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Nylee Jul 16
Little by little
every shard of my work
will disappear from this world
and the time will erase
my existence
yet this year I celebrated my birthday
Kyle Jun 12
I don't have much time
I know I'm not fine
Black roses' petals everywhere
Any second I could fall asleep forever
But I'm not afraid to disappear
I'm just scared of not seeing you anymore
I'm scared of you crying
Because I'm dying
If I have one wish before I die,
What would it be?
It becomes soggy and wet
The paper starts peeling off
Flimsy and weak
It starts to leak
The kids chewing around the rim
The teens filling them to the brim
I take a small sip from my cup
In my throat, I feel a lump
Playing with the paper peels that fell off
Under that layer, the paper fibres feel soft
The cup is my only friend here
My vision begins to smear
I wish I could just disappear
Days go by
Rainy days
Depressing days
Grey skies
I live in a hotel and I'm bored
I'm very lonely
I am a lonely girl
I paint, I make music
I try to keep myself busy so I don't end up in depression
Life is hard
Loneliness can be soothing as it can be bitter
I feel like my life is defined by waiting for time to pass
We feel alone but we are not
God is there to strengthen us
That's why we need to pray
Pray because Jesus hears us and is there
He protects us from evil
There is no such thing as evil
It's just demons that want to destroy us
But we must fight them thanks to God
God is in my heart and it's thanks to him that I'm alive today
Pray my child and all your demons will disappear
stop the fire,
leave no ashes,
leave no traces,
leave no calls,
nor letters,
run, before you're one of them,
before I am like them,
go quiet, make no sudden moves,
breath then leave,
before we're equal as they,
they know nothing about love,
nor peace, nor pain,
them, creatures of sins and betray, pure ignorance,
the bloodlust blinds them all,
so leave,
run before they see,
them, the great pretenders.
xavier thomas May 13
Invested my love to you 3 different times
then you ghost me like I never existed?
naw you got this -ish twisted, love

I want a refund
Bugaboo accompanies me
Eversince I lost her
A volley of questions
I have lost the 'key'
Bugaboo accompanies me
To the street I lost the key
There is darkness everywhere
Except only a lamp post
I could see
Near to where Bugaboo is with me
I approach the lamp post
Search for the 'key'
Bugaboo laughs
What are you doing
Street extends from east to west
You search for the 'key'
In small vicinity of lamp post
Listen Bugaboo
Hope is here for light is here
Groping in the dark
I shall be no where
You have given me fears and fears
In the light they disappear
Raven Feels Apr 20
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just a magical night in October that I ache for:}

when the telephone rang and his pleas sang

when the station blurred and the tables turned and the light burst

when he ran for the chase never minding the haze of desperate achieve

when he begged for the day for my beloved stay in the seconds before leave

when he refused to leave in the fight of disbelief in the fear of a disappear

when the stairs he walks to embrace the lots that we missed along the nighty watch

when he saves the gush in a surrender to his touch and an affection to my feels

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