She came before me
dressed in the lies
most damsels drape
over their souls
after their hearts
have felt the sting of shame.

She covered her truth
with bandages
stained with the blood
of wounds
still healing.

"Show me" I said.
Let me see you.
Let me peek
behind the wall
that you have spent your whole life
building...brick by brick.

Take off the mask
and let me bury my own
hurt in the gaze
of another wounded
by the misfired
arrow of Cupid.

Let me see you
without the makeup
and the long sleeves
and turtle necks.

Let your hair down.
Let it freely fall
around your exposed shoulders
and caress your skin
like the warmth
of an open fire.

Let me feel the flames
from the warmth
of your body
pressed against my own.

I want to watch you
and dive into your open sea
and make these waves
my home.
Take it off and let me see your truth.
Elena Taylor Mar 14
It’s not easy,
Having a heart made of porcelain.
Always guarded. Always on the lookout.
For people with lead mallets,
Formed by words and actions.

It's not easy,
Being held together by glue and shriveling tape.

So many attacks on my humanity,
I’ve fallen apart so many times.

It’s not easy,
Piecing yourself together on the bathroom floor at 2 am.
So, when the sun rises you can hold others together while they fall apart.
Because while you are made of glass you pretend to be glue.
The glue that holds everyone together.

It’s not easy,
acting so strong when in reality you are so vulnerable.
She Writes Mar 14
She can’t tell who will leave
and who will stay.
Instead she chooses
To push them all away.

Being vulnerable
Is her greatest fear.
Her heart is too guarded
To let someone near.

So scared to be loved
Afraid to trust.
If she is broken again
She may crumble to dust.
Sarah Mann Mar 12
"bleed·ing heart"
a person considered to be dangerously softhearted
feeling sorry for everything and everyone and giving in to emotions quickly.

“My heart bled today.”
Nothing new, same old routine, same old unremarkable usual thing.
They say over and over, Repetition is key. The key for what, I may never know.
Things often moving quickly halt and take on the slow.
The same people, the same faces, the same air, the same places.

I’m a person with a bleeding heart.
It’s dangerous to lead a life like mine,
Sadly you can’t escape the family bloodline.
Constantly stuck in a place between the planes.
I can’t help what’s running wild, pumping through my veins.

No rest for me. The others are already gone.
My logic quickly left along with the dawn.
My bleeding heart might just be the death of me.
I would show you I am hurting but we can’t seem to agree
I am all alone surrounded by nothing but my own suffocating thoughts.
I can’t breathe and continue to find myself at a loss.
A new beginning. The strong will live, the weak will die.
It’s tattooed into the minds of the people in the city as a nearby excuse for people like me.

Yes, there are others, but they are far out of reach, conveniently unavailable.
The rest of us have been wiped out and deemed unfavorable.

What am I?
Just an unnoticed vessel of the human soul
and all of it’s dangerously soft-hearted mannerisms.

I have a bleeding heart. I do not deny.
Left alone for the beasts to tear apart.
But I cannot help but look to the sky.

I despise my nature, my being even,
Curse my benignant soul,
And my lack of self control
What’s left for me in this cruel world?
Run by unintellectual imbeciles running off their own flawed reasoning

A divergent past, lies in ruins which was once filled with memories and happy experiences,
I was once just a kid lost in her own place, drowning and begging for help but no one came.

Perhaps, I’m not as much of a person with a bleeding heart as I possibly could be.
Perhaps, the legacy I leave behind will be nothing but a life of running away.
Perhaps my bleeding heart only bleeds in contrast to the reality around me.

“Because it is mine, it will always bleed”.
I am stuck in this life of heartache and unwelcome spilled blood, but it will be alright.
Because I won’t give up, not until I succeed.  
I will make it one day, even if there is no destination, I’ll go just to see the sights.
Bleeding heart and all, I will fight the war, not backing down, but disappearing at midnight.
Last revised May 23, 2016
This poem was originally written for an assignment and took two lines from a poem entitled "Bleeding Heart" by Carmen Gimenez Smith, and to create a completely different story from a couple of lines.
lib Mar 7
you don't even know me
i catch feelings too easily
i really really do
it's a weakness of mine
I love, when you unzip the layers of your personas,
letting me peek behind the mask
Revealing your raw edges
allowing me to be your haven from the world of facade.

I love, when you strip down your heart, 
unfold your thoughts, 
share your inner struggles
and pour your secrets into my ear
allowing me to be your sanctuary.

I love, when you lean your head on my shoulder
let my hands hold yours
and you let your tears flow
allowing me to be your solace.

I love, when you’re vulnerable and raw with me
making me one of the very few of those
who knows the darkest and brightest part of your mind,
and who are deeply embedded in your heart.
Soulace Mar 3
I’m not going to lose anymore.
I’m not going to take it in the gut without throwing a punch back.
I’m not going to go down without attempting to get up.
I refuse to lose you without burning myself trying to win you back.
I refuse to look for refuge or safety like I used to because I found something I want to fight for.
I refuse to let you go without staring down the chamber of a .44, looking you in the eye before you pull the trigger.

So if you pull the trigger, at least let me know why.
If you’re going to kill me, kill me on my feet.
I don’t want you to be my enemy.
I don’t want you to be the anchor that pulls me down to the bottom again.
I don’t want you to be a missed chance, or a “could have been”
I don’t want you to become someone I resent, or a waste of time.

I know you’re looking at this.
I know you’re watching and reading these words.
You know what I want.
It’s been a few weeks, but the time we spent is valuable to me.
And dare I say it was valuable to you too.

I don’t waste my words.
I don’t say things if I don’t mean it.
I don’t lead people on.
I don’t tell you I care for you if I’m just going to spit behind your back.
I don’t say “I love you” if I didn’t put so much thought into what I was saying.

You’re right. We are different.
But I was never looking for the same. I have enough of the same.

I want you because you teach me.
You unlocked something I never thought I knew about myself.
You taught me how to be vulnerable.
You’re someone I didn’t know I could grow to love.
And you have so much more to teach me that you don’t even know.

I know your time is precious,
But want you to be mine.
I never promised you forever -
But I promised you one day at a time.

And If you want it, you still have it.

Soulace Mar 3
The truth is that I miss you
              And It’s hard to fight the distance
                                      The truth is I ain’t ready-
                                                 to do this but I can’t miss it

                                                   But the truth is nobody is ready
                                  And the pain is that we need to grow
                And I hate how I lived so cynical
Because vulnerable is hard over the phone

                                      And I hate using the word
I think It’s a bitter cliche
                         But what other word can sum up

The                                             i m a g e r y                   inside of the pain.

                                       So maybe I am protective
                                      But I swear that I can try
                                      To open up a little more
                                      If you could just give me some

CA Smith Mar 2
Wrap me in paper.
Adorn me with ribbons.
A tag addressed "only for you."
I shall offer the most fragile of gifts, myself.
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