A 1d

Thunder rolls.

The clouds gather,
Their heavy moisture gathering,
The sky is grey,
And their life is naught but water and sediment.

They sprint among themselves lightly,
Spirits high and rising,
They laugh,
And their happy tears spill like water.

Thunder rolls.

They spin in giddy circles,
Their laughter echoing,
The land below is flooded with their happiness.

They blink in and out,
Moving fluidly in the winds,
They spend themselves,
And end their lives in bliss.

Thunder rolls.

Can we just hop on a train and go somewhere that we don't know the end destination? Right now, this very moment. No thoughts, no second guesses, no packing, no questions asked. Let's just go and go and go and go. Late nights, early mornings and long afternoons with no plans, just the blissful taste of random spontaneous life. Life without responsibilities and reliability. Without life long goals and dreams and expectations. Life without bills and internships to get to that job to get to that job to get to that job. Life without insurance. Life without the question of life without. Let's just hop on a train right here, right now, this very moment. Don't question me because if you do I'll back out immediately, I know it.

For an entire lifetime
I thought I knew
How to spell "Love"

    Until I met Y-O-U.

To my beautiful, sweet Melanie.

Lay back, relax my love
as I softly caress your mind
let me fill your life with peace
leave all past stress behind.

Let your soul soar with mine
gaze deep into my eyes
feel my love surround you
as we float the moonlit skies.

Filling every night with pleasure
enveloped in pure loving bliss
stopping the flow of time
together suspended in honeyed kiss.

Interwoven as one
uniting together, one beautiful light
now and forever a single thread
casting beauty through the night.

Blois 6d

Life is short
like a dream,
like juvenile fit of laughter
flying away from the lips.

Short and dumb.
Full of invitations,
insinuations, and desire.
It is a short wealth
of blood and pleasure
beating in the veins.
It is growing bliss
and bountiful pain.

cyclical time,

It is the pursue of love
and to continue,
until you behold
the abyss.

Life is short
like a dream
and death is long
as an awakening.

zan Nov 9

the things that you do
makes my heart flutter,
and every time our hands intertwined
it makes me shiver.
the way you try to clutch my hands,
makes me feel merry—
like butterflies on my stomach, such a bliss—
and a sweet pie with a cherry.

Emily Miller Nov 6

The sticky grogginess of the morning
often wanes as the day lengthens.
Your body begins to crave entertainment,
all sorts of things that are unrelated to sleep.
But after exerting oneself,
you are reminded again of the luxurious feel
of your mattress.
You drag yourself home,
leaving your belongings at the door,
shedding the garb of work and monotony,
and scrub away the grittiness
of the thin film you develop
from a day of human interaction.
Perhaps there is a delicious refreshment
awaiting your empty, tumbling stomach.
You soothe the anxiety rolling in your insides
with each sweet, pillow-y bite
of a chewy sugar cookie,
quenching your thirst with fresh, cold milk,
or a perfect, steaming cup of hot tea.
and satisfied,
you seek reprieve
in the cool, crisp sheets,
freshly turned down.
The pillows are perfectly placed,
cradling your head,
and the mattress beneath you
is like a cloud
gently lifting you,
carrying you high and rocking you,
as you lay beneath the pleasantly slight weight
of your sheets.
There is a specific moment,
just before you succumb to sleep,
when your body is in such a state of peace and comfort
that you can think of nothing
but giving in to it.
Such a satisfaction can only be described as
Your body has no complaints
for the first time all day.
It is perfect,
almost guilt-inducing,
like your tea, right between too hot and too cold,
or a bite of chocolate that's neither too bitter nor too sweet.
That moment,
were I to capture it,
and bottle the feeling,
is precisely what it feels like,
to embrace you.

Long ago, I always dreamt of love like this.
Once upon a time, I foolishly choose lovers that wasn’t worth the risk.
But all in all, that was before I have met you.
I go to you with bliss in my heart I know that’s much is true.
It never have to be about being alone in bed.
It can simply be about making each other feel at home instead.

Just a reminder of when someone's in love.
DEW Nov 4

Often, these dreams pierce the veil,
between sadness and bliss.
Armies cross
bliss is defenseless
I wake up cold

My steps feel the weight of the stone floor
out to the window, my dreams take me…
Even awake, dreams command my vision.

The world is blind to me and I am blind to the world.
They do not bear my dreams and I do not know their torment.

If they knew my dreams,
they would carry me forward
hands on my hand
we move the bricks together
sight for sight
blindness for blindness
dreams for truth

The strange warmth of fellowship fades in loneliness,
as if it were antidote… or poison.
Still, the memories linger
yearning to blaze
but they cannot provide warmth
for they are dreams
and fires must feed on flesh.

The armies continue to pour
from somberness into bliss
the fires wink out softly
my eyes dull; my dreams fade.

And for once, I see what they all saw…


So, this poem ends on a dark note, like many of my poems, but it's the type of note that I'm not sure about.
Still, what I am sure of is, the message is about conformity and losing sight of ideals in place of stasis, or regression.
Things like, "I don't give a f**k."
Or, "I can't be bothered."
Even, "F**k you and the horse you rode in on."
These can be funny to consider, especially in a movie.
However, in real life, the tone is different:
it's why "motive" is so important to a police investigation.
If someone cheats on you, is it because you were an asshole,
or was it because the person is an unabashed cheater who lied to you, every, day?
Boo-hoo, right?
That's what I wanted to touch on in this poem.

So, without further ado...

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