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Juhlhaus Jun 4
Somewhere beyond the sea
In the Square for you and me
A Lady stands for liberty
While the tanks come rolling

Somewhere beyond the sea
She's there for you and me
Standing tall with light held high
And all to her side she's calling

It's far beyond the stars
It's near beyond the moon
I know beyond a doubt
Brave hearts will lead us there soon

We'll meet beyond the shore
We'll stand proud as before
Safe and free beyond the sea
And never again those tanks go rolling

We'll meet—I know we'll meet—beyond the shore
We'll stand proud as before
Safe and free beyond the sea
And never again those tanks go rolling
A spin on "Beyond the Sea" by Jack Lawrence, in memory of June 4, 1989 and in honor of the Goddess of Democracy, Lady Liberty Hong Kong, and all who take a stand for human rights and freedom.
Cole May 20
I've been hiding myself for so long
I almost forgot who I was.
I've closed off my light
To please others,
But I was never happy
Being that perfect little girl

I am not.
Your terms do not define me.
Girl. Boy. Non-binary.
Who cares what I am?
I am anything.
I will not remain that

I am far beyond what you have told me to be.
RobbieG May 10
Left foot, right foot
back and forth
Faster, faster please
these issues might

You can’t do this
voices whisper firmly
Stop, stop please
you can’t keep

Your shoes soles
forever wearing thin
Quit, quit now
quit running scared

Be brave , face it
REALIZE it’s not
your fault
However it’s now
clmathew Apr 26
written January 20th, 2021

What is it like
to see the world
through your eyes?
to actually
in the world
the way you do?

I ask you, green beret and swat,
about your experience of fear,
and we are so different
you don't even understand my question.
"It's not brave to jump out of planes
if you aren't afraid of it," you say.

(A small voice inside me asks
does that make me brave?
Because I am afraid all the time,
or is it only what you accomplish
in spite of being afraid
that counts as bravery?)

You face the world head on
walk through heaven and hell,
air and water part for you
and you know that they will.

What is it like
to own the world like that,
to see the world
and not be afraid?
This poem is about a friend of mine. "Lucky" is also about him. Some poems are so personal, I think they will never be done. Eventually some of these, I just decide to post.
Zack Ripley Apr 20
I want you to know something.
It's okay to ask for help.
It's not embarrassing; it's brave
To admit you don't know something
And want to change.
I ask that you don't worry
That people will think less of you
If you do. You're trying to learn.
And that's something you should
Never apologize for
You don't have to be the perfect puzzle piece
You can be the one that doesn't fit
Into societies roles, you don't submit
The one that stands out from the bland crowd
Do things your way and be proud
Amongst the thunderstorms, you can be the cute fluffy cloud
Amongst the frowns, you be the smile
Do things in your own style
Go at your own pace, it might take a while
Denys W Apr 6
To all those people
Sitting alone
And asking themself
What exactly went wrong

To all those minds
Crippling thoughts
Lost without meaning
Or afraid to get lost

I say to you all
You are not alone
We are just humans
Living postpone

Get yourself up
Keep yourself brave
Stop hunting ghosts
Let memories fade
selina Apr 5
i rewind my watch so many times
grasping the leather for a touch of magic
to bring back all that we once had

the lights illuminate the night sky
and i watch from the carnival ride
reminded of the last time we had stood here

as tonight goes down in flames
i cannot help but hope this is how we die
young and dumb and unafraid

the two of us are both in someone else's arms
separated by a sea and a telephone wire
you would have told me to be brave
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