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tatiana 3d
so i like a girl.
and this infatuation
this attraction
has developed in short time,
received in short notice

and it started out with the small things

like how her beautiful tan skin
sorta glowed in the midst of
sunny daylight

like how the polish filled with
hues of blue
seemed to gradually
peel away at the
cracked seams

oh! oh and like how
easy it was to get her
that way whenever I felt
I could always find the
comforting warmth
that the play on her lips

ha, and another is that
she couldn't really hear
when there was a towel wrapped
around her ears
or when a gust of air from the fan
shot pass them,
trapping her in an imperfect silence

yeah it all kinda started with that

but you know I also fall for the big things too

like how her eyes illuminate with the words of her passion
how her voice climbs a little and
her smile getting
impossibly more

yes and I also like the
honesty that
from her aura
how she stays true to her
knows her
and acts with such confidence it makes my heart ache in
both envy and longing

and it's crazy,
i mean
how infatuation keeps
chasing me

how it clung to me the
first chance it got

and I wish there was
more time
so that I could make the
feelings seem more

less impulsive
slow them down
a bit

but like I said times before,
I just can't help it.

and I wish I could
shoo them away
like a fly on a typical hot summer's day

cause I know that those
feelings won't be reciprocated

but I guess it's not
natural that way

so inevitably
I'll just have to allow these
called feelings,
once again,
to stay

sulking and
throwing a
pity party,
day to day.
kk 4d
I fell in love with you.
The time before I knew you feels oddly incomplete
Like the universe has been conspiring
My every step so that I would take the paths leading to you.
I think I knew my entire life
That one day that I would be by your side
Laughing, smiling and inevitably falling.
I knew because you were the one in my dreams. I realize now that
You were the reason why my bones kept tingling and wouldn't settle.

I want you to know that girls like me
Are cautious and afraid to fall in love for the first time.
Girls like me are calculative and hesitant
Because we are too afraid to pay for our mistakes;
We were taught that we are only made of our successes
And that every failure will become a hidden scar
We must be careful to never repeat.
But you came and made me reckless;
I made my decisions blindly and allowed myself
To forget about everything else in the world except you.
I’d trip racing to fall asleep each night just to see you the next day,
All I’d eat was your attention to feed the butterflies in my stomach,
And all I could see were the moments we had and the future we could write.
And even when the scars became so many
That they could no longer be hidden under my clothes
I kept falling deeper and deeper in love you with.
I decided that the pain wasn’t at all bad,
That the wounds were worth every moment of your friendship.

I am envious of the me in another world who was led to you
And who is free to keep loving you, but
It gives me a grain of comfort knowing that somewhere else
You and I are happily listening to our favorite songs
On a rainy Thursday evening, happily and forever in love.
But in this world, it will only be me who falls
So painfully and deeply and foolishly and madly
And beautifully
In love with you.
"The First" and the end of the first.
Grace Jan 11
His name, his name has been written inside of me as if my body was paper
It's as if each letter has been carved on my ***** heart (and I can't escape it)
And it hurts painfully, my eyes are getting wetter
And I can't face this weather
(tear drop rain and love heart clouds).

And his little stabbing words haunt me like
the ghosts of future memories
(The ones that will never take place)
They sing ****** stick lullabies
where the sounds of your voice feels like
something I will learn to miss.  

Due to the sight of him, he makes me casually swim in His Ocean
I would cry for his affections
I would cry and cry until Our Oceans become
And every thought would be his and would be mine too.

Having a crush is like being in the Summer Rain.........  

(Being (or thinking you are) madly in love with someone is normal, it creates madness, but just be aware of it, because love that you desire awaits you, you just need to be patience) Being patience is a virtue.
This poem is a sample of a longer poem I've written called Crushes Part 1 (funnily there's no part 2 yet), but this is also the prequel of Summer Rain which is part of Crushes Part 1 (if that makes sense)
Mina Jan 5
A little prose

“Dear you, I don’t really know where to start and I also don’t really know where I want to head to. But I’ll try, since in the end, it is all I’ve ever done with you, isn’t it?”

So ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you a story. It isn’t a story about love, or grieve, or passion, or death. It won’t make you feel better, or sadder, or fuller, or emptier.

This is just a way for me to communicate. With you. With the person in the story. With me.

So this is a story about a girl. A bit broken, a bit fragile, but very deep, and hopeful. And caring, loving for the world about her.

Just as it happens every day, this girl fell for someone.

Just a simple

A crush at first. And just like all crushes, there was hope, and the excitement that added up with it,
But there was also fear and pain, that, in a way,
this flame shall be wrongfully turned off.

Not to mention it,
but that is what happened.
More or less.

Because as this girl, as fragile as she was, thought that she would find in him the strength she was looking for, the protection she had long lost and the safety she needed,

Little did she know,
That this boy was nothing
But a similar
Copy of her.

He was a bit
And a bit
And still very deep
[like her]
[as opposed to her]
He was hopeless.

That was their difference.

