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maybe there is a
reason for
- expectations
Ashwin Kumar Apr 22
Expectation destroys everything
All of you should know that
After all, I am a human being
Not an AI-programmed robot
How much can I manage at a time?
You expect me to work
And aggressively at that
Handling five mandates at a time
When you very well know
That even three is not a walk in the park
You expect me to exercise
When I barely have time to complete my work
And on top of that
You expect me to eat
You expect me to drink
And you expect me to sleep
Like every other human being
Do you even hear yourself?

Expectation destroys everything
What do you get
When you expect too much from people?
Do you really want that?
I repeat, I am a human being
Not an AI-programmed robot
Put yourself in my shoes
And see if you can achieve
What you're expecting me to achieve
Of course, you love to say
That I need to be flexible
Well, I certainly do my best
But you need to know
That, sometimes, even your best is not enough
When you're up against time
Because time is not flexible
And will never be

Expectation destroys everything
I hope you will realise this some day
Because, if you don't
Then it will be your loss, not mine
Until then, here's to expecting
And getting disappointed
Peter Tanner Feb 23
I am in the depths of who knows where.
It is dark, it is cold, it is despair.
I am face up in the pool gasping for air.
I see no stars, I see no moon
There's just the fear that I may go under soon
The void which is darker than the walls,
tempts me to give into its calls.
I hear them echoing in my soul,
then my burdens take their toll.
I reach out in the cold air,
for a helping hand that isn't there.
Then I go under,
to the darkness of my eternal slumber.
A metaphor for the many things in our lives which seem to assail us without end.
no always;
I am,
I will be,
I am,
I try,
no, I do;

What is..?
I know,
i can do

Am I…?
I am,
I am,
I am,
Am I?
I'm a Mountain
I'm a Rock -
I am Everything
That I'm Not

Ain't it funny,
this little show
Of Play Pretend
what You are Not?
© 16/01/2022
For so long I've been sheltered
Trapped behind this wall
How can I be anything
If you never let me fall
Do I like being here?
No, not at all
My spirits died within me
And all I can do is crawl

Ira Desmond Nov 2021
The fruit of
the Pacific madrone
tree may at
first entice you
with its ripe,
fiery, scarlet skin.

But bite into
this fruit, and
you’ll taste an
astringent, gristly pith
with hard seeds
like children’s teeth.

You will know
the foolish feeling
that lurks within
that yawning gap
between sugary expectations
and bitter reality.
ScaryGary Oct 2021
You are the only one who can make you whole, and you can make another whole...expectation is the enemy to satisfaction. And satisfaction is whole...expectation is half a fantasy. Knowing expectation is a half of a fantasy, can make it better. Hang on, this rollercoaster is still going up hill. Those butterflies will come back.
What do you expect?
Everything is alright as long as you're delivering to their expectations
but when you'll fail to deliver so,
The same moment, you'll be taunted and 'll get hates from everywhere,
From them too... who was your so called well-wisher in your good time...

You'll be embarrassed, humiliated and will face unnecessary controversies,
They'll make you feel that you've destroyed your life and nothing is left for the future,
They'll forget your hard works, achievements and all... that you've earned for them over the years,
And will only remember your one bad moment...

They will object even to your smile then...
But don't give them your any single attention or thought,
Just ask yourself...

Every month for a night even the Moon looses its moonlight but does it mean that it will never shine again?
Every autumn, the tree looses its leaves but does it mean that it'll  never be green again?
Every evening, the Sun sets but does it mean that it will never rise again?

You will get your answer then...
Your all thoughts and worries will be vanished,
You will bloom like a new flower from a bud and your good times will come back,
From then, never look back in your life and don't give your thoughts to them who've hurt and humiliated you in your bad times...
To my favourite cricketer... #DAVID_WARNER
We know you're facing hard time... Suffering from a bad cricketing phase... But don't listen to the critics... Just believe in yourself... You'll rise again 😊

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