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David Bojay Jul 2022
too many lies have made me blind

i'm just trying to make myself feel and be better, but i wasn't a great partner.. always two sides to the story

she pointed out things i already knew about myself, i'm not perfect but i try to be patient with myself... if I could I would've rushed the process

i'm worth it, yes... i think... but sometimes it doesn't feel like i'm worth my next breath of air

i've always had an issue with that until it backfired, one bullet turns into 100

right at me, if they were real i wouldn't try to dodge

questioning the "logic" behind these emotions

imaginary weight? but it's dragging me down before the sun rises again

i don't have anything to believe in, i'm not the one for her... is what she's decided

nothing is right for me... after endless mental agony

facts don't make me feel better, but it's good to be honest

always better to be honest... things are **** at the moment

there's nothing to do but live through it again

i was... dumb to think otherwise

they say to step away at first sign, but you always want to try to fight it

for the sake of making things work, even if they don't

i've given up plenty of times, this time it feels like i shouldn't again

when i should, again

here it comes

i get it, i get it


yes i'm flawed... i know... i'm still... growing eww

sooner or later

"just let her go"

it's so simple... she's vanished

and it wasn't meant to be, but i thought she was the one to settle down with afterall

she's hung up on an image, multiples

if it makes me feel better, believe it

she just wasn't into me

just focus.. on living, not just exisiting

imagine loving someone that doesn't love you back

thinking about a certain future that's been taken away

my mind is lost right now.... i'll let it run for a bit until i can catch upppp

dreams unlived

i dreamt about our kids last night and I forgot to tell you

an ending with too many photos to feel alive to
B May 2021
I just need more.
I need one more night with you
because I miss the way you feel.
I miss the way your lips feel so right
The way you make me melt when you smile at me
The way I feel when you send me a message
The way it makes me smile when you think of me
The way it makes me feel when I think of you.
I didn't get enough, so I need more.
I need more butterflies when you accidentally touch my leg
or sit closer to me than I think you mean too
or laugh at my jokes
or whisper to me when our friends are yelling
or even when you look at me like I'm a camera on a tv show.
I can't believe that you make me feel this way.
And I can't believe it's gone.
I need more.
Can I have more?
Can we just have five more minutes?
Serena Mar 2021
Is it my fault?
Told me to give you another chance
Gaining the love, so that you know this could be real
I can't even tell you how I feel
You gave up the love and sealed it as a deal
I did not even agree to give up everything
How could you do this to me?
A month later telling me you found someone
Made me give you love that you didn't even want
I told you everything I´ve been through
Held on to this ****
I thought you could help me make it
The love I gave, then you go ahead and break it
I still smile and act like what you didn't hurt
Affects me more coming from a best friend that I loved
You finding out they didn't
You needed to better yourself
But wasn't the love I gave to you enough
That you had to go ahead and find someone else
Is it because I'm not privileged as people
Can´t go out, so what's the point in loving me?
Is that what you think?
As your best friend, I give you more than enough love
Then any other girl can
You wanted my love
Then you couldn't wait for me
What can that girl do to replace anything of me?
Had me playing your games, leading me in
Falling for your ways, that never should have been
Playing your games
Got me low in the rain
Thinking how you made the biggest mistake
Played me as a fool
You broke me in a way
You hurt me for showing me how you play
Got me thinking you win
I may have hurt you before
But hitting me like this
Is something that can never be undone
Trust me this type of **** isn't fun.
It's crazy how you give chances and then those chances turn into something that never could have been.
Akshay Jul 2020
You wouldn't know,
How much love I'm holding in my heart for you,
And I'll never show,
Cause I know I'm not made for you,
Though when I feel alone,
It's only you that I want to turn to.
You've gotta let them go.
Konner Jun 2020
“i’ll always choose him”
her voice rolled like thunder
the words struck me like lightning
the raindrops falling down my face
as i watch the wind carry my love away.
it becomes too much to bare
i become a storm cellar, attempting to lock my emotions away.
but the storm is too much,
my love for her consumes me like a surfer in the middle of a hurricane.
i don’t know how to control it.
like the waves my mind is slowly crashing
i’m scared, lost, and confused.
i’m in the middle of nowhere, yet i still scream for help.
somehow i see her and we lock eyes.
she becomes a tornado as she wraps me up,
only to leave me worse then when she found me.
for some reason i can’t convince myself to leave her.  
i hold on to the fact that after every storm there’s still a rainbow.
i just wonder if it’ll be you.
Natasha Tai Jun 2020
picture the pieces of yourself
that you spent hours picking apart
for every flaw and imperfection
for every blemish, every mark.

double them as plasters,
band-aids stuck to shield the wounds
made by your mistakes,
by your infractions.

they weren't good enough.
sticking to your skin
like leaves off branches,
baring crimson and flesh torn open.
that’s where she was.
but where she is now, is healing.
Rylie Lucas May 2020
My emotions are like water
Pouring out of a faucet
They sometimes are
Too hot
Too cold
Too much
Too little
And sometimes, they stop altogether
I'm surprisingly still alive! This is a quick one I thought up. I've been songwriting a lot recently.
Selena May 2020
I wore our relationship like an old noose
Because I liked the feeling of the heaviness , the feeling of my breath slowly escaping me
But it was always my fault.
Your words spit fire leaving my heart aching
Your hand print rests on my skin as a reminder that I was wrong.
I apologize that I keep falling apart before your glue has time to dry.
But I’m tired and ashamed
My glue doesn’t want to stick anymore
I have kissed boys
People in between but lately
I’ve been kissing bottles
Their lips are colder than yours
The blade that kisses my wrist reminds me that I’m not alone Because I would rather bleed to know I’m alive then try to pick myself back up for you, but , I apologize for my broken heart.
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