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Jeremy Betts Jun 16
I wonder why I wonder
What a thing to sit and ponder
Especially now that I'm older
What will I do with what I discover?
What if I discover joy is in the adventure not in the answer?
Or is that how I'll play off an answer that's never there?

Have you ever tasted bittersweet?
Have you ever felt broken, incomplete?
Has life ever not been fair blue skies?
Have you always seen through complacent eyes?

Sometimes, comforting the grieving soul
It isn't easy, but you don't know
Seeing tears, you're repulsed and unsure
You'd rather argue than console

Sympathy was made for thee
Apathy thy familiarest treat
For your lukewarm meals I pity thee
Your have never tasted bittersweet.
If you're reading this, it's not about you, don't worry
Jeremy Betts May 17
I couldn't tell you why
Sometimes I don't try
But I'll look you dead in the eye
And swear I can not tell a lie
Which of course, in itself, is always a lie

And how do I keep inhaling when the air has vacated my chest?
With memories that use up all the time that I invest
Banished like pests from the house I used to inhabit
No longer within reach like the rest of my bad habits
To think what you did this for unable to find a reason
Only blank spaces stand to justify your treason
What pain I am composed of
Fear constructs my skin
Until new experiences are made
Old ones sink further in
Again and again play movies in my mind
History home to me so I constantly rewind
I continue living though it's just a waste
Adventures await but I can't seem to make haste
If only I could control these dire thoughts
With your presence gone happiness rots
Seeking solace in words spilled onto page
Anticipating the key that will unlock my cage
The mystery remains as to the force driving you to go
Perhaps even you yourself don't know
Written 2-26-21
He looks up screaming why
The noise and lights all flutter around him
The sky is black and the earth cry’s out on the rim
As many others go by and by

For he failed himself again
In the light of the dark, he remains unscathed
His tears are more than enough to fill a car
He steps into the busy street, waiting for his life to end
Jeremy Betts May 6
If I were to ask you
Why are you doing this?
What would your answer be?
What exactly would you say to me?
I'm curious
Would it mirror other hard questions
That I have been forced to ask
Forcing me to watch you get furious
Leaving me reeling, feeling like the fool
Because I took this serious

Jeremy Betts May 5
Oh, you hate me?
Well don't worry
Cause see, I also hate me
More than you could ever hate me
Trust me
The line starts back there at mile marker three

"So, why do you hate you?"
Seemed like the popular thing to do
I mean, what was I supposed do, just stew?
When everyone hates you
The problem is probably you
And it's just easier to go with the crowd
Who knew?

Broadsky Apr 6
a cigarette tastes good after this drink, but I know at some point through the night I’m going to look at myself as tears fall in the bathroom sink.
If all my tears were collected I’d be swimming in an ocean by now.
BLD Mar 6
As evolution jumped from eon to eon,
the foundational hunger to remain
surpassed all bounds this great celestial
has ever witnessed in its cosmic disturbance.
How must Mars and Jupiter, these stars in the sky
view the deep blue that flooded the desolate,
a clump of collected debris basking in the ultraviolet,
unable to resist the presence of life, ever-so unwanted
and needless to exist? For our neighbors in the sky,
glancing our way in their soulless façade,
they gossip to their peers about the news over here,
the autumnal shift from emerald to bronze,
willows who wept in the heat of summer days,
dandelions dotting the ridges of a rolling hillside,
at times dipping their toes in the whispering waters
of a backyard creek caressing the moss
atop smooth and shimmering stones.

From nothing you surged as entropy evermore,
and from everything you share your entities,
the very body you call your own, the breath
you maintain in this cyclical palindrome;
as mere extensions of the singularity’s core,
you find yourself in this position of awe,
gazing at the consequences never meant to be seen.

How fortunate we are to find ourselves here
in a sea of tumultuous chaos, conscious and
ever-so present in the discovery of knowledge.
To look to the past through a tubular lens
and remain unknowing of time’s present state,
the physical probabilities of potentials unforeseen
bending the rays of time to juxtapose new and old;
reality remains a pervasive illusion
evading the grasps of human cognition. Our
consciousness supersedes the premise of us all,
but our curiosity quivers in the breath of the
meaningless; how could something so rare
and inconceivable surmount to nothing more
than the imminent emergence of an empty abyss?
We must never misjudge the reign of the cosmos,
lose all hope that nothing awaits --
this I will not believe.  

From nothing I surged as entropy evermore,
and from everything I share my entities,
the very body I call my own, the breath
I maintain in this cyclical palindrome;
as mere extensions of the singularity’s core,
I find myself in this position of awe,
gazing at the consequences never meant to be seen.
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