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Heart, blood filled and beating.
Lungs, fresh autumn air.
Inside, I am never reluctant to memorize your fine lines.
I hear a distant ring, slowly getting louder
the sound of you, on a continuous loop,
circling around a wooden wheel with country side view.
I allude to discussing the future you.
Blue eyed, smile lines, and softened skin.
I trace our constellations,
you are a destination within,
I thought I would not need.
I cannot help it, if only I could bury my thoughts deep.
But you’re a sunflower, a succulent, and an oak tree
Flourishing like weeds that grow between cracks in the concrete.
Roots twirl around my feet,
I feel your twigs branch out engulfing every part of me.
But I’ll let you grow along my curves.
You are defining odds. A perfect catastrophe
A pleasant hurricane, and a tsunami of love.
I am an architect who constructed the strongest of walls,
collapse my blue print,
I am ready to fall.
Alexis Oct 6
know you don’t miss me
you just miss the way it feels
to not be alone
Jessica Hanna Sep 30
How do you feel?
At first
It was as if I had no control
Completely vulnerable
But for some reason I had no worry about that thought

My voice going in and out
Laughs slipping on dry ice
Some obnoxious
Some lay there waiting for a pick me up

Unable to focus on one thought
They come in and out
As if my brain was central station

Forever moving
Five minutes feel as though it's been an hour

Numb is the only sense coming to mind
Forgetting how to swallow
A sense of panic rises
With a blink that thought is gone

The laughs intruding
Unable to contain the air protruding out
My whole body numb

The feeling of pins and needles under my eyes
Growing heavy

Attempting to think straight
Unable to stress over anything
Everything that comes up
Gone after a blink

Being numb to pain
Unable to stress about anything
Was a dream
I never thought I could self induce

Hands jittering
A real smile plastered on my face
The laughs never seem to fade

Imagine living like this everyday
Forgetting every thought
Stresses melt away
Pain can’t even break the numbness that arose

Everything seemed to trigger a laugh
Any type of touched causing a flinch

Feeling this vulnerable was a mess
Unable to control any nerve
Arms involuntarily moving

I never thought being numb would feel so nice
Everything melted
Just call me the wicked witch of the east
Throw water on me
And watch me melt away with a smile

Throwing the thoughts away
Until the numbness slips away

Yearning for more after it completed
Never wanting to feel again
Welcoming the numbness
I already miss it.
Nikita Sep 28
To write of love
Is to be naked
To be seen

To be open
And vulnerable
It is terrifying
Cox Sep 25
And I am worried that I am a flower that you don’t want around for Spring.
Margaret Sep 23
How do I mend my relationship with my body?
How do I hate myself, less?

How could I?
How dare I?

The world doesn't.
It tells me all the reasons why I shouldn't.
                                                                           I mustn't.

I must hate myself.

I must hate my body, that is what I deserve.
What my body deserves

Love is reserved for the thin.
                                the beautiful.

The beautiful.
I could never be beautiful.

It's a lie,
when they say it.
It's a lie.
when they say I am.

I am beautiful from the neck up.

but you'd never use that word,
                            designate it to my body.
                                                             to the rest of me.

The rest of me should be tossed away.

Please sir, can I keep my head?
It's the only place I live, the only place I am allowed to be.

I am not allowed to be beautiful. not allowed to be thin.
that was not the hand I was dealt. not my lot in life.

I exist in the world with my shame exposed.

                                                              On display.

Do you know how that feels?

No hiding.

No escaping.

No pretending.

I am fat.  
My body is fat.

and from first glance, you can see my unworthiness.

                                                        My lack of deservedness

It's always there.
Margaret Sep 23
My body
My body gets looked at, talked about, shamed.

My body doesn't fit comfortably in an airline seat and my body keeps getting fatter.

My body offends and disgusts you.

My body absorbs the blows.
       the shocks
              it reverberates

the ripples

Take in more food.


no one loves you.
no one ever could.

you're too FAT.
                   too hideous.


So, I abuse my body.
                           I hurt it.
         give it more. move it less.
It grows, my own self-loathing grows.

Like water to a plant.
         Your gaze and comments like the sun    

My body continues to sprout.
all aroundwards

Making it harder to fit.
                  harder to move.
                  harder to Be.

I wish they loved my body, maybe I could have too.

Maybe I could have too.
C Conner Sep 20
Floating above the fallen colors
Your fragrance mixes with the
Sweet decay of discarded leaves -
An aroma blending perfectly
You are a blooming flower
Standing tall
Despite your desperate hours -
A honest friend.
For daylight slides off you
Warming my eyes away from fall -
Natures mascara.
Moonlight glows from within
Calling for an end to autumn.
Not many are allowed this close
As you have come and I feel vulnerable
because you can read my weaknesses
Which are scattered about like
Crumpled paper on the floor -
Discarded lines of bad poetry.
I want to forget them
If I could just change some
Jada Sep 18
A heart symbol doesn't count  

There's no love in that  

I want your real response  

How did you react?  

I shared my poem with you, took a real risk

Opened up my soul, received no closure for it

I don't want to have to beg you not to be brisk

But like bruh please use your words

My fragile soul craves this
I shared a poem with one of my peeps, but they didn't respond, so I wrote a poem about them not responding to my poem.
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