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akiko 1d
Something is going on lately
Things are changing every other day
Summer time starts before spring
Hurricane behaves like a brutal king
Summer is boiling hot,
Winter is a melting ***
Who knows if it’s getting hotter or cooler nowadays
You know, the sea is rising, anyway
Nobody knows, strange days

Never imagined to see the next century
But already, that’s a faded memory
Thanks to Nostradamus,
The world was to end in 1999
The Mayan calendar ended in 2012
But we survived the dooms, better or worse
To see the former MC lead the free world
It’s hard to tell the truth from lies
Anything could happen, strange days

If you feel time flies faster
And everything is accelerating
That’s not because you’re getting older
You’re not day-dreaming
You must run as fast as you can
Just to stay in place
But where are we heading?
You know where we are heading

You may want to go back to good old days
Unfortunately, you have no other ways
As a mad scientist once said,
We’ll be immortal by 2045
Our wits will exceed the speed of light
Yet it’s hard to tell what is real
The world without end, blessing or curse
Welcome to the brave new world!
The time has come
Better prepare yourself, strange days
Looking for music for this. I'd appreciate any suggestions.
where i have no time
where i am nothing but
feelings and my eyes closed

feeling inefficient for feeling
but feeling oh feeling
yes burning

i go there and i tell you
so that you will not think
i have left you, i have not.

I go, I go
I just want you to know
I come back again

i go. and I come back for you..
over and over.
when I come back.
Its for you. Ya Habibi
over and over.
solfang Oct 16
when Wednesdays are here,
my love slowly disappear;
loneliness became what I fear,
when I no longer call you
my dear

perhaps after a year,
my mind will be in the clear,
my emotions, more sincere;
even if some days,
my feelings for you reappear,
I will be brave
and not shed a single tear
So, I broke up; when we were still together, Wednesdays are the day we go on dates. I guess at one point I realised that I fell out of love because I can see that even he was too.
It was an evening walk
Idyllic setting
Beatific smiles
Slowly and steadily
They were walking
Sherlock wandering
Zig-zag Zig-zag
Fresh breeze
Streamlining on the faces
Fear wasn't even in traces
Suddenly there was breathlessness
His body was sweating
She could sense the danger
Rushed him to nearby hospital
Doctors there showed the Covid -19  protocol
Asked her to take him elsewhere
His best friend, the anger,
Came to fore
He taught the doctors
What's protocol
What's not protocol
In a minute they were in line
Oxygen mask was on the face
ECG was making a trace
In the meantime
She informed her uncles and aunts
Who happen to be top class doctors
Immediately a well equipped
Ambulance was arranged
He was shifted to nearest Superspeciality Hospital
Cardiac Care Unit for him was the heaven.
Cardiologist did his best and he survived
For the time being he's the winner
All for he has a brave daughter
This isn't an old story
Day before yesterday's fury
FS-30 Sep 28
Sometimes it’s better to walk away,
Holding your head high above the ground.
Sometimes it’s the silence,
That makes the loudest sound.
Dharatal Sep 20
As I entered the room full of dark, I was scared as in water their is a shark.
A beam of light coming from a whole,then the rays give peace to my Soule.

The room was densely dark ,I saw a spider without fear ,I asked him are you not afraid my dear,such a small living being moving carefree,I asked him dark is scary he disagree.

Then spider taught me a lesson dark is not scary it's all about our brain visionary, don't be afraid of dark just imagine that it's a park.

Dark is full of silence you have to just keep patience,just enjoy the dark it's full of adventure and also like a minipark .
Be brave enough to survive any condition including dark ..........
MayC Sep 17
what if I told you
I saw a lioness with fire eyes?

what if I told you
I witnessed the collapse of a marble empire?

what if I told you
I saw ashes floating from a soul burned by passion?

what if I told you
I saw an ice-cold Phoenix raising from snow?

what if I told you
I saw a canary so joyful its melody charming even the shyest of sun rays?

what if I told you
I saw a golden but poisonous rose?

what if I told you
I saw waterfalls coming down from blue and green galaxies?

what if I told you
I saw honey dripping from a dark heart?

what if I told you
I saw a diamond so rare that its brilliance scared even the lightning?

would you believe me?
would you think I'm lying or fantasising or even creating metaphors of imagination?

what if I told you
to look in the mirror?
what if you see
what I once saw?
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