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lua Sep 18
she's so pretty
the way her smile lightens up the room
to how her hair sways when she walks
to the little things she does that make my heartbeat sky rocket
she fills my stomach with butterflies
i'd be lying if she didn't make me cry a little inside
but she's so pretty it hurts
everything about her makes my chest ache
from the way she laughs, the sweetness of its sound
to the way her gentle voice says my name
the little things she does make my poor heart throb
even thinking about her makes me want to sob
she's so pretty.
Emily Aug 14
Every night I close my eyes
And always wonder why.
Why do you always make me smile
Even when I'm tired?
I walk down the hall with my friends
And realize they don't care.
So you know who I really am?
Honestly, probably not.

It's impossible to get you out of my head.
It's impossible to finally get to bed
I understand that no one really cares.
That's alright. I'm just losing my mind.
Stop that! You are messing with my head!
Stop that! I wouldn't be understood.
Stop that! I told you I am fine.
Please stop. You'll find out I'm breaking inside.

I sit with you, as you sketch.
I try to figure out
This dilemma which I have.
I'm impressed that you have never noticed.
I can't let myself like you that way.
I can't risk out friendship now.

It's impossible to get you out of my head.
It's impossible to finally get to bed.
I understand that no one really cares.
That's alright. I'm just losing my mind.
Stop that! You are messing with my head!
Stop that! I cannot let you see.
Stop that! I told you I am fine.
Please stop. I don't want you to know that I'm breaking inside.

Stop that! You are making me confused.
Stop that! I kinda really like you.

I like one of my best friends... Yikes..
Met with strange fate
I go to Supershakes,
And order a chill burger
With a tall fry guy and a bake.
Then there you are sitting,
Your hair down to your arms
Golden like honey and blowing
Long in the wind...
But I have other places I eat at
Yet how can I resist this "diet sin?"
I know I'll want to dine everywhere,
So now I am at a loss?
I'll try to find you anyhow,
It's this control over me you've got!
ktle Jun 15
My mind used to run
A day ahead
And sometimes
It would get lost in
Weeks ahead.

All I can think about
Is you and me
Feet buried in cool sand.
One towel to shield us
From the ocean breeze.
My head on your shoulder
Your head resting against mine.

And how beautiful it is—
The world in our now.
and i hope our now can last forever
lilly Jun 17
Why did you say you             L #  $ @                  me?
Was it a lie? How can I learn to believe you, when everyone's told me otherwise?         ^           Is it too late?
                                                                ­         %                 Am I too late?
Do you no longer care for me? Am I no longer worthy or your attention, when I don't sing your praises? When I don't
         #                        *                 hang onto         ;
                     -               every word                                      ~         &
                                         +    you say?                    =

If I told you I             ! & % E            you, would that change a thing?

Is there anything I can do? Were we ever truly friends? Was I just a game to you?
          +             Am I that disposable
                                        that replaceable                  =
                                  ­             that obtainable?
                                 .                                                               @
                ^                                        .
    ­                                                                 ­           .
                                     *              ­                                    Will I ever learn?
When will my eyes stop meeting yours? When will they stop searching for you in every room and -                            &
           &                   -  every city and                       &
                          &           - every particle that grazes my eye?      

Why do I miss you? What can I do to make this better? I know it's not my job to but with you- with you I feel like I have to, you know? Why can't I lie to you ?

Do                                                              ­     you
    you                                             Do   you         still
                        L                  @               ­                          %   !   V   #
                    $               0                                                                ­          
                                                      ­  V      &
                                               ^                                 3
                                 ­   still
                                                        ­                                             Me ?
all-too lasting questions asked in an experimental style; i still don't understand you- i don't think i ever will.
ktle May 25
It was always you by my side;
It was always us
Pulling the sun into the sky and
Taking walks into dawn.

I think it was always there
This feeling
Buried somewhere beneath
The contentment and “guarantee”
That you would always be there.

We never needed any words
Our silence spoke our truths—

I know it was always there,
I just wish I realized earlier.
I wish I realized that I love you
Before I learned what it feels like
to lose you.

Best friend,
I now know that
I never fell in love with you,
I loved you since the beginning.
to my best friend.
Shades of blue
Changed the way I thought of you
And are still changing
In this very moment.
For all the shades of blue,
There is a new meaning.
And your shades
Respond to the inconsistencies
In how I choose
To let myself portray you.
Shades of brown
Are the mask which hides
All the unrelenting doubts
About who you are.
The cover of those shades
Is a one-way mirror
You can see me
But I fail to see you
And beg to break through the glass
And grasp at what I can.
Shades of red
Reflect my burning heart
Full of the heat of desire
For that perfect world
In which you and I
Are the perfect couple.
And all of my efforts
To set our fire ablaze
Are snuffed out by my mind
Who scares my heart
Into a retreat
And the shades of red fade.
I must be confident as a match
Ready and able to spark
And use you as my gasoline
To set us aflame.
I think that I know just enough to reignite my confidence and finally say something to that boy who looks so good in that blue sweater.
I think I should add that this is the final part of the Shades of Blue trilogy.
Shades of blue
Remind me of you
And that sweater you look so good in.
Shades of brown
Remind me you’re alive
Because of your eyes.
Shades of red
Remind me of my heart
That can’t help but fall
For everything you are.
When you're in love with someone, you can't help but wish they knew it.
Jay M Apr 15
New week
There was no reason to worry!

You were not told
So I can put my anxiety on hold
Yet still
I wonder...
Is there a chance
In the future?

My emotions
Churning like oceans
The inner tempest
In temporary rest...

I hope this is a phase
While I walk
In this maze
Of which
Is nameless.

For the time
When my heart stops racing
My pulse under control
Put out this strange fire
Pulsing in my veins

Other matters
Left for another piece
Of the endless numbers
Of parchment
To hold my thoughts.

- Emily M
April 15th, 2019
He wasn't told after all! Okay....hopefully this will pass, and I can stop this crazy feeling. Heh....jeez, I'm such an idiot.
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