When she no longer fights for you


Only chooses to wage war against you.

The battle is no longer worth winning

Young Samurai.
And her hair,
I watched it dance in the wind.
As she accelerated downwards.
Music's so damn loud I can't hear myself think.

Guess that's why I like loud music.
Truth be told
I have never disliked a poem on Hello
besides my own

Truth said clear
I would never hate another human
besides myself

Lies be told
Everyone lies to themselves
at least once

Lies said clear
We are all born to lie and

I would never tell the truth
especially in a poem
idk abt my flow rn not making to many good poems
First day of Spring,
I've made it this far,
so don't let me die now,
I was standing in the middle of the road,
A cross-road, between two different worlds,
Me and yours,

and baby girl,

Yours has so much more to explore,
Your personality I adore, your past is a mystery-
And I want to know more,

Here I am wrapped up all day,
Thinking of you constantly,
So let's take hand to hand and try to,
Unwrap what I'm really trying to say,
Like a present underneath the Christmas tree,

I wrote a poem inside a poem,
This one might sound cliché,
But what I think and feel is the truth-
To you and I can write about that all day

A - Anytime you need me just say
M - Making this smile stay and not go away
B - Being a friend first and foremost
E - Every secret keeping our trust so close
R - Running out of words to write, since they're all on my mind

Filling this page up line by line
Hoping in due time
You'll be mine
I wrote this poem in like 20 minutes made a simple rhyme scheme didn't put much thought into it. I gave this to my friend to give to his girl, Amber, for Valentines day awhile ago. Just found it yesterday so decided to upload it.
Amanda 1d
I'm going mad for you
The good kind of insane
I would rather go crazy for you
Than be with anyone else and sane
I know I am crazy but I'm also amazing
O Sun,
O Moon,
Will I see ye once more?

By word I marched,
By order I bled,
There is a stale silence in this winter air.

I am last standing yet not unscathed,
Pain writhes through me,
But this man yet stands.

I carry on to see her, Sun.
I carry on to see her, Moon.

Sun shines on my heart and heals wounds all.
Moon cools heart and calms souls complete.

Without ye I may not carry forth,
Carry forth this weight of mine pains.

Yet shall I see these divine again,
The hurt shall be lifted,
The aches dispelled,
And Happily will this man live with his Sun and his Moon 

~Robert van Lingen
Walking under trees
Of nothing leaves
And all that falls becomes my breath
Breathing in with nothing left
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