The best thing about being intimate with someone else is the fact that you are at the most vulnerable point in your life and you just let someone dive into it without hesitation. As an introvert, I have a lot of boundaries when it comes to interacting with people and as you can see, I only let a few people that are able to push forward into the inner circle of friends. You are the only one who is able to push it even further, creating another circle that is even closer than those I call as best friends.

For me, being vulnerable is expressing the thoughts and feelings that you keep to yourself to someone you trust deeply. I tend to keep things to myself because I am afraid of what people might judge about the way I think or feel. It is actually tiring to hold everything yourself and pretend that you are ‘normal’ to the social norms, but having someone you trust deeply helps you to relax and let loose of yourself without being afraid. You have proven yourself to be that someone.

Jakarta, July 7th 2018
Raven Brewer Jun 2013
I stand before you naked and bare,
Vulnerable and scared
With trembling hands, and shaky breath
Because you gingerly stripped me
Of the armor I had long ago melded to my being.
You carefully untied the intricate knots
That had tangled my chaotic mind.
You skillfully unfastened the clasps,
Which held together my crippled heart.
You watched as my insecurities
Fell to the ground in a pile around my ankles.

I stand before you naked and bare
With trembling hands, and shaky breath
Because the impassioned stare your eyes posses
Pierces the façade that I had shrouded myself with.
The softness of your caressing lips
Comforts the exhaustion of fleeing love.
The heat of your searching hands
Melts the ice that encases my thoughts.
The pressure of your firm body
Pushes away the worries of acceptance.

I stand before you naked and bare
Because your love has set me free from myself.
Ice cold love
Is love without passion.
Love is that warmth
The warmth that melts the snow
Around our hearts.
Being lonely?
It’s like being caught in a blizzard
But everywhere else is so warm.
Sometimes though...
Love is being cold with someone else.
Because someone you love
Is so vulnerable
But you’re vulnerable with them.
sara 3d
My heart is whole
but it has sharp edges.
It got wet on my sleeve;
now, it hangs from my necklace

-round like a pendant; hurt hangs
round my neck with a vengeance:
like a lighthouse on a dark night,
blinding sailors, offended.

It draws them in like a siren's call,
but the sky bleeds red at the first sign of morning.
The captain is certain he'll lock land at dawn
but does any type of siren sing its song without a warning?
Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning; red sky at night, sailor's delight.
Shantel 4d
You will never know
The energy it takes to wake up when stress, depress and living feels like you are suffocating
But you dont really see me do you? You see a smile, you see me laugh
But the tears?
Oh no, you wont see them because i wont let you.

I bury them, but if you look closely that glisten in my eye isn't the light.
If you catch me off guard you may hear a silent scream. Deafening

Powerless. Governed by emotion no hashtags no followers. Just me

They think I am strong, I play the role but I am not. Deep down i just want to keep walking. Shed layers, be free

But I will always be your prisoner. You inside me
Waffles Jul 8
you don't quite fit
slightly askew
yet, relatable.

I see You.
A person revealing herself to a soceity of weak wolves
You are curious; a truth-seeker
asking questions that make others squirm
You have a deep desire to connect through expression
a need to be seen
You wish for transparcy paired with acceptance
You want to tear yourself open and scream "Look!"
"This is Me! Please, see Me!"
"In all my beauty and in all my ugliness. This, is, Me. Unfiltered. Naked"
"Please, please accept me."
I know this because it is

Relatable. The only way you would know this
is if I told you.
For I have found a way to blend in with the wolves.
I hide behind a careful wall built of cloth and filth.
You can only see Me when and where I allow it.

My face is usually in plain view, for society has told me this is OK.
(Ironic that is my only bit of skin that can change expression, unwillingly)

My other skin is hidden by clothe that I willingly bear.
A winter coat and gloves for the environment unknown.
(possibly hostile. it's better not to risk exposure)
A T-shirt and jeans for the familar
(stragically covering vunerabilities)
A bathing suite only for the most trusted

And naked? Rarely do I allow this, even around myself.
Because when I am naked all I see is the bruises from past abuses.
When I opened myself up and was rejected
Rejected by society and myself.

All the bruises bring me to bear cloth
But I will sincrely root for those who walk around
Kay Forest Jun 27
Open your mind and heart to me
I need to acquire a way
To change your internal truth
About inhabiting in your soul.
There is room for the both of us
If you allow yourself to be vulnerable
To the one very real fear you face.
I need to make you feel cherished
For as long as you'll let me stay
And probably for a lifetime after.
You deserve this more than you know.
You deserve the trust in someone
That is required from you for them.
You deserve a place in someone
That will never fade away.

I'm clearing out that space for you
Everyday we speak I get closer to
Understanding and accomplishing it.
Your mind will be the last hurdle we leap
Your mind will be our biggest success.
And you will finally understand my truth.
That while true love generously given is admirable
True love received will be your greatest truth.
Ge Marquez Jun 26
I am afraid of matchsticks burning my fingers
or elevator doors slicing me in half
I am terrified of kissing you for the last time in a day
or waking up realizing you no longer love me
I am frightened of the future, of what tale it would hold, if it’d still be you and me
or just... me
I am petrified of these thoughts, of these dreams, of these fears that latch when I look into your eyes
and catch all this warmth and not know what to do if they disappear, when –
Jarene Jun 25
i never thought i would be able to fall in love
physically or emotionally
extreme vulnerability
was an absurd concept
in my mind
but i jumped
took a leap of faith
into the abyss of impossibilities
and free fell
right into the safety net
created by your arms
the tenderness of our fingers intertwined
soon became my life vest
if these feelings were to suffocate me
you would pull me back to the surface
and revive me
with the purity of your breath
i would always be okay
because i loved you
i love you
i still love you.
this love
that i try so hard to make evaporate into the nothingness
never fails to find a way to come pouring back into me
you took your full name
and engraved it into my soul
so there it stays
like a ball and chain
always reminding me of what could have been
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