Star BG 20h

I’m moving with grand rhymes of life,  
with gratitude and dreams.
Dancing with steps so graceful,  
in day with special schemes.

I’m ready to drift in this day,  
to touch the breezes kiss.
Feeling blessed and oh gifted,
in day that I shan't miss.

I’m moving in this fine moment,
with trust and harmony.
Grounded for great inner peace,
in day as I feel bliss.

I’m moving, prancing with my truth,
inside of beating heart.
Ready to spread hidden wings,
in day to make new starts.

I’m moving, grove-in inside love,
with miracles so fine.
Focusing to release veil,
and know I am divine.

StarBG © 2017

first poem of day

On sugar hollow road
there a red maple leaf sewed
the lawn athwart a wind to carry
why the orchard drove its seed
and back today did wing her feb
once her bare chest too did ravel
through her gratuitous smile again
that her Valentine still must travel.

T h e
G l o r i o u s  face
Of all faces has appeared
L u s t r e  has  emerged and
All the shadows  h a v e

✒ ℐamil Hussain

unnamed 2d

I don't think I'm in love with her face or her toned body..
I think I'm in love the way she stares into the perpetual crystal blue sky..
I'm in love when she try to define this absurd world ..
I'm in love the way she sprint into the crowd of small elderly gentleman to replenish the loneliness..
I'm in love when she tries to conceal the soreness of her soul with gentle smile ..
I'm in love the way she express her emotions in riddle..
I'm in love when she curiously observe the eternal nature...
I'm in love the way she talks passionately about her goals with her bright unblinking eyes...
I'm in love the way she rest her head on my shoulder when she get tangled up in the rollercoaster of emotions...
I'm in love when she close her eyes while she listens to the sounds of the wild sea waves...

Ignorance is bliss
A shoot and a miss
Stuck in the abyss
The pain caused by this
To forget our last kiss

Needle in my skin
Put the chemical in
To forget where I've been
And let it begin
Making memories thin

It burns in my veins
But it's worth the pain
To forget your name
Stained in my brain
And stop the self-blame

Agony is dead
You're not in my head
To fill me with dread
Forget what you said
When you slept in my bed

Feeling the new high
And forgetting why
I wanted to die
Or bothered to cry
Or said my good-byes

I shoot but don't miss
Not in the abyss
No pain caused by this
Forgotten last kiss
Ignorance is bliss.

Brent Fisher May 15

Lift your chin, kiss your lips,
bring your spirit, drowning cups,
think the 'ol gal's had enough,
but no, she's the kind that keeps wishing,
thinking, dreaming, drumming up stuff,
that grin, full of freckles, prancing, dancing,
grabbing hands and a bit of something else,
I tell you, oh Sarah, don't ya smile at me,
with your Hello Kitty shirts and company,
you're my fix, my drug, perhaps, maybe,
a dose of you is enough to haul me
out and keep me from sinking.

“I love you and it's getting worse.”
- Joseph E. Morris
Arcassin B May 12

By Arcassin Burnham

Soul cursed from birth with sins that made me think
not to pretend in a wicked world such as this,

i swear i could give a damn about your opinions when
burned deep into the skin of a grudging bliss,

Met my love that i still know in my life but never
reached toward a goal where i could have that kiss.
i'm sorry.


Peets coffee run

Culvers share a sunday

Go to meditate like an hours drive away cause she wants to see her  

Visit a Buddhist Temple to Ohmmm
Slowly turning, turning, turning and feeling closer.

Cheer her up and be her best friend n band-aid when she's so broken inside from Harry.

Help her move with a bad back when her "boyfriend" Alan conveniently couldn't  
or wouldn't do that for her

Show me a nagging, bitter, unhappy woman or wife. There's someone  
who's not gotten it.

For a woman is like a quagmire some men never will figure out. There's  
someone not gettin it.

A puzzle that's missing some pieces. There's someone not getting the  

An oatmeal macadamia chocolate chip cookie that's crumbled... There's  
someone sad filling their big deep gaping hole with food :(.

Well it's the guys fault!!! Yup!
Always is! Cause he lost the manual to her heart. That's one dud(e?)  
who isn't smart!

He drove right past and didn't dare ask fir directions when he got  
lost lol. But @ what cost?...

Now gets that frosty look/cold shoulder/ghost those Winter snow flakes  
become a chiberian blizzard or icicles to float in. Gets the beer,  
belly and boob-tube going to mope in.

Well here's a tip.
A woman loves surprises.

It don't need to be the Taj Mahal.
Don't hafta take her to some fancy ball. A woman loves surprises.

