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Life became the beyotch,
Duchess of her evil notch

The days drifted into hollow horizons,
Ambient torches of unknown sirens

Tempers that tear flesh of chandeliers,
The excavation of biased analyses

Merely trapped by a reputation of a lawyer’s daughter,
May I plunge in hell or high water

One more word toward his suspension,
Allow me to ease the tension

September suspect of stealing sacredness,
Queen of fabricating myths

Friends were feverish of their beneficial relationships,
Enemies aligned for the common eclipse

Preachers of poetry, I invite you to speak,
Of sororities from the locked up boutique
Sorry about that first line...I don’t curse much, but I thought it was necessary. We won eventually. Our story is somewhat similar to Hannah Baker’s; it’s entirely coincidental (or not?).
When I met you I thought my life would change
I thought my life would have meaning
I thought I was becoming a man

When I met you
My life changed
Not the way I expected though

I stopped doing drugs and smoking
I found love and loved it
I found friendship and cherished it
Friendship betrayed me soon after
Love sent me on my way
I became a party animal
And drug addict

When I met you
I thought my life would have meaning,
But my thoughts were deceiving
I was blind to what I was seeing
And lost myself

Tomorrow I'll send you on your way
And there'll be no way to make me stay
I'll never forget you
I'll never regret you
I'll never miss you
Tomorrow my life will change,
But wasn't that how all this started
Just frightened about leaving home and joining the military
undermyfeet Oct 20
I am being asked for a bio
a short one, perhaps, considering
my fleeting days

what is a nice way to put
my life has not started yet
and that all my dreams and demons
are still locked inside my closets?

and as I walked off the high school
a hell with company, a heaven without wishes
everything translated into fears

but an abundance of sparks, could-bes,
and a ground for love

I felt dead in a moment
alive in the next.

I had to end on a positive note
For I am returning
tomorrow morning.
Jay M Oct 19
Excitement trembles
Coursing through tiny veins
Until the day arrives
For the fun to begin

Sweet high school memories
Riding in the backseat
One friend at the wheel
The other in the passenger side
Calm, rippling breeze

Smooth leather seats
Music for every mile
Never a dull moment

Places to go
Adventures to be had
Traveling arm in arm
Across the sandy stone
Over the curious cliffs
To see the wondrous waves
Crash against a well-worn shore

Together we go
Together we see
Here, in this time,
We are free

We are adventurers
Going places one or the others
Haven't been before
Breathing in the salty sea
Content as the sea lions
Basking in the evening glow

Walking the narrow dirt path
Happy as we can be
Sun gently upon our backs
Legs tired as we collapse
Back into the comfort of the car

The day almost at it's end
Making a turn, just around the bend
One dropped safely home
Just a bit longer until it's my turn

Talk of life
Of the past and possibility
And of the future
Getting used to things that just might be
One day I could be behind the wheel
Now that's a thought
That's just so real

Thank you,
My dearest friends
One like a little sibling
The other like an older brother
They are my family
My family of soul

Five, ten years from now
I'll remember how
We rode the day away
On our own little adventure
Just us high school kids

- Jay M
October 19th, 2020
These are the days I just won't forget. Thank you guys for an amazing weekend, and I hope we'll make some more memories soon. When I'm older, I know I'm going to miss these days.
Though their career,
Seems like a mere premiere,
Of teen exploitation,
They would soon become the faces of our nation,
Actresses with dreams,
Just let them be
To my friends who are actresses, @Jillian Lebling,  @Melo Ludwig, @Sophia Grunow, and @Kelly Grace Richardson.
*I do not pursue acting, FYI.
High school is five years of nothing.

By nothing, I mean it means NOTHING.

As soon as you get out you transform into something else

By the time the reunions come around you do not recognise yourself

Who you were then will cease to exist

All of it rendered insignificant

I'm telling you friend,

High school is five years of NOTHING.
one of the truths of life...

I was sheltered all my life.
But then I went to school
I made friends who stabbed me in the back
I learned what pain was
I learned what it was to be bullied
I learned what it was to hide
I learned that when they walk by to sink into the shadows

1st grade
Laughing and joking
Playing and carefree
Friends and playdates
Sleepovers and games

2nd grade
Sitting in silence
Looking at the front board
Some friends who ignored me
Lonely and anxious

3rd grade
Hurt and alone
I don’t even remember
3rd grade was lost in my mind
No friends
And failing hard

4th grade
Feeling wrong
No real friends

5th grade
Trying to fit in
Hiding in the bathroom
Crying at recess

6th grade
Fell in love
She hated me
Was bullied more for liking someone that was not who I should like
Hid my feelings
Hid in the shadows

