The piano resounds, flooding us over with the mood
Counting headlights on the highway, take me away
It's a moon eclipsed, and my newfound flame, I guess you're lucky
that it's dark now
Sometimes this has a hot sweet taste;your breath’s hot and gross, but I kiss you like a lover. We're dancing in a world alone - if I unchain my soul, you can never let me go
I sink into you like water, be gentle with me have patience with me
we sink like a stone in your honey ~ just beware the bees
Heaven is in your eyes, and you hold me hard in the white light
We love like star-crossed lovers, with blind eyes, and when you call me beautiful are four flash with joy
Call it what you want, but we both know that everything is eventual
I'd like it if you stayed, but is it better to speak or die?
Welch, McLaughlin, Yelich-O'Conner, Lucas, Brasington, Aciman
we bloom
jul 2d
at night we lay whispering amongst each other
while the stars judge our eyes.
we talk about everything
from our fears to our dreams
as if no one is listening and the wind sighs.
as silence envelops my mind, I ask,
"why is it us who the despise?"
"because," you say, "why would they acknowledge the imperfect
when they have already accepted their lies?"
1:48 am
Amanda 2d
Let the moon blanket body in bliss
Gently guide your goals away
It tries to remind us that nothing
Will render you wise like dismay

Real regrets and spinning woes
Are aquired every steely morning
They come closer to thrashing our comfort
Without a single dashing warning

You must hold onto happiness
There is no force that can kill true peace
If you really want it for yourself
A shifting of mood will not cause it to decrease
True happiness is created
A moment of bliss

I had a moment of bliss, in the middle of the pain;
All the hurt just floated away.
A light shone around me and the world disappeared;
The dentist causing me pain, no longer caused me any fear.

Everything was ok, for a moment in time.
I was ok, the pain was gone; for just a moment in the light.
Then the rest of the pain that was coming my way,
Could no longer hurt me; with a smile on my face.

I had ascended from my body into a moment of bliss;
I was alive, I was happy…
I was infinite.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Gabe 4d
The cold breeze welcomes me,
The open window, the beautiful scenery,
The knock on my door startles me,
So early, who could it be?

My best mate, he once call,
Between us, who knew he would fall,
Earlier than me, faster than me,
He is the best there is.

He stands upon the door,
As if he lives on my floor,
Truth is he’s below,
About a floor or so.

He holds hot coffee and a plate of bread,
I look at him with dread,
He was startled, surprised,
My hair looks like a bird has risen.

He goes in and I rush to my room,
Brought out clothes, run to the bathroom,
He laughs and settles in,
“Look how cute you are, sleeping in.”

He waited outside, with breakfast in hand,
Scared, because it isn’t too grand,
I went out, fully clothed,
Trust me I was more than touched.

I went near him and kissed his cheek,
“What’s this? Are you sick?”
He smiled at me, and told me to eat,
I smiled and squeezed his hand, thankful for it.

When were done, we went out,
Wiping the crumbs from my mouth,
Locked the door, went to the elevator hall,
Still I’m sleepy, I could fall.

Waited more, down to the first floor,
I sighed, filled with bore,
He looked at me, grabbed my hand.
I smiled shyly, showing fond.

Stepped out of the lift,
The lobby, people-filled,
We greeted the staff and the guard,
Well, were young and it’s what we afford.

We head to school, hand-in-hand,
Now our entrance, for too grand,
We pass by silently,
Quitting the attention, quietly.

He led me to my class,
Were separated by a thick glass,
He messaged me quickly,
“See you in a bit, beauty.”

School passed by quietly,
He’s by my door, silently,
Surprised him with a kiss,
He smiled with bliss.

Went to eat for dinner,
Somewhere, but simple diner,
Got our favorites, waited.
Thrilled and comforted.

With each other we feel settled,
Comfortable with each present,
Love filled his eyes,
I looked at him as everything intensifies.

We walked home and rode the elevator,
Lifted to the 17th floor,
We stayed in each others arms,
Showing no one’s in harm.

I walked him to the door,
When the clock strucked 8:34,
He said, “Good night, sweet dreams.”
I said, “Dream of me, sweet.”

I slept, with a smile on me face,
No one else will ever graze,
Can’t wait for the morning to come,
I want to surprise someone with some.
Unhappy faces are
fruits of a search
for the Absolute in
absolutely the wrong places.
sara Apr 11
Often times
Words don't suffice
Every waking moment
Honey, don't you mind

Oh golden eyes
Look into mine
The chaos you've chosen
I dance in your light
Faded Apr 10
True love to me was always a hitch in my  breath,
a skip of a beat,
the fluttering of butterflies.
Today i remember that feeling today i glimpsed upon your eyes
as i was drowned by your soul.
In memories of you i found a moment of peace,

red hair like a sunlit rose. White scars that mar your wrists, a pale ghost of a time you wish you could forget.
your lilac lips breathe life into the rotten. words dance and flow with elegance and grace, spoken in the voice of an angel.

A glimpse and i was drowning swallowed and suffocated by waves of unrelenting emotions. A tide i could not withstand. a moment more a single moment more and i could have passed happily drowned seeing your beauty just a second more. understanding true love again. A second more in bliss is worth a life time living like this.
Amanda Apr 6
You are perfect
And smoothly charming
Your unbelievable patience
Is soft and disarming

Incredible is what you are
A miracle no doubt
Understanding angel
Pure inside and out

Lovely in every way
Amazing since birth
You are my wonderful bliss
My heaven on Earth
A super old one that i fixed up, its pretty much new now haha. There were only a few usable parts.
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