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Rickey Someone Mar 2022

Did you ever play in the rain as a kid?
Now it reminds us of all sadness did.
Did you ever stare out of a window pane,
And let your joyless tears fall with the rain?
Did it ever make you feel wet and miserable,
And leave you asking questions unanswerable?
Did you ever wonder how something with
So much life could bring also death?
Rob-bigfoot Aug 2021
Statuesque, cocooned in a living-goat of many colours,
Fastened by multi-hued cloven hooves,
‘Approach without fear, do not listen to rumours’
‘I am learned in lore and wisdom, a parting gift from the Elves’

I nervously approach, what shall I call you?
‘Name? so many, but call me Mother Earth’
‘I am the embodiment of all that is pure and true’
‘The virtue of flora and faunae from their living-birth’

You knew Elves! I am full of envy and wonder!
‘Yes, for many years, hundreds by your measure’
I once thought I caught a glimpse, made me shudder!
‘Do not try too hard! their spell is dangerous treasure’

Surely not! they are renowned for their kindness,
‘No! the danger lies in your malign-heart’
All I want is a quick peek, I have faith in their goodness,
‘Very well, come back tomorrow, go it is getting dark’

Sunrise beckons, into the woods I eagerly creep,
‘Do your parents know you are here?’
No! they have eyes only for my baby brother! makes me weep!
‘Step into the light, and see what will appear’

Imagine my surprise, before me my sobbing parents,
‘They are distraught, thinking you have been spirited away’
But, I haven’t! I only desire a few moments,
‘Even a brief visit will condemn you to be forever lost and astray’

‘What you see is their perpetual abjection’
‘Your jealousy is corrosive and spells mortal danger’
‘There is a hard choice, Elves and no way back, or their salvation’
‘You forget the intense glow of their love around your manger’

© Rob perspiring-poet
Ken Pepiton Apr 2021
one up man ship,
there is that in fair play, I don't know, I never ventured any
good might come from
pulling down
a stronghold, non confron totally nonconfron peeeaaace out

is it tec or did the sttererer get a ne w keyboard and the old is better

Okeh, april is earth month and we are into it,
lots of petroglyphic links to stupid
pothead oh yeah we did
imagine that one time, we no just me, we agreed at that moment
life had a point
and we made it
that was cool.

oh, the deals always tickle, this is disney whatifery I do believe,
this exact once
was there a sela ha aah all that Iroquois mohawk talk,
here is where we imitate socrates, know nada,

live in the world, or in the words that

all ways take my bread I cast upon still waters,
aiaiai we say we know why ai think you know
you know may and you know can
you know take, I know give
life is good I may say, so
may bread,
cast on all waters may be

yours, gnoshit. Y'gottssa eatit.
******* got a new keyboard.
im tired of being ridiculed
and not taken seriously
these are my goals
not just another fantasy
Autumn Coleman Dec 2020
To the person that came up
with working 5 days a
week and only getting 2 off

ya mom's a ***
I know I'm not the only person that wants to go back in time and throw hands with the person that did this to us lol
Shabnam Dec 2020
We fall and rise..
We shatter then gather our pieces;
We laugh, we cry..
Have fun, go dry..
We smile with tears in the eyes..
We fuss and fight,
then fall then rise.
We love and hold tight
Then let go and unwind,
We lose, we find,
then we leave behind;

It's a game called "life"
It's a game called "life".
Sean Achilleos Nov 2020
Like milk that has curdled
So you have left a sour taste in my mouth
Empty words and promises
Are what you have left to keep you company
You lied with no conscience
You lied because it suited your needs
To attention seek was your game
To thrive on empathy was your aim
But do you ... yes you ... practice what you preach ... I believe not
For every time you fell
I picked you up
Graciously of course you thanked me ... as if it were my duty
Like a man on a tightrope was I
When you abruptly removed the safety net from underneath me
Therefore your run to person I shall be no more
And just like me
You will have to learn to dance upon the wire
Like a trapeze in a circus
And there shall be no safety net to catch you when you fall
Sean Achilleos
Friday, 13th November 2020
Joshua Haines Oct 2020
He was older than he felt
but his accomplishments
made him feel like he
was trailing behind.

Middle school said the
next step mattered.
High school said the
next step mattered.
College said your
degree would matter.
Here I am
making your drink.

Hey—did you hear?
I’m selling salvation
in a pamphlet.
Oh—is it clear?
I’m in cheap slacks
on your cheap

People are dying older.
Politics keep getting bolder.
Can’t afford my prescription refill.
Sign me up for war. Use your
******* blinker. I’m only a season

He looked younger than
he was, all just because
he didn’t live life hard.
Nothing wrong with that—
some people say it’s lazy,
while eroding their bodies.

I thought that looks
would matter.
I thought wits
would matter.
That a career was just
a ladder
you scaled.
Here I am
managing pennies.
There you are
managing memories.
Hope I can afford a

Hey—did you hear?
Your death won’t even be free.
Oh—is it clear?
You’re a tenant in your plot
until the landlord forgets.

People are getting older.
Politics are getting bolder.
Choosing insurance over groceries.
Sign me up for Hulu. Five dollars on
pump five. I’m only a paycheck behind.
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