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Brumous Mar 10
Maybe you're the one I liked,
because you're everything that I wanted to be.

And not someone I want to love me.
J Jul 2023
and quick

these four words
are all i can think

and ardent

four more words
as if its magic

and nostalgic

random words
to add the nonesense

and distant

all these words is
how i short circuit.
ah yes, because I had electric touch by taylor swift ft. fob on repeat
J Jul 2023
she once built
a castle made
of teardrops

over panel windows
and locked double doors,
a princess's agony
never seems to stop.

she once built
a castle made
of dreams

over high mountain
and deep seas,
a mermaid's call
or so it seems.

she once built
a castle made
of sunlight

over earthen floors
and vine-covered ceilings,
a fairy's tale
in a breathtaking sight.

i just built
a castle made
of truths

over pursed lips
and whispered wishes
a queen's plea
the longing it soothes.

such castles
sometimes stand
sometimes crumble
it is for you to find
on where you want
your life's worth gamble.
Anais Vionet May 2023
I'm like a Vulcan when you aren't around - logical, distant, evaluating you like a product with my friends. The consumer with a lifetime of buying.

But near you I’m a prisoner of some consciousness independent of thought, like a fever or the dreamer, with the merest semblance of control.

You are light and loose, hair like Spanish moss and skin like cedar resin, all laughter and agonizing beauty. The way you lean across the table I only think of kissing you.

I'm sure at times it must show, like a red stain on a white dress or some inconvenient *******..

You have some license on me, a key to a place in me I keep hidden and close, you fit some interior template of desire.

What good is freedom if I can't tell you!!?

Oh, the ragged vagaries of loves games. 1000 emotions and I am deserted to silence by some rule of thumb - by a faltering consumer confidence or some feeling of inward nakedness - when all I want in the world is an open kiss or to give you an intimate scented something...
Vulcan = a race of aliens who show no emotions (Star Trek)
Anais Vionet Oct 2022
It was one of those gray but somehow bright-skied New England Wednesday mornings that made you sad for anyone who wasn’t there. Fall freshness demanded my attention, like a hungry pet, from every open lattice-window in our stuffy common room.

As I watched, for a marvelous moment, the world was a cartoon whirly-gig. Trees, writhed, animal-like, to be free of their multicolor leaves, shedding them - like bad blind-dates. The four-color debris was immediately drafted away on gust-streams, those invisible elves, and politely scattered in corners.

I’m waiting for test results today and time seems to be passing with vegetable slowness. In uncertain hours like these, some students armor themselves with alcohol while others indulge in religious solace. Not Leong and I. Leong’s a communist - it seems that communists grumpily tough things out.

I was raised a Catholic, so I rightly deserve whatever bad thing’s going to happen. In Catholicism, failure and guilt are accepted everywhere, like the best credit cards. Any success is automatically categorized as unexpected, undeserved, if not fraudulent, and above all, temporary. In fact, life itself is little more than an inconvenient test on the way to wherever.

“We’re living in the age of crisis.” I announced, agitatedly, to the otherwise quiet common room (where the usual crowd was attempting to study).
“Figured that out all by yourself”? Sunny asked, “You ought to go to Yale,” she added.
“Hear me out,” I say, as if anyone cares enough to stop me. “Our parents had their war on terror” I say, with air-quotes, “but we got a pandemic, a crazy President complete with insurrection, a faltering supply chain, a cost-of-living crisis, renewed nuclear war threats and the climate meltdown. It’s hard to study with all that going on.” I self-declared.

“It’s hard to study because I’m out of watermelon.” Sophie said, digging through the fridge.
“You aren’t anyone these days unless you’re battling a crisis.” Sophie noted.
“Your parents are ALIVE,” Leong said dryly, “I MET them and they’re going through all that too.”
“And are we (mankind) going to take any real, adult steps to address these issues?" I asked, looking around to see if my outrage was mirrored, “apparently not.” I sermonized rhetorically.

“YOU” Lisa said, shaking her head, “are a hopeless optimist - you left out a few crises.”
“WhatEVER,” I declared, “It’s still hard to study,” I reiterated, while distractedly chewing on a #2 pencil that Lisa had loaned me.

