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wizmorrison Dec 2020
I'm dead but alive,
Some people buried me
Behind the graveyard;
They destroy my name,
Now what happened to me?
I'm walking naked,
I face people without a head.
From Coffin Of Thoughts
wizmorrison Dec 2020
He grabs her pulse,
Pushed his long sharp nails
To her chest,
Pulls out her beating heart;
She's screaming for help
But he just left—
She thought that he loved her
But look at what happened to her,
She's now cold and alone,
Can she find her way back home?
From Coffin Of Thoughts
Yhinyhin Tan Jun 2019
Everything beautiful
             I showed to them TRANSPARENTLY.
Everything hideous
            I intentionally UNDISCLOSED to them.

           Brutally following
           The TREND of this world,
     But their JUDGEMENT continues
           As if I transgressed
           The DOMINION of the kingdom they ruled.

All I ever wanted is to be ACCEPTED
       All I ever needed is to feel the LOVE,
              but this world DENIED my EXISTENCE
              and they marks my life BELITTLED.

They UNDERSTAND only my songs
       and HELPLESSLY UNHEARD my inner voice.
      They APPRECIATED only my talents
       and couldn't see my TREMENDOUS efforts.

I might have the FAME,
           the WEALTH and the POWER
           But still my soul longs for
           PEACE, FRIENDSHIP and a LOVER.
    Inside of me was full of INSECURITY,
          ANXIETY and SELF-PITY
          and SHOOT! I CAN'T TAKE IT NO MORE!

The AFTERLIFE awaits me,
              Maybe there, I can find SERENITY.
       A place where no people to please,
              No more hurting feelings
              And geez! No more of me

As the night begin to passby
              I could finally get some REST.
        To all perfectionist out there,
              be GLAD, cause you won't see either
              hear me anymore, ADIOS!

Written by: Yhin2x (Ate Yhin)
All right reserved © 2019

© posted on my wattpad account @ Yhin2x
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I am Patience and I am Pain,

I am tribulation and trials,

I am horror and I am happiness,

I am not myself, nor I wish to be so.

I am as existence is,

And so I wish to be peace,

I wish,

And I am.
Written on 04-28-2015
Jasmine dryer Oct 2018
ok i'm not sure how many of you all know this but even though hellopoetry is my main writing outlet because its AMAZING but  i also write stories. one that i'm working on right now is a psychological horror fiction. that goes along the journey of young 7th grader Jamie Magil.

this is going to be somewhat of a real story as well, with reader having to fit pieces together and different websites they'd have to go through.

if you like that sound of this please click his link to keep up with this story which turns from incorrect journal to the diary of a broken lovesick child.****-you-middle-school
i hope you all give this book a shot! it will be worth your time
Ari Nurzulaikha Dec 2017

I'm not Alice,
How could you call me that?
Although I could speak to animals,
Doesn't mean I'm that Alice,
Your Alice as you say it;

I'm not Alice,
Could you stop telling me that?
I'm trouble and a mess,
If I'm Alice I'd be lively,
And spread happiness that once gone;

My Alice, Our Alice,
People always said that to my face,
After I moved in with you,
And they saw me talking to the animals,
It weird me out so much;

I'm not Alice,
I couldn't save you,
I hope your mother happy with me leaving you,
Leave me with your disease on me,
And maybe we'll be together after this;

The street are cold and *****,
But my companion keep me warm,
It will always be animals helping me,
Because I cannot take care of myself,
I don't care if I'm that Alice people talking about,
For me that Alice has gone,
At the time you pushed me away.


(for more, please read it on

Did u know? When I write this poem, I cried thousand tears. I dreamt as if I was that Alice and she didn't have happy ending in my dreams. Its so sad and hurt to be in her place. I cannot help but continue to cry after I wake up from this dream. I asked myself; 'Why did I have to have a sad dreams?' Because I always have sad dreams each night I sleep peacefully.
JayneDoh May 2017
Hollow and empty within
Scattered leaves, on crimson ground
Horror waiting to begin

Closed door, cracked and chipped
Building from a ruin
Beating, bleeding, ripped

Screams shatter the silence
Inside the mind, they rage outwards
Dwelling and feasting on violence

The evolution of agony
Sinister but regal I reign
Waves on contempt wash over me

Who am I, you say
I am the abyss
And this is the only way
Vii HunniD Dec 2016
Am I an apperception?
I got "someone" who needs me in her life,
I got "people" who need me six fit under,
I am an ambitious person so...
They dislike me for my ambitions...

Am I the chosen "one"?
I pray everyday when I wake up and before I sleep,
Including everyone who's important to me...
I see things that happened when I wasn't there,
I see things that will happen before they do
Sill not going to church, yet...

Am I who I am?
Is What I see in the mirror an illusion,
Or pretentiousness...
Do they dis/like me for my fractal expression,
Or something else unknown...
Am I an appreciation to this world?
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