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Skye Jan 19
four thousand drops to
poetry writing is like desert- surviving—
instead it's your mind
and not body
which is tested against
the extreme changes
of (trending) temperature.
popularity = good poetry?

What it takes for a poem to trend
I fail to understand
When you expect the least
It trends and trends
When I am serious and deep
The poem flops like a fish on the deck
May be I "No Poet" category poet!
Erika Dec 2020
i close my eyes
and can’t help but wonder

who had helped Him
create you?

Did Michelangelo help Him design your face from stone and etch your beautiful imperfections into your caramel colored flesh?

Was it Raphael who decided that honey was too beautiful and decadent a substance to be left only for edible indulgence, and allowed you to have pools of golden honey for eyes?

Who better than Titan to pull from the clouds, and the water whom then MUST have pulled inspiration from silk when allowing your skin and hair to be as soft as the robes I wear to bed with you.

I wonder when He called Leonardo Da Vinci in? Was it when he decided that you were going to be beautiful? Or when He decided you’d be intelligent, or when He decided you’d be kind?

I close my eyes and wonder, did they help Him create such a work of art in hopes that you’d be mine?

After all,

I close my eyes

and dream

of those whimsical, renaissance skies.
I hope you enjoy!! I was inspired by the sunset, and the way the colors reminded me of a few of my favorite renaissance paintings!
eve Nov 2020
Your presence
Sends shutters down my spine,
An indescribable feeling
Made of fear and confusing pain.
An overwhelming feeling
Wanting to scream and shout

eve Nov 2020
what gets you through
will always pull you out
no matter how hard
it feels
what gets you through
will always pave a way
for you
what gets you through
will always be there
for you
for what you feel
and for what you are.
MadeleineBarnham Oct 2020
How can a
Dishevelled, dismal person like you
Disown my dismantled heart?
Your dispelling words
Cut through my paper thin heart
like a sharp blade
Running across cardboard
You dispel your dignity
With a bottle of Dezaley

How could I let someone like you
Hurt someone like me?
Your dispiriting mind set
Seems to disagree with
me having to leave you
You’re just no good
i wouldn't say i'm the jealous type
i would say i'm a writer
no one's muse
admiring from afar
hugging walls like close friends
more familiar with the architecture
of disappointing myself
than laughing with others

i wouldn't say i'm the jealous type
i would say i'm a work in progress
withheld on a canvas
half-finished strokes
vibrant in places that matter
dull smudges in spaces
unsure where to go next
traffic jams in my cerebral
creator and destroyer

i wouldn't say i'm the jealous type
i would say i'm an artist
expressing myself in ways
that others can't quite comprehend
but speak volumes of my soul
through more than
phrases things pronouns
breathing is painful
without creating
becoming vulnerable
in a comfort zone
people don't understand
stepping outside of my art
is painful and draining

i wouldn't say i'm the jealous type
i would say i'm ******* tired
Aaron L Osgood Jul 2020
Bless the dead and the dead that’s undead.
Some people rather be that way instead.
Walking around like zombies just useless bodies.
Acting like it’s a trend just clueless copies.
The end feels near or it already is.
Well until then continue your life.
You have more to live and plenty more to give.
Life isn’t easy I understand your logic.
I exit reality and enter my fantasy Marvel Comics.
Yes!, I’m a bit of geek and I strive on week by week.
I listen to music on repeat until I’m in sync.
I’m not talking the 90’s boy band.
More like Eric B. & Rakim, when the music leak.
You can hear them say “Don’t Sweat The Technique”.
Some may not understand me like I’m speaking Greek.
Like everything I write seem too weak.
It’s not up to their standard like a sleek physique.
Don’t judge me because I seem fatigue.
I’m on my own level if you follow the league.
Yup, the words was spoken as I continue to speak.
Let it remain in your head until it’s concrete.
My words all in your head and may it the streets.
Like Diddy, “Proceed to Give You What You Need”.
Forget me not and Yes, I’m a different breed.
DNA from a plantation where my ancestors flee.
I wish I can say they were freed.
The truth is people are ruthless and till this day.
Anger in my soul but in reality I seem okay.
Aggression gets old so I put it away.
I’m more cool, calm, and collective.
I sometimes bend the rules it’s beyond effective.
Don’t analyze me now no need for a detective.
As you read I invaded your life instead.
I’m now attached to you, Zombie life, The Infected.
I know this script wasn’t expected.
So I’ll continue to search for a different method.

I’m just so hungry...I must feed..

More to Come
Maria Hernandez Jul 2020
Mein Leben ohne dich ist so viel besser

Aber mein Lieber, ich habe deine
Liebesbriefe noch einmal gelesen
Es ist so ein kurzes Gedicht, aber es hat so viel Bedeutung und ist gleichzeitig traurig
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