Abby Mar 8
My skin turned purple
My face started to hollow
I thought i just didn' t feel well,
I' ll be better tomorrow
Growing weaker day by day
Coming up with less to say
Eventually no words at all
One gentle push sending me to fall
You were right there though, through it all
Sucking the life out of me with a straw
This morning I woke up and reached
for the knife,
Cause I thought for a second of ending
my life,
Then I took one more minute
and thought about them
My Father, my mother,  my family
and friends.
That shit you come up with real deep
in your head
On those mornings you wake up
and wish you were dead.
I said "fuck it"and reached for
My whiskey instead,
Took a shot, Lit my Cigarette,
hopped out of bed.
I'm pretty depressed this morning,  so I took to pen and paper when i woke up.
John AD Feb 19
Napakadaya nang buhay,Kanya-kanyang palusot para tumakas at maglakbay
Nagsinungaling ang tadhana ganun nga ba ang dahilan kung bakit sarado ang bintana
Tunog lang ang iyong naririnig , dahil hindi mo pedeng husgaan ang nasa loob ng kanyang bibig
Nagtataka ka dahil wala kang ebidensya sa mga narinig , Subalit umaatake padin ang mga daga sa dibdib
Nanginginig , dahil di ka sigurado sa tono , tama nga siguro ang hinala ko

Nakakalungkot lang isipin sarili nating kaibigan,kamag-anak,kapatid
Ay nagsisinungaling upang makamit ang kasiyahang dapat talagang ilihim
Ang daya naman dito , gusto ko nalang tumakas dito at ipunas ang mga luha ko
na hindi mo makikita dahil nakatago sa dilim

Balang araw dudungaw nalang ako sa isang butas na gawa sa abaka,
At tatakasan ang ilusyong mundo at maglakbay sa reyalidad
eF Feb 7
The entire world could love you,
But if you don't love yourself.
You will always feel alone.
RebelGirl Jan 30
when your sitting in class
you are bored and tired
you hear nothing the teacher is saying
and you are wondering why you are here

high school isn't for everyone
some people drop out
some people get suspended so many times
others get expelled
some just don't care

but yet think about this
four years may seem like a lot
but a lifetime of working fast food for two years
of not going to school seems pretty silly now doesn't it
yes high school sucks ass i will be the first one to say it but it is not worth it to drop out of high school to have to work fast food for the rest of your life
Chloe Jan 28
I wish I had something important to say
But all I do is stare at the wall all day
I find it so hard to believe
That this is what’s become of me
The day I waste away forever
I doubt that we’d still be together
My family will think I’m a disappointment
And wonder where they went wrong
But it was me all along
Seanathon Jan 24
Falcons do not concern themselves with inching worms
Nor bears with minnows
Nor I with you
Of lesser men. Opinions are kept. Quiet and out of respect. Even when it's not deserved.
Robbie Lamb Jan 18
Life kinda sucks sometimes,
This much is very true.
So just live for the fun times,
And smoke a joint or two.
Sometimes you won't have money,
Sometimes you won't have jobs,
But when you're high it's just so funny
Just stay away from cops
And keep your eyes on making money.
You'll make it through this
One way or another, I swear
And when you find your place of bliss
Look me up and I'll be there.
Beeb Jan 13
Kate said that she liked bricks.
I was taught that bricks are bad.
And they are bad.
Kate likes to tell me about bricks.
I don't like to listen,
But I must listen or else Kate will lay bricks down.
Kate scares me.
I don't want to talk to her,
But I must.
I don't want to become like Kate,
And I don't want others to become like Kate.
Bricks are bad.
Stay away from Bricks and Brick Layers.
I'm in love with you.
I've been for a long while.
I don't know when.
I don't know how.
We love eachother
But it ain't the same.
Demi-romantisim is a shit game.
I'll forever be too late.
You had wanted me once.
Now I'm a lost cause.
To the longing pain
That shatters my heart.
Argh. Don't even get me started
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