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Seb Tha Guru Jun 5
I’m shady because I want more?

I’m the snake because I chose not to slither?

I wasn’t built to fit in your circle anyway and for years you didn’t encouraged me but laughed when I was “out of shape.”

I didn’t even want the last laugh, I ended all my moves pretty shallow.
I thought the grass was mowed so tell me, how low does it really go?

See from this love village a boy grew a rose from his own soul and soil with no water or seed from his fellow peers.
To only realize, he was prince all along and when he tried to show others the way
They ignored him.

As times goes on, the circle gets smaller.
We will never forget The Marathon Continues.
However, everybody can’t go.
Everybody isn’t built nor ready for this race or this fast pace.

Still painting my pictures perfect, they never needed us.
We couldn’t get inside the doors but now they’re greeting us.

Ash to ashes.
Burning dust til dusk.
Only love we see through the lust.

More than just a poet, these words aren’t enough.
Seb Tha Guru Jun 5
I been trying to find the perfect way to open this.

At the same time, I really don’t think that anyone notices.

Behind these word’s a person that had lost themself and the only thing they could do is run and fight themself for their pursuit to happiness.

A simple man.
No love from his own wife.
Well maybe not in his love language at least.
They can’t even hold a conversation.
Take the *** away, there’s nothing left to lay in.
Debating with himself like everything is a complication.

She’s angry.

Always feeling you’re down and out.
Your outer shell is hard, but inside you’re crying out.
And can’t even find comfort to just talk about it.

Comfort is a thing these days that seems so challenging.
You have to find the middle ground for both of you to balance in.

To find a partner who’s on target with everything you’re missing is inevitable.
Can’t even find a cure or therapy not even using ThereFlu.
I know a lot about it, I been there too.
When the only thing you’ve got is right there staring right back at you.
Surrounded by mirrors.

In a fitting room with hits and misses like target practice.
Only thing you seem to do right is moving backwards.

Fronting for people who don’t have your back.
Nor your best interest.
Especially when they’ve never experienced your position.
This all takes persistence.

And to these, one person beings who swear that they’re so in love, when everything hits the fan how do you stay above?
Maybe you can help the next, or spark their mind to understand that everything starts from your mental and deep within.

So where do we begin?

This love cycle’s something that just happens to us over and over again.

Break the walls.
Your fitting room shouldn’t expose and fragile yourself.

Take that weight off of your shoulders and put it back on the shelf.
Give it to God.
I told this girl she’s beautiful and.
I believe I am suitable man.
The feeling could be mutual.
She’s a cutie too, but what to do?
Sit back and look at that pretty view.
Like the skyline in a city view.
A Memorizing thought I’m missing you.
A Disappearing thought me kissing you.
But that never happened a little mismatching.
Special attraction causes a chain reaction.

So let me imagine this trend is a fashion.
No excuses to expressing my actions.
When you

In my case
Verses switched
The genre

Even I
Do not noticed

I felt that
Signature imprints

When you
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Inspiring Vibes || Soul of the thought
Pagan Paul May 7
A vintage year.

Especially July.

It was the last time

one of my poems trended.

Just a piece of idiocy :)
In the middle of the journey
I was stuck in the creek of the ladder
With a shadow of a doubt
A window ledge
A falling man on the mount
In danger
I had the specs and a major
The abstemiousness drew a couple of circles in rear
The car draws flames in the 70s
The precious simple daddy shake by the fire
Muscle cars blew across burnt charcoal
Close to burned edges of the ride
Society seems to have to joke a lot
Tell your ma and pa that we stand strong
There is a place in this life that holds me to the ground
Annoying as ever now stay in the now as you will need it every time
Every day
Touching upon the real stuff the real high
I was into the masterpiece
Of shaking hands with the devil all along
In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost.
Logan Paul Mar 13

Now that it was a world upside down;
The dull gray hours passed slowly
As if time was on a lunch break;
Everyone soon started to realize
That the world was writing a will;
As if it was on its deathbed;
Civilizations packing their bags
Hoping for a better world;
Little did we know
That soon one day
Hope would come;
Sprouting out of the Earth
As if it was a rocket, flying into space.
Amanda Feb 23
To everyone who has shown support
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
You have no idea what you have given me
Just by reading each work of art

The validation I always yearned for
Recognition for how much I've put in
Have allowed me to realize I do have true talent
Inside my head within

I appreciate every last view
"Likes" and "Loves" even more
When I see a poem added to a collection
It reminds me what I do this for

It feels good to see my writing trend
And end up on the front page
But that doesn't compare to that time I won the daily
Overnight my poetry was put center-stage

Now "Backspace" is up to almost 50,000 views
Far more than I thought I'd ever get
And the number slowly keeps climbing
It's to all of you I owe this debt

To the one who added one of my haikus
To a collection where it was read
And the one who reposted a song I wrote
Or anyone who shared some of my work with a friend

To each follower who looks forward
To every new piece I create
To all who took the time to send me a private message
To thank me for posting and say they relate

What really fills my soul with pride
Is reading the comments you leave
Some people are so kind and positive
Their encouragement hard to believe

If all the compliments are genuine
And the words they type are true
My achievements are the result of dedication
So I owe my success to the thousands of you

This is for those who consider themselves fans
For the spirits I have inspired
For anyone who has been touched by my rhymes
To make an impact was what I most desired

These stanzas are not an adequate way
To express the depth of my gratitude
But I have no money or other assets
So it looks like y'all are *******

Just know that I do pay for your admiration
In the currency of blood, sweat, and tears,
I've spent more time writing than clocked in at work
And I held a full-time job for five years

So this is my display of love
For all you wonderful people I don't know
And the others I do that have offered praise
And watched my skill develop and grow

I will forever be thankful for how you have helped
My confidence and bravery
Because of you I haven't put down the pen
Whenever a reason to live hard to see

You have no idea how much your thoughts mean
On my worst days this is where I escape to
So this is my way of saying I am appreciative
I couldn't do this without all of you
1000 poem!!!! I can't believe how much progress I have made on here. It's been a couple years but I have found more inspiration and motivation here than the previous eight years without hellopoetry. I thank you all for EVERYTHING! Hope this makes all my followers smile!!!
Harley Hucof Feb 7
I can never respect people who take decisions for others,
Omni present child wearing adolecence .

People must never assume they have all the answers
When you play the role of the actors
Idealising philosophies and mystic factors
You judge, aware of your sorrow bearers
And with each sin, a silent look, and a feather
Torn apart to make it clearer
That he whom survives is repressed
While the new trend is depressed
Yet somehow i still picture you in your white dress,
And the voice i talk to you with
Is mine,
but you are not me
So how can i define
The slips and fissures of your subconcsious mind
And thirst to be free.

To each his field and angles
And if hell is heaven
i am still the devil

Words Of Harfouchism
People judge people who judge people who judge who etc..
Em MacKenzie Jan 22
News headlines talk about
people attempting
“The Birdbox Challenge.”
When in all reality,
we are all stumbling through life

And the real irony here
is that,
people are too blind to realize
they are already blind.
Just a thought on the most recent, idiotic trend.
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