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Holding onto the facade of beauty
Succumbing to the lies of a false reality
Too meager of a thing to trust in
For genuineness lies deep-rooted within

You know not what you behold
By merely looking upon the surface
For inward lets the truth unfold
And in Christ, authenticity by grace
Lately I thought
The more I forced
A tug on my lips,
A glint in my eyes,
A light in my face
Like the flicker of flames
As they dance in the fire,
The easier it would be,
The more natural it would feel,
And maybe even some day
My mind would recall
How it felt to smile
And I would be able to
Do it for real.
Eslam Dabank May 19
The dance of ignorance marks our era,
The revelry howls into their ears,
But isn't opening a mind, only a bra.

Smoke is what we learned from Chimera,
Hangovers, falsehood, imbecility - unrestrained
Their most loyal friend, is dear nausea.

Drugs and **** brings them the aurora,
Living is nice, when we are unconscious.
In this reality, we are no Andromeda.

Advocacy of the unknown, is their chroma,
Defines their existence and ensures a legacy.
All is, a pseudo pride, and a fictitious corona.

Injustice, corruption ghosts within the area
Multilateral sins, unilateral sentence,
Flows into their logic like satisfying aria.

Bogus beliefs, to rise, and rule are a plethora,
Empty imposters control, destroy and mooch,
And what we see is an illusion of an aura.

Defiling the Quran, the bible, and the Torah,
With what a gold holder wishes and needs.
Whomever defies them, loses their aorta.

All will be fallen, America, Europe and Russia.
Hatred, arrogance, saturation of trivialities,
Is taken in, in grace, like the seduction of Delilah.

Concerts unify us, not our humanity, it's in coma,
Lack of fellowship, digs deeper into division.
If only books, not Lady gaga, were your holy diva.

The void will swallow us all, the diaspora,
The loss of our identity, truth, entity and ego.
Finding our roots, is our everlasting dilemma.
My heart is heavy and
I can't breath.
Home feels like a prison
Without the bars.
Nine weeks of lockdown
Is finally getting to me.
My mind is fragile.
Walking in dreams.
Escaping this jaded reality.
The news pushes Bill gates
Dangerous vaccine.
Listening to my family agruing
Over 5G and of this virus is real is or not.
While I am just trying to keep my
Head above the water, and keep the wolf away from the door.
Turning off the news because I really
Don't want to hear it anymore.
All I know is this thing is pulling my family apart day by day.
I wrote this because my family are so divided by this virus and this poem came
From an argument between my brother and sister my brother thinks China is innocent and my little sister is against Bill Gates and trump its a mad time within my family.
Nina May 19
They'd do anything
They could
Just to make you fall for them
Just for you to let your guard down
Lies after lies

You knew from the start
That they were liars
But you hoped maybe they weren't
So you gave in
And fell for their trapped
Now your trust's been destroyed
Secrets unleashed

And there's no one else to blame
Except for your naive self
For falling for a liar's lies.
A close friend once asked me out of nowhere so it seemed. "Are you happy?.
How do I answer that?
my brain freezes and my mind goes blank. Happy? Happy is something I haven't been in a long time
Maybe I lost it? left it somewhere and I just can't remember where?
school? my childhood home? maybe I just misplaced it
like someday I'll trip and find it like "******* YOU WERE HERE THE WHOLE TIME."
maybe I never will. Maybe I am stuck in this state of melancholy wondering what is happy?
Avreen May 17
We are weaved in the quilt of our sighs,
enmeshed through the guilt of our highs
Like painting over the raging sin,
you are silk upon my ageing skin.

Veins swell in your eyes from the last ****,
crawling, seeking a fix for what your past broke
I trace the freckles on your back for guidance,
threading softly, hesitating your subsidence

However fickle and print-less are my fingers,
I am more exposed, the longer that I linger
It seems a waste of our euphoric evening,
to unreel the stories of my rhetoric gleaning

So we wrestle under sheets soaked in self-doubt
As we wake, I mourn your kisses as they sell out
Glossy and crisp, just like fake currency,
we pay each other with false intimacy

fraudelle May 17
A thousand copy of your smiles
Yet the real one was not for mine
drawing  fake drawn smiles
Night May 16
I'd hate to break it to you but I'm done
Done with your silly lies,your manipulation and your unrequited love
You keep saying you love me but why don't you stay and prove it
Every day of my life I woke to impress you maybe thinking
One day I'll gain your empathy if not your fake love
When I'm not around you are busy holding hands and kissing someone else
The essence of touch is something I never got from you maybe an embrace but never a kiss
If I never meant anything to you before I think I'm better gone
Because with me gone nobody has to hurt or lie you care when you clearly don't
I know you won't notice but I'll just let you know I'm gone
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