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Why did gloomy times bring dreadful darkness ??why??
Why are the shadows teasing?? Why??
Why the sunlight stained?? Why??
Why the clains restrained the light?? Why??
Why our soul is ******* with invisible shackles?? Why??
Why do we have given the right to the sinners to test is?? Why??
Why sometimes darkness becomespeaceful
Or sometimes light becomes dreadful??why??
Why we feel alone in the crowded place?? Why??
Why we need someone's shoulder to cry??
Why can't we cry alone in our ownselves shoulders?? Why??
Why we think we are alone when we have our ownselves company?? Why??
Why we don't give importance to that thing which is nearest to us??
Why we got to know the importance of something or someone when they left us??
Why do we hurt people's and enjoy seeing them crying??
Just why????????
Do anyone have the answers of my why??
If anyone have then please give me the answers I want that answers.
I do had the answers but not the appropriate answers that can satisfy me fully.
I don't know why??
But may someone know then do tell me for sure.
Why do we don't have all answers
Bailey 2d
Today I had a new sensation
I wanted to cry
And I couldn't
Now I'm left to wonder
Why don't we love,
the person who love us.

Why do we love,
the person who won't love us back.
Q E R E N Feb 2
breakfast has always been nice and pleasant
the evening has always been filled
with some strolling in the garden and delightful tea time
the night has always been filled with passion and late-night reading

all is well
all is good
all is warm.

where did we go wrong?
i'd like to know
I am trapped within this reverie of revived memories; of when you were by my side.

The warmth of dawn feels as though a cruel, albeit gentle lie. My Sun...set, tis that day, when you left me with why.


Why... couldn't I make you stay? Why does everything I grasp tightly... still slip away?
These thoughts of you from a cage, that keep all logic and reason, within gaze; though beyond embrace.
It took a while,
too long perhaps,
to reach the conclusion
that I just don’t know
what comes next
or the why
of what came before.

It took even longer
to admit
my answers aren’t
more right than yours,
they’re just mine
and many more
than I care to admit
red x’s over time.

What a burden
is lifted
every time I respond,
I don’t know.
And, what music
fills my heart
when I release
the need
to not be wrong.
Dee Jan 25
"Stop crying!" they sneered,
"She's always like this",
"Just ignore her... she'll stop eventually"

Why was I made feel embarrassed?
For expressing my emotions,
Why did I apologise for crying?

"You never cry!" they exclaim,
"You're always so cold",
"Just ignore her.. she's a cold fish"

Why am I made feel lacking?
For not expressing my emotions,
Why do I apologise for being cold?

When my childhood was beration,
And no one thought to ask why.

When my adulthood is condemnation,
And no one thinks to ask why.
Why is it that when you like something, it outgrows you before you outgrow it?
Why is it that when you love something, the love grows less fond each day?
Why is it that on a sunny day my blues fade away?
Why is it that I can remember you today but not tomorrow?
Why is it that rainy days are full of sorrow?

Why is that I love you?
Why is it that you make me feel?
Why is it that none of this is real?
Why is it that I wish you well?
After all Im not doing swell.

Why is that we question ourselves?
Why is it that I worry about you?
Why is that I want you to worry over me too?
Why is it that I always ask why?
Why is it that I wish you would try?

I think I know the answer to why is it,
I think I just wanted to try and fix it.
I think I wish it was a quiet summer day,
I think I want winter to fade away.
I think I want to forget you.

All I ever wanted was you,
I need to think of something new.
Please forgive me,
For I feel empty.
Without a doubt,
I’m inside out.

I found myself today,
I thought she faded away.
Without a doubt,
I’m inside out.
Why is it that I found myself today?
Why is simple
Just raise a finger
To point it out
How is intricate
Difficult to explain
Difficult to understand
Why is simple
Just raise a finger
To point it out
At the most
It would die
If found wrong
How is intricate
Hows and hows within hows
Why and why a chain you stretch
You may describe a vicious circle
More often than not you leave it to Him
To end the quest
You can't do without hows
You need to know hows
Of matter, molecules, fundamental particles
How to stay healthy and wealthy
How to be happy
Not to be sad
How to be peaceful
Not to be jittery
Why is simple
How is intricate
Little Peony Jan 22
The conversation always start going deeper after this word appear

"why are you being like this?"
"why did you hate me?"
"why does the earth rotate around the sun?"
"why we have to eat meat?"
"why always me?"

A much more meaningful possession and background story needed to be shown as the answer

between 5W1H
I hate "WHY" the most

its like asking for the truth and the 'reasonable feeling' at the same time, which could turn into conflict madness or even peace.
don't ask me why, sometimes life just happens, and sometimes there's no much reasons behind everything
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