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Ocean 7d
I love the things nobody loved
A mosaic of forbidden greys and whites and blacks.
A circle called face with linear figures and crosses all over it.

An untamed dog who scares all walks on three legs and kills with fourth. He never tasted any bread of pity, I never heard anyone call him pretty.

The frail lady who fights alone and fights all, she's never greeted and never greets. They say she carries a gun, they say she trusted someone.  

A frown guy at top of his game, has he his lips sealed? Because he never speaks, but I saw him smile, sometimes, to a particular guy, their fingers always caress, always accidentally.

An unimaginable beauty, with deadly eyes, she's anything but polite. Her words can tear your ears, and I understand her reasons but not the people who call her *****. I wonder if she always laughs because I never saw her cry.

There's a shadow in my room, always haunting or haunted, it never expresses a thing, it, for I can't figure out if it's a guy or a girl, or my beloved lost pet. It sees through me, I see through it, we don't understand each other, but it's always here.

And what I love the most are the waves, which makes beach muddy, our clothes *****, waves which come to shore, to die.
Draven Brass Oct 8
What is expected? Your message is cryptic.
Your help it cuts, it feels so **** twisted.
Two lies and truth, hope lost in a second.
I love you, you're family but I feel so distant.
Spriha Kant Sep 29
Genuine polite and humble men are often misunderstood and tagged as flirty.May be because they are rarest of all the species , I guess.
Heyaless Sep 16
I just realised ,
Never express your feelings .
I just realised ,
Feelings will forever be misunderstood .
When I express myself , i get only heartache not with the words they spoke back ...But with my own expectations that they will understand .
Heyaless Sep 10
I am a open book ,
It's not hard to read me when I pour out my emotions to you .
So when you'll tell me you don't understand me ,
I will never say you have a hole in your heart .
Time will reveal everything . Until then .......I am a open book
Gemma Sep 6
Sshhh it's a secret, I said.
"Of Course I'll never break your trust".
So why did you feel with no good end result,  break it you must?!
Did it feel good?
What did you gain?
I'm struggling to understand, your need to cause pain?
Don't tell me you didn't realise!
You didn't think it through, I specifically said DON'T MENTION THIS, I specifically said that to YOU .
So what was your end game? What result did you want, surely it wasn't just my secret to flaunt?!
Things said in confidence that are relayed back several times over. Chinese whispers but with malicious intent.
NM Aug 23
I'm an open book in a society that can't ******* read.
I give too much, love too much, say too much, do too much...
I hardly know if that's more a blessing, or a curse.

Also given I also have D.I.D, I try my best to help others understand, just to feel not so alienated in life...
But often I still feel silent.
you took my heart
from it’s home
and i consented to it
sure that you could be trusted
with the weight
i was wrong
you began to complain about how heavy it was
you grew weary from holding it next to yours
so you
snipped the ties
and let
f a l l

-Esther Krenzin
It was too much for you
i cried rivers of salt
thinking it would change things
that perhaps they would hear
and comfort me
in the end nothing changed but my
i no longer expected good from people
who had no good left to give.

Esther Krenzin
i could carve the moon
out of the sky
and serve it on a silver platter
but still
it would not be enough

Esther Krenzin
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