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Emilyn Jul 23
-2:16 a.m-
emilenn is online
hey, are you up?
doesn't matter
there's so much I need to tell you
and at this point it doesn't matter if you're here to listen or not
so i'll start off with the heaviest thing
i love you
and right now im not quite sure what that means
but i needed to say it because i don't say it nearly enough
next thing on the list is that i miss you so much right now
and i dont know if it's the isolation getting to me or what
but i miss everything about you
your hands
and how i was always too nervous to ask if i could hold them
because i didnt know where we stood
and for some reason
something deep inside me
thought asking would make you hate me
your eyes
and the little tears of laughter that would ***** up in them
whenever i would do that impression of my old chemistry teacher
because your laugh was golden to me
and id do anything to hear it again
your smile
and how you refused to show your teeth cos you hated your braces
and how i so badly wanted to pry your lips open with mine
because your braces are so **** cute
your voice
and that raspiness it gets when you laugh too hard for too long
and how for some reason
i wanted to hug you every time your voice got like that
or maybe im just being melodramatic
and this is all too much for a conversation at 2 am
with a person whos not even here
but i need you to know how loved you are
because i haven't been told in a long time
whether or not people actually care about me
and not to **** on your family
but i figured it was the same for you
so i love you
whatever that means
*emilenn has left
freeform poetry: the only thing depressive episodes are good for
Zack Ripley Jul 22
I didn't tell you I loved you
Because I thought that you already knew.
I never told you you meant the world to me
Because I thought it was clear to see.
Or maybe that's just the way I wanted it to be.
But now that you've gone away,
I asked myself if it's too late to tell you these things.
A voice answered back.
"It's never too late."
Graff1980 Jun 24
Welcome to the worse
ending of our human universe,
cause this is the lamest

While the world is dealing with
a covid pandemic
and corruption that is so systemic
that our president can’t even begin
to hide it,

I am keeping busy by
trying to write
brilliant rays
of inspiration into
this endless night life;
Tired of the long line
of the long blind
stumbling stupidly
far behind,
unable to find a sound mind
among their cult of greed.

My deep dark cynicism
has been building
brand new chasms
that collapse into
whispering despair voids
which need to be exercised regularly,
but all of the gyms are closed.

I know there are truths and perspectives
that sparkle under the surface,
of this world that makes me feel worthless,
things seldom seen unless the poet deems
to share their deep dark beautiful dreams.

But those were the poems I wrote
to warn of the wolves at our throat,
and now I see my lines of predictive poetry
have becomes our pathetic armageddon reality.
Agnes Lyndy May 9
My impalpably fervid mind has turned my passion into frigid water that I can't even dip my feet into.
Roda Mahmud May 8
I'm not hard to please, all i need is loyalty, love and ears that actually listen, when speaking becomes too much of a burden, a man that will read between the lines, in order for our minds to intertwine.
strange professions and true confessions from a lockdown town (4/17/20)

not a great idea,
in the not-yet-dawn,
to write
a poem entitled
strange professions,
true confessions

dried stains of prior leakings
upon old ‘n yellowed linoleum,
no need for more friends,
for sure, for sure,
that’s the smart play

you see! right there
I’m professing age
old wisdom,
confessing my sorry face is
well acquainted with
floor coverings,
where even the
soles of my shoes
won’t admit they been polluted,

having stepped in rooms
of low and ill repute,
those them there,
right in here
poetry writing sites
where there ain’t no
guideposts, reminding
what’s in the heart
pretend stays in Vegas,
but what the heck,
since I’m here already,
might as well,
ready go and spill,
things you don’t
need to know but...

help the time pass
in this lockdown town,
where total silence is
the loudest sound around

wine, empty beery bottles,
bad rhymes give me up,
just before I start a hey look!
it’s a brand new
sunny rain afternoon

the governor pronounced
we all gotta be masked,
24/7 inside and out,
the women complain that it
musses hair, the men say,
who me? nah, got
nothing to say about that,
We, don’t make no con-cessions...

when you can’t see
my lips moving, or my
one good eye be winking,
means it’s likely that I’m lying

they say, I’m going
stir crazy,
not me says he,
unlike  some guy who
wanted to blow up the
Alice-in Wonderland statue in
Central Park, hell,
u could look it up!

guess I coulda call this
here epistle, official “Lockdown Blues,”
but I jes heard gotta stay inside
till June Seventeen
that’s the good news,
plenty o’time to set
my affairs in order,
burn the poems nobody
needs seeing, those them
there with weirdness galore,
say no more,

you can whine, it’s fine,
no caring, no hearing,
past way the point,
where running or returning
is an option viable for nut jobs

them, with strange professions
and true confessions...

writ a month ago, and no end in sight for those who
die living in the epicenter of science and rationality,
we are still dying, no only a hundred per day,
that’s great, better than eight, or close enough
but seen the scenes, fever to drink, exchange words,
be sociable, but I’m old so kept under lock and key
ha! for my own protection and safety
Agnes Lyndy Apr 16
My comfort zone is more like a black-hole...
I fall into it real easy....
And when i finally get this teeny weeny bit of determination to get out of it, it pulls me back into it leaving me feeling lazy, depressed, anxious and guilty all at once.
How could I forget that accident,
Which made us feel like we are meant,
We both underestimated each other,
This paved the way for us to walk together,
After that everyday was full of confessions,
Every hug, Every cuddle, Every moment was mixed with passions,
Your smile was what I wanted to see everyday,
For that I always had to find a way,
Those small wounds would make you worry,
And then I would be in your arms for you to carry,

But how could I forget that accident,
Where you forget me and went,
I alone got tortured living those memories,
Remembering every of your chivalry,
It is pain to see you too close but too far,
Like fighting alone a war,
In your eyes I am now a stranger,
In your path and life I've become a hinder,
Now I realize how your love was no less than a poison,
For that how you chose me to be the one,
It is pain that I wear behind this smile,
But you wouldn't stop to look at it for a while,
Now everything has changed including you,
Wish I had never met you.
Long after I have given up,
my heart searches for you without my permission.
-Rudy Francisco
I wear too many long sleeves,
and my eyes are just red from allergies.
I’m always somewhat full even though
the weight keeps dropping and my
stomach protests. I was going to stay in
anyways and that beer was just for the chili.
The weird smell in the air is just from the neighbors.
It’s just water in my bottle and that rattle
was just from some bath salts. I use those lighters
just for work, yes, I was just on the phone with my boss.
The music is loud just for the ambiance.
My face is just puffy in the mornings
and I was up late last night just playing some games.
Those fans are just because it’s hot up here
and that bag has just pens in it.
January 11, 2019: I want to keep this one simple. Sloth is so easy and simple.
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