Star BG 16h

Fluffing off awareness,
as if lint is not an option to
my open conscious mind.

Golden sun of heart shines,
as a facet like diamond
unique and priceless.

The energies vibrate
giving feet ethereal wings
and voice songs of gratitude.

From throb of Gods heart,
I beat to dance
with fervor strong
connecting to light.

Sacred ears open
while music plays
in divine orchestration.

I found my truth
from souls whisper
as I listen receiving inner wisdom.
as I walk in the palace I constructed.

Adorned it is with visions
as rainbow blessing flowing
as every footstep
aligns with common cause.
The cause to awaken to bliss
and freedom evermore.

StarBG © 2017

Inspired by Era Of Light a site with great enlightening information

Pink Periwinkles waving along
Various birds singing together
Amidst cool breeze
Under shadows of a palm tree
Listening in the garden of my home
Peace, solitude.
Oh, what a blissful life.

Written on 20 September 2017 at Clementi, Singapore.

I just can't think straight
Your eyes leave me blank in bliss
They stare right through me

They penetrate my soul
go straight through my heart
leaving me open to your charms

50th poem. A haiku too. :)
Jobira 6d

Oh my love, you're my soul
The only thing
I love more than myself  
The brightest stars more than the sun
The handle of joy that's holding the gun
Which you live deep in my soul  
Under my being
The one thing in life that
I never mind the toll

Written date unknown

@jobiranyc (9/16/2016)

A lost treasure from a dusty and newly discovered notebook, I am
posting with few edits.
Alienpoet Sep 10

Desperation for your touch
your kiss
I can never truly deserve this
in midnight moonlit bliss
we collide together in bedroom hysteria.

In fever pitched heat
tangled legs and arms in devotion
you sing like songstresses wailing
causing a commotion
love is song sung better with two
but longing is my heart for you...

I have been reading   Pablo Neruda 's twenty love poems and song of despair.
inggo Sep 6

Where are you?
I've been searching everywhere
I'm starting to get tired
Should I give up?

I'm losing hope
Depression is eating me alive
I feel so empty
How long can I survive

Then I found you
You were always there
I was just afraid to look at you
But now i'm ready to stare

Can I keep you?

He licks me like I'm fragile.
Like I'm so unique, so delicate, so irreplaceable, that one false move and I could be gone forever.

He leaves prints on my skin and comes back to retrace them the next time we lie in bed together.
Surprised to see that his fingerprints existed on me hours before.
The first time I sat on top of him and wrapped my legs around his waist,
I heard seagulls in the distance.

I felt the last traces of sunlight fall behind the hills and I smelt the warm river water,
the smells of the earth kept me grounded,
placed me closer to the moment with him.
My body fell,
the way his skin seemed to trace mine so perfectly.
I didn't have to escape.
I could shoot my eyes open and watch the scenes of the empty beach
while I felt him push deeper inside me,
felt his teeth sink into mine,
felt his fingers curl
around the places I needed him to touch.
I inhale the moments where he keeps his eyes on mine,
where he says my name,
where his hands slowly slip my pants off.

I gulp them up and swallow them whole,
doing everything in my power to absorb the time I have.

The time he is here,
he is present
and he can't resist me.

I feel him in scenes,
I hold my breath waiting for the plot to change on me
and I kiss him in the spaces that smell close to home.

I wait until the morning sunlight slips in through my window,
the red sun illuminates the dashboard, his hand travels to my thighs
and I whisper what I want to say,
what I shouldn't say.

Renée Casey Sep 4

I run my hands through
your jewel-bright hair
and close my eyes.

Time slows, condenses,
and hangs suspended;
still and perfect.

I know
I won't forget this moment
This floating

Eyal Lavi Sep 4

Thrice he knocked upon her door
"May I enter?" he implored.
"I bid the welcome"
Were her words

Thus he entered
Into the chamber
Were the bed
The night they wed
Had marked the first-
-and last as well
When both their bodies...
Had layed in bliss...
Her lips, her kiss...
All he had missed...
And dreamed and yearned...
Just to return
And look into her auburn eyes
And feel the love he was denied

Then twice he bent upon his knee
And then he stood
And then he looked
And thus he saw
It wasn't she
Not she who loved him on that night
Indeed he knows she never did.
And yet if only-
"No, not ever," were her words.
"Never ever will you be the man I loved, of this be sure."
So sure was she.

"I disagree," was all he thought
Though words came not
What point to speak.
"There is no point," were words
he heard
From lips, her lips
Her kiss, pure bliss
Was not to be.


This is part one of a short poem in two parts
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