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hj 2h
She was a beautiful creature
Outside and in
But they marked her up
By her so called sins

A beautiful creature
Voice so loud
Waiting for someone
To hear her out

A beautiful creature
Her smile shone bright
Careless of what went on inside

A beautiful creature
Voice gradually became low

A beautiful creature
She froze like stone

A beautiful creature
With no happiness to call her own

A beautiful creature
With under eye circles so dark

A beautiful creature
But her smile doesn't spark

A beautiful creature
She cut her glowing hair
And made herself a room
Under the stairs
Where her beautiful voice
Sang along with sorrow
The beautiful creature
who lost her belief in tomorrow

A beautiful creature
But they tore her down

Until the beautiful creature
Listened to sorrow's sound

A beautiful creature
They hand her photos by the stairs
To remind everyone
Of the beautiful creature she were
It is a terrible crime to slay a unicorn. Drinking the blood of a unicorn will keep you alive even if you are an inch from death, but at a terrible price. You have slain something so pure that from the moment the blood touches your lips, you will have a half-life. (harry potter and the sorcerer's stone)
to anyone who as ever harmed a beautiful creature
how do u like ur half life?
Thank you for soaking up my tears
I know there have been quite a bit
just this past year
Thank you for absorbing my crys
You muffle my voice
Cradle my face
while I scream "why!"
You have seen the worst
I prayed to die in your embrace
To be saved from this misery
To live left like a curse
Thank you for holding my head up
Even when I had no strength
to do it myself
You stepped in and acted as my back-up
I'm going to find my worth
I'm not no longer afraid
I'm going to live like its my last day on earth
Because I always know you are right there
Waiting for me to come back
Ready to take me as I am
No matter what emotions I bare
Thank you Pillow

Lost Soul
Sophia 1d
times when people hurt
no one cares to listen.
double-sided tape are they,
with standards just the same.

times when people fall
and no one cares to help.
a man lies dying in a street
but their phones resurrect instead.

times when people cry
no one cares to ask.
'oh talk to me, please.'
is replaced with 'goodbye'

times when we need help
and no one's there for us.
it breaks our hearts to stand alone
as if we got everything
under complete control.

how fun it is to scream out loud
and no one hears a sound.
how amusing it is to cry in public
and all they do is shun me.
how hilarious it is to care for others
and have them look down upon me.

times when i try to pick me up
times when i try to pick you up
we all come crashing down.
JJ Inda 2d
It all stemmed from some longing,
he thought.
Something missing
or was never there
to begin with.
Either way this led to the prose
ans so there was no choice;
no exercise of will really,
but rather a duty.
-If other eyes peeked at the work,
then so be it!
For once committed to paper,
the work was done
and so was he.
aubrey 2d
I do not know
how flowers grow
why birds chirp
or angels sing

why the sun rises daily in the east
as surely as
fall yields to spring

I do not know
why rivers flow

how far it is
from near to far

who made it dark
to blind the light

or how a cloud becomes rain

I only understand
your love is mine
if I even have it all.
words hurt.
even in a joking unmeaningful way.
even when you don’t think the person is listening
but they can.
and it burrows into their brain and infects their day like a parasite, thoroughly changing the perception of a good day.
even when it’s relayed as a message to them by someone thought to be a friend or a family member.
words ****
and they harm
and they affect
and they hurt.
If you really love me
Like you so drunkenly admit
Then I think you'll agree
We don't deserve this ****

Why does everything have to be so hard?
We try and we try
And somehow still end up in shards
Yet we never say goodbye

Why can't we say goodbye?

You know I can't move on
You know it's not thay easy
When you're anything but gone
And loving you's so easy

The way you draw me in
The way you kiss my lips
We know it's not the end
By the way you hold my hips

No wonder we can't say goodbye
Letting go is hard man. Every time we think we're over turns out we aren't.
I wanna fall
I wanna fall in love
I wanna enjoy you
like I used to do
I wanna wake up
to you
I wanna make it come
Why can't you
love me
like you used to do
I wanna know
why you walked away
I wanna know
so my heart can heal
I wanna feel alive again
like I used to feel
I wanna is alot
in 2 simple words
I wanna just live
in love once again
I wanna
I just wanna
© Jennifer Delong 11/3/18
I don't write to myself.
I don't write for a shelf.
I write for strangers in an electronic abyss.
I don't write to take care.
I don't write just to share.
I write to hide behind metaphorical bliss.
I don't write for my friends.
I don't write for the trends.
I write sometimes because I am just bored.
I don't write 'cause I'm good,
but maybe I should
write for me, what I want, instead of making it a chore.

I miss writing
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