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Kelsey 2d
This morning I cried
In front of sixty people
Still, I felt alone
I am so good
At looking at their eyes
And seeing the stars

I am so good
At holding their hand
And feeling sparks

So good at loving
So good at lying

I am so in love with the idea
Of loving
The idea of being held
That my heart would latch on
To the first person to hold my vulnerability

And yet, when I look in the mirror
I see no love in myself
No love for myself
No love for anybody else
Note to self: stop telling yourself you're in love.
Nikki 5d
my mind starts to drift and the walls seem to fade
as the wind placidly calms; my heart became staid.
every sense of you lingers; touch, smell and taste
begging for your hands secured around my waist.

vulnerable. susceptible.
safe. protected.

i'm terrified but excited; so eager to be frightened

these butterflies i refuse to ignore.
it's been awhile since i've written and of course it's about you
Amy Borton Nov 2018
Loving you is
Shading a tattoo
Needles piercing already-open flesh
Inking your presence onto me
Covering it with a bandage
So no one can see
The blood seep out

I want to give you the power to hurt me
And trust that you won’t

But as the needles pierce my flesh again and again
I’m unsure if I still have skin
Or if you peeled it away with the rest of me

I miss you today
Sometimes i look at them
And think to myself
How in the world
Can someone love this much
Yes i fell in love before
But never went this far for someone
I would let anyone
See me vulnerable
Not for a second
And here are they
Putting their hearts
Under their lover's foot
Just because
I can never understand
This irrationality
This need
I wish i can
But it's heartbreaking somehow
Ember Zola Feb 6
Surrounded by a world of complacency
Raw emotions guarded so tight
I once thought I would never be free

Now I bare my wounds on the outside
For all the world to see
For all the world to judge me
i trusted you to guard my emotions
but somehow you captured my heart and managed to let darkness into my chambers
your attack managed to make my heart vulnerable
susceptible to breakage
and just when I thought your invasion was over
you decided to crush my heart to absolute fragments
an unforgivable plot
yet you were forgiven
and although it took me forever to rebuild after you
i would take you back in a second
and suffer all over again
i dont understand why I keep coming back to you
luc Feb 6
Endangered like a beating heart
Emotions stir my vulnerable heart
Why, oh, why, my heart,
have you fallen in love from the start?
your fire still burns in my heart
my lungs are gasping for your air
i mourn the loss of you
vulnerably and emotionally
i scream in agony as i think of us
my heart belts hymns of you
you were always so concerned about hurting me
because you knew that one day you would rip my heart apart
and leave me too broken to be fixed by anyone else
will i ever get over you
Nathalie Feb 1
What I've learned

Expectations blemish the outcome. This is the result of having a fixed idea of how something is to come about. When you have no expectations, you are open to whatever happens or is given. Therefore you are setting yourself in a perfect position to be pleasantly surprised. When you are vulnerable, you are opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and perceiving. You are being genuinely receptive and aligning with what is for your highest good and the good of others.

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