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Kai Aug 16
Cause’ I was too scared to say this
I’ll write out what I’m feeling
I know my actions are amiss
Forgot what you were dealing

Am I an awful person?
Thrusting another woman
I didn’t even tell you
****, I didn’t even tell

My words are not permissible
Actions are not respected
I will remain invisible
Until I can accept it

I wish to wither in hell
Abolished by the demons
I didn’t even tell you
****, I didn’t even tell

I admit I cheated on you  
I won’t say this in person
Find somebody who is better
I will not be your burden
I'm sorry Leo.
Kitten Yvad Jul 29
am burning still;
is it
that you want me to?
i wish you'd look at me...
in awe the way i look at you
Branden Jul 5
High School, and all it entailed
The groggy early mornings,
And stress for classes not to be failed
The lunch table ramblings,
And pep filled rallies
Even the final review game tallies,
Figuring out what I wanted to do,
And my ignorant love for you
Feels just like yesterday,
But yesterday's beginning to feel rather far away.
Mom: "Say Hello to School"
Infant: "High School"
Mom: "Very Good"
Cathy Devan May 5
He penned
To the girl
With the
Braided hair
Shiny nose ring
A black rose tattoo
On her ankle
A damaged soul
With half cresent smiles
Crookedly woven smiles
Who always rejected
His advances
Maybe because of
Trust and daddy issues
That haunted
Her dark heart and colorful mind.
@roguelover in mirakee
It's always the damaged girl you tryna get💔
nightdew Mar 25
you are not a toxic person,
our situation is,
my mind is.

you are not going to **** me up,
our situation is,
my mind is.

you are not giving me false hope,
our situation isn't,
my mind is.
that typa thang
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