Later, we’re outside, taking in the semi-sun and reclining on our fold-up “better beach” lounge chairs. We’re off-and-on playing “That’s why I am like I am.”
“When I was in 10th grade, I had 22 detentions.” Sunny revealed.
“22! What for?” Anna asked, looking over at Sunny while shading her eyes from the sun that briefly pierced the clouds and decided to stab her fiercely in the face.
“Talking in class.” Sunny admitted. “Wow, THAT’S a shocker.” Lisa laughed.
“Shut up!” Sunny laughed, adding a ******* for emphasis. “I got those detentions on purpose. I had the love-jones for my English teacher, and she supervised lunch detentions.
I would bring in these lesbian paperbacks, like “Keeping YOU a secret,” to hold up and pretend read - while eying her, seductively."
Anna gasped, “Did she ever respond?”
“No,” Sunny said with a sigh, “My love was unrequited.”
“That was a lot of trouble to go through.” Lisa commented.
“Being gay isn’t that deep,” Sunny observed, adding the tag, “That’s why I am like I am.”
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Writhe: “to twist” usually in pleasure or pain.
Celine Ngo Nov 2021
i felt it then
the crack spreading across my window pane
drowning into an ocean of shards of pain
when was the last time i felt this way?

yeah, i'll put the porcelain pieces back together
but how did it break when you never promised me forever
so please, don't ever treat me like i'm yours
if you're going to abandon me at the thrift store

maybe it's my fault for wanting more
but really, you played a big role in my heart that tore
Anais Vionet Jul 2021
(Senryu poems about crushes)

That awkward moment
when you're caught day-dreamily
staring at your crush.

You know that tingly
feeling when you start to crush?
It's common sense leaving.

The fantasies that
you indulge about your
crush are scandalous.

You can’t ******
your crush because self-worth
crumbles up close.
A crush is an intense infatuation for someone unattainable or inappropriate
Lvila Mar 2021
Sunshine boys
Smiles shining brightly
So pretty to look at
Laughing at the simple and silly things like young boys
Music to my ears
Dimples and reddened cheeks
They radiate a special warmth
A warmth that could make anyone feel special
But sometimes that warmth gets hotter and hotter
As I get closer and closer
And my heart starts beating faster and faster
I’m so close it hurts
I touch you
It burns
My skin is melting and I can’t breathe
You see that’s how it is with sunshine boys
So pretty and bright and warm
You wanna stare at them and feel they’re warmth all day long
But they’re meant to be enjoyed from afar
Get too close and you’ll be burned to the bone
For being too selfish
For trying to keep the sun for yourself
So I’ll remain on the ground
With my sunhat and spf
Enjoying the sunshine boys
From afar
Delyla Nunez Feb 2021
One year, it was rectangular boxes with our names.
$2 cards for a pack of hologram puppies or superhero’s.
Writing out each name that was your favorite.

Another year, we are grown buying little shot bottles.
Gigantic stuffed bears and favorite candy to add.
A hope for a kiss for the hard work at the end of the day surprising them.

Yet every year it’s the same.
And I’ve been okay with that,
Coming to terms that I will never have the true Valentine I so desperately deserve...
alex grey Jan 2021
do you have any idea
how special you make me feel?

by your smile, the corner of your lips
touched by the goddess of joy,
i am warmed, enveloped by the kindling
in your ember'd voice

i never understood love until
i lost myself in your gaze

the world slows to a stop
stretching the limbs of time
just to treasure that moment
of your beaming grace

too many thoughts juggle in the background,
racing through my mind but i struggle
to even grab a single one, just to respond-
before i'm lost in your eyes.

how is it you spark such joy in a simple look,
a touch of mischief caught in the corner of your
eye just there beyond the specks of blue on grey

i cannot hold a single thought but the moment
you share my gaze, i wish to hold that moment
for eternity.

i don't know much about love, but when asked,
you are the first thought to cross my mind
and the first name on my lips.
i wish to see you once more
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