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yıldız Feb 9
[...] like a moth that would do anything to reach its light, here you try to break the distance between you and me. Like a moth blinded by the beauty of the light, unaware of the harm the light could do to it, here you fight for our love.
you Love i
Mrs Timetable Jan 10
I wish you could see
The depth in me
The strength in me
For you...
I think you see the
Weakness in me
Because the weakness
In me
Is for you...

I want you
To know
tryhard Dec 2023
one of my biggest fears,
the thing that i dare not touch—

and yet, somehow
my fists are bloodied,
my grip bruising

i did deign to hope
held it between my hands:
the fragility of wanting

do not let them see me
here, vulnerable, soft
on my knees

praying or begging,
i may not know
all i know is this:

i have found hope
and it is cruel to me
but i am not letting go
in prose: i am afraid of hoping for things because what if they don't turn out the way i hoped for? but i want to hope, nonetheless. happy new year!
Haylin Dec 2023
I'm sorry to hear about the difficult experiences you've had to endure. It's understandable that the fear and pain you felt at a young age would have a lasting impact on you. It takes a lot of strength to trust yourself and listen to your inner voice when those around you have caused you harm. And it's not easy to carry the weight of grief and brokenness within you.

But I'm glad to hear that you found solace in words and were able to use them as a tool for healing. It's amazing how writing can help us connect with ourselves and the world around us. It's inspiring to see that you were able to break down some of those protective walls and allow yourself to live in the present moment.

I want you to know that you're not alone and that it's okay to feel vulnerable and fragile sometimes. You are brave and resilient for continuing to listen to your heart and your inner voice, even when it's hard. And I hope that you continue to find ways to express yourself and connect with the world in meaningful ways.
l i z a Dec 2023
At times I wish I didn't care
and didn't feel anything too deep
but if i refused to care at all
I wouldn't be here, I wouldn’t be me.

Many things I see, I find pre-defined
A darkness is left, the kids aren’t alright
Yet within the chaos, the shot of hope gleams
A chance for redemption, before the final dream.

My love unveils both joy and sorrow
A kaleidoscope of emotions for today and tomorrow
Even in depths of despair, resilience rises
Shadows and trials end with silver-lined surprises.

To feel deeply is my way to truly live
A tapestry weaves the stories I have to give
For even in shadows, my light does grow
My heart guides me to what the truth knows.

So I seek to embrace the highs and lows
Through my rivers of tears, a garden grows
In vulnerability, I find a reality
Worthy of bonding with all humanity.
Meg B Jun 2023
Loving you is the smell of the rain
Fresh. Life sustaining.
Sweet droplets dripping on petals
Blooming in spring.

Loving you is breath catching in my chest
Overwhelmed and afraid
Because it’s so good I fret
The concept of ever having to spend
A day of this life without you in it.

Loving you is the depth of
The sea
So vast that even its
Contemplation is greater than is
Humanly conceivable,
The feeling of warm salt water on
Tanned skin,
Sounds of
Crashing waves,
loving you is a perfect summer day.

Loving you is a rocket to outer space
Lost in the cosmos
I’m living amongst the constellations
Draped against
The Milky Way;
Loving you,
Being loved by you,
Looms larger than this world.

Loving you is the most
Beautiful terrifying expansive
Life-altering mind-blowing unimaginable
That I never would’ve dreamed of finding
Let alone deserving.

Loving you is absolute magic;
Because you are absolutely magical.
xavier thomas Feb 2023
I’m not afraid to lose you in the process of us becoming better people.
I’m not afraid to tell you the truth even if it hurts a little.
I’m not afraid to compromise time in exchange for peace.
I’m not afraid being vulnerable, though, I’m automatically viewed as weak.

All past doors were sealed.
So nothing will interfere.
Work to take proper care to be in the presence of a new journey.
So natural growth can bloom there.
Right before we got together.

Yet, I catch myself overthinking during crucial conversations because I don’t want to mess up.
Learning to give room for human error.
Despite it all; I am still in love with you…

You, my love, You
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2023
Should I hide complex emotions from you?
Pull out my heart to bleed on the floor
Promise me you'll keep it safe
Even if lacking qualities you are searching for

Feeling faint
I count imperfections
Sincerity leading my voice
One by one petals plucked proving patience
Each dripping with the stubbornness of my choice

With darkest intentions harbored
The silence sins subtly cast
Trust no words besides memories
Carry lessons from the past

I will not reach out for your hand
Close to an honest profession
Bite my lip in anticipation
Peeling off skins
Battling confessions

The planet quiet for a brief instant
Coming apart under gaze
Breathing in moisture from feelings shared
Love set on fire
Cloudy haze

In clutches of uncontrollable desire
Caught by attraction attempting to hide
Life ripping apart with ease
World determined to wholly divide

I must be foolishly enchanted
Have to break the spell
Breathing is raspy and ragged
Can feel my windpipe swell

It's up to you to save my soul
Chosen to make the call
Hate how you let me suffocate
You loathe my newly built wall

I'm afraid to show I am vulnerable
I put on a frigid act
Although needing you close to me
Never let you know that fact
It ***** feeling exposed
xavier thomas Dec 2022
I’ll lead the way just follow my move
I’ll provide you with care
You called me to rescue you
Hold on to that prayer

Just be all mine…
Just be all mine…

Follow me straight to the heavens…

No more baggage, ok?
Don’t carry that weight
You’re afraid it’s ok
No more drama nor running
I’ll lead the way just follow my move
Provided with care

I’ll show you how deep this love will be…

I’ll lead the way, follow me
I’ll provide you care
You called to rescue you
Just hold that prayer

No baggage, ok?
Don’t carry that weight
You’re afraid it’s ok
No more drama nor running, uh

No baggage, ok
Carry no weight
Afraid, it’s ok
No running away

I’ll show you how deep love will be…
I’ll show you how deep love will be…
Hold that prayer

No baggage, ok
Carry no weight
You’re afraid it’s ok
No drama today
Don’t cry

No baggage, ok
Carrying the weight

No baggage today
No baggage today
No baggage today
No baggage today
No baggage today
~Inspired by one of my favorite 1992 singers~
JR Taveras Dec 2022
And despite the swelling and bruising,
We move forward
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