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Miffy Aug 15
Don't break yourself down for others enjoyment.
Don't pity yourself for not being or having the same things as another  person.
Do not let people who you love, change the way you are just for them.
Stop trying to find imperfections in yourself.
Don't fake anything at all just to seem OK.
We are all perfect and normal in our own ways, we shouldn't change who we are mentally or physically for anything or anyone.
We are beautiful human beings, and the best love we can give to yourself is self love.
There's nothing wrong with us, and I thank you all for being able to realize how precious we can be.
Just an open space for me to clear and let my thoughts out.
Rickey Spence Jun 18

"Oh, hello. No, not today, Lucy,
No, sorry, not even tomorrow.
You're just too goosey,
Your faulty logic, like a tornado.

"You live to see me slip up,
But I don't know you anymore.
I know you hated that breakup,
But I couldn't stand our civil war.

"We're done. Done, Lucy,
Yes, we are done forever.
I'm not into your kind of juicy,
There's no tie left to sever.

"Goodbye, I've got a new love,
Hah! You wouldn't understand.
I'm in love with the One above,
Oh, Lucifer. Your face, we backhand!"
What gets you outta bed in the morning?
What is your motivation to live?

Buzzing alarm, groggy eyes, aching back,
Yelling mother, honking bus, ringing phone,
Bright sun, freezing air, thin mattress;
Surely there’s more than this?

Yes, surely there has to be a reason,
There must be a passion!
There must be desire!
There must be something!

Maybe you live for another life,
Maybe you pursue wisdom or knowledge,
Maybe you aspire personal glory or attention,
Your goals will drive your motivation.

Yet, maybe there is no passion,
Maybe you have no reason to go.
Or your reason is not bigger than you,
Your passion is not well-founded.

Maybe you keep going only for
Others’ expectations or demands.
There is only desire to please,
No passion for actual progress.

Don’t you want to just fly out of bed?
Don’t you wish to just love life?
You cannot hide your life away,
Because there is passion, reason, and desire!
Will May 12
I found a window.
It spoke to me in such an odd way
"Look through me, and your soul will be set free."
So I looked with my eyes, but all I saw was pane.
A pun?
The poet
Singing solemn songs
Of love, lust, and lonesome

The jester
Gabbing of gallant, gruesome glory
And jolly love jokes

A jester void of seriousness
And a poet void of soul
Together take on the world
Conquering it whole
How is it??
Darryl M May 8
You’re on safety and you know the code.
What you made me feel, I fought over.
Now I’m missing the moments.

Unlike a lost bug,
I’ll get off your hair.
Bags all packed, you’ve left.
Silly Life, left me with your memories.

Your heart is like a locked door,
I have the key, but you’ve changed the locks.
A test I shall take,
But you running away, I shall not chase.

Ladies say you play with a guy a little bit to see if he’s serious.
The funny thing is;
That’s how they lose a serious guy.
Rickey Spence Apr 25

When to my face you confront,
Slow I am to speak.
My thoughts are not apparent,
My ideas you cannot seek.

But when through technology,
My stupidity sometime shows.
Repulsive terminology,
Erupts, I suppose.

Today I am puking nonsense,
Why don’t I shut my mouth?
All previous confidence,
Has decided to head south.

Where has my solid filter gone?
I’m not usually this way.
I feel no one could be drawn,
How long will this stay?

None of my poems have humor,
Why must I write with purpose?
This is such a ******,
Will I ever lose my serious?
Rickey Spence Apr 25

When I question,
Where do I go?
Who can give a suggestion,
What is there to show?
I am overtaken by exhaustion,
My head bowed low.
Greed no longer my intention,
I am ready to know.

I am fed up with always taking,
It is time for me to give.
I’m done with all this faking,
I must truly forgive.
Help me start the rebuilding,
It’s time I truly live.
It’s not just me who’s crying,
Others are more secretive.

I cannot take others’ problems,
I could never care enough.
It’s easier for he who condemns,
To empathize is truly tough.
Uncomfortable the situation becomes,
When stories are devoid of fluff.
Flirting with the doldrums,
Is not my favorite stuff.

God, if I am to have aid,
Then let it be only you.
I know you have already paid,
Even if sin appears to continue.
I need you to pursuade,
Only you can change a view.
You’ve already made the trade,
Now there’s nothing for me to skew.

I’ve made the decision,
To step down from my pride.
Now guide my vision,
Show me who is outside.
I am only an illusion,
You are all that is inside.
Without you, all is confusion,
All is clear, with you beside.

God, how can you see beauty,
In the vilest thing and enemy?
I fear for my own security,
But it’s not only about me.
To accociate would make me *****,
I can’t stand all their blasphemy.
Oh, my rotten mentality,
Erase my faulty dichotomy.

If I am to reach the world,
With your gospel message,
Let your plan be unfurled,
Show me partners on this voyage.
It’s not just me who’s called,
And the others are not in shortage.
I am no longer troubled,
God is our advantage!

His army is not just of one,
He is Lord of thousands,
If you stand still and listen,
Your heart heavily pounds.
His power matched by none,
His enemies He dumbfounds.
The victory He already won,
All by His commands.
ANU IRA Apr 12
I am "OK"...
Just for the sake of saying it!
When I am having a breakdown so HIGH!
I just smile for others in the fear to not freak out,
cause they insist,
I am nowhere overhere
Let me write
Whatever is in my mind
Today my heart is in pain.
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