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Logan 2d
This is the survival of the fittest
We were taught in our elementary schools
This is do or die
Eminem blurted it out throughout high school
This is the battlefield
We were born into this fight
We were trained by our parents
Guided by our education
We were given practicals in college
But never taught what was essential
This is the battlefield
And we were born into this fight
The fight is brutal
No matter what we were told
The fight is unfair,
The fight is cold.
You don’t get second chances.
When you’re done, you’re done.
Death has many forms,
Each failure comes with its curse.
This is the battlefield
And you must do whatever you can to survive
Relish in its victory or despair in its doom,
It is your choice.
But you were born into this fight.
Logan 2d
It doesn’t matter if you’re ready.
No one ever is.
In the real fight, no one is ready.
You’ve gotta be ready, but you’re not.
You’ve gotta be there waiting for the punch, but you’re not.
And when it comes, as hard as it does,
You’ve gotta face it.
You’ve only gotta be brave.
No one is ever ready.
Fear is the only place
A man can be brave.
Amber 4d
Your life is almost died and gone
Feel your heart with what is left but not gone
Chose to love and to cherish every moment
From this point on, don’t turn back
For your luck is still open and strong.
Mori 4d
You tell her she should be scared
while walking inside of a park
when it´s already dark.

But she´s telling you once and for all
everybody in there wanting to harm her,
should be scared of her instead.

With bravery, she will enter it.
And she hopes that one day,
she won´t need to be brave
to simply walk through a park.

Something that came to my mind while talking to a friend.
All people out there that think they are nothing,
you are something.
Don't hang around those who don't appreciate you.
Never think anything lower of yourself.
Be yourself, stay calm, and stand up for others.
Because we are all important in our own way.
All people out there don't judge a book by its looks.
It might turn out to be a good book, and a great friend.
I have one more poem, and this is it. I won't be posting anymore until I get some good ones. Thanks for the comments on all of my other poems. I love hearing what you all have to say. :) Keep smiling.
pa3que Feb 13
i danced with you in madness,
danced, because i wanted to,

i’ve had enough of sadness,
i took a breath, that was my cue,

you were standing there and talking,
talking to a guy in blue,

and i just started walking,
without knowing what i’m gonna do

you see i’ve seen in blindness,
but now the world is blind instead,

since when did clocks go timeless,
and why my cheeks are burning red

i know it’s you, the reason,
the reason why i think at night,

no, i couldn’t call it treason,
it’s you, for whom i’d always fight

we slow danced with the sparks,
kissed with eyes and met with soul,

but then you figured arcs,
and only told, a dance you stole,

with air you turned direction,
and like the rain you eased away,

now i weep at my reflection,
your dance was nothing but a play.
Cassidy Brown Feb 12
When I see the saints
Casting shadows of thorns

When I see smiles
Hiding cuts

When I see bravery
Huddled in the corner
Crying out its soul
And begging
For help

I bite my tongue
they say hearts see ten times past vision
I’ve always felt sheltered by my glasses
troubled at letting go of things in front of me
managing to carry boulders when I weigh feathers

longing for the answer of not breaking at the stem
pleading to split down the middle
always dealt the smaller end

I will forever be a third of myself
if I count every step I took backwards

cars passing by as lines of light
and I know my direction is north
the hands around my waist
seem to spin me around clockwise
life having its middles
and I am reminded of my favorite novel’s end

I walked towards him like a withered rose
how am I looking in the mirror and blooming
soldiers are brave, they said,
how am I brave,
it is more of courage to take the risk,
because I fear every day,
I fear of never seeing my loves,
I fear the lost, I may cause to the nation,
this horror is what keeps me going,
facing the cruel, brutal war

Sometimes you need to be afraid in order to survive.
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