Amelia 1d
crimson red
burning like a fire
scorching my wings
incinerating my feathers

i am trapped
my talons entangling around a metal bar
i descend slowly into the pits
of the red fire

this phoenix is broken
this phoenix cannot rise.
Sonya 5d
Come one come all to the darling show
As a small girl swings to and fro
Back and forth through the inky sea
And lights to bright for her to see
Making a mockery of herself
A disgusting creature is she

Oh how I hate the circus trapeze
The swinging brings me to my knees
My costume flutters as I glide
With my monster that I must hide
Clawing away at my frozen lungs
And tearing me up inside
Kai 6d
We are intertwined you and I
mingling together at the support
we are stuck together from the dirt to the sky
you choke me at the roots

Me blossoming as you creep from below
tangling with me at the bottom
like creeping ivy, over me you grow
till breathe does not come from my lungs

I wither slowly when I'm with you
but your my support now
without it any weight topples me, even gentle dew
Breaking away would sprout new roots

but where would they plant
other then in the holes you carved
I need new roots I need a transplant
away from the rocks and the lacing cracks

Fresh soil and a breath of clear air
wear my leaves can spread out
without crushing of lungs and the ghastly tare
Freedom, oxygen, and happiness will wait for me

So for now I'm entangled with you in fear
a dark vine twisted around me
but soon I will escape from your **** leer
and with gentle sighs will bloom once again
Latifah 6d
where do you escape,
when you're trapped,
when you're held captive,
by your own thoughts,
where do you hide,
when you're exposed,
and all your feelings,
are on the floor,
where do you run,
when you're chased,
by your worst nightmares.
Jade 7d
Dark curly hair, swirling brown eyes, flawless face, perfect features.
It was beautiful.
But like all beautiful creatures it was caged and tormented.
Tested and abused.
Till finally it was internally broken and scared.
Now it’s considered normal.
Interpret as you will, feedback is greatly appreciated as I’m only just starting to write
Not an artist Jan 13
Trapped in the open
A closed mind
How to escape
Soon, it'll be time
You could
We can't
What if I tell you
I don't understand
I Suppose Jan 12
How many pills before i am rid of you?
The sickness in my mind, you control my point of view
Little princess
Hearthrob of a Mary Sue

You tell me that im no good for no one else
That I'll be the toy collecting dust on the shelf
"I have a solution for ya" you said, laying on the bed
You grabbed my twisted soul, and then sat upon my head

You're in my head
You're in my head
You're the poision in my veins
And the snakes inside my bed
You never care
You never care
Defile my sordid body
And pretend that you were never even there

You tell me that you love me and i ask you if its true
You never want to cuddle and you always want to *****
Little mistress
With poison kisses
Hips so vicious
When she rocks upon my face
Her liquids taste of bitter citrus
I ask the doctor for the medicine, and you tell me that its more of you.

I'm not well
I'm not well
Because you grabbed my waist
And drained my heaven in your ****
I'm your prey
I'm your prey
Yet its more than your restraints
That are causing me to want to stay...
I guess i wrote this. I hope you enjoy it
Wolf Oct 2018
Tears like hounds I hold back
Alas, the chains snap
Broken as I
Cold eyes beat down
On my worthless pain
Scarlet stains mark my hands
Left by the scraping metal
They see the hounds
Those **** eyes,
Lift your gazes from me!
The very air chokes my throat
Leave be the wandering hounds
Eyes of winter
Can't you see my suffering?
Denise Egan Jan 11
There’s an emptiness inside,
I can feel my cries and screams bounce around my hollow chest,
This false hope you instilled in my mind makes my heart shatter,
Into a thousand pieces,
Each carrying their own sickening weight of sadness and regret,
That regret has destroyed me, tarnished my soul.

Your smile burns bright in me like an eternal flame of hope,
Occasionally that flame flickers in the wind of doubt but it never dies,
You never die from my mind and body,
Since the day you first spoke those sweet words I have been hooked,
I love you like an addict loves *******,
As if I need you to stay alive, as if you are my oxygen and without you my lungs will collapse,
Often I catch you running through my mind like water through my hands,
But I can never apprehend you because you are hers, forever and always.
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