Abby Jo 14h
Saying hello with a bright smile and welcoming eyes
How did I get so good at pretending
My insides are on fire
I could burn this whole place down
For the sake of everyone on their highs,
I won't
put holes in these walls with my angry fists
yell at the undeserving
I will
keep pretending
until it becomes my reality
I have mastered being fake happy
He has a degree in bait and switch
He’s a devious, deceitful sumbitch;
He’s a human hound dog,
A trash talking fat hog,
Ready with a phony smile
And he has been for a while.

Happily taking britches off of bitches
If she’s not too fussy with her pussy;
Because by gum and dagnab.
That’s the first thing he’ll grab.
As crazy as a lifelong boozer
He thinks a nice guy is a loser.

He reverses what he says each day
And if you catch him he’ll always say
He blames it on Obama and Jews,
On Democrats and fake news.
He changes his mind on a whim
Thinks nobody is as good as him.

We need to mention how ugly he got.
His appearance seems to be all rot.
He’s made of pure grease
That keeps him so obese
Still he claims he is as trim
As guys half the size of him.

He got started by his daddy’s dough
Back a flashy half century or so
He has very little taste
Most of his life was a waste.
Every business he touches
Ends up walking on crutches.

Why is his image with so secure?
He’s not a decent man for damn sure.
An adulterer and a predator
Treats his wives like competitors
Who are blocking his limelight
And should be hidden from sight.
Classic trepidation, stationary with the aura of
Coincidence, slit myself and call it skyward thinking
Sinking feelings that argue for a sudden resignation
Conscientiousness, leprous and typesetting

Intimate knowledge that I disclose verbatim cannot, and should not, ever be used against me.
Interest infected through wavelengths, non responsive partly cause of the rupturing that's been running through my dreams.
Scant as fixes to the problems, overblown and oft forgotten, lisping when I speak of this Epiphany.
Taxidermist furnish houses, howling wolves that get devoured, sounds like God and hell and them finally worked out peace.

Just cosmetic, slightly pathetic the ease at which the mind elapses
Classics retconned till nothing's left except the years of influence
Invested in the melancholy, snobs lobbyist and in distant memories
Kayla 2d
Imagine a world
A world of flowers
Flowers so bright
Imagine a world with no pain
A world of no hurt
Where everyone wears a smile
Imagine a world where everyone is friends
No one is the one left out
The ugly duckling isn’t so ugly
Just Imagine
That’s all it is though
In the real world
The flowers are not all bright colors
There is no such thing as no hurt
Not everyone is friends
The ugly duckling is still the ugly duckling
Imagination is not real
Imagination is just make belief
Imagination is fake
we were playing with our heartstrings on the stage,
stuck together in our personal cage,
hands that entwined with each other,
nails digging into our hearts,
we can put on a show,
that they don't even know that's going on.
Hes got the car.
Hes got the bike.
He can give you every little thing
That you love to think you like.

But theres something he can't give
Something I'll forever provide
Can he grant you true happiness?
Cause thats a thing I have supplied.

The smile on your face
Is nothing more than a mask.
To hide your sadness within
And its more than an easy task.

He can provide you a house
But never provide a home.
It will make your heart heavy.
And make your heart roam.

Can you find yourself happy
Knowing the honest truth?
That youll be forever truly sad
Without someone to grant you youth.

They say home is where the heart is
And i bet youre feeling homeless
Because the roof you live under
Is making you feel heartless.

But thats okay.
Im homeless too
Because my heart desires one thing
And that one thing
is You.
Honest truth about my situation
Emily 4d
Tender hands and backwards caps
Courteous manors are what they lack
The leave red claw marks on your back
You try to leave but they always track.

So you move on from the last mistake
only this time its worse for their
love is fake.
Almost too much for you to take.
He's dating two others for goodness sake.

You tried your hardest but this ones worse.
Their kiss is like poison a deadly curse.
Your attending your funeral in a blackened hurse.

No matter what you do you cannot leave them.
The roughest, fakest and deadliest of men.
Their love is as bad as 20 times 10.

The men you look for must be the worst kind of
For the worst kind of love is your favorite
Just a random poem :p
Everyone has one.
But everyone has multiple.
I know many people
But I know only one.
Everyone puts on a face for you
and another when your gone.
Pretty self explanitory what this one means
I used to be nice.
I used to be fake.
I used to smile.
I used to love.
I used to hide.
I used to care.
I used to be free.
I was used to being hurt.
I used to give up on living.
I used to believe in their lies.
I used to miss who I once was.
I used to pray that I would forget.
I used to be afraid of being alone.
I used to go weeks without crying.
I used to be human.

But that was a long time ago.
I’m better now.
I promise.
I hope you love it and be sure to comment what you think. And if you liked this one then go check out my other poems!!
She wears a cloak to hide
Only she evades the blind
I and others see her weaseling about
She feeds them false truths with her clout  
They can't see past the facade and the apparition
They can't fathom her true mission

She slithers her words through one ear and bites with a vipers teeth in another
All she wants is to cause a pother
In the end the blind will always fall for her until they take off their blinds
They don't have the courage to break free and use their minds
So they will stay bond
To them she will always remain abscond
This is happening
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