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Anais Vionet Oct 2020
You "adults," you exasperate me
with your evasions and delays.
You're going to have to change
some of the ways that you behave.
You aren't doing your homework,
you haven't cleaned the planet,
You aren't standing up to bullies,
you haven't been sharing your things,
and you're even playing with guns.
And you're pretending everything's ok.
You were taught better than this.
Sorry, but.. You're all grounded people.
And hand over those phones!
grounded isn't the worst - but it's close
l b d Oct 2020
the brothers wearily dropped down
as the mud turned back the engine
and the ground left deep distance
Zack Ripley Sep 2019
If there's really a heaven and hell,
Baby you don't have to tell
Me where I'm going to.
Don't be afraid for my soul.
I'm still alive; still in control.
And for now, I have you by my side.
You, who makes me feel safe and sound.
You, who keeps my feet on the ground.
And when we look at each other,
We know we've found
Heaven on earth
Pepper Dove Apr 2020
Left out in the cold,
you leave me here to freeze
shut out from your warmth

I am forced to trudge on
leaving footprints in the snow
I walk towards the sun

drawing me
to serenity

it directs my uncertainty
ensuring that everything will be fine,
if I continue on

my feet will reach the sands
which I will bury
grounding my spirit

stilling me

instilling in me

r e s i l i e n c e
Lyrics to a recent song in the making
Olivia Henkel Jan 2020
Porous holes in stone
pull me in, Ill call you home
tucked into mountains

Rooted in the grass
Electric communication
back & forth swayed waves

Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2020
Are you,
Your own greatest enemy?
Or, is there other?
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Find a way
Note: If we had gone through more chapters on moral science, today this world would have been different.
Poetic T Dec 2019
I was never her air-balloon
     she was always deflating my
words that never took off.

I was grounded never reaching
      higher than she wanted me to rise.

My rope that I tried to release,
       was tied down with her negative
        weight that was pulling me down.

I was grounded never reaching
        higher than she wanted me to rise.

I was the  Hindenburg,
             she was the static that ignited me..
burning my dreams to ashes on scorched earth...

I was grounded never reaching
        higher than she wanted me to rise.

I thought she was an angel, but she was
        the devil bringing me lower than I'd
sank before. Could I sink lower than her.

I was grounded never reaching
        higher than she wanted me to rise.

But she thought she rose higher till I deflated
              her with home truths.
   Now I'm free floating higher now the weight
of my past is released.
                  I was never afraid to reach new heights
and now I'll float further now I'm free...
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
A dark dream
Led by the blind
No where to go
No tears to shed
Locked in

The end
Genre: Dark Abstract
Theme: When one bled
Author's Note: What it means to be alive?

We are what we think. Sometimes we have to face what is not asked for, it is not what we are prepared for. No excuse! life change us in different ways, and we have to respond. Sometimes we are pushed to that end where we may breath, but we feel dead. We become stones. We don't response. We don't feel there is anything to tell, we believe there is no one who understands. We cover our soul, try to stay safe and anticipate the next sunrise holding the faith that the time will heal, but how can it without love? Have you seen stone gets back to clay?
And, I hear you, loud and clear inside my head saying, "nothing lasts forever, every day comes to an end."
Poetic T Aug 2019
Talc snowstorms,
      Footprints show there voyage.

        Artistic canvas of scribbles,  

On my newly painted wall.

Children the adventure  
                of imagination.

Lovingly exhausted parents..
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