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Daisy Will Sep 2020
it started with a flirt,
flipped upside down,
knocked me down,
and stole my heart.
unexpected love is the best
LC Apr 17
the flowers spread their limbs
basking in the sunlit glow
as the refreshing morning dew
caresses their curved leaves.
their vivid petals flirt
with the colorful sunbirds,
pulling them closer and closer
to the sweet, sticky pollen,
which rains all over the soil
as more flowers begin to wake up.
#escapril day 16!
kj Oct 2020
here we are
in this night
and in the next
- if we're lucky -
and we are alone
as always
wishing to be
that we are not
and then the new

around the world
we kiss
we give
we live
can we please
that this is more
for me
this means more

complicated, i swear
Alexandra Eames Sep 2020 head back into the pillow.
She quickly straddled me.
She began a gentle rocking motion
with her hips,
with subtle glee.
Her thick, precious long hair,
hung down like curtains of night,
around my lust-flushed face,
until I was in perfect darkness right.
She then began caressing
my nakedness with her feathery-locks,
along my silky, trembling body,
from up my heavenly hips,
my tight, tender, heaving tummy,
my aching, stiff-nippled *******,
my entire being erupting in goosebumps,
chilly and blazing,
spicey and tasty,
aching and burning,
burning -******!
begging for quenching,
which she does
I'm done.
Anais Vionet Sep 2020
Things that you would love
to say to your crush - if you
only had the nerve:

“quick, put your lips on
mine. I’m a spy and it’s
an emergency!”

Hey, I shaved my legs
this morning - they’re so smooth
- here, just feel 'em!

Kiss me if I'm wrong,
but the dinosaurs are still
around, aren’t they?
Some things I'd love to say to MY crush  =]
Riju Gupta Sep 2020
Blue screen
Red eyes
Frowning with smile

Looking straight in her eyes
As he swipe through her profile
Switching app to app
To see her latest stride

At noon
Tired eyes
Still she is on mind

Follow, friend request or ping,
What should he do?
To let her know,
He too subsist

Full of Fear
Followed, requested and pinged too

Felt as a proposal
For her to choose
Between him and the other guys who send her posts too

Thinking, he is ignored

He was being okay
But Phone chimed
Notifying “one new request”.

Shaking breaths
Fear of uncertainness
As he opened,
Its her request

He accepted as soon as he can
Showing his keenness
Thinking to makes his move
Without caring if its too soon

Mutual friends
All know what it meant

He thought
Hi, hello or what up?
Before, he asks
“If she mind being on her what’s app?”

Full of expectations
“Hey, how you doing?” He texted

In seconds
Phone chimed
It notified, she “posted a new picture”
He instantly commented and liked
Waiting for her to reply

Days passed
Likes, comments, content shared
But she didn’t replied
How she was?
And He thought
He was someone more

Another night

Red eyes
And one more profile.
Virtual dating in todays world
Alexandra Eames Aug 2020
i can only sense
in the words i read
knowing i'll never know
but by my mind's eye

-By Alexandra Eames
for a poet i have read here.
Alexandra Eames Aug 2020
you know exactly what you
are doing
to me
every day, of every week,
us at work
knowing so little of each other,
you tease
me with the breezily
of your billowy blouse,
by your sweet, soft-sleek
against my arm or shoulder or back,
against me
-knowing that you do this
just to see me
just to laugh it off
in passing
as my stiff *******
belie my casual, response
my hard to stifle sigh
when you

-By Alexandra Eames
Violet Stage Aug 2020
Almost midnight and the night finished with a fantastic kiss
Something started long ago
I'm giddy but recall your issues w me
You spelled them out quietly
Wet lips on mine
Tall strong looking fine
You hugged me and still that
Subtle shake that brings me fever
Our paths vary greatly
I'm not inclined to let it go
Never gave it up to me
Always left a mystery
Sleeping next to me
Get next to me
Give me that moment
You in me
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