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Nica A Oct 4
a guest inside a head,
welcomed a stranger to bring it danger
a reflection easily spotted
revealed not only a heart that's haunted
a soul trapped inside the head
would love to stay, laying in bed
buried underneath the earth
trapped and summoned the dead,
to come back
among problems did it lack
the antidote to cure,
no signs of how much it had endured
soul felt trapped, heart was under attack
Give it a map, it'll soar and come back
hopeless not quite
Give it business, give it work
happy sun
begins to rot
Limited freedom hinders its growth
give it space, give it time
lonely moon
drowns in an overwhelming typhoon.
Mimi Hachiko Oct 3
"If you're so good with words, then be a writer"
They said
"It'll be a good release for you"
They said
Sure, it's all fun and games until you actually crack open your chest and pour out whats inside on white pages, now stained forever with the black ink of the cruelty of one's own mind.
Nadia Sep 29
She hugs like an octopus
Long, slim limbs
Wrapping around
With surprising force
Until fully bound
Too late to react
You are trapped
By her love
J J Sep 27
Fluted cap dripping skull matter thin as blood
as ice, as milk,
we sat rotting in the sun
alone and pretending we werent
lest we be left out again
not again, my lover
my motherly carer my sister my brother
please see that the first to die does so
in the other's arms
corrupt and corroded beyond
ae looking glass charm.

The night floats through the day
Sun skins the dirt underfoot
  and a whole winter seeps
our morphine stasis,
    planted cosmically in place
   forever and ever for a day,my love that I must one day forget
that one day must die as the earth dies as i must

     only to be reborn as we dreamt

In the cold ashen season where coal
   lines the cracks along our wall.
Heavenly July days that seem so far a way.

You gathered my thoughts,nirvana shepherdess
   that shed lively shards of grass over formica;
You held me warm as the flies peeled my skin,
    budding me close warm enough to make the needed death
feel not so drastic, feel calmer than words could express.
She doesn't need her hair
To escape from his tower
She just needs to decide
To open the door and go
©LadyRavenhill 2019
I love life
Oh how long it has been
Since I have felt truly free
To run singing in the fields as a wild
Horse in the wind
Inside my temple embers burn
Brightly a fire life burns within
I am a madly wild independent woman like a mare I have been kept on these reigns on this trail take this bit out of my mouth if only they would listen to me I consider them friend they consider me servant
I just bucked my owner off and he lost control of me I am now running so far away from those people
That family should have known better
You cannot tame a wild horse not one as wild as me
Quite a while it's been and I am in
Green pastures I found my little foal oh how happy I am to be home again with my baby again free and peaceful
#freedom #horses #Sagittarius #heartsong #trapped #freemyself #freeyourself #idonthavetonetrapped #TAKINGMYPOWERBACK #CLAIMINGMYINDEPENDENCE
Klita Sep 18
The four walls that surround me
Once freeing now trap me
Nowhere to go
Nothing to do
In this jail that I outgrew

Im banging on the walls
Smashing chairs and dreams
Tearing them at the seams
Trying to see a crack of light
Behind the walls
In this jail that I outgrew

Alas I give in
No matter what I cannot win
My knuckles are bloodied
My chest heaving
I've given it all I've got
And I'm trapped again
In this jail that I outgrew
Persuaded in masses
To control the population
We’re all a predicament
Of the same situation

Born into captivity
To think that we’re free
Living through eyes
That are too blind to see
Another poem about the blind
Sylph Sep 13
I never once felt so trapped
              till i came back to my cage
With a door that never open
               Where the dark never fades
And the fear never ends

They say they understand
that i can leave when i please
that im free

     What kind of lie is that

Do you even see me?

The constant frown that will never
turn upside down
not without my Angel
That cant touch me

How could you understand this
The fear
It suffocates me
***** the air out of my lungs
how much longer till i die here

Im tired of being afraid
Afraid you will ban me from my Angel
From my school
From my life
What i worked so hard to mold into what i want

Im getting so close
And you want to destroy it
Its not finished
Its not pretty now
But soon it will beautiful
and straight

         I wont feel the need to stray from path
                               The need to find the love i seek
                                                   To enjoy this short life
                                                                ­              To Feel

Dont worry
I will be fixed
You wont have to worry about
Me misbehaving
Breaking your rules

Soon my legs will rust to a stop
So i cant run anymore
From your constant desire
to protect me
When you are the one putting me in danger
from what i have to do
to learn

But dont worry
soon enough
I will stop
No more banging again the bars
im almost done
Dont worry
Elle H Sep 10
You’ve got me locked up in this cage
My mouth full of dirt, my heart full of rage
I’ve been beggin n’ pleadin, won’t you let me go
The veins so tight, they’re gonna blow
You pick me up, then push me down
Hold me under, until I drown
I don’t understand the reasons why
You clip my wings, then demand I fly
You’ve got me nailed to your cross
A load to carry, when I feel so lost
I never know which way to turn
You stoke my flame, then watch me burn
The fare you serve, so sticky sweet
You fill my plate, but won’t let me eat
You light a candle, just out of reach
Is there a lesson, you’re tryin’ to teach?
I don’t know why, you love these chains
Like a man on fire, a heart deranged
Bound and gagged, seems the only way
To keep your angry beasts at bay
I’m a prisoner of your wild desires
…Trapped inside a lustful fire
You want to have, but not to hold
I’ve never felt…a fire as cold
Baby, baby, why can’t you see
What this torment does to me
Don’t you feel the loss of my decay
I’m a broken sparrow, trapped in a cage
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