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Her way is gentler than an early morning breeze.
Her laugh is like the wind passing through the trees.
Her eyes are a deeper blue than the Atlantic ocean.
Her intelligent mind can grasp any notion,
Her lips are red and full like a newly blossomed rose.
Perhaps that is why she's the one you chose.
Akshay Jul 7
You wouldn't know,
How much love I'm holding in my heart for you,
And I'll never show,
Cause I know I'm not made for you,
Though when I feel alone,
It's only you that I want to turn to.
You've gotta let them go.
Konner Jun 8
“i’ll always choose him”
her voice rolled like thunder
the words struck me like lightning
the raindrops falling down my face
as i watch the wind carry my love away.
it becomes too much to bare
i become a storm cellar, attempting to lock my emotions away.
but the storm is too much,
my love for her consumes me like a surfer in the middle of a hurricane.
i don’t know how to control it.
like the waves my mind is slowly crashing
i’m scared, lost, and confused.
i’m in the middle of nowhere, yet i still scream for help.
somehow i see her and we lock eyes.
she becomes a tornado as she wraps me up,
only to leave me worse then when she found me.
for some reason i can’t convince myself to leave her.  
i hold on to the fact that after every storm there’s still a rainbow.
i just wonder if it’ll be you.
Natasha Tai Jun 6
picture the pieces of yourself
that you spent hours picking apart
for every flaw and imperfection
for every blemish, every mark.

double them as plasters,
band-aids stuck to shield the wounds
made by your mistakes,
by your infractions.

they weren't good enough.
sticking to your skin
like leaves off branches,
baring crimson and flesh torn open.
that’s where she was.
but where she is now, is healing.
Rylie Lucas May 22
My emotions are like water
Pouring out of a faucet
They sometimes are
Too hot
Too cold
Too much
Too little
And sometimes, they stop altogether
I'm surprisingly still alive! This is a quick one I thought up. I've been songwriting a lot recently.
Selena May 20
I wore our relationship like an old noose
Because I liked the feeling of the heaviness , the feeling of my breath slowly escaping me
But it was always my fault.
Your words spit fire leaving my heart aching
Your hand print rests on my skin as a reminder that I was wrong.
I apologize that I keep falling apart before your glue has time to dry.
But I’m tired and ashamed
My glue doesn’t want to stick anymore
I have kissed boys
People in between but lately
I’ve been kissing bottles
Their lips are colder than yours
The blade that kisses my wrist reminds me that I’m not alone Because I would rather bleed to know I’m alive then try to pick myself back up for you, but , I apologize for my broken heart.
CTB May 12
Am I not good enough
Will I never have the strength
To stand within your army
Or must I stand beside your enemy?
Could I never be bright enough
To shine as a star
In your lonely night sky
Or must I cloud your vivid days?
Is my hug not warm enough?
My kiss not soft enough?
My love not strong enough?
To be enough for you.

Am I not strong enough
To rest your heart on
When it is too heavy
For you to bear alone?
Is my mind not as good
Or strong
as to lift your thoughts
When they drown your mind?
Is my world not yours?
Can you not breathe my air?
Or do you choose to stay away
When I change it for you?

If I altered my world
Despite the terms
Of my own survival
Just to ensure yours
Would I then be enough
For you to stay?
Could I ever be yours?
The reason for your smile?
The sparks in your eyes?
My loss: your only fear.
Or I am destined to always be
So near and far from enough?
Accent Marks Apr 20
In philosophy
there are two schools of thought
The belief that you can
vs the belief that you ought
I can fully understand
your love as if it were my own
Or without being you first,
your love is alone

I cannot focus
on what either ask to be
The real question is and remains
if either allows you to see
What is the solution here
When you love so much
Holding you in arm’s embrace
Falls short to just touch

I need to feel the cotton mesh
To burrow in your mind
To sit deep inside, climb behind your skin,
That’s the only way you’ll find—
When you whisper
I love you
—My answer
Cannot be just and I love you too
The only way to truly know
is to breathe inside of you

Zack Ripley Mar 30
It's funny.
If there was one thing
people could agree on,
It's that we didn't have enough time.
But now that we have all the time
In the world, we're slowly
losing our minds
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