By Arcassin Burnham

I will never see a day of happiness like everyone has got
The chance to grasp with joy and family in their life not
Having to search for what they're missing in themselves mixed
With mental issues they can not contain,
And even though lie to myself about everything,
its time let myself free,
time to take the shackles off my feet let God see.
How everything is destroying around me.
How every person's love swindled me.
My life will be purposeful,
Living the happiest I've ever been,
Now its hard for ever sin,
Now its hard for me to pretend,
I'm glad I could try again.
God is waiting for me some where.
He wants me to do my duties perfectly.
He is minutely observing all my thoughts,words and deeds.
With an ardent love for Him I am fighting the battle of life.
I have totally surrendered to Him.
Developing absolute faith on Him I am moving embracing the mountains and dress.
The waves of the sea are dashing.
Under the stars and the full moon I am exploring the infinite.
God is patiently waiting for me.
He wants to fulfill His mission and vision through me.
Catching a glimpse of His peace and bliss I am forgetting my worries and anxieties.
Sometimes I am feeling His touch inside my brain,body and mind.
Being enlightened and illumined in the best possible manner I am serving my family,organization and society.
God is saving me from all dangers of life.
Overcoming the challenges I am fulfilling my hopes and dreams.
One day I will mingle with God and experience eternal peace and bliss.
God and man are one and the same. Discovering the divinity within we will experience eternal peace and bliss. God is within each of us.
No medication

No more medication, no more sedatives.
No more manufactured state of bliss,
Is needed here for I have found my peace.

If all you bring is negativity,
Then keep your thoughts away from me;
For your negativity can no longer hurt me.

For I feel nothing for you anymore,
Whilst feeling everything for her, the next girl.
She is naturally kind when she goes au naturel;
All I want from you is that you go to Hell.

There is nothing like TV to kick you in the teeth
And bring you down to your knees, down to reality.
Watching romantic comedy movies,
Is no longer possible for me.

Life is a roller-coaster with its ups and downs,
But you enjoy the ride sometimes, when love is in the air.

It all happens in an instant,
Blink and you will miss it.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
when the wind can not be touched
but can be felt
indeed he is giving an unseen but meaningful bliss
It was just perfect,
Not knowing;
but not needing to know either.

Everything was peaceful,
Everything was pretty,
Everything was perfect.

You'd have fun,
And you had friends,
There was family,
And it was fabulous.

There were no problems,
No fights,
No bullies,
No real fears.

Just you,
And your stuffed elephant,
Against the monsters under the bed,
--And your siblings.

Life, life was awesome.
And then we grew up.
And despite's what everyone said,
And what everyone thought,
And how everyone acted,
And how everyone treated us.
I still think life is awesome.
oceans by Seafret <- great song :)
U T G 7d
With you, all feels more

Be it joy or sore

Heart  and mind entwined in an endless war

Yet! More of your mystery is what I crave  for
Natalie Jul 6
7:30 am
feet hit the ground
the millisecond the alarm goes off
water instead of coffee
granola bar
tank top
pony tail
9:30 am
a cold shower has never felt better
on the road to recovery
"nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels"
acai bowl? salad? pizza?
you can't break the diet
this is hard
maybe i'm okay with being chubby?
smells so bad
i can't eat this
and there's no other food in the house
i don't want to go out
hi, i'd like one large
cheese pizza
extra cheese
nothing­ may taste as good as being skinny feels
but i guess we'll never know
f­eet hit the floor before the alarm even goes off
ph Jul 3
Gentle winds rolling,
Moonlight pouring over us,
Silent bliss outside.
ExulSolus Jul 2
A night we couldn’t possibly forget,
Covered in sticky, midsummer sweat.
Acts committed with not a hint of regret,
“C'est si bon” you said, in that sinfully French accent,
And those 3 words enslaved me.

Passing time isn’t quite so boring,
When you’re beside me all along.
It’s 12 AM, No time for sleeping,
In our little world we’re never wrong.

I dread the sun for it takes us apart,
Moments spent with a hollow heart.
So I rejoice when evening arrives,
In the shadow of the night, our love truly strives.
It’s funny when you think about it,
We only talk after we’re exhausted
But this simple banter causes great bliss
A pillow talk that I never want to miss.
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