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Jasmine dryer Nov 12
i know its wrong but
a part of me loved watching your downfall
Izzy Aghahowa Nov 12
the sky is a messenger
a catcher of stories from dreamers
a holder of the stars that inspire even non-believers

can the sky hold by confessions
can it be my listener?

when the sky is empty
my dreams are homeless
for nowhere can hold worlds as large as infinity
Gods1son Oct 17
A man's life is like an artwork
Where his tongue is the brush
And his affirmations are the paints!
You are who you say you are. Your words have big influences on what happens to you
Robin Lemmen Oct 11
Dim down the lights
This way you won't have to see me cry
Turn my body around
My eyes will tell you stories you can't bear to hear
And do ignore me in the morning
I am so dreadfully loud
But am I okay?
Are you alright?
Never again did those words fall
Dripping with honey
Sticky with longing
Down from your lips
To kiss my porcelain skin
Never again did you care
I remember so vividly
The turning of the tides
It came flooding, that Autumn rainfall
And all that was left for us to do
All we did
All we managed

Was drown.
Myrrdin Oct 9
Truth is not beautiful
When spoken without thought
This was not a treasure chest
I held the key for
Rather one I found propped open
It was not earned
Nor mine to claim
Yet I find myself filling my pockets
With the trinkets and gold
That come tumbling out of your mouth
Ground between teeth
Leaving your speech unintelligible
I will bury this beneath my own treasure
Leaving a map for you
To never use
acacia Oct 5
why is it that i am just so unimportant?
he hurts me over them,
he hurts no one over me.

because am i really family?
can i be? please?
please let me be who and what you put up a fight for.
put up a fight for me.

i’m just a dumb ****** girl.
i’m worthless like always (like always, like always)

i am not welcome. i never was.

why do i think i can fit in? why do i think i can belong?
Freddie Ruiz Sep 13
Every day used to be so enjoyable,
then suddenly everything is just so miserable.
Lately more than ever, I’ve lost all confidence
and although I don’t want to, I feel worthless.

In everyone’s eyes I see myself invisible.
I’m so consumed by these thoughts, it’s inexplicable.
I’d give anything to fill this void in my heart,
but something keeps missing and something keeps falling apart.

No matter what you do or what you say,
there’s nothing that makes this pain go away,
‘cause there’s a constant song that plays in my head
that makes me see myself as one big mistake.
And no matter where I go,
and no matter what I know
my path is never aglow,
although for everyone else the sun always seems to glow.

Please, don’t look me in the eye.
Your pity’s too much of a burden to carry inside.
When you’re standing in front of me I realize
you’re the reason I feel less alive.
I don’t want anyone to notice me when I’m around,
yet I wish I was so special like them and so proud,
but I’m nothing in and out.
At least, that’s how I see myself right now.

What the **** am I doing here
if I don’t belong here?
Written on September 7, 2011
Composition number: 395
as if he knew
the peculiar pictures
behind my eyelids,
sleepless in sleep, ******* bruises
so bittersweet
to dream of you still
i hate you so much
and not at all, all at once

never trust him again
and he... he still misses me
he trusted me—he TRUSTS me
he trusts my steady quiet and
my shaking hands and
this and that of me
i missed him, i think
maybe, distractedly
but not really

only in a lie
and a liar isn’t me but
he makes me speak them so
since my honesty would hurt him
earnest and afraid, my admission:
i do not want to touch
his emotions
and so to curb the awkward truth
i missed him
and none the wiser
Tag yourself I’m that guy that still wants to avoid hurting his ex’s feelings even though said ex is a manipulative, lying cheat.
Mark Sep 7
At the edge of the wood
And draw maps of what we believe
Our anatomies will look like
Before and after the war
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