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Mark Wanless May 15
i wondered why not
to turn around and look
i did and was
Ant Feb 5
how many more can i spill?
maybe im better off drowning in them.
Ren Sturgis Jan 21
Why does such darkness follow me?
I run and I run, yet still I cannot see.
The light has fled and I fear I'm not free,
from the darkness that has taken a hold on me.
"Why?" I ask the wind, and sea
"Will the darkness ever let go?"
the reply of a salty breeze
"Let light into your heart, and the darkness will flee."
Think of "WE", not just of "I"...
In this process of stating facts, you'll surely be questioned— "Why?"
Just stick to your point, what's the need to "justify"?
When they'll understand, they themselves will "identify" —
Truth was always there and it'll never "die"...
It may take some time but one day this truth will definitely conquer the kingdom of "lie' " !
Tried another flow of rhymes and some facts of this life...
Zack Ripley Dec 2021
Why am I still standing here
When there is nothing to stand for?
Because I hope someday there will be.
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