7th grade
A new friend
Still bullied
Still sad
Not feeling right in my body

8th grade
Cut my hair
Came out to family
Got a girlfriend
Had two amazing friends
But I was cut
I was broken

Hide in the shadows
Don’t let them see you
Don’t wear short sleeves
Pick up that pice of glass
Burry the blade in my arm
Hurry to the emergency room
Put on suicide watch

Three months later
Eat a peanut that you know your allergic to
Rushed to the emergency room again
Put on an IV for 3 days
Let out
Feeling numb
Cuts slowly grow deeper and deeper

Two months later
Not at school
Won’t answer phone
Friends worried
Still feeling empty

Goes to school
Gets put on watch from resource officer
Feels alone
Can’t breath
Panic attacks in P.E.
Catches feelings for your best friend

School gets canceled due to COVID
Fails all classes 4th quarter
Falls into deep depression
Has mantle break downs
Panic attacks daily
Family downgrades feelings

Summer of 8th grade going into highschool
Starts drinking a lot
Makes it 3 months clean
Not a day clean in August
Cuts get slowly worse, more, and deeper
Breaks up with boyfriend
School starts
Becomes your best friends boyfriend
Comes to school high or drunk
Scares girlfriend

Stressed out and alone

Waiting to see what happens the rest of the year
manlin Sep 20
warning: mentioning of suicide

This apology
is long overdue,
but I’ve been meaning to say
I’m sorry.

I’ll never forget
when you were sitting next to me.
Mom was in the room too
and you were browsing on your phone

with a smile on your face

You panic,
and I don’t understand.

Mom’s attention is still on the television
as you begin to cry.
“What’s wrong?” I ask,
but my harsh tone seemed more like a demand.

You scream,
and it finally catches mom’s attention.
“Evan’s in the hospital!”

“*****,” I begin,
feeling powerless
at the sight of
your bright red face.

I can’t stand
seeing you cry.
I am curious to know

“He’ll be fine.”
Mom intervenes,
voice gentle
despite the sharp underlying tone

most single parents have
when addressing
their crying child.
“Do they know what happened?”

“No,” you respond,
and you’re now finding it
to breathe.

I look to mom for guidance
as I want her to know
that it’ll be okay.
“It can’t be that serious.”

Your phone pings.
I’ll never forget
how the color
drained from your face,

jaw slack in horror.
It takes your body a second
as the shock runs through the nerves in your body,
and you sob into your palms.

“What?!” Mom screams.
We both jump.
You reply,
voice hardly above a whisper,

“H-he tried to…”
Your voice falls lower.
“He tried to—“
Mom’s visage softens.

“Honey,” she says, holding her arms out
for a hug.
“Now, what happened
with your little friend?”

With your lips muffled against her shoulder,
you reply,
“He tried to **** himself.”
Your whole body quivers with sobs.

I remain
in the same place,
ignoring the tears running down my cheeks.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine, *****.”
Mom joins in.
“Yes honey, he’s young.
He’ll come back.”

It takes a while to convince you,
but then you finally come to.
I remember smiling and thinking,
Yeah, he’ll get better later.

“You were wrong!”
You scream at me
nearly a week later
one morning.

I jump,
unaware of what happened.
I’m surprised,
seeing you so upset.

“What did I do?!”
I shout, confused
as I hold up my hands
to mask my face from you.

“You. Lied!”
You shout, sobbing into your palms
wearing your childhood nightgown
printed with purple stripes, now faded after so many washes.

I ask,
and I reach my arms
out for a hug.

You slap my wrists away,
glaring at me
through the tears
in your eyes.

Stunned, I pause,
and you respond,
“They took him off life support today!
You lied!"

I tried to apologize then,
and it took a few tries
until you said you accepted them.
However, apologies will never make it the same.
i remember dropping my sister off for his birthday party a few months before. she was really happy.
Emma Torp Sep 4
Moans of ecstasy at your caress
Gaping sighs at you sliding your finger under my dress
Soaring across all the right places
And stimulating my pleasure at the right places
Making you wait until at least a year
Who know my pleasure
It’s only you who would hear
You made me wet that i true
But who can hear my pleasure
It was still only you
For your reading pleasure
Gabby Aug 29
It seems with you I'll never reach that stage
A place without feeling
Without anger for how we ended,
Longing for what we were

A word I'll never say to you
It seems petty
It wasn't all that bad
Those days feeling worthless
Crying feeling forgotten
All because of you

Maybe the universe messed up
When it linked us as a pair
But maybe just maybe we both needed the growth
All the troubles

Maybe I should thank you for all I am
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