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Cyrene 7d
You said you'd be my first
when you tested my innocence
with charms of a smooth stranger.

We felt the same as if we were here, in the moment.

The distance felt like earth and mars
would die to be close together.

Little did I know
that the wind would sweep you away
and you will forever be
my mystery.
Appreciate the people you meet, even if its just a few minutes,
They say that the good things in life are worth waiting for,” she says.
“Are they?”

“Definitely. The wait *****, but when the good things finally come, you appreciate them way more. So when life gets rough, just remember that. Remember that it’ll get better soon.“
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
Do you remember that one day?
One day we were happy together.
Together we where a lot.
A lot of love I had for you.
You were next to me when I looked in the reflection of the window.
The window of your room.

You were mine for a long time.
Time did not exist when I was around you.
You was all what I needed.
Needed to stay alive.
Alive I don't feel so much anymore.
Anymore minutes without you will **** me.
Me still loves you.
You is all I need.
Bryce Dec 2018
With a citronella candle,
A lofty perfume,
Delayed expectations,
Friendly champagne flute--

I will wonder in between
Being patient,
Believing in the irredeemable soul.
Luiz Dec 2018
Christmas snow blankets
baren fields of the before
inside my mind where nothing grows
as far as tomorrow
with the bank outta hope to borrow
once harvesting bright rainbows
now sorrows for all
**** xmas
No body Nov 2018
With depression you can't just think postive it doesn't work that way. Depression is there it never leaves, with depression you can't get ride of it. You can't just think happy trust me if it worked that it would be a blessing, but it doesnt. Thats why people with depression have to get help and take meds for it. That's why I need help and take meds it keeps away the bad thoughs. And F.Y.I its not an episode there is no such thing as a episode. Trust I would know. You don't understand what people go through when it comes with depression. We get bad though, and we wish it would go away, but it doesn't thats why we talk about it because it helps. I need help, I know I do because if I don't get help then i'll be scared for the rest of life. I used to hate being alone and now I can care less if I am alone or not. Thats what happens. Depression is a disorder which means you can't get rid of it. It stays with you forever.

And when someone is having an anxity or depression, don't just say "oh it will get better" "just think postive it helps" or "its just a phase it will go away". It is not something that you can just say it will be ok it will go away, or I'm fine nothing is wrong with me. Because that does not help.

Or if we say "i'm fine" it really means help me
Or if we say "I'm ok" It really means i'm broken
Or if we say "oh i'm not hungry" it means i'm giving up
or if we say "I'm tired" it really means I'm tired of everything and everyone

so listen to what I say and what I mean by it. If you hear me say I'm fine, I'm ok, I'm tired,or I'm not hungry. Then that's when you want to keep an eye on me, watch how I act and make sure i'm ok.
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