Marsha A 16h

Those brown eyes
tell a story
which yours
never could.

Marsha A 17h

Glasses are fragile;
But don't forget,
some hearts are, too.


A man I couldn't keep.
A love I will never receive.

I guess you and I weren't meant to be.
Marsha A 20h

Seven years later, I came back to find you, waiting.

Heaven, Hell and Earth
Rise or fall, rebirth
High, low or deep
Joy, sorrow and grief

In a world where we all
fight to survive,
very few have the
to live

How can such a simple smile
make me feel so good inside?

© 2017 Case Coniglio
All rights reserved

Our fate was set
The first time we met

And now we regret
Moments we didn't get

Just like one of those nights when I can't sleep, random thoughts kept on messing up my head. So here it is.
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