So when the girl thought that he might finally accept her for who she was
that we would find in her the dream he was looking for
he struggled to do so, not because she wasn't enough
or wasn't good enough for him
not because he didn't fancy her
he thought she would end up hurting him.
You see,
Just like her
He too needed protection

Sometimes, somehow,
he thought
She might have been the one
For him

The one who’d stand with him
No matter what, the one who’d support him and his ideas and
take care of his monsters

He never thought she’d bring him down

He just thought,
that just as simply,
He wasn’t going to be good for her.
That she deserved better.

And so,
Just as simply
What she thought instead
Was that he wasn’t going to want her,
That she deserved better.

The girl
And the boy
Moved on.

Without having a memory of them together
Without taking the time to create any memory
Without developing more profound feelings
learning to fall in love.

So now they are parted.
A passive smile or a hello when they cross each other
but they
Stopped talking about the other to friends
Stopped believing in the idea that somehow,
They were the soulmate they were looking for.

Thus as one of them now thinks
“Maybe he just didn’t want me”
the other thinks
“Maybe I should have told her I needed her when I had the chance”.

One is convinced
He’ll never want her back
And the other that
She doesn’t want him anymore.

And both of them,
Without even knowing it
Were meant for each other,
But lost it.

So this is my story. I was the girl. I still think he never really wanted me in the end. That I was never what he needed. After all, he always knew that I was ready to commit to him
And be there for him
And stand by him

I don’t know what he believes
If the things I think he thinks
Are really there
Or just in a dream of my mind.

But whoever you are,
If you need someone,
Please let them know,
If they tell you they need you,
If they prove it in every way they can to you,
Please believe them.

I feel there is nothing more painful;
Than watching your effort
Go to waste.
This is once again very messy. But it's, like always, very raw. Thoughts of this person have been consuming me and they never stop. It is become difficult to "move on", but at least I pretend I have already. I am, just like you can read above, hopeful. I will never stop being.
Tegan Dec 2018
You became my sunshine
during my everlasting winter
I can feel my ice thaw away
as i fall in love with you more everyday
Javanne Dec 2018
I have a distaste for crushes
They leave me in a foul mood
But even worse
they leave me a fool

It leaves my feeble heart
thinking it's a rabid dog
chasing a stick on a string
while some higher being
judges me
Knowing that we
were never destined to be
Why do we never see
It's mockery?

I hate crushes
But crushes do not hate me
Am I just weak?
Do I need to steel this feeble heart
So that nothing can tear it asunder?

But I've steeled it many a time
And every occasion
I feel it's eyes on me again

I hate Crushes
But they love me.
If you wanna hear me read it:
Elisa Benaggoune Dec 2018
you told your mother
that I was the sweetest girl
you’ve ever met out of all the
girls who were your lovers
but you decided
to tear me apart
and make me the other women
whilst kissing another girl
at a Christmas Fair
that we were supposed to go to together

luckily I’m my own person
And I never was really the
other women you wanted me to be
all you managed to do to me
was hurt me
so very easily
and that time,
you didn’t tell your mother

This Christmas
I will be spending it
with my family
thinking of another person
who I want to sit
and talk to about
how he’s here (right now)  
whilst I am too

and this time, I was the one
who I did tell my mother
about him.
A poem about how I got cheated on by someone I loved years ago, whom I recently came out of a 3 year relationship which was toxic due to the fact I got cheated on and it traumatised me. But this year, in memory of it being Christmas when it happened and I found out years ago I’m spending it single thinking about someone whom I am crushing on and it’s far better. It’s also quite heart wrenching though because it’s still very vivid due to the fact it’s that time when it happened. But enjoy :)
Maria Dec 2018
If you don’t want it, that’s fine
But I’m not gonna sit and pace backwards and forwards
My mind constantly being in a state of confusion and painful wonder
Just so you can do absolutely nothing

The truth is I simply cannot grasp the concept of you,
What you want, what you like, how you see me
I’ve come back to you again and again
You come and leave out of my life constantly, perhaps like an old song or a hobby

I wish I could remember the start
When we were two innocent kids
That’s how I remember you
Before you came I remember eating chicken nuggets
It was what a believe a warm afternoon
You made casual kid conversation and then we played around at what used to be there but isn’t anymore
You taught me how to make a paper airplane, and honestly sometimes I wish that I could relive that or bring it up again, just to see if it’s embroidered in your memory too. I hope it is

We didn’t meet up a lot and when we did, it was after 3 years.
Conversations flew well but sometimes stood at their tracks, you made me shy and scared
Tried to positively and negatively read into your every look, move, word or mannerism and it all seemed ok
But you still confuse me

Last time I saw you, I was absolutely sure that you hated me
That the short story of us burned out
What used to be there may or may not cease to exist
That my void was again filled by doubt

So, I’m begging you physically, mentally, emotionally, with every fibre of my being
Do something, say something, portray something
I sound ridiculous and overthought, so insane that my words don’t even rhyme
So with you in my illumination, will I ever be fine?
Sorry for being so inactive. I’ve had flows of creativity come and go and this is one of them. It’s different to my other poems but I hope you like it
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