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Lily 2d
Stinky, crowded, sweltering
Laughing uproariously
Bouncing up with every Michigan pothole
Falling down into the laps of our friends
Riding to yet another competition
Frantically checking to see if we have gloves and gauntlets
The band bus
I thought you became exasperated when I sat next to you
However, you greeted me with the most sweetest and delicate tone
You stared me right in the eyes and instantly recognized my dull face
I never thought of myself as a memorable person, but I was to you
We exchanged our memories of junior year and for the first time in a while, I actually felt like someone had a genuine interest in me
Although we never spoke much before this interaction, I had a feeling that I’ve known you for ages
The bus arrived at your stop and my heart sank as I watched you grab your belongings
I let out a soft “goodbye” and smiled
I’m glad that I chose the correct seat
My neck aches from testing
And staying up all night
To brand numbers on my skin
Calloused from pens held tight
alicia 7d
i'm burnt, i'm blue
eyes stained red
writing without a clue
face wet
and pillows too
when will it end?
"never," she says
until i decide i want to feel again
i feel like **** ****
Lily Feb 10
~I saw you right after school today, and you said “Miss me already?” jokingly and I said, “Of course.” I kind of hope you realize that I wasn't joking~
I didn't know you
But I could have - If I had tried
But bully PSAs and anti-suicide campaigns
Just don't work on teenagers
Who are barely making it through the day

I didn't know you
But could I have made a difference
If I had talked to you just once
Or told you how beautiful you were?
Would you have finally looked into the mirror
And saw that you were worth something?

I didn't know you
And when I found out
That a student had killed herself
I didn't know it was you at first either

But then a screenshot appeared
A face on a story with three simple words
'Rest easy Tina'

I cant say
How long it took
For your heart to stop beating
But I can tell you
How fast
Mine beat through the roof
When I saw your face on my screen

You were smiling
I'd never seen you smile before
I wonder if you would have smiled
At me
If I had just talked to you more
In class

It doesn't seem real
Does it?
A girl seen just yesterday that you wont see tomorrow

She wont be coming back

Your seat will sit empty
The desk of a dead girl
That no one dares sit in
But gradually they will forget
Eventually it will be filled
And the student who sits there
And laughs and talks
With her friends in class
Will never know of the girl who went too soon

The student who fills your desk
More than likely
Will be just like me
She will look at the girl
In the corner of the room
And she will think of the conversations
That she could have
With the pretty girl that hides behind her hair

But she will never speak to her
Too afraid to try
With a childish fear of rejection
That pinpricks her heart
She will not think
Nor will she know
About the stakes that are at risk

I hope that the girl who fills your seat
Takes a look at the girl
Who never speaks
And does not pacify her worry
With, "I'm sure she has friends"

I hope she chooses instead
To give that girl a pillow to land on
When her mental stability takes a swan dive
Or a shoulder to lean on
When life is trying to tear her down

I hope that the next kid
Who sits on their own
Day after day
And who talks to no one
Has someone sit down across from them
And strike up a conversation

About the weather
About a class they're in together
About how they noticed they were alone
About how they would like to be friends
About anything

It doesn't take much
To save a person hanging on by a thread

A small act of kindness
Can mean the world
To a person who feels
That their existence is crumbling

I didn't know you
And I will Never
Be sorry
Beana Feb 2
You know your life is crazy
When getting eight hours of sleep is like
a daisy in a field of dandelions

You know your life is crazy
When you get eight hours of sleep and think
you must be forgetting something

You know your life is crazy
When you think getting eight hours of sleep
on a weekday is too much

You know your life is crazy
When you think getting the recommended amount of sleep
on a weekday means something is wrong
because it's just not normal

You think your life is crazy
When you walk around half dead from tiredness
But is it really crazy when everyone else around you is the same?
Haylin Jan 30
a day that never ends
fears, pressure and fake friends

playing with teenage hearts
seems just like playing cards

thousands of sleepless nights
and absolutely no rights

but where´s the education?
DG Jan 26
They make you think they love you
With their soft kind words
They hug you as if you’re treasure
And then leave you for the birds
They come into your life
With their cowboy boots and ***** blond hair
And leave you crying
And thinking . . .
And thinking . . .
On what you did wrong
If he really loved you all along
And then you begin to hate your favorite songs
Because suddenly they're all about him
And they haunt you
And the next thing you know
Another boy is there
With green eyes and messy brown hair
And he beckons you into his trap
And he’s texting you!
But you don’t want to answer because you’re still CRYING
But! you answer anyways
Because you’re ******
And vulnerable
And maybe this boy will be kinder
And will be gentler
When he kills me
And leaves me
For the birds
DG Jan 25
You did it again!
You gave an older boy your heart again
And look what happened!
Oh, your family would be SO disappointed in you
If only they knew
The only kinds of guys
That interest you
Are 18+ and about 6’2!
I don’t know why you’re crying
You did this to yourself
No amount of fancy Gucci perfume can change the fact that you're 16 and still can’t reach the top shelf
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