Emi 48m
So, Seo
Do I deserve a life
I ask questions
They make me wonder why
You still stick around me
Out a of pity
That may be
I'm just a stupid suicidal girl who has nothing to offer
Emotionally unstable
I;m missing three legs of a table
I can fall down any minute
I'm just a stupid suicidal girl
As fragile as a snowflake
No one questions why my heart aches and breaks
But you
Why do you stick around dumb  me
Who can't stand on her own two feet
I tell you
I'm not worth it
Why haven't you quit
Making sure I don't die
It's for the better
The meaning of this letter
Is to ask you
So, Seo
Riddle me that
So, Seo
Thank you
Me and my friends give each other different names, so if we write something deep or personal or refer to each other, other people don't know who it is. Min-Seo happens to be one of their names.
Why does evil exist ?
Is it because we need evil to balance out with good

Do we need evil to spotlight the good?

Do we kill to understand the value of life
Do we steal to understand the values of possession

Do we oppress others to value power and law
Why do we continue living in a world we don’t want to birth our children in
Why don’t we change….why?
Why do
I even

Why am
so nice
to you?

Why am
I a
Horrible Person
most of the time?

Why do
I not
expose you?
I'm having a hard time with myself and others around me
I don't want to
talk to you two,
or be around you
when you're with him,
or tell you
I am afraid.

Your potent opinions
seep into each other's
and make loud noises
that ring in my ears
like a stone-cold

You care, you don't.
You're strict, you're not.
You yell quietly, you loudly speak.
Stop doing this to me,
I can't handle any more of it.
B 1d
“Do you love me”
I question myself.
Thinking of you,
It doesn't makes sense.
To rawness
Leaking out of me
Each tear of flesh
Your words bring
Represents us
How could you
Ignite a heart
Then leave

Now I don't know
Where to go
Torn and bruised up
I'll leave too
So much love in you.

So much treasure locked away,
Unable to be shared.

Too much love in you.

Too many rivers to your spread delta,
Where you stand bravely to drown.

Immortal love in you.

The gift of a soul,
The truest something.

So much love that you'd give it to nothing.
The world is skin,
But you are within,
And passion is sin,
But who would've known?

Maybe past the aeons, we can try this again.
maya 2d
you say you don't care
but we all know it's a lie
so why not just share
so you don't go home and cry.
Girls rest their hand on the same armrest.
Does a girl hope/want
her hand may grace his,
so it may be held?

Guys go on the scary rides with her.
Do guys hope/want
to sit beside her terror,
so she may be comforted?

Girls forget their jacket on a cold night.
Do girls hope/want
that the gentleman beside them
will offer them his warmth?

Guys act differently around guys than girls.
Do guys hope/want
to establish dominance,
so they may win her love?

Why do we do these crazy things?
Do others think it’s weird too?

What other things, unlisted, do we do for this same reason?
Is it necessary?

Do we not have the words to speak,
or are we just afraid?

Actions speak louder than words,
but why are we confused with the definitions?

Aren’t words meant to clarify and explain,
to ensure the confusion is eliminated?

Meanwhile, we hope, we want, but we don’t speak.
Are our actions, or lack thereof, saying what we mean?

If anybody has any insight, please share, lol.
God, I need your direction.
I have never in my life
been as confused as I am
right now this current second.

Lord, You know my heart.
You know my intentions are pure.
Why can't I hear you?
Why aren't you showing me?

Jesus, I want to do what's right.
Show me where to go.
Lead me in the way
your plan says I should.

Holy Spirit, be my guide.
This what I pray.
Take my very hand in yours
and lead me along the way.
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