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You tell me you have mistakes
Society is pressure
And courage is all it takes
Then it keeps getting better

Well, thank you for writing this
On instagram and facebook
Under a pic,edited
That you perfect boyfriend took

Instagram is the weapon
For the new modern women
Pictures look like heaven
But they'll chase you like demons

You can't put your weapons down
Even if you think it's sh**
You can't give up your fake crown
You are just too scared of it
why is it that
every time I get home
from interacting with other people
i feel exhausted?

it makes me feel like
they took all my soul and happiness
i succeeded in faking,
and now i want to end all of this.

it's a mindless cycle;
i fake and fake all of what i could give,
and by the end of the day, i'm gone;
used up, and fake it for another more day.

being home completes the cycle.
Anya 3d
A grand musical is underway!
Actors and actresses scurrying about
Memorizing their lines written by poets
Weaving sweet phrases
Conveying positivity
Artists shaping the smile
The relaxed pose
Arms open and inviting
Ready for instant hugs
A harpist for the mouth
All this is at play
So, how is it possible
For one
To look deeper
And see what’s really behind the smile?
Miry 3d
I walk the streets like a ghost in flesh,
Streaming down an unknown direction,
Dancing through unspoken partners,
I'm a stranger to my own reflection.

Sometimes at night when I hung my feet,
I let the darkness envelop me and preach,
She holds me, my lover, with her I can be,
No more than me, a stranger it is.

And it's the little, bittersweet things,
That come so dandy, for at least a bit,
Beautiful refractions that I try to reach,
They rip my soul open and leave me to bleed.

Still, I'll persevere and I'll choke it down,
I'll wield my sword and I'll stand my ground,
If a stranger is what life wants me to be,
Then I'll know nobody, not even me.
I've been trying to cover up some emotions lately, lol.
Head against a brick wall.

Mobile phones are like listening to a headache;
Women are obsessed, with a need to be fake.
What's going on, for fucks sake?
Go o'naturel; let me see your real face.

Show me you, not what you wish me to see.
Don't let your inhibitions, stop you being free.
I'm always here for you, if you ever need me;
But I'll never walk away, unless you ask me to leave.

I'll stand by your side, in the pouring rain
And I'll give you my coat, to keep you warm.
I don't mind being wet, if you’re happy and safe
And as long as you know, that I am all yours.

What can I do, to keep you with me?
Why must I let go, when I know you will leave?
How can you simply, walk out on me?
How can you not know that's it's you whom I need?

I just keep losing my mojo, somebody’s stolen my muse.
I left it in my pocket, now it's not there with you.
You took it as you left me, laying crying on the floor;
I ran after you, but in my face you slammed the door.
I lost a tooth and found a black eye
And the nurses never believed that I walked into a door.
That's because our love for each other, they never saw.

But please don't leave me, here all alone;
Don't let me be the one, who has to stare at his phone.
Awaiting your call, that will never come.
Say you still want me and need me and show me some love.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
You know it’s late
when the sun comes back up.
Light drifting through the
supposedly-black-out curtains.
You know it’s late
when there’s footsteps above you
from smaller feet, running around
“attempting” to be quiet.
You used to be those footsteps.
You know it’s late
when your eyes are burning
but they still can’t close.
You still can’t sleep.
You know it’s late
when you wake up after
never falling asleep the night before.
You know it’s late
when the tears won’t stop.
You know it’s late
when your mind won’t shut up.
When you have to be at church
in three hours,
but all you can think is
-it’s not true it’s not true it’s not true-
When you close your eyes but
-it’s not true it’s not true its not true-
When you tell your mom you just have a headache but
-it’s not true it’s not true its not true-
When you need to of been asleep six hours earlier but
-it’s not true it’s not true it’s not true-
And it’s seven AM at night and you’re
scratching out poetry
hiding in the dark of your basement like always
all cause
When it’s all you have
All you’ve ever hoped
All you’ve ever known
And it’s not true
It’s too late
he's playing video games on highway 67 and he doesn't know he takes me away - yeah baby you take me away - are we faking it this way - trying to make it some way - blue hues red hues and you keep making that face - why do you keep making that face - drip drip drip on the pavement the ice creams melting and there's no one there to save it - lick it up baby lick it up lick it up - and we're cruising - the society's snoozin - the record spins and we're boozin - loosin any conception of time now baby cuz your mine now baby
king Sep 16
You messaged me,
Said you wanted to be friends.

I responded with a "yes",
It was a lie and that's when the anxiety kicked in.

We spoke for long,
My texts were all lies.

But behind a screen,
So easy to be fake.

And then when we met,
It became face-to-face.

I couldn't make eye contact,
The words were faint.

You texted me one last time,
To explain your pain.

An uncontrollable thing,
Made into my fault.

And then you wonder why,
Why I don't have any friends.
Anne-Marie Sep 12
My weakness can become my power,
Nobody can tell me something, i just dont hear em.
I'll run and run, faster than you'll notice me.
Faster than you'll can scream at me.
You'll see just my back, and it's not important whatever you think I'll just,
run from all my problems.
From this society where everybody are fake,
and one day
I'll find, for what I was born.
Will you try to change me?

I'm so sick of this.
not everything I write is my mind
Lightheart Sep 12
Whenever I doubt myself
I think about what you said
(I saved the screenshot)
and I tell myself
that those people don’t miss me
they miss Angel Tess
and it’s kind of sad
and it still hurts
(to be loved for being fake)
but it also
gives me strength
to not look back
and to keep trying
to be real
You often say things that stick with me for a long, long time. Thank you
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