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Dana 3d
What would it be like
To go back in time
When smiles came easy
And life was kind
Would I trade mistakes
And the lessons learned
For a fresh clean slate
And stones unturned?
Dani 4d
Calm, and solid, never a riot
Heavy like a weight on a string
Muscles slow and mind quiet
All this a little pill can bring
Soft and slow like a winter storm
Freezing over a mind and body
Altering the natural form
Changing for better or worse
That is unknown
Whether it be a blessing or curse
No matter at all ‘cause emotions are alone
Stranded, but free
Heavy weighted body, what a cure
Walking through water, maybe
Sweet, blissful relaxation for sure
Written while trying a new medication to attempt to bring the physical symptoms of anxiety down. Amazing for a short while... but anxiety always returns.
I collapsed the seats of my Rav4
You watched my *** the whole time
And saw an opportunity
As I bent over between the front seats
One, two, then three fingers
While fumbling to turn off the hazards
Biting a seat to keep quiet
Accidentally turned the music back on
"Stay In My Memory" by Bim
The song from Him
**** him, I'll ******* instead
The hazards were off
The music still on
Your fingers making my body quake
From the inside
Strong enough to throw me around
Like I was someone cuter and smaller
And put me on my back
With a hand around my throat
Kissing at me like a dog
Making me submit like a *****
Three, four, five
"On your knees"
And you threw me there, too
Around we spun
Getting rug burn
Lost count of the quakes
They started to blend
With the aftershocks
"Are marks okay?"
And then you left one
A hickey on a weeknight
And a Monday, no less
Next time, we need a bed
Rug burn is a *****
Shay 7d
Petals in the wind
So effortlessly dancing around my chaos

Ocean breeze pushing against the current of my soul

Why so tormented are you
Must you be drawn back to the ripples in the water of your evolution

Of your rebirth



Messages from and to within
All lies in the wind

Like petals in the wind
Dancing so effortlessly in my chaos

Life is the dancer and I the dance

When I give,
Everything I have and more...

My sleeplessness' solace,
Is buried in my dreams.

My world away from the world,
Where there are no more problems to solve.

In my dreams,
Life, is just a flow,

The effortless stream of events,
That I never have to think about again.

The blissfulness of the temporary,
Escape from my woes.

~Robert van Lingen
JJ Inda Nov 28
Worn out soles
skids across
the crosswalk,
skips and struts
down the avenue;
unaware of the haves.
Dea Elizabeth Nov 28
My first love was real love —
absolute, pure bliss.
An innocent lie,
but what good love story isn't?

My second love was **** —
passionate, destructive ****.
A hedonistic trip,
but what great love story isn't?

My third love was safe —
conventional, traditional safety.
A step back for feminism,
but what ****** love story is not?
Alec Astaire Nov 27
I finally tracked him down: the person within me who could live without you
So I made him a cup of tea and he began to prattle
About the demonic conductor of my symphonic heartbeats,
And the chthonic tranquility you once deposited into my life stream.
He sniggered at how, even now, I still attempt to draw from that diluted reservoir
In an attempt to discover anything more glorious that a utopian delusion,
An unwarranted euphoria derived from what someone might call the “good times”-
If I gave you the benefit of the doubt and admitted there really was a time your love wasn’t fictitious.
But, I digress
Because I wish you the best
Even if the good times discarded are times I should regret
There was a time when you uncovered my covert capacity for unexpurgated bliss-
The likes of which I had dismissed
As myth or at the very least unrealistic to attain.
Even if all of the solace I find in our memories is disingenuous,
I still thank you for way you fooled me.
And that’s why I screamed at him.
After the nightcap, I chased him out of the house for even flirting with the idea of his own existence.
For I have not the fortitude to meet with him for more than just a few moments.
Right now, I choose to cherish our memories until I forget that I love you,
Until the day I’ll be ready to unite with my harbinger of recovery.
StarBloom Nov 25
I believe in true Love,
there is no doubt of its eternal exuberant existence amongst the field in which I feel.
I acknowledge it through its fibers that intertwine with every aspect of the divine.
I see true Love,
for every connection of the violet fire that I breathe,
transforms transmutes transcends me.
The love is true,
there’s no denying such a thing.
The only illusion would be pretending..
That it’s existence is ending.
Never blinded by Love,
Love allowed me to See.
Only blinded by the attachment of what could be.
It already is, Infinity.
Why when a connection is in the cycle of completion, do we try and tell ourselves that the Love was never True?
I feel it in this now,
it’s as true as anything.
But my truth is ever changing,
and I am acknowledging my source of love of life updating.
I thank the eternal presence, that killed me, and awakened me.
For Love is shape shifting me.
redberries Nov 19
This moment
Too bold to put in words
Too stunning to be confined in a photo frame

so I tattooed it on my heart
imprinted it on my bones
feel it flow in my blood

I grab it tight
hold it close

I did not let go
even when I reach the end of the fall
and my body breaks into a million stones

There's a time where all I wanted to do was blend in
Then I realise being different gives me such thrill
I embraced it
Then all i wanted to do was stand out
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