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Jellyfish Dec 2023
My family doesn't reach out to me,
All weight is on me to say hi.
If I talk too long, outbursts can occur
Contradictions leave me at a loss for words

They want a relationship with fiction,
An image; or story they see me as.
I used to try to fit the frame they made
But doing that lead me down a bitter path

Now I try to accept the reality,
Who I am inside is not enough for them.
When I'm myself, I recieve lots of judgment
Or comments that I don't understand.
Mrs Timetable Dec 2023
I was never jealous of you
I was jealous of the people
Who were blessed
To be near you
"Im so jealous".. One of those things that can be expressed a certain way but also misunderstood
xavier thomas Sep 2023
Sabotaging your own relationship speaking nonexistent problems
that becomes problems later on

Shame on you
You became a whole
brand of
selfish deeds
They don't understand, no they don't
It's not that high, maybe from where you are
From the hole that I'm in, it is
It's not just the height, it's also the depth that I'm in

They don't understand, no they can't
It's not that deep, yes, from your comfort it's not.
It's so deep and dark I can't see the supposed ladder Infront of me
They don't understand, maybe they will never .

Maybe it's all an excuse, maybe it's not that deep
Maybe it's not that high and I can reach out
Maybe my hands aren't that crooked that I can hold on
Maybe my feet aren't that broken that I can stand and walk
Maybe my heart isn't shutting down
Maybe I'm not drifting out of consciousness.
Maybe just maybe I'm not dead

Stay positive you said
                                         This copse lives
Hayley Cusick Dec 2021
Fog seeps through every inch of me
Distorting my views of
Cleansing me of each thought of
These bleak misunderstandings of
Because it was really never actually about
#1 publication rejection
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
I'm just scribbling in the wind
Babbling to dead trees
I wonder why I even begin
painting portraits no one sees

I'm just spitting into a void
Barely whispering from a well
I wonder if anyone hears my voice
It's becoming hard to tell
GQ James Sep 2021
A man can't help but keep it all together,
You can't see my pain,
Because i don't show it,
That doesn't mean i don't have any pain,
I suffer each and everyday,
But i will always smile and laugh thru it all,
I keep my emotions hidden away,
They can't be found but they haven't drowned.

Don't be fooled by strength,
I am human and i feel as well,
I just can't show no sign of weakness,
I will remain strong even through the pain,
Those tears be shedding inside me,
That's why you can't see my tears,
Best to believe i be going thru it daily.

Don't be alarmed if I'm laughing and smiling,
I finesse the pain with laughs and smiles,
Many don't know what I'm suffering with,
I tackle my problems and fears on my own,
It be overwhelming at times,
But that's the only way i know,
They be telling me to talk to someone,
But I'm not into talking about sh*t,
I have my own process.

To understand me,
You have to understand my life,
You have to walk in my shoes,
You have to wear my clothes,
You have to be in my position,
You have to be in my head,heart,spirit and soul.

I'm misunderstood you could never understand,
My life isn't your life,
We have lived totally different lives,
Don't compare my life to your life,
I won't compare my life to yours.
My Dear Poet Aug 2021
I picked a grape, from a cluster at a deli
you know…to sneak a taste before I buy
A lady scorned, “yuck, ain’t that dusty?”,
and ******* her face like I was going to die

“Hey, what’s up?”I said “I gave it a rub
and I’m not going to buy unless I try,
a lick with my lips, is as good as a scrub”,
and I gave her a wink of my eye

But she wasn’t impressed by my address
and was weirded out by what I meant
She quickly called the police for my arrest
and accused me of sensual harassment

When the police arrived at the crime
I quickly swallowed the pips
For a pinch of a grape, I’m paying no fine
no matter what she claims I did with my lips
Everything is so misunderstood, even though no one is really innocent
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