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Rickey Spence Mar 12

Retreating shadows, the night has lost
Victorious day, but what is the cost?
The trees leave their leaves around
In piles here and there on the ground
The cold air stings my lungs and my face
And my numbed bones become like a brace
The black of night turns greens to yellows
The lack of light is poison the world swallows
Blue skies slowly give in to the grays
Low clouds with white flakes and dark haze
It’s daytime now, but what did we lose?
The night has left us bitterly bruised.
I S A A C Feb 7
lustful and untrustful
screaming matches and rebuttals
worn out muscles and tear puddles
but what did we win, cards caving in
whichever way you try to spin, swan song on the violin
whichever play you do, your eyes get under my skin
I can see the hurt, the guilt, the shame
I tried to heal, build, and begin
again and again, return to my zen listening to Gwen
escape to my four white walls and write songs
each melody washes away the pain of yesterday
each harmony bringing back the colour to the gray
lifeless self I let my body become
dancing to the beat of my own drum
Zoe Mae Feb 2
The Moon has had her fill this night
Her belly swollen with stolen light
Seems as though she's swallowed the Sun
Her descent into madness merely begun
Now we have neither night nor day
Just a never-ending melancholy cycle of gray
Evey Emery Jan 31
I've seen people
With beautiful eyes
Eyes the color of
Bright blue skies

I've seen people
With elegant eyes
Eyes so deep brown
You'd almost drown

But their eyes
So undeniably divine
Eyes so perfectly gray
You'd let the light fade away

Eyes that remind me
Of every cloudy day
Where every worry
Was washed away

Eyes that glimmer with every glance
Leaving you with no chance
To hide the blush that
Performs a rosy dance

Eyes that
When in trance with mine
All my problems
Fall out of line

Eyes that comfort
No matter the time
Bring peace to mine
You see the writing, the truth in life,
Behind the painting of joy, none can say.
An empty room, a seat wherefore to write
Things that come to mind in full light
Are burnt by the light of the world's day.

You feel like you're going to pop,
Hold on it's quite the same as when you
Were a kid, you're just watching empty
Drama and behold, after all you're just a 'clay mold,'
This is the rest of  your life. Do as you're...

No going back, you see the clock count
The endless hours of one meaningless
Waste of natural beauty as it will someday decay.
This is all that's too come, soon at least they will
Earn a fortune in time, all that's left of the sun
And the stary night 'Ashen Gray.'
Sergio Gonzalez Nov 2021
I dream of you every night
I loathe the sun rise
For my time with you
Is gone when I open my eyes

You talk to me
As if I’m the only one in the world
The skies are gray
But my world is blue when I’m next to you

I want you  
Like the forbidden fruits
Our forbidden love
Will never make sense
To the fools who judge
What they never understood
Brandon Amberger Nov 2015
When I look into my reflection
I stare at every imperfection
I appear broken, even shattered
All of me in bits and pieces scattered
From the lack of understanding and compassion
These human instincts were once in fashion
Unfortunately greediness, laziness and corruption got hold
Our society became bitter and cold
Where we have this need to conform
Too afraid to practice a passionate art form
Instead we are this predictable bleak gray
Just waiting to die and decay

So I say...
**** THAT! I'm living my life, my way!
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