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A May 6
interwoven hands,
they walk side by side
along the lane of sand.
beyond the retreating waves,
everything else is hushed;
the sense of isolation, of
being away from the hour’s rush
makes for a breathing space.
“the whole world is waiting for us,” she says.
“let them,” is his response.
“the world belongs to us.”
and it did.
leading a singular life was nice while it lasted; this plurality has promise…
Jeremy Betts Apr 30
An endless search
For before the hopeless
Prior to the pain
Pre drowning in sadness
It must be there
That rare moment of bliss
I can't FUCCKING remember,
"Has it always been like this?"
A lost sliver of memory
Eerily missing the feeling like a lipless first kiss
The want and drive evident
But before it all, most memorable, there to trigger the fall, my evil twin, Sir Anxious
I tear up as I absorb old videos
Finding the smile in milestones of my son, a present I was pleasantly present to witness
"...ah, there it is,
My piece of bliss
An unchecked happiness
Oh how I miss this..."
But I did this,
I have no business
Asking for a witness
Or forgiveness

TS Feb 29
When you promised me forever, I was silly to think you'd keep your word
Because I was taught that those things should be felt louder than they're heard

Promises by their definition are strength and willingness
To hold your word up higher than your own satiated bliss.

I could never be enough for you or anything you hoped we'd be
Thought I was exploring the sand ***** but was really drowning in your sea.

I've lived in the shadow of your former lover which we both knew could never last
And still I stayed with shallow hope that you'd bring me back after each cast

The rhythm in which I write now is filled with chaos and urgency
To get out every feeling quick enough, grasping at who I'm trying to be.

The promises I made to you through letters, painting, and home baked cookies
Are the ones that echo in my mind when I wipe the quiet and slow tears from my cheeks

Healing, growing, moving on feel a little stranger now
Deep breaths, a slight grin and even a softened brow

Silly little me promised to always love you.
And though that may look different now,
I forever still do.

Anais Vionet Jan 28
With silly smile, playing laptop keyboard
keys, I relay tales of brief, college bliss,
where days, like dry martinis, swiftly pass
lips that pucker for life’s capricious kiss.

My roommates bring joy and warm delight, like
late night Cheeto-fights to break-up study
drudgery - some chaos can counter stress,
though it makes a powdery-orange mess.

While we whirl and preen, when on party scenes,
we've embarked on the classic scholar’s quest.
We're earnest lasses, who pass-up passes -
well, some capitulate - we are human.

But I'm tempered by shame, and remembered
love's flame - and nightly I whisper his name.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Capitulate: “surrender to an enemy."

(*playing with sonnet*)
Danielle Jun 2023
So real,
so real.

as I starve to death
to bathe in bliss
burrow to a skin,
a cataclysm.
unraveling a deep blue, calamitous love
holding on to an anchor (and only him could do that)
open it like a gift;
a suture unfurling my pain,
so real and so does he.
Maja May 2023
The ledge was slippery,
Like my mind at the moment.
A time in space
that didn’t seem to matter.
I fell,
I didn’t jump
- I was pushed.
I might have made the leap,
but I never made the choice.
I might have made no sound,
but I never had a voice.
I fell,
but the truth is still that
I didn’t jump
- I was pushed.
I silently drowned.

I had been dead for a long time
before I even hit the ground
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