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Comfort is nice but mundane bores
I must explore the wonders of sea
My thoughts take wings, zest soars
I set sail on my journey with glee

A crushing wave, a sudden slip
Yanking my board from under my feet
Hither tither I scramble for a grip
Boy this feels, anything but sweet

Not what I thought - no easy play
Things just aren't going my way
I look for reason, reason flees
Reason tells me meaning you’ll see

Tired of evil, tired of this ploy
I loosen my grip, I free control
In this moment, I now enjoy
The ebb and flow of the larger whole

A storm revisits, I know the drill
I'm tossed again in life's caprice
I align my will with divine will
And now I sail the winds with ease
Are we playing the game or is the game playing us?

We can't always control what's infront of our eyes, but we can always control whats behind it. Surrender isn't about accepting defeat, but rather to recognise when to move forward and when to step back and let go. The only way to live with flow is to discard resistance and welcome coherence.

We surrender not to give up our power, but to regain our power.
You -
The ink that always stains,
The poison in my veins,

It's all you.
Micropoetry isn't really my thing, but I have given it a try anyways.
Luckily, I found a path
in which I can go all alone,
without anyone bothering me....
At times, we wish that such paths existed, just for us. How many of you wants to go through one such way?
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Ron 7d
Picture this
You, me, and a kiss
A meeting of the lips
Feelings such as this
Who knew they could exist?
When we met
I knew I found my bliss
ChronicSage May 19
to the lust in your eyes
fixed upon mine
I see myself in its volumes
and lose myself
in you and me
guiding hands
carving contours
feathering textures
upon skin
deepening to the center
retracing the edge
blushing in every pore
unable to look away
your eyes penetrating
your mouth
a magnet for mine
I feel it building
I see it in your eyes
wave upon wave
churning the cosmos
exploding through me
I feel a sweetness
surfacing to a scream…
When I cry,
She’s never confused
When I am sick ,
She feels the pain more than I do
When I think of giving up
She teaches me what life lies ahead
Is there something I can do
to bring a smile on her face
because she means the world to me
Mother, the definition of everything. Sometimes we regret for not showing our love and gratitude to our dear mom. So make use of this opportunity (that is now) to show how blessed you are to have such a wonderful person in your life.
Walking down the aisle,
Dragging my feet slowly
A rhythmic beat,
Playing in my mind
Grieving over nothing
Just a clingy thought
In my heart
Lost but found
in a world full of dreams
Let those beautiful thoughts of yours float around you.......
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Mesmerising are the
Creations of this earth,
Whether it is the sun rising
or the stars twinkling,
The flowers blooming
Or the birds humming,
Whatever it maybe,
Beauty lies in everything
Beauty not only lies in the nature but also in everyone’s heart. We all just need to take time and find it out.....
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I wish I could
Wake up in a world
Where all my dreams
and little wishes
get fulfilled for I,
not ask for more
Dreams and wishes.....into the reality.
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