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If I listen quietly
past the creaking of this cave
I hear a monster, violently,
digging its own grave.

If I wait a minute more
Its tears will fade away
And all that's left is ****** lore
A monster steeped in gray
(I miss Rian)
Under your gaze I was lovely
Like the bright sun rising over the gray clouds
You filled the sky with shining stars above me
You promised me there was no doubts

But now your arrogant boasting crushes me
I become so insignificant and small
Like a blade of grass flattened by a falling tree
Now I don't recognize you at all

The insults and jabs are plenty
Though you search for those old stars
But my night sky is black and empty
As is my shrinking heart
Who decides what’s right and what’s wrong?
How do we distinguish what to do in a tough situation?

Overwhelmed as our brain floods with water,
Mixing the black and white
Into a gray,
We can’t find the answer
Because there simply is no answer.

Everything is just gray.

We blindly choose,
Hoping for the best,
But little to our knowledge,
Based of this choice
A ripple begins,
And slowly spreads through the pond of our life,

Simply growing larger
And larger
Spreading further
And further,
An unstoppable force,
Continually altering,
more and more

Until the whole pond becomes
yosemite Jan 15
i wear the same thrift store jeans everyday
and everyday she’ll laugh and say
that my archaic woven belt sits right above
that huge hole hovering above my wallet
and whatever colorful shade of gray
underwear i wear that day
will reflect the cool nudes in her gibbous eyes
and i’m just happy she’s talking to me
$1.99, calvin klein, light blue
CM Lee Jan 11
I am burnout
Have nothing to talk about
Each minute my mind racing with doubt
But nothing seems to come out of my mouth

Today, I don’t have anything
Not a single idea I could bring
My heart is so numb there’s not even a sting
Maybe it’s better off to be just stopping

I know I don’t have enough talent
But this is the only way I can vent
To help my soul slowly mend,
Writing became my only friend

I wish I had more words to say
But my head is still swimming in gray
I need my mind to fly away
Because maybe then, my body will decide to stay
John Copello Jan 2
i forget how to feel
i used to feel so much
it was beautiful

i trembled with pure anxiety when i dreamt of the future,
now i am empty

whether it was about my future career, love, or just the vast universe itself, i always felt present and in the moment,
now i am empty

i cannot connect
i can't feel that spark in everything that i once had
this was my rock that kept me grounded, stopping me from flying away into orbit

i thought i finally put to rest my own creation that haunts me
but yet, it still lives through me, every day now

this creature is a parasite
it has been with me for as long as i can remember,
stealing my emotions,
still, i am empty

i used to be a rainbow in a world of gray and now i feel like the gray in the world of color
teach me how to mend myself together again to be able to feel anything at all
even if its pain,
i just want to feel something
Amaris Dec 2018
all i see ahead
is shattered glass
dense gray fog
ice cold stares
scars upon scars
colorless sights
empty sidewalks
forever and always
I have a companion
         And definitely not a human person
     It hates me when I'm happy
      But glorifies me when I'm forlorn

           Well, I prefer to be a despondent
      At least I have a friend
         Supports me in every aspect
           But not on a delighted moment

        I wanted to be happy
        But I'm afraid my friend will left me
         I am all my friend has
       And same as thee

    So I guess I'm stuck with the friend I got
      Both hating the world
        Can't say we'll live happily ever after
      'Cos my friend will be mad, remember?
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