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The road was windy and the path ain’t straight
In my drunken fantasy where my satisfaction did sate
Fireflies lingering all around and my vision almost drowned
Heard imps laughing and bees buzzing, that annoying sound

I laugh a whimsical laughter influenced by the atmosphere
To a memory that for now I’ll not remember
I only have a single regret in this moment
That this happiness is just transient

The moon was black and the sky was white
As I wake up from my drunken stupor
Mind beating like the heart and eyes filled with blinding light
Slammed hard to the ground from the heavens where I soar

Remember once again what I want to be forgotten
The disappointments and regrets that was once hidden
But I must endure for now and live this damned life of pain
For when night comes and the bottle is uncorked, it’ll be bliss once again
Tori 1d
With the freshness of youth I  breathe in the world around me,
walking in an ecstasy of spirit, marveling at
bare feet
            and broken umbrellas
building faces
            and burning questions
Always seeking, living, bleeding, fearing that I should become remiss
and give to my memory this heavenly bliss.
breathing in my youth lest it pass me by....
Flowing from a mesmeric flute,
soothing chimes of celestial stillness
stroke every grain of my being to a lullaby.

Like a gentle mist
illuminating a willing landscape to esoteric radiance,
every cell glows to a call from the depth of stillness.

Dust returning to dust
to free the spirit from the hold of mortality
diffusing it to a galactic wonder of thoughtful mystery,
with new wings to migrate to a land
shut to mortals blinded by illusions.

On the wings of the mystical whirlwind
I dance to the call of bliss
that escort me to the heart of its radiance.
Raizel 5d
After so many sleepless
Nights and days
I've finally had a moment of silence.

A moment when I did not feel
I had no thoughts or pain.
I didn't think about you.

I was so tired
Everything around me was dead.
It was such a bliss.

But my body is collapsing
And I begin to wander
Will my feelings for you
Die first or me?
After weeks of dozing off two or three times a day for less than an hour, lots of caffeine, drugs, mental and physical exhaustion, last night I've finally had a moment of silence, everything around me stopped, the pain and my thoughts were no longer there.
Troy 7d
The days that pass nights that follow
Times of laughter pain and sorrow
None of which I would love more
You are my soul mender

My Soul mender
The sweet passion you bring
Like the blossoms in the spring
Ever so gentle ever so kind

It all brings me peace of mind
You are my soul mender
My soul mender
To piece together a tender heart

Instantly knowing just where to start
Loving gently beyond compare
Always taking away my air
Gently holding the love so tender

You are my soul mender
Holding gently my soul in hand
Guarding it from the dangers ahead
My sweet and loving soul mender

How can I thank you enough
For what you have done to my soul
You mend the damage
Of this once broken fool

Now completely fixed
Not a scratch in sight
I ask of you my sweet soul mender
Will you stay with me

Stay with me
Forever more
For this I ask of you
Will you marry me
I wrote this a LONG time ago when I literally met my one true love. Things happened before I bet him that completely destroyed me and he somehow put all the pieces back together and made me whole again. So I will always love him. Even if he pushes me away, throws me in a cage and locks me up for all eternity. My heart and soul will always be his.
Renhui Sep 14
You went suddenly -- without a word
Days, hours, minutes, and more days

I no longer could see your loving face
So vibrant and serene
No longer could visit you at your elegant home
Chatting about anything and everything
No longer could call to hear you laugh
While driving on DC’s congested roads

You went suddenly -- without a word
Days, weeks, and soon to be months
Yet you left me so much
The spirit to achieve and always improve
10,000 details to check for a project no matter how small
Many memories of joy and meaningful work
Two decades of friendship
And a river-side home with glorious views

I did not know such grace, such love
Until you came to visit again
A small figure draped in silk
Over the river, the trees and peonies
An angel this time
-- Quietly in the moonlight
-- Across our window
A river spirit in bliss
Written to a dear friend
In most instances
I don't have
Any question

Yet have
Lot of answers
Genre: Spiritual
Theme:Self discovery
Renhui Sep 11
I've searched for you far and wide
Tonight -- in this dark narrow room

Bliss has finally arrived
Not the explosive bang
Nor the strenuous dance
But a tender kiss –
    Till all is melted
    Under the inner sun!

Sitting with you
at a table for two
you read poetry
I brought us coffee
You glance at me
I hear the humming of a bee
yet its flight unseen
the trees are green
a smile
and all the while
the sky is blue
clouds see-through
the air feels light
your hands are in my sight
you read a line
"this moment is mine,
this is perfect bliss"
I lean in for a kiss
Em MacKenzie Sep 8
Tell me Eve, how did that apple taste
was it the sweetest thing, or just a rotten waste?
You were banished and told paradise would be yours never,
but God didn't realize that with Adam you were in Heaven forever.

Did the tree shine bright under glorious rays of sun,
and did you happen to pick the shiniest one?
They claimed it was perfection, but you knew nothing could compare
to that feeling of blissful completion with your Adam there.

This world is only Hell if you don't find your person,
except when missing them, then the situation can worsen,
and you'll feel completeness with just one warm kiss,
luckily it's just enough to know that that person does exist.

Tell me Adam, how did it feel
to see your sweet Eve's lips brush on that apple peel?
Were your brutally stabbed by the cold sting of jealousy,
or were you proud she grabbed that forbidden delicacy?

This world is only Hell if you don't find your person,
only when you're kept from them, do you feel like you're cursed and,
when they return, you'll finally know real true bliss,
luckily it's just enough to know that that person does exist.

Tell me Eve, how did that apple taste
did you savor it or devour it in haste?
You were banished and told you'd face only stormy weather
but God didn't realize that with Adam you were in Heaven forever.
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