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She flirted and i fell into a trap that was never there
I jumped into a dry well absent of love and affection
I now cling at anything; I fear I may never climb out
Stuck, with a wounded heart in a well that may never fill
second poem
Valentin Dec 2019
A deep and endless well
First look at you and I fell
A blind attraction
First uncontrollable moves
And I flirt with you
My mind already full of you
Our lips match perfectly
This midnight drive
I want it to be eternal
A few seconds were enough for me
To fall into your eyes
Hold your hand and
Be yours as long as you
Desire me
annh Nov 2019
Susie Saviour is a Bond girl
From Weymouth-Turf-On-Sea
A swish, a sway; a fist, a fray
And home in time for tea.

She scuba dives for pleasure
Downdashious to her core,
But only when the flags are out
And never far from shore.

A beauty queen, a lisome lass,
A femme fatale, a flirt;
Serves martinis with a swizzle stick
This sweet assassin in a skirt.
Firstly, apologies to all Dorsetians; secondly, Weymouth-Turf-On-Sea is a figment of my poor imagination; thirdly, you will find 'downdashious' in the D section of the Wiki glossary of Dorset dialect words. It means audacious. And BTW 'dumbledore' means bumblebee. How about that?!

'To be a Bond girl you need courage, charm, determination and feistiness.'
Olga Kurylenko
Belle Nov 2019
i am going to try to articulate.
i am borderline
even more so, a gemini borderline.
if that has anything to do with it
i must have all the attention on me
at least that's what they say
but i think it's true because when you were in my bed
and you left
i said wait
you were not him.
you were someone else
who held my hand
and held me
so i must have all the attention,
again, a gemini.
a flirt,
i cannot control my impulses because of this disease
i thought i was okay
but now i see ill never be better
because i am a liar
and a lover
but not always of one
thats what i say.
but i do love you
Krish R Sep 2019
Here I am feeling like a teenage boy,
Clouded by Modelo’s crazy toxic joy,
Crawling bars to clubs a wannabe play boy.

There you are with big shining eyes,
Driving Mercedes, flying black hair,
Exotic perfect legs, glowing creamish skin.

Aren’t you really an electric woman?
Freeze a man with your simple smile?
Skip his beat with your soft little touch?

Aren’t I lucky, found you as my friend,
Surfer I thank, Salsa made me attend,
Longing for time, wish had more to spend!
Flirt  love girl friend
s Sep 2019
puzzled by his brooding stare
my heartbeat quickens

static lingers in the air
my posture stiffens

I glance down at the table
then back at his eyes

to dancing fire— playful—
a sensual surprise
“You look good today”
Justyn Huang Sep 2019
I wish people were more like
Stop lights;
You’d never see one glowing
both red and green
Simultaneously, otherwise
there’d be a car crash

And neither would they turn
Completely off, cause then
No one would know how to proceed.

By all means — flirt with me.
But stop sending mixed signals.
Don’t you hate it when people send mixed signals?
Justyn Huang Sep 2019
Why would I wish on a star?
That’s so far away.

And you’re right here.
Another sweet nothing
Justyn Huang Sep 2019
Stardust, the wind or the waves,
Whatever cliche we could
draw parallels to
wouldn’t really matter at all cause

You’re incomparable
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