I sit here
I peep through the hole of a wall I call a window
As bullets run out
And burgundy fills the streets

My alarm is the sound of
a bullet fired
the cock of a gun
the sound of somebody's son
hitting into the ground
as he tries to speak through blood.

My reality is foreign invaders
trampling on our soil like they made us
Planes flying overhead
This smog is suffocating us

A constant war that sees no end
Just an influx of discarded bodies

I wonder when I will be next.
Help Syria.
Clarity Jun 11
What do you want from me?
Why are you back?
Making everything worse
I was finally learning how to ‘move on’ but you had to appear out of nowhere
Making me question everything.
I know you aren’t capable of feeling
Wether its happiness or sadness.
So why do you insist on making me feel the latter?
Why can’t you just leave me alone?
my face fucking hurts.
it's held reluctant rain
it's felt salty satisfaction
it's witnessed uncontrollable cries
my face fucking hurts.

my nose is fucking stuffy.
it's held back loud tears
its felt icy air
its witnessed nostalgic panics
my nose is fucking stuffy.

my ear is fucking ringing.
it's held now-dead songs
its felt hot anxiety
its witnessed words of gun powder
my ear is fucking ringing.

my mouth fucking aches.
its held back intentions
its felt destroyed dreams
its witnessed poorly timed explanations.
my mouth fucking aches.

my eyes fucking burn.
they have held back water
they have felt the floods
they have witnessed excruciating sites
my eyes fucking burn.

my face fucking hurts.
my nose is fucking stuffy.
my ear is fucking ringing.
my mouth fucking aches.
my eyes fucking burn.

my heart fucking hurts.
my heart was stolen and ripped all at once.
It runs through my mind like all the time,
Going this way and that,
What is up and what is left is to much,
If I think right I might lose,
If I go down I go far,
Why go anywhere at all?
When all I have is here,
Right inside my mind.
What is rumination? What is its purpose? Is there a purpose?
for what i know a
feeling that turns you
frightend and glum
for thinking too much
every single time
enourmos because i allow it to
enlarge to an
expansion that now creates what this is
always present and has a talent for
appaearing when there’s nothing but urge
and seek
reverence and dread
rushing through my body
right now
right here:

honestly one of my favourite feelings.
the things people are willing to do and achieve because of fear is truly and absolutely thrilling.

it lies within every single soul
and is the one true thing that connects us.
because a human basically acts on fear.
think about it.
why are you nice to people in the first place?
well, probably because your mother or father or anybody taught you as a child, but did they do it without fearing you of something? of people rejecting you when you act rude, or did those people do it themselves? are you afraid of karma? or the opinion of others?
it doesn‘t really matter.

everything you do
is somehow based on fear.
fear you once felt.
fear that is still so painfully present.
fear lurking on the horizon of the future
or even the fear of fear.
Veer Lundgren Jun 15
You say my questions
are irregular
As you give a vague response
What you don’t understand
Is that I’m trying to map the inside of your head.
Which takes the kinds of questions that neither of us truly wants answered.
- Do I really want to know everything about you?
Veer Lundgren Jun 15
What’s my go-to song
When my thoughts go wrong?

Do I sit or stand when my anxiety is rampant?

From which books do I find comfort?

Most importantly,
Why is happiness so hard for me?
- Do you know?
Rebecka Jun 14
We live in a world where being liked by others is more important then liking ourselves.

Bailey Jun 13
Why hope
I think about it a lot
To much I'm sure
Both words
Or together
So similar
But different
Why hope
For love
For kindness
For life
When to hope
For dreams
For laughter
For love
Why hope
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