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There was a world, a world destined to crumble and disappear.

In that world was a person, that person was slowly becoming unaware of their surroundings, the only thing they can remember is that they didn't bring any phone or wallet with them. Until BANG. A gunshot rang in their ears, a figure dark and far away from them, their eyes blinking really fast, as they moved their hands to where they felt pain. It felt wet and sticky, they didn't understand why or what, the only thing they knew was that everything was turning dark. Darkness consumed them. Then they were forgotten.

As for the shooter, who had no idea how a gun got in their hands, ran, never looking back. But from above them came a bright light, as slowly as a snail, descending towards them. KABOOM! What was once bright became dark. Darkness consumed them. Then they were forgotten.

The world they lived in was destined to crumble and disappear.
Jeremy Betts Jan 2021
I'm an enigma, a quitter and survivor, a pioneer weary of the change that literally defines the career
In desperate need of a savior or at the very least a lucky rabbits foot souvenir
One to keep me free and clear from the type of bad karma that's over the top severe
I've been thinking I don't belong here, I don't know if it's me talking that talk or the fear
I let it take the wheel and steer, my driving advise from the rear seat falls on a deaf ear
I guess I ain't suppose to interfere with the charioteer, the why isn't clear
Now I've gotta kick it into another gear to commandeer my own life like a buccaneer
This deer in headlights nonsense won't get me anywhere near my "new beginnings" frontier
I lost track of my trail guide mountaineer, forgotten about like I'm the fourth musketeer
The sheer volume of every collected tear almost drowns me at least once a year
Or acts like pavement when I smear across it after falling from the atmosphere
My guardian angel is a horrible puppeteer, seems to disappear when needed most like he's the one with crippling fear
...go figure

Tiny, puffy clouds
were once above my head
My feet were there below,
steady and firmly placed.

I can walk a straight path
with no complications
Even in twist and turns
and a loss of directions

Rarely do I trip
or dangle from the branches
The weeds are growing taller
but facile to remove.

I traveled further
in the long, narrow streets
The constant flickering lights,
a very mysterious aura

I headed straight,
but something made me turn
the clouds were on my feet
I suddenly disappeared.
© Cyrille Octaviano, 2014
Maja May 2023
To be looking for giants
And seeing nothing but dust

Are we going to make our own
And tower over space?

We're too small
I’ve already forgotten our face

I don’t think the weight of our footsteps
Are heavy enough to leave a trace

So we will die
I only hope the ones after
Remember we were here

Welcome to our grave
Hello and Bye
Welcome to our planet earth
This is where our bodies lie
AE Sep 2022
To heal
To lose
In circles
We float

What are we fearing?

You with solemn eyes look to the sun
Lost in its embrace
Wishing to be the clouds
That touch its light and dissipate

"I am afraid that everything I have lost
Will come back and find me
After I have learned to live without it"

And with that, I begin to disappear
We are repeating yet fleeting,
estranged remnants,
together alone.
It was the strangest feeling.
To be married.
To be  chosen.
To share life.
The one place
you are supposed to matter most
only to become a ghost.
To be forgotten.
To disappear
into the wallpaper and tapestry,
not in a woven way
but in a painted to look like it way.
And if you stay long enough,
no longer reflected in their eyes,
you will forget yourself too.
The dissolution of my geography.
My fault lines slowly became riddled with fissures
until one day the area between my *******
collapsed in to a sink hole.
I try to make a point in any relationship not to call names or threaten the relationship. I feel like if something occurs that makes you feel bad then you should talk about it. Things left unsaid create resentment. There are ways to communicate without having to make the other person feel like less. When respect and care are not given it chips away slowly at the other person.
BEK Apr 2022
deep in a stargazing trance
i stumble through the night
in the darkest hour
a star-crossed lover's stupor
bewitched by constellation filled eyes

tangled in star studded netting
and silently screaming
- i am not a frightful nightmare
- nor a heavenly dream
- merely flesh, bones, lungs, heart...

the closing of night
still woven in intricate webbing
the rising sun's warmth
'tis but the scorch of fate's kiss
i shall smoulder and disappear

with perspiring flesh
shivering bones
panting lungs
pounding heart...
jolted awake

'twas but a dream?
Belle Jan 2022
im sad because my brother leaves again in a few weeks and i only saw him twice
im sad because i never had a dad
im sad because i "recovered" and i hate myself more than before
im sad because my medication doesnt work
im sad because i have no money
im sad because im not good at anything
im sad because i have no culture
im sad because people are uninformed
im sad because im sick
im sad because im being invalidated and told to just "get better"
im sad because everything feels like its falling apart
im sad because i have no god
im sad because im lost
i wish i could disappear
i wish i could find a way
to make a way
theres a lot more
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