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it's a bittersweet
moment, to leave a
page in the making

a hopeful, beautiful

filled with
and life's lessons.

haunted by a
tragic story
from the beginning,
to the midsummer's

you caught me
right at the moment
when i felt
a little less than.

there's weight in
these lines,
and sometimes
it's hard
to take in.

the words,
just out of focus,
but clear in my

it's a bittersweet
to leave a page
in the making.

i can't wait
to see you
Angela Rose Mar 2022
I am irrevocably in love with you.
This is not a poem.
This is a confession.
This is an outpouring of my heart stings.
I am so in love with you that I needed to get it out on the internet and let the world know.
You possess my whole heart.
Oh dear God, I am so ******* in love with you.
Melody Jun 2021
No devil may care for me tonight'
roaming, hunting a soul.
It is only a tinge of light
illuminating these corridors;
filled room to room with confessions,
murmurs adorn each one of their frames.
I climbed up the third nearest hill
to watch the sun set,
on the day that you said
you love me..
Alone before sundown with time to spare.

I hoped to catch it amber and full,
on a hungry mid-cycle race all the way up there -
where exactly, I did not seem to care.
You disarmed me.
And on trial I were.

Alas my time wasn't worth it.
The sun hid behind thick layers of cloud,
the wind picked up and I could sense the rain coming.
It kissed me.
A bypassing train covered all other sound.

And to think I quite longed to hear this,
as if I didn't already know.
The forces of nature felt like an omen.
A warning,
against a tempting last straw.

Not sure how long I ended up sat there,
but Venus rose up to wish me goodnight.
If this is a test,
I’m determined to pass it.
An omen at half-light always means no.
Paige Feb 2021
To love tastes like sweetness
Fresh strawberries
And few drops on skin
It feels like grassy green hills
Starry night skies
And murmured words
Carried across state lines
Letters bundled in brown string
Lavender stems
And wax buttons
To love looks like her eyes
Mountains and earth and life
It looks like sunflowers
And bonfires
And nervous car rides
Sometimes I close my eyes
And her voice is there
At the back of my mind
Her laughter playing over and over
And I think to myself
This is what it feels like
But tongues these days
Were made to be held
And I’ve made it a hobby
To keep to myself
And the moments I steal
Between thought and dreaming
I spend realizing that many could do
So much better than this
But love looks a lot
Like who she is to me
Whether it’s not the right time
Or it may never be
And despite my desire
To face the world on my own
The sound of her voice
Never leaves me alone
And I find myself in bed
Lying awake through the night
Smiling at her humor
And thinking she might
Think of me too
And I don’t know why it happened
Why I can’t erase her from my mind
But I find I don’t want to
That I couldn’t if I tried
That every second of her presence
Every moment in time
I spend craving more of her
Always more of her
Lunar Jan 2021
Today the wheels of thinking run faster
My motherboard is almost fried
I wonder why this makes my brain exercise
Why does your confession do this to me?
I was so set, my paths clear, my goals lighted.
Why does your confession make me feel like running the opposite way?
Why does it make me think about a future I never knew
A future that I denied myself from
A future many crave for, but I labelled average
Why am I ready to throw everything I worked for for you?
Where’s the fear I built over the years?
Where are the barriers I built?
Why have I fallen?
Maybe it’s cause you want me even in my dust form ...
Because you like the form I hate...
The form I don’t think deserves love

Megan Parson Jan 2021

The rosy bride didn't pace the hall,
Nor was there a wedding ball.
No bridesmaids, no flower girls,
Nor did I wear my mothers pearls.

For without the groom,
Playeth not the loud bassoon,
Tis the words that played,
While my heart like thunder relayed.

Melancholy, like Caesar, did I feel,
Piercing eyes, put forth the deal,
Closer to a faint, did I reel,
And like Calpurnia, I now kneel.

Hoping you'll read this through,
Hardly ebbing the feelings, I grew.


Commit I, what I detest,
& leave you culprit, like in Gone Girl.
Painful thoughts, my mind did protest,
To new ventures, it would whirl.

A letter of love & apology,
on the very last day.
bearing, like Juliet's analogy,
Concealed beneath the fray.

'What ifs' sadly got the better,
But letter, tis the right way!
Or so I thought, while my mind did fetter,
To take action, a letter will I lay...

Sans number or address,
To test you, cuz love finds a way.
But this too, did I redress,
The masts somewhere else will sway.

"Don't be so ******* him,
Leave your number deep within."
"No, no, that'll make him dim,
give not even the pin."

Yet another did say,
"Leave clues, in & out,
work em woe till the gray."
These nasty devils dashed about.


At last did I none,
But write this terrific pun.
I know you know what I did
last summer. That has rid,

All that went on for the past 3 years?
Reality had become my fears,
Alas you believe the deed is done,
But you're right, you weren't the one.

If you had the patience,
To read this till the end.
Sans showing indifference,
Gratitude, I do extend.

By now, far away I'll be,
If Shrek could reach, so could you to me,
But there's a reason, it's a fantasy.
So goodbye, cuz I see,
Life has bigger plans for me.

Hey guys! Back after a looooong break & writers block. This poem was inspired by The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, an all time favorite ❤️
GQ James Dec 2020
I use to hurt people,
Now I help people,
The pain brought me some peace,
It had me thinking about my life,
Thinking about my choices,
Looking at myself,
Questioning my motives.

Life ain't the same for me,
Don't think the same,
Don't live the same,
Don't feel the same,
God replaced my heart with a new heart,
Was once cold-hearted,
Now I have a big heart.

Facing pain in the eyes changed my vision,
Crying my eyes out left me numb,
What I felt I can't feel no more,
What I was doing I ain't doing no more,
The way I was living i ain't living no more,
Confessed my sins and repented,
God forgave me,
Right my wrongs,
I'm now singing a new song.
GQ James Nov 2020
You can lock me up but can't lock up my mind,
Can't change who I am,
You can **** me but can't **** my spirit,
My soul can't be taken from me,
I'm prayed up and covered with holy water,
The baptism of my sins,
Ain't perfect but my old ways are gone,
I've reincarnated my soul and been given a new one.

Nothing is forgotten,
Karma is very much real,
We have to answer to things we do,
How we treat others will come back upon you,
I've confessed my sins,
I've been forgiven,
But nothing will ever be forgotten.

Take a long look within yourself,
You shall see past the surface,
The element of our ways aren't always right,
You can't see nothing when you you're stuck within yourself. Open yourself up not stay closed off.

We can see more than ourselves,
If we step outside of ourselves,
There's more to the world than ourselves,
Life has more to offer than we realize,
I took a step back and realized that for myself,
Life has gotten better when I became better.
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