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Bailey Sep 26
I look up
My blue sky
Turns gray
Look down
My green grass
Goes gray
Look forward
As my soul
Drifts away
And my world
Turns gray
NR-MAN Sep 16
This planet a palette

Its people shades of gray

Not separate, but

Apart I'd contrast hue

Man now knows variety
GreyEyes Aug 19
Shaken awake within these sounding walls
The stars no longer shine and night falls
In this place time is endless
Once again I am completely restless
Tired I am not
Simply trapped within this thought
This place remains unknown
But I feel so at home
Lack of emotion crowds this hallow room
This bed is my waiting tomb

This ambience is as empty as this skin
The lights only growing dim
Fully immersed in this devastating calm
In failure I must be a paragon
Everything here is a reflecting grey
In this unfading void I lay
Nothing exists beyond This
From waking life is there anything to miss?
My voice is left unheard
Is it here I will discover my worth?
Gabriel burnS Aug 28
lead rain
the prison bars of gray days

spinning the umbrella propeller
mercury people blend in

but it’s not what we’re all made of
roumen Aug 17
Sky is crying again...
Moon is not yellow tonight..
Next morning is cloudy..
Life is passing by slowly..
Time is sleeping ... that is why...
I can't hear you..
Are my dreams gray as well..?
Are they empty..
Without you..
Door is opening..
Are you coming?
Maybe tomorrow..
I am Holding the time..
...For tomorrow..
This summer, I peeked
under my bed
and dusted off the ghosts
of the past.
I took them out in the sun
and hung them out to dry.

Surprised the stench leaked
this far into my living. And instead
of looking under my skin,
I pondered on how long this blunt would last.
Burned my fingers
and scorched my shirt pocket fry.

During my coma,
I ran the halls of the sky.
Shirtless against the precipitation of life,
I came upon clouds
that were puffy and white,
black and charged,
and gray with strife.
nothing is purely white, nor purely black
but a shade a gray that you must unpack

work in progress. always open to feedback
I see the world as black and white,
Everything has its place.
But when I am in your presence,
My vision turns to gray.

My perceptions - off,
My morals - lost,
My heart, a blur of emotion.
My mind, like a deep chasm, wide open,
Tumultuous and raging like a stormy ocean.

And you cause all this commotion.
df Jul 16
when the dark skies were here
the words wrote themselves
from the blood pouring from my veins.

now the blue skies are here,
the hot days are now,
as a result the blood has dried up.
the words have gone with the clouds

maybe this is the time to focus on the blue skies
and not the gray skies that once were.
hey, hey, hey! I've been gone, huh? my sadness has been so much better. unfortunately I found it so much easier to write when there was so much turmoil inside of me. but I'm gonna try to stop waiting for my next downfall, and the fear of getting bad again. I will try my best to find new words, words that come from these blue skies.
my therapist committed suicide thursday.

it was our thursday, but it was before our 3 o’clock.

she kept yellow carnations in her office and it always smelled like lavender.

she wore red rimmed glasses and an easy warm grin, that made you feel okay.

her voice sounded melodic and helped you find lyrics that you lost inside yourself.

my therapist committed suicide thursday.

her secretary started calling when she missed her 7 o’clock. she’s never late.

there’s a photograph on her desk from her wedding day, and she’s been with her wife for 15 years.

she lost her mother to ‘side effects of too deep empathy’ (feeling the world too deeply), she didn’t call it depression.

my therapist committed suicide thursday.

her wife answered at 9 o’clock to say “i’m terribly sorry, but she blew out her pain.”

she wrote a letter that simply said “i’m sorry, i lost my sunshine, and you know i can’t stand the gray.”

she told me to live vividly, wildly, unapologetically, so i will never be subjected to plain.
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