You were like an adventure
A harsh refreshment against my usual face.
Then you were a home
Staying there I was Time's captive left open to the shore of Change.
Then you were the bed
I couldn't get up and now my back hurts.

Ww 16h

Flat stones skipping rippling water
reminiscing old memories
now that I am older

I remember climbing narra trees
with friends full of jollity
reminiscing old memories

I remember me feeling carefree
swimming through turquoise river currents
with friends full of jollity

I remember every moment
like the laughter-filled walk home after
swimming through turquoise river currents

Oh! the life I used to live is
still as good as i remember
like the laughter-filled walk home after.

As I now stand on the same river
flat stones skipping rippling water
still as good as I remember
now that I am older.

We visited our hometown, and re-experienced the things we used to do and it was so memorable that I just needed to make a poem out of it.

Life kinda sucks sometimes,
This much is very true.
So just live for the fun times,
And smoke a joint or two.
Sometimes you won't have money,
Sometimes you won't have jobs,
But when you're high it's just so funny
Just stay away from cops
And keep your eyes on making money.
You'll make it through this
One way or another, I swear
And when you find your place of bliss
Look me up and I'll be there.

jas 3d

a bottle of wine
due after a long day
as I pour myself a glass,
set aside on the table
a box of matches
and a vanilla scented candle
anticipating the aroma filling up the room
a silky robe,
pressing up against my soft skin
after a warm hot bath
this is bliss
I wish it would never end

day 14 of 365

Oh honey child!
Whither are you going?
Your wedding cakes are on the hearth
Thither they are glowing.
People are coming
To bless you
For your bliss ahead
Oh honey child!
Whither are you going?

Your wedding gown
Decked up with
The chicest of jewels
Waits in silence
To witness
As your accompaniment
The storm of joy
Of merriment
And good hope
Oh honey child!
Whither are you going?

The honey bride says
I know not what calls me
To the nature's lap
The woods
So dense and deep
Periwinkles and wild roses
Daisies and vivid poses
Of the sceneries
Of Mother nature
Oh mother
I know not
My feet are chasing
Someone unknown

Oh honey child
Marriage is bliss
Why do you face away
And give
Your life's fortunes
A 'sad' miss?
The master groom comes
Lay your hands on his
Exchange the garlands
Of love and life's vows
Find your way
Merrily with his
Oh honey child
Handsomely would he come
And take you
For he is your loving bridegroom
Honey child'honey child!
Whither are you going?

The spirits of joy
The scent of
Blissful solitude
And beautiful happiness
The song
Of the koil scented
And the unknown
Merry wilderness
Calls me
O mother
Not will I stay
I will go.....

Inspired by someone....
Fiel Jan 9

As I look at the horizon
I saw a place not far away
A place where we could be
So Happy and Free

Come with me as I venture to
The place I've been saying so
A place where we could be...


Just You and Me.

Awaking from blissful deep sleep,
I ask the world to dance with me
just for today––just for one breath.

While one could argue that the world is a brute "given" experience in consciousness, I have some (likely deceptive) intuition that we create our own experiences to some extent. This is a recognition of that, and the possibility of dancing with the world, as I create it.
Umi Jan 2

A wonderfull dear
Who is eager to cheer
Who lets me love her,
Who I can enjoy being near, (with)
Who is kind of insecure and clings
Though she reminds me of my I will be an angel one day, embrace her with my wings
I like her a lot, she has a special place in my heart
Thus I almost didn't know where I should start
She is awesome in many ways
Thus I want to claim her with a smile on my face
She is so nice and full of grace
I will serve serve cuddles and of course a kiss
So that I can see how her eyes fill with bliss,
She is special for me indeed,
So I will be here for her if there should be the need
Eirina I cherish you
Please dont be sad, dont you see I am reaching through
Youre my little star on the dakest of nights
Give me hope while sending in the wavelenghts of your beautiful lights
Lets make love my dear And free each other from all fear
So that love prevails
So that this ship sails

~ Umi

For my cutest <3

May  the universe
I n f i n i t e l y   b l e s s  You
In  s u r p r i s i n g  and joyful ways
May the excitement of victory, gladness
And harmony join your new sparkling days
May the exhilarating, colourful and divine
G a r d e n   of   love be all yours, O’ for
You  t h i s  soul forever  p r a y s
Happy  N e w  Year

✒ ℐamil Hussain

Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017

Vines on the gates in the white moonlight
His show’s in the city that lights up so well
We watch him as he sings, feel redeemed
Jesus on my right, electric all around
Enthrallment in my cup, once an empty stage

And when the stars come out from behind palm trees
There’s the sagacious highway to take
Like opiates, like a match named desperate on fire
We live as if we’ll never remember, decree heaven
To all else, no matter

Dark copper hills abound, he runs wild like lightening
Unveiling God for a flash, this street is the miracle of endless possibility
Takes faith to leave the world behind, heard him say
Freedom in the western wind, picks up faster we drive

Voyagers heightened with the joyish fever of could be
And we don’t mind, willful to see dawn
Take it now, time to decide never comes,
willful to see life as intended, real, that’s divine

And when the stars are about to go back to Eden
We leave for the blackened wilderness
Playing the music in all its casual brilliance
like a near ending taken with inward grace
We live as if we’ll never remember, decree heaven
to all else, no matter

He runs like God it’s mysterious, renown
Said it pleased, here’s the key to the nice dream like you asked
American night is brightening and nothing you can do about it
Play your famous radio song, won’t hear it’s worth till you listen up
Who will open the gates, don’t want to stop but ride smoothly through

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