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Emmah Oct 11
I am burdened
With emotions
I don’t want to feel
Don’t know how to deal
With my suffocating heart
My brain tries to depart
I don’t want this to be real

My mind struggles
Under the weight
Of my broken reality
Something’s wrong with me
The blood in my veins
Are filled up with pain
Unfortunate calamity

I am too much
Yet not enough
Beneath waves filled with ****
I drown under the swell
Crumbling under pressure
Can’t escape this, ever
Bottom of a never ending well
The title is German - the literal translation is “life tired”
Shane Rowe Oct 5
The simplicity of my words scare me
The depth of my emotions cannot scratch the surface
A whirlwind of chosen pieces
Fog my mind
I am a ***** to a game
I cannot win

How do I become better
At presenting my passions stronger?
I am weak with the thought of failure
Maybe It's just not who I am
I really tried
But what’s the point of trying if you don’t want any results?
Is there a point of making it if you hate what you made?

Focus on the small things
Focus on the good days
Focus on the count
On your goal
I believe in you
But I don’t want you to believe in me

If what I want is to plant a tree,
Why am I filling up this hole?
‘Cause you told me to?
‘Cause I feel the need to please?

You don’t need me to please
You don’t need to clear your conscience
Don’t worry
It’s okay

There’s no point in fixing something right before you throw it out
Can you take out the trash?

Do I have to do everything myself?
Guess so

I’m sorry
I really tried
But it’s just not me

I just can’t

So take the equation
take LIFE and subtract 62BPM
You’ll find the solution
her eyes glistened
with the light of
a thousand stars.

they told me
she was not enough.

her scars were painted
across her canvas called skin -
each one unique to itself.

they desperately
cried out for help.

her glossed lips smiled softly,
pulling her ****** features
into a jovial facade;
allowing a melodious
voice to fill the air

it said
"i'm okay, thank you for asking."

- v.m
she is incredible and doesn't deserve to feel like anything less. she is you. you are incredible. keep reminding yourself of this until you believe it.
Anne Jul 1
I gave you my heart
Now it’s like art shattered into pieces
Slowly breaking at this moment
It hurts me inside from all you’ve said
‘’You’re not good enough’’
‘’You’re not smart enough’’
‘’You’re not enough’’
Now I have no idea who I am
I’m so tired of disappointing you
What do I have to change inside and out?
To be loved by you
Cause I’ve never been enough for you
I always ask myself
Am I not enough?
just a poem from my past self
Shannon Jun 23
she held the weapon in her hand,

cut open her chest,

and handed him herself.

her heart was torn, willingly,

pulsating in his hand.

he was her life,

he was her reason,

and she handed him hers infront of him.

she was devoted,

she was gold,

she couldn't love another,

only the one who held her heart in their hands.

she asked him to cradle it,

she asked him to care for it,

she asked him to love it, and nurture it.

and so he did,

he hugged it,

and he fed it,

with adoration and love,

but the next thing she knew,

he had played too hard.

he had crushed it,

and bruised it,

battered alive,

she was blind,

she did not realise he had used it,

and lied.

and so he walked away,

after feeling uninterested,

he took her heart with her,

and left her to bleed,

she cried,

she tried,

but it still wasn't enough.

she knew that someday she'd see him,

and it would be tough.
Geanna Jun 22
I think too much
I don't think at all
~ G.P.O
Scarlet Rose Apr 15
Sorry isn’t enough.”

I know.
But it’s all I have.

Maybe it is better to stay silent
Than to give an apology
That isn’t enough.
Nylee Apr 10
not important
not me
not much
not enough
no one
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