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Nylee Oct 9
Time will pass
And I'll disappear into mist
it will be too foggy
Never to be found again
Alex Oct 7
I just want to disappear
Or maybe for someone to hear
Or perhaps something to hold dear

But honestly I won't get anything here
Idk i just can't function anymore
tia Oct 4
***** feelings
a sudden need to disappear
let me exist in your heart
but never in your mind
love me and forget me
unoticed and intoxicated
I push everyone away
with closed eyes
and an uneasy state
let the day disappear
into the dark night sky
Unified approach Nov 2014
Crawled my way and became a teen

My childhood disappeared
                     From puberty to adulthood
****....Rebellious days disappeared
Chasing dreams and following career - the fun disappeared!
                                 Volunteered and got married,
And "SHE" disappeared
Walked into a threshold of a new beginning

My past disappeared!!
Isabella Sep 21
A disappointment to my parents
A bother to my brothers
A nuisance to my peers
A burden to my friends
A name to my school
A face to my loves
An enemy to myself
A stranger to the rest of the world
For if I slipped away, at any moment
Hardly anyone would know the difference
The planet wouldn’t notice me gone
The ground wouldn’t miss my steps
The sky wouldn’t grieve my gaze
The blanket wouldn’t mourn my tears
Not even I
Would wish for me to return
Amanda Sep 16
Alone on a chilly night in September
Lost emotions still vividly remember
Sands of time erase happier days
Wondering why so little good stays

When I don't hear from you I stress
Inner storm only tamed by your caress
The weather lately has taken a turn
For the cold my heart holds will always return

Where my footprints fade and yours begin
Moments eternity seems suspended in
With another call straight to voicemail goes
Saltwater teardrops I fight like foes

At war with my own weakness and doubt
Puzzles and riddles I can't figure out
Shadows overtake our souls with shame
Empty and vacant
Demons steal our names

When you disappear I am left neglected
To forgive you comes easier than expected
The tide pulls you out and washes back ashore
Each time I wonder what you even leave me for?
I hate when you dont answer because I dont know if you are with some other girl or dead or what.. sigh.
The sea needs no sirens to tempt me,
but I’d love to hear one—
it’d be an easy explanation
for the disappearance I’m craving.
Nabil Falchou Jul 20
I'm trying to keep up with life
but time moves fast, too fast.

I feel like i'm lost in space
I feel like giving up but i'm not a quitter.

I might disappear but my words will not.
Shadow Jul 18
I want to disappear into the soul of the earth,
To escape and run away...
Away from the human world
Away from the commotion
Away from the ignorance
Away from the crowded shops
Away from the faces that cry pain
Away from the eyes don't see beyond the surface
Away from the voices that bite at your ears
Away from the deeds that **** your soul
Away from everyone
Away from everything
Away from the shouting,
the weeping,
the toxic positivity,
the shallow conversations.
the hollow humans,
I want to leave.
Amanda Hawk Jul 16
Wednesdays are solitary shadows

Stretching across my skin

Imprisoned in this week and you caught me off guard again

Where your smile is a hello and my face is your doormat

Lay you baggage down and welcome in problems

I listen, listen, listen

Until everything floods in with a kiss and I tell you

What you want to hear

Then you fade with Thursday

Leaving a photograph as your calling card

Black and white, we are

And I am left waiting to hear your laughter

Feel your touch

And changing the locks
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