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Justin 1d
I know
No matter what I say
I can't fix this
I know
There's nothing I can do
To make things right

I'm always looking
Up above
Holding out hope
Leaving room for grace
Wondering if there's a chance
You will forgive me

And even though I'm drowning
In the waves of all my doubt
I try to keep my head above the water
I don't want to sink down to the bottom
I've already been there before

And maybe it's all for nothing
But please believe me
When I say that I'm sorry
I'm sorry for the pain
I'm sorry for the hurt
I'm sorry it will never be the same
I'm sorry things had to be this way

I wasn't the man I was supposed to be
I failed in my beliefs
I compromised everything
I didn't cherish anything that was given to me
I let the world crash in on me

Now that I'm here
Back on my feet
All I can do
Is make the best of this life
The life I owe to you
you told me i wasn’t enough for you
no, you screamed it.
slapped me across the face with it.
not with your words
but with your actions
and i don’t know which is worse.
Emilia B Sep 2
I lost myself for you
There’s nothing I could do
Breathe me in,
like the music you listen to.

I’d give you my love
But even that wouldn’t be enough.  

I’m tired of falling for,
Hearts, that always want more.
a sad word in many ways
we almost had our chance
our chance to finally be happy
not just together but also with ourselves
we almost made it
maybe if one of us held on we would still be together
maybe the  "almost" being in love is what saved us
maybe this almost love story was enough
maybe this almost was our everything
this is one of my favorite writes.  
i hope you love it as much as i do.
please be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Cherish Jul 3
Why is my efforts so transparent to everyone?

Yes, it doesn't seem noticeable
Yes, it doesn't seem enough

But its the small thing that matters.
AestheticAbi May 6
how could you make me so blue
yet have no clue,
how could you make me so happy
and remain to never be tacky

You said not to fall in love
yet, I went above
to call you day and night
for you, I would write

A thousand words
yet I only got about one-third
of your heart
but for you, I would drift apart

From every friendship, I ever
valued, only to realize you could never
Be better
than these letters
I honestly don't even know if this makes sense but yea here ya go
Pyrrha Apr 26
It's a sad thing
To be around so many people
And still not feel
As if any of them care for you

It's a sad thing
To see them laugh and love
And still not have
Enough love and laughter

Left for you
EmVidar Mar 14
I was too tall yesterday
Too loud today
Too hollow tomorrow
Not enough the next

-em vidar
The love I have for you just isn't enough.
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