OnyxSea Nov 2017

The empty expanse,
now clear before me.

A vast landscape,
A wide variety.

Thousands of things,
which act without royalty.

All beings act thus,
out of free will,
making many choices, for good or for ill.
They take many actions,
depending on their mood or the weather.
Choosing casually thus,
they affect the latter.

For one's life is not a void,
decisions are not empty.
One man's choice,
will affect all of the laity.

Interconnectedness to all that will be,
decisions will reach far, like a king's decree.
Knowing thus, and seeing thee,
one begins to act with certainty.

Being grounded in knowledge,
Clear seeing of truth.
The awareness and wisdom,
that's not simply, aloof.

One begins to act,
with pure joy and tact,
in accordance to all that is good and fact.

These men are praised,
as men of value.
As people who act,
with poise and valour.

They will be remembered,
as men of their day.
When all they did,
was simply obey.

Nature's laws and creatures,
the meaninglessness of critters,
coming together,
to form a system of leeches.

Knowing thus and yet going beyond.
These men who obey,
are not simply pawns.

They transcend into legend,
stories told of their fame,
yet all they did,
was to be grounded in their name.

Janella Sanchez Nov 2017

The chill arrives like an old friend
I put on more layers, ready to go out
And welcome it with a smile
Of course, I have been expecting it
But somehow, it always makes an entrance
I walk through the streets
Of the waking city, it wakes
Like a little child, still longing for sleep
Yet also yearning for sunshine
So it wakes and climbs out of bed anyways
There are parents walking their excited children to school,
Cars rushing past trying to avoid highly likely traffic congestion,
Workers walking to and fro
And tourists going from one tourist spot to the next
I have come to feel like this city
I have come to feel like
A body overcome by impermanence
With a heart that drums and lulls
To the transcience that has crawled its way it
It is a city of transient souls
But this city is a home carved out of
Pine, and dirt, and spirit
And people find their place in it
If only for a little while
It is a cradle of warmth despite the often gloomy weather
It is a mother singing lullabyes to souls adrift and floating in the wind
It lends itself as a port in the middle of a storm,
An archive for the better and the worse,
And a friend, a companion,
For one trying journey
The chill lingers and the cold is biting
I pull my jacket tighter around myself and realize
The city has come alive
And me, I notice my heart is beating
Just a little bit faster, but it's stronger
Because this city holds me close
Despite all the vanishing acts
It stays here, grounding me and everyone in it
It has grown roots the size of centennial trees
And it is here, will stay
Ready to give refuge to every wandering soul

Ashly Kocher Jul 2017

As the waters trickle down
Down the rocks and over the ground
Rapid waters never stand still
Always be grounded
Love what you feel

Just some thoughts going through my head
Erin Marie Jan 2017

As I sit here,
rooted to the ground
like the trees that surround,
day fades to night
and the sky sheds its color.
I gaze longingly as lovers pass
on the dimly lit
moonlight path,
charged on the energy
they generate together.

As I sit here
waiting for you,
I wonder if we will
ever be like that.
I wonder if you will ever feel
the current I feel
when you're around.
Your smile alone,
sends a spark through me
strong enough to knock me down.
I struggle to stay grounded
next to you.

As I sit here
I wonder when
it will be our turn
to love the fire inside.
To let it out
and show the world
how we burn for each other.

Until then
I will stay rooted here
for you to unearth
the love
we've both been
waiting for..

Tamal Kundu Dec 2016

I walk among stars,
my vibrant soul resonates
their brilliant symphony.

It tells the story
of us, each reaching out for
the divine in the other.

Form: Sedoka
Jim Marchel Sep 2016

You keep me grounded like a tree
Your roots, they nourish and bind me
To this plot of earth on which I stand
You're worth more than every grain of sand

Love can't grow in barren soil.

Planted by the river of Living Waters,
I remain rooted and grounded in Christ;
He provides for my thirst, my hunger,
my Salvation and my everlasting Life.

With the foundation of Biblical Truth,
I’m rooted and grounded in the Holy Word;
the application of its principles gives
my heart hope with peace that’s assured.

When walking in holiness and rectitude,
I stay rooted and grounded in God’s love;
His Essence softly embraces me with grace,
as new mercies stream… from Heaven above.
Author notes

Inspired by:
Prov 12:3; 2 Sam 22:2-3, 47; Psa 1:3;
Rom 3:22; Lam 3:22-23

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.

Beau Grey Apr 2016

So steady. So stable.
So grounded.

Patience matched by none.
Especially not me.

Air and water -
births francium hearts.

Eyes of blue -
ever nubivagant.

White picket fence -
of your smile.

At home among the trees.
The forests in your eyes.

Waxing gibbous perpetuating -
bleeding roses.

A tsunami of womanhood.
Savage oscillation.

My darling obelisk.
Unwavering strength.

A waltz of hearts
to guide me home.

SassyJ Apr 2016

As the night shifts, the glass prints
The universe retorts and restores
Connective strands pulls from dark
Exposed from the rumbled tosses

Mosses generate, diversified integration
Masses inaugurated in magical reality
Electrified from the syndical sorrows
Tarots of the forgiven, sad sung songs

The tree branches held strong as I slid
The town halls illuminated to capture
A magnificence of a nature umbilical
Enclosed in the warmth of the placenta

My centre cored on the base of the earth
A need to belong on grounded dense soil
Calm tornados and typhoons unheated
Treated in fountained grace of existence

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