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Taylor Apr 2020
moral of the story
is in the end
what destroys me ?
destroy me
and enjoy
watching me burn
as you throw
more propane
on the fire
and laugh
as you walk
destroy me slowly and you seem to savor every piece
I see you in my whiskey
My cigarette smoke has your savor.
And yet you are further away than ever
I'm waiting for you
Even if the sea ruins the poem I wrote you on its sand.
I'll get you, flower of dawn.
Let me water you with love and affection.
Ron Gavalik Nov 2019
Sometimes we crush a bug
in self-defense.
Other times we crush bugs
in annoyance.
However, there are times
when we go out of the way
to step upon a lesser life form.
Such ******* arouses
a sadistic pleasure
we cannot savor or even admit
in civilized society.

–Ron Gavalik
island poet Feb 2020
Savior or Savor

E.B. White

“If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning, torn between a desire to improve (or save) the world and a desire to enjoy (or savor) the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”

you trap me tween savior and savor
and my plans well prescribed on a yellow pad
get ignored and the ignorant fool not cool

the poetry plane is my escape route
but that is now a locked door, saying goodbyes,
can neither save nor savor,
sorry have to return your world weary wise favor

frozen on a verse, a line too far for my composing,
but thanks for alliterating my stuck place
Kewayne Wadley Apr 2019
I love being with you,
Staring into those big brown eyes.
You don't know the effect they have on me,
The way they lure me in as only you can.
With the slightest touch I melt.
All with the simplicity of a smile.
I feel it imperative that you know.
These moments with you I crave.
Every song heard with you instantly becomes my favorite.
The background that increases intensely,
With my tongue against your neck.
You moan heavily in my ear.
Openly expressing more, more.
It's these moments with you
I savor,
Where thought becomes more than reality.
We connect in ultimate ******, both together you & I.
The tremble of your voice breaks the stare, your eyes gazed deep in mine.

Our bodies crave more.
The contour of your back wrapped tight in my arms.

The contour of silhouettes seen through low-cut eyes.
At the slightest touch your deepest desire screaming more
Cradled fast to sleep,
You in my arms
Macgyver Dec 2018
I look back to when I retired
most of life till then perspired
put foot to rear and not get fired
incurred recurring tasks till tired.

Work every day, enduring each
for sixty five years to reach
a one in two chance beseech
one dozen left to enjoy the beach.

Though now there are long naps to take
avoiding chance lest body break
choke down pills and limit cake
extending time for old times' sake.

So retire thoughts that make you wait
make the leap, don't delay fate
take anew each day, each date
moment to savor, cherish, create!
Gabriel burnS Aug 2018
Drooling on my heart
clawing for the treat
those eyes in ambush
lying in uneasy wait
on the brink, sharpened teeth
savoring the foretaste
breathing in the promises
I will not delay
the inevitable

lips all blades
my skin a sea of pins
bristled for the kiss
tongues coiling for the cut
the cold caress and warm
metallic flavor
sweetness in the air calls
******* the shadows
de-scent... the scent... descent
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2018
You look lovely when you wear purple
Even prettier when you wear blue
But the most beautiful color I have seen you wear so far
Is the shade of red you turn when I'm kissing you
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2018
I am so tired of the struggle
Existing every torturous minute on Earth
Want to feel good when I wake up
Look at myself, know my worth.

I want my insecurities to disappear
With me all hours of the day
Tried to abandon them with no luck
Stubborn ******* are determined to stay.

Distort my vision often
Sing fears, remind of the nothing I've become
Watching with glee as I sit in this prison
Search for something to make sadness numb.

A substance to silence my sorrows
Found conflict instead of the comfort I crave
I want tomorrow to carry less dread
Forecast is hot weather, not enough shade.

The Earth keeps on surprising me
How I wish the pain would stop
I miss the days when monsters weren't real
Now my shoulders they sit atop.

The world shakes unstable feet
Each time recovery takes longer
I am beginning to understand defeat
I think about past tears, I get stronger.

Like sun beaming after a rainstorm
I will blaze more brilliantly than before
Confidence shining through open pores in skin
Self_acceptance and forgiveness lighting my core.

I need to change my attitude
Drop bad habits weighing me down
Like leaves shed by Autumn trees
Free myself, let them cascade to the ground.

Mood flips rather quickly
I want control over emotions I feel
I may be happy for a moment but it never lasts
I savor those seconds my smile is real.
It used to be real most of the time. Now its hardly ever real.
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