love to make fun of me just as if i was some cheap stupid toy.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with my name because it’s certainly not hurting anyone.
If you disagree with me i think you need to get all your priorities redone.

I should be used to everyone saying that i am weird,
But on days like today i wonder if it would be better if i suddenly disappeared.

I’m just going to pack up my things now and quietly go.
What’s the point in being alive if you cannot take it in all nice and slow?
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