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I envy the birds
How they spread their wings
And soar through the sky

Not a thought on their mind
Free to fly far away
Let the wind carry them

But here I am locked
In this small gilded cage
And my wings are clipped
Nikita Sep 3
Explaining the feeling
Of feeling frozen
Is like explaining to a child
Why people hurt
There is no delicate way
To describe the intensity
The entrapment

Words trapped in my throat
My body wrapped in invisible rope
As though a man at each side
Pulls the rope tighter
And tighter

You want me to explain?
Honey, I can’t explain
Something I also don’t know
Paralysed in pain is my common reaction when I’m trying to process something painful to me.
Alicia Moore Aug 27
a silent cry can be heard
within a thought filled by screams,
but is anyone listening close enough
to hear the tears as they fall...

a passing silhouette may slip in the puddle
of whimpering sadness left behind,
but does anyone truly know how to
clean up the mess of pained silence...
They say home
Is where the heart is
But for me, my heart
Is lost,
Is lost in darkness,
In darkness of the
Deep timeless ocean,
Sinked deeper
inside the abyss,
Drowned by my
Own thoughts
Cameron Jul 30
I dared to dream, but my dreams are dead.
What once was bright, is now cold with dread.

I wanted hope, but found only fear.
Now we see that I don't belong here.

I tried to leave, but I'm trapped in place.
Stuck in this eternal stifling embrace.

But after everything, and all that you said.
I dared to dream, but my dreams are dead.
Ruheen Jul 7
That one corner
In your closet
Where you just sit
And think

She told me to stop. I promised her I would.

That one corner
In your closet
That you're always
Trapped in
For awhile now I've been free,
But I feel stuck, drowning in the sea.

I've been good at hiding my emotions and scars,
I've been searching for you among the stars.

Running into eachother broke my heart,
But you say it's better to just stay apart.

I still have my demons I need to fight,
And you took away my light.

You can leave my life that's fine,
But don't blame me when I shine.

I may not have you,
But I have someone new.
Snipes Jul 6
Prisons won’t last forever
Death is something everyone meets
Prisons won’t last forever
The past is something everyone leaves
muteD Jun 12
I know how I’m going to die.
Trapped inside of my mind with no room to stretch
and no oxygen to breathe,
surly my own thoughts will suffocate me long before
I turn to stone from my rigid posture.

I’ve always wondered what I was meant to be
and if I will ever be able be that..
To attempt to accomplish everything I’ve laid out for myself
is terrifying, especially when
those I loved the hardest
already have a mold ready for me.

as if this was a twisted tale of Cinderella,
I was forced to wear something that could never fit me.
Blisters and bruises weren’t the only things I received.
now I hide inside of my mind,
a body inside of a body,
because how can he hurt me if
the real me is hidden ?
part one.
Estelline Jun 9
Left in the ashes
Of a burnt down past
How long will this feeling last?

I feel trapped inside my own mind
There’s nowhere to hide
It’s making me slowly go blind
Losing sight of what matters
My world shatters

Right from beneath my feet
Slips away
Everything I love
Thrown anyway
Into the hole I dug.
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