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Why is it that I can’t fight this emptiness echoing through me?
I’ve lasted this long,
Sometimes I dream,
What is it like to be free?

To breathe without drowning?
To love without falling apart?
To walk with hopping?
To have a whole heart?

With chains of pain around me,
I spend my days in limbo,
Between death and living,
I’m still trying to let go.

Every person I meet,
Tells the same story
Of how they weep,
And how they sprung to glory.

They always talk too much,
But never listen,
That’s why they’ll never know,
Why my eyes glisten.
zee Mar 14
Her pleas were a song
Continuous, poignant and long
For who would hear her inaudible pleas?
Chained up in a tower, pleading for keys

The tune was a lullaby
No matter how much anyone was to try
The songbird was imprisoned by the immortal agony and revel
She’d made a deal with the devil

Not knowing of his penalties and tricks
She knew what’s done is done and blunders are difficult to fix
Though even to the most oblivious it was clear
That she was to waste the rest of her immortal life in fear

And so, as she seemed to her subjects as mighty and great
Her own verdicts, her foolishness and actions were like a hefty weight
She wore them under her own skin
Incapable to bear her own sin

Her reflection was something she could not see
For all she sought to do was to get rid of its provoking face and flee
Her soul had been sold
For everything around it, was damp and cold

The devil is not someone rational they told her
Alas she did not heed, therefore misfortune she did stir
The contract was inscribed in blood
And now she was a fearful flood

No one heard her soundless cries
And saw her endless tries
No one heard her hushed pleas
And saw her heart freeze

But her soul had been imprisoned in everlasting misery
And all she had was an aftertaste that felt bitterly
The bitterness of life
Had cut into her humanity with a knife

All she ever aspired was to find meaning
Not turn out to be demeaning
Or be the motive people sealed their doors at night

And why men carried guns with fright

She may have been the fiend of the town
With a malicious crown
But all she craved to be was an angel with wings
Though all she did was dangle from the devil’s strings
Sparrow Mar 11
We are all misunderstood
The only thing that changed
is that I care
no more to explain myself
I'd rather remain misjudged
And far, far away.
Yesterday I would have consciously raised my voice as a result of unconsciously raising my temper - to prove to you that you're wrong in what you perceive.
Today, I just want to leave things as they are.
I just want to leave.
Carmen Jane Mar 7
You  just crushed one of my wings
You say it doesn't even bleed
That on my scapula it still clings
You don't see the wrong you did.

You point I still have the other one,
And I should even dare to fly!
I should not cry, since I am not fun,
New wings surely  we'll find to buy...
Aleah Feb 22
On nights like these,
You make me fall to the floor,
Dragging my body,
Just to get to the door,
You hover above me,
I don’t know what to do,
You gaze into my eyes,
And I feel anew,
You intrigue me,
With your tender ways,
I hope that finally,
This is how everything stays,
But here I am,
Crumpled on the rug,
My body unmoving,
The feeling hit me like a drug,
I showed you the pieces,
I was afraid to show before,
You opened me up,
Then you locked the door,
My nails worn down,
From clawing at the wood,
I never meant to be this way,
I wish you understood,
My love for you,
Is a sinking hook,
Lost in the ocean,
And you will never look.
vera Feb 19
how do i describe the feeling of that january morning? the serenity of the cool air nipping at my skin, while the chilled lake water rocked the wooden dock beneath me. i took the peaceful walk from the house to the lake barefoot. the coolness emanating from the cobblestone seeped into the soles of my feet.
      i walked down the winding pathway and allowed my eyes to scan over the greenery that flanked me on both sides. tulips and lavender flowers blooming in the cold air. mulch filled the area around grass and flowers, keeping them protected and safe. bees kissed flowers and mingled as i strolled passed. how beautiful and tranquil a scene i was honored to witness.
      i dragged ironically eager feet over wobbly brown planks on route to the dock ahead. i felt water sway aggressively beneath my feet as a boat raced past the dock. a glimpse of a small hand waving graced my vision with the passing of the boat. my balance fumbled, but my mentality stayed steady. when i finally lowered myself onto the wooden box on the edge of the dock, the warmth of my coffee finally began to soak into my palms.
      my eyes continued to glaze over the scene before me, and for the next few moments, i felt the serenity of the universe consume my entire begin. after sixteen years, a moment of fulfillment. finally at home.
      the sun sent droplets of his sunlight down to caress the lake and offer her the gentlest of kisses. the droplets glistened off of the lake´s ripples and flirted with the water. they danced and bounced upon the lake until she shone so brightly it was hard to look directly at her. as the two became familiar, i felt the sun retreat. his light slowly faded away and his kisses disappeared all together.
      as the hours passed and he was seated back upon his throne, the lake was left empty, deserted. her sadness did not go unnoticed, the wind understood her pain, so she picked up and pulled us both out of our trance.
      the lake was offered the kinder kiss of the moon, and she accepted. the fainter light and the lighter kisses became what kept her whole. there was a air of mystery surrounding him and the lake soaked it up. he became her new lifesource, she found something that kept her going.
      me, i received my sustinance from writing this poem.
- based on a true story
I don’t think
You fully understand
The things I go through
You can’t
It’s impossible
Please don’t say
that you do

I don’t think
You can comprehend
The feelings I’m feeling
You can’t
It’s impossible
Please don’t say
That you do

I don’t think
You can fathom
The darkness in my mind
You can’t
It’s impossible
Please don’t say
That you do

I don’t think
You can imagine
The depth of my despair
You can’t
It’s impossible
Please don’t say
You wish you could
Nathan Feb 4
I grew up in the midwest
Listening to my favorite emo bands
Like American football and tiny moving parts
I tried showing you these bands, but you never gave me the time of day
Saying how one direction is better than anything I listen to

My parents say they’re worried
About how I handle my life
Mom, dad, I’m fine
You just don’t understand (that’s cliche)
How I feel
So ill just close my bedroom door
And put on “Your favorite weapon”
By brand new
For the fifth time that day

Ill destroy every picture of us
Except for the one we took together
At your parents backyard barbecue
We had a good time, but
you were flirting with the next door neighbor the entire time


Not to be mean, but you should go
Not to be mean, but you should go
It hurts me as much as it hurts you,
But trust me, you should really, really go
Josh Feb 1
What is locked away
Can't be found,
Even though, it's right there for you to see
Transparent tranquility in my breath,
Makes you think we are the same,
Even though we share this world, this space, this air
I breath different than you,
I do on purpose
These lines,
Intricate, like the ones on my palms
This is how we are different

Raw realness,
So potent it's almost putrid
Symmetrical syntax,
So exact, it seems divine
A shuffling stream of words fluid to a song,
Yet, alien to you
This is how we are different
What is bound to my soul,
Is invisible,
To you
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