We see each other time to time
New recently, old friend of mine
Each separately caught in a vice
Having same goal; make the world nice
And neither man would be naive
or gullible that he'd believe
Our World is Just, and a fair place
While living lives that are disgraced

If ears I've bent; a tale for thee
Crooked it's not or make believe

Beginning of a good tale goes
'Twas once upon a time or so'
In kingdom far as eyes could see
There lived two sets of Kings and Queens
Empires reaching far and vast
Not once before had their lives past

Each King sat high upon his throne
Great charity; for this was known
So much so that they were renamed
Not shying from spotlight and fame
"King Midas"; the title given
A moniker by far fitting
Not hands held out but standing near
Closest of "friends" quite insincere

Always there was one if not two
Surrounded themselves with a crew
On shoulders they would carry him
That's when the ending would begin
A life that's full; would self-indulge
Within his pants they'd spot the bulge
Eyes growing wide; hearts filled with lust
And with each other fought and fussed

To surpass this, nothing exists
Not one thing higher on the list
Of aphrodisiacs is known
Gets them to beg and wail or moan

The thickness almost splits the seems
Allowing one to see the green
No, not the Hulk but it's a beast
Maker of wars; killer of peace
In their hands wanted, once they see
The thick stack of luscious money

But once the tide begins to turn
Since through that money they had burn
They're quick to leave or toss him off
If he needs them, replied in scoff
A man of wisdom, thought he was
Life filled with pain, so get a buzz
For you numbing will guarantee
All of the hurt will quickly leave

Not many pains greater than this
Seductive is betrayal's kiss
There's strength in numbers; that is true
In time of need they will leave you
To foot the bill; To pay the price
Not just with money; With your life
As struggles hit and hardships fall

No one will help ; No one to call

Oh how the mighty have fallen
Coyotes lunge; Vultures mauling

When tripped up started to stumble
Offering help? Instead they pummeled
Never thought life would be this
If only one answered his wish

They saw him fall; they could have helped
Instead they kicked him as he knelt

He staggered, trying to get up
Himself gather;
that's when they struck
And pushing him much further down
Each strike drove closer to the ground

They were his friends or so he thought
But wasn't real; short time was bought
A shattered man left in their wake
Cause not one minute they could take

There was a chance he could bounce back
Changing the course; get life on track

Instead he can't cut from himself
The concrete block that was his wealth
Tremendous love that he had once
Family and friends; played for a dunce
He was a fool for he believed
Was innocent; Somewhat naive

Thought people, by nature, were good
But found evil in its place stood
If warning received at the start
Could stop them from breaking his heart
As a blind man, kindness he dealt
They took advantage; Stole with stealth
A hard life but there's no amount

His values would never discount

No dollar sum he would receive
Where morals or integrity
He'd have to waiver; Put on pause
These are the most important "laws"
Dictating for the world to know
No matter what you say or show
This "takes the cake" and it transcends
Can't justify or spin and bend

His character; What makes a man
Can knock him down but he'll still stand
It doesn't matter what's served up
All might be gone; World takes your stuff
But no way for these to be stripped
Naked and starved with heart that's ripped
He goes forward with smiling face
"I am not them";
The ones disgraced
Written: May 1, 2018

All rights reserved
Why is everything so co.mpli.cated.
        Why is nothing how it should be

Nothing good lasts for ever
well it seems to me like nothing good lasts a fucking second

Everything is
         Everything was good a week ago
    A month ago
Ok maybe not good but better

         Because this fucking life has
        given me the shittiest lemons
And although I'm used to dirty lemonade
it's like life still enjoys pelting me with the leftover ones
        I want
    To disappear
Go away
cass Jun 9
i want to be invisible
not dead,
just invisible
just to see if anyone will miss me
to see if anyone will care
to see if anyone will look for me
to my friends, if you see this please don't be offended but im so so so so sorry if you are

it's not your fault, it's mine dw :)
It sucks when someone loves you, yet she always break your heart
It sucks when you give your everything, yet she only gives her part
It sucks when you made her whole, yet you're the one who's shattered
It sucks when someone act like she cares, yet leaves your pieces scattered

