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Lyndsey May 27
Enchantment is a fools game,
one we’ll play with raw abandon.

Tastes of bitter honey,
of wishes we can’t count on.

Consider your challenge called,
before the end you will be mine.

I hope you know what you’re asking for,
to the risks I remain blind.
This poem was also a combined writing/editing effort. <3
The X Rhymes May 18
could have come off like a traitor
when he tipped that nurse a wink
saying ‘what you doing later
fancy going for a drink?’

she said ‘look at our left hands
where we both are wearing rings
stuff in common’s always grand
but that’s one too many things’

her lips not pursed or in a pout
her smile said no-one hurt
the answer never was in doubt
but still, it’s nice to flirt

and a happy ever after
since in a glow they basked
that he’d had the ***** to ask her
and she’d been the one he asked.
I'd send you a text; a greeting.
You'd reply; a greeting.
We'd talk about a few things; small talk.
We'd casually flirt and enjoy; affection.
I'd revive the conversation; hopefulness.
I'd try my best to keep it flowing; eagerness.
We'd continue to an unmutual conversation; unhealthy.
You'd neglect contributing to the conversation; careless.
I'd restart the process daily; care.

But, you'd never even try to start a conversation let alone try the process I've perfected; speechless.
I’d love to be more of a flirt—
tell girls that
they look lovely every time I think it.
I’d love to tell every
girl that takes my breath away
how she can go ahead and
sit on my lap or
whatever she wants.
I’d love to grab her around the waist
and slow dance and
sing love songs in her ear.
I’d love to, but
I won’t.
Angelica Apr 14
at first, you were basic
and i didn't care

then you were expensive
and i didn't care

then you were a delinquent
and i didn't care

then you came up to me
and i didn't care

then you became vulnerable to me and only me
and i couldn't help caring

at first we talked
and i was calm

then we flirted
and i was calm
and you didn't care

then we got soft
and i got nervous

then we connected
and i fell so hard for you

then we flirted
and my heart went uwu

then we hung more
and i realized i was just a friend to you
listened to a lo-fi mix and was inspired, plus a little bit of journalling as well
Eva Apr 12
I tip-toe on this balance beam of security,

Eyes straight; not focused on what's surrounding me.

Such a delicate situation I'm in,

I wonder... If I fall, will that be a predicament?

Cause falling doesn't mean I don't win,

If an ocean of You is what I'm falling in.
lovely Mar 29
the stolen kisses,
the flirting,
the looks
and the lust.
we had it all.
we were the recipe for fun.
and we did have fun,
then you got a girlfriend.
and i was stuck with feelings,
feelings that i didn’t recognize until it was too late.
My folding fan
Opens wide.
And covers the smile
I'm trying to hide.
Bethany M P Mar 19
I believed in love I believed in you,
Till you pushed my limits now I’m almost through,
But then I think maybe I deserve this pain,
I’m not worth it so I should stay in this lane,
It continues the pain the hurt,
When you cheated it was more then a flirt,
But I’m supposed to forgive you and just feel better,
And here I am writing this depressing letter,
Nothing grand to sweep me off my feet,
No pretty red rose pedals on the sheet,
Nothing to make up for the pain you placed in me,
Nothing for my sad eyes to see,
So I lean against the door of escape that could set me free,
But that’s the closest I’ll get to ever flee...
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