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eva-mae Nov 20
to have loneliness resonate through me at such a young age
to feel the dull ache of constant emptiness
feels selfish, when there is so much beauty that surrounds me.
I want to be rooted to the ground.
for I am deeply a child of the universe and I should know my place.
Danny Nov 4
Room was so messy
Friends sadly waited outside
Better decisions
Poetic T Sep 16
She said he was to down to earth,
that she could never see the stars
                        beneath his staring.

"Am I not grounded enough?
        do you wish to gaze deeper
              than even I can look into..

Would you want to reach the heavens,
to see how many glimmers float deep
       within every blinking of my sight.

"She pondered his question,

If you can make me see the universe
entwined within every look
                                        you give me.
                              I'll be yours forever.

So days past upon his gaze, not at her!
            but the fulfilment of her wishes.
And with that, he brought out his gesture
                                 of making her see stars.

"Strap this on yourself!

But is this not just a rocket?
        will I not leave your side.

Never would I let us part,
       you will only be above my gaze.
my eyes steering you, no longer grounded.

With a twinkle in his eye he gazed at her,
   "I see the stars gleaming in your eyes.
    "You are no longer grounded to.....

And without a word the rocket shot off.
        hearing her faint words.. I was wro…

With that a shower of sparks erupted,
         in the  heavens and for a second she saw stars..
But unfortunately ungrateful of what she had.

He never saw her again after that.
         But he was a man of his word.
Now grounded to terra-firma he gazes
                  towards the stars and smiles.
Some are not grounded enough to realise what they have, and this never ends well in the long run. Always count your stars as there not always going to be visible..
Thomas EG Aug 12
For him, it's either watch him fly sky-high or put him in the ground
Sally A Bayan Jul 14
... ||| ...

It matters not,
if we're young or old
fair-skinned, or colored
rich or poor...smiling or pouting
our lives...our days are never easy
we either worsen, or lessen our load
each time we make up our minds,
through the choices
we make  
in the midst of our daily grind
fashion statements take a big part
with nuances that define our style,
ease and comfort are emphasized
choices range from loud or vibrant
to subdued, or
not too obvious  colors...
that morning,
we did tiptoes...and diagonal stretches
leaps.....kicks....slower wu shu, and
other  movements....we hopped with
a turn...and then back on the ground,
the world didn't reel...not at all dizzy
no aches from lower extremities
arches  were just fine
feet were still feeling light...
i am cool, i am hip
i walk with dapper steps
in pants, skirt or dress
i move with ease
very comfortable
with low cut
most of all, i have no qualms
if i would be standing up to my last step
or, if i would be led to an early fall
i feel confident
when wearing my
converse sneakers.
it could be a pair of converse
or ordinary sneakers
a size larger, or just right
as long as we feel a calm content
no pricking on the mind and chest
because, we hurt no one
we do what is right
for the good of all

in making choices in life,
shoes, or otherwise
let's do what won't make us reel, or fall down
let there be balance...in heart and mind
let us be steadfast as we
stand on the ground.


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
September 4, 2017
I thank *** for longtime friends, near or far
who i'm very comfortable with,
in many ways, they make me feel grounded,
just like my yellow converse sneakers.
I have been homeless
But never hopeless.
I have been jobless
But not faithless.
I have been penniless
But happy nevertheless.

I have been laughed at
But have never cared about that.
I have been downplayed
All I did was prayed.
I have been talked about,
Thrown out,
And beaten up...
Yet have never given up!

My home has been taken
But I have never been shaken.
When my possessions were removed,
I remained resolute and not moved.
I have been disenfranchised
And immobilized...
Yet I remained unfazed!

I have been used
And falsely accused.
I have been seriously abused,
And my ego bruised.
Though my suffering has been long,
Yet I have remained strong.
I have been called all sorts of names,
And unjustly pinned with blames...
Like the mighty baobab tree,
I haven't been moved as you can see.

Where can a little stream carry a big stone?
KM Hanslik Jun 9
I learn to hibernate in layers, I keep
different peoples' secrets tucked into the folds
and pockets of my clothing, or injected directly
into my veins where the softness can soothe
any leftover ache. I dilute
my blood with better safe than sorry, as if saying that
will make up for all the could-have-beens and missed chances
that I make excuses for.

I'm slowly learning
not to feel so much, I press words onto pages now instead
of into people. We can't keep counting up
everything we've lost forever, that isn't
how this works. We were meant for more
than paper promises and paper dreams, we were meant
to lose our breath when the sun hits our eyes and I'm trying
to expand my heart now instead of clinging
to the half-spoken things that still rest under layers of dust on
my nightstand.

I kiss
my palms before turning up empty at your doorstep, I tread
softly over property lines that read do not disturb;
my tongue knows better how
to ask permission than anything else.
It's hard to tell lately what I'm becoming, if it's
simply a replica of an older version or maybe something
new & unrecognizable - other people have pressed
themselves so far into me, I don't think these leftover marks
will grow out; maybe I'm shaped by whatever
crosses my path every day and maybe I'm supposed to live
for all the dreams that were cut short before
they took flight.

Teach me how to pour these colors into new moldings, cast
my promises along the same lines as fate;
it's getting late now and I'm slipping into the fog where everything unspoken haunts me
just the same as when I'm awake.
I'm feeling this sense of responsibility in every inch
of my hemispheres,
warm and heavy in my brain, weighing
me to some reality where duty matters more than
my life. Keep me grounded so that I do not drift along
the breeze with the scattered notion
that our lives amount to anything more than
the soft skins we try to harden;
we are all small and easily bruised in the end, but that never stopped me
from lining my lungs with the world's illnesses, from storing
the battered remains of your dreams behind
my eyelids, it never stopped
us from throwing our bodies around, thinking our soft flesh
can catch bullets and barricade
others against the diseases that try to wrap themselves
around our skeletons - mine is melded with
the remainder of what could have been if I'd been braver, but I'm going
to try harder now, I'm going
to re-write our stories so that you can rest
all your burdens beside mine, and I'll catch
all the shrapnel and debris for you.
In a prison
She is locked up
The walls are lined with I told you so's
And regret
The air smells of a warmth and brightness 130 miles away
If she could get out,
But she is stuck.
The wind whispers her name
Longing to reach her,
To caress her,
To lightly kiss her skin with wind carried rays of sun.
Some enter on occasion,
But the rest are a longing.
How the wind longs for her
How she hopes to feel the wind
She will be out
And the wind will rejoice.
It all happened when my husband grounded my son,
As punishment he disconnected the WIFI for a month,
Oops!I got pregnant.
My pregnancy made me super lazy,
I even got an award,
I sent my husband to collect it.
As my pregnancy proceeded,
My house became a clutter,
My husband called his mum to help,
Now, it is an army barrack,
Everything runs on schedule.
Being pregnant,I don't like watching T.V,
So I read an encyclopedia everyday,
My husband has put his set for sale,
His excuse,"You know everything."
I always look on the bright side of life,
Though I am with a fourth child,
I am very happy,
My husband has not as yet become a philosopher,
That means I am still a good wife.
Disconnecting  the WIFI led to many things
When I learned
how trees
I understood
how to
be of the earth
yet also
fly in the air.
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