I really wish I could be more like you
I wish I could let go of your hand and bear watching you walk away
But I just cant, and I'll never be you
Who leaves me when Im on my knees begging you to stay

As the blood flows through my veins
I kneel to God praying that "Please, Oh God Father ease the pain"
But I guess Im way too nefarious to be heard
So the skies weeps and my hands quivered

Help me to repaint our faded rainbow
Before it gets covered with snow
Help me to fight our foe
Before it defeats our glow
Lyn-Purcell Jun 4
Dear society, I'm tired of your
debauching standards of what
it means to be beautiful into a
mere commodity.

Dear society, why can't you look
into the windows of the soul? Are
you scared to see a flawed being
just like yourself? Scared to see
what truly lies in the heart? Scared
to see more and want more than
just a body?

Dear society, what you call
beauty now is only joy for
your eyes. There should be
more to us than just sex appeal.

Dear society, your expections
has done more harm that good.
Those who fall in line will always
be accepted. And the ordinary
will be rejected...

You've made me feel like I'll never
be good enough. That my life
should be dictated to meet your
standards. No matter what I do,
there will always be something
wrong with me. Some imperfection
that I'll be forced to fix.

I am more than flesh and bone.
I am more than blood and tone.
For years, you've made me sad,
you've made me hate.
And I refuse to die bound to
to a dark fate.
Society sucks.
There is more to people than outer appearance,
or is that concept boring now?
Oh well.

Be back soon!
Lyn x
Amanda May 28
Health is stuffy and boring
I cannot focus at all
Not one task better to do
Than stare at blank wall

Droning on and on
That door far away
Is it bad that I do not understand
A single word or phrase you say?

Zoning off into distance
Mind up in the sky
I am not paying attention
And I'm not gonna try

Torture is a waste of time
And I am not the only one
Who is waiting for the bell to ring
And class to be done

Time goes by slowly
My brain wearing down
This madness so dulling
I would rather drown

Wait and hope silently
Anxious shuffle in my weary head
Still the teacher carries on
I do not know what's being said

It is cold and I am tired
Wish I could get out
Outside sit patient, quietly
Inside I scream and shout

This poem sucks I know
What can I say?
I am just wasting time
Til the school bell rings today
Written back in high school in a boring ass health class.
Ellenah Apr 30
The ringtone
Loud and brash.
He picks up the phone.
He laughs at the screen.
I ask but he doesn't reply.
The sound of his fingers
Tapping on the glowing screen
Makes my ears bleed.

The ringtone.
Loud. Brash.
He picks up the phone.
He laughs.
Again. Again. Again.
The sound of his fingers
On the glowing screen
Torments me.
ellie bean Apr 29
I have not kept down a meal
for two months;
my throat burns
constantly and I told my mother,
but she doesn't understand that there is a
difference between being conscious and being
and I am consumed by this
stupid fucking inability to eat.  
I wonder if my battle for the day
will be to abstain from food
or to abstain from the toilet.
I read myself in the mirror and
I read Google on my phone, find that 70%
of a meal's calories are absorbed in half an hour
and I recount minutes to remember how long ago
I ate, to see if my practice is
even any good.
I sit on the bathroom floor and laugh, sometimes,
but usually cry and think about how there's
got to be an easier way to
see a person in the mirror,
hips like budding roses,
belly pulling and pushing soft like banana bread.
The braids on my head only make it partly down my back
and I only make it partly down from myself.
Poetic T Apr 10
Solace subsides when this
               day gains ground.

But like storms passing
        a new day ebbs closer,

                           to the weekend.
prompt was Tuesday, once Monday is gone the weekend hurtles nearer 20words
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