Maybe catch that modern foreign play she's wanted to see or go to a  
fun movie called Mud! A woman loves surprises.

Maybe eat out @ a nice street cafe and see her glow telling you about herself. Yes this man can listen. A woman loves surprises.

Maybe take her out of the house on a surprise picnic. Don't bring  
anything with onions that will spoil the mood or get her sick. :(
Then cuddle on a blanket. A woman loves surprises.

Bring more than a blanket n bottle of wine ;)' Try some fruit or  
subway sandwiches are just fine! A woman loves surprises.

Maybe wake her up when she's overslept and bring her postcards cause  
she's wept (worried about her brother). A woman loves surprises.

Set the table @ home with some lit candles. Just don't burn down the  
house in only sandals.

Make a healthy TV dinner...or simply something from Standard Market  
like an arugula salad n lamb with some kinda ice cream fun desert you  
can spoon feed a little to each other is a winner. A woman loves  

or order in from her favorite place that hot n sour soup you remember  
she likes.. or go ride your bikes (to another... since oh yikes her  
fav places closed). A woman loves surprises.

Heck make her breakfast (if your lucky in bed) and what there's a peck  
on the cheek. Lock the door NOW!!!! and make that bed REALLY sweak!!!!!

A woman loves surprises.

Clean up, shave, shower n put on a fresh shirt and a smile. A Lil  
deodorant n aftershave goes a long while.

A woman loves surprises.

Always remember a woman loves GOOD surprises, never be dull,  
unemployed, really late, predictable, boring (cause then she'll set  
you up with a lesbian cop, a married colleague who's got a boy toy on  
the side or another "friend" whose going thru a long nasty divorce and  
couldn't make it tonight) or be too nice. Be a challenge, an  
adventure, a mystery or fantasy for 2 thrice! ;-)'

There's a reason she gets lost in them trashy romance novels or laughable  
reality tv...BE her real life romance reality novel(s).  After all she  
done picked ya so kiss her like you did the very first time! Make  
steamy hot luvin n her laugh n giggle n smile and late for work or  
girls night out sometime ;-)'
A woman loves surprises.

Give her the best surprise a man can give! Yup someone she's proud of  
and loves! Cause a woman loves her prizes.

Write her a poem just fir her!
A woman luvs surprises.

Sing her a song over the phone just to cheer her up fir her even if  
it's off key!
A woman luvs surprises.

Take a long walk n hold her hand or hips from behind while stopping to  
watch the sunset or moon rise just with her. A woman luvs surprises.

Hold her tight.
Dance with her that night.
Listen to her heart!
Try not to fart

Smack her sexy ass!
Put the pedal to the metal and give it some gas!

Show her she matters to you!
Give her that massage and personal attention that she really needs...
A woman luvz surprises.

Make her FEEL like the only girl in the world! and here's the kicker.  
When she asks why? Believe u me she will.

Look her deep in the eyes... Smile ...n pause.....bite your lip looking at her lips then back into her eyes n pull her close  
mmm sweetly kiss her n tell her just because...

Cause a woman loves surprises!


Arcassin B May 11

By Arcassin Burnham

Chemistry embeds the heart and soul into
capacities that can not be measured,
Love Is limitless even to the people , just want
a piece of the pie when it severs,
As much ambition as i have in this world to
make a girl wanna stand up and praise,
treating the people how you wanna be treated
but instead they see you stuck all in your ways,
Got sick of love for awhile so i stuck to the
feelings of diamond valley,
got to know myself a little bit but in a nick of time
God called to me,
Told me about the long distant relationships and
heartaches with memories,
remembering a time way back when i told my ex,
i want you to want me,

I'm just tired of the love,
I'm just tired of the hate,
I'm just tired of the kissing,
I'm just tired of your face,
don't you tell me that you love me,
cause i know it ain't real,
don't tell me that you love.

Saint Titus May 11

All I want is self-expression of my mental disparity
I all I can feel is the constant discontent
I hate how disorienting it is to be pulled in a thousand directions at once
I barely scratch the surface of knowledge and what I know already
And what I hold to be true
Everything that’s touched me
All manner of ideas or thoughts or objects
They all existed before me and only by some light and chance
Or was it predestination
I can't seem to get this story straight, how hard I try
I'm sure it’s a universal truth and everyone knows it in some way
But I can't describe it
No matter what you "choose"
You'll be wrong
Because reality doesn’t change for you
And since I know nothing
I just throw myself from left to right and back again
Or I can just live in ignorance

I just figured out the meaning of "ignorance is bliss"

I feel pretty stupid right now

This is ironic.


I feel really pretentious
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