You have to know I write about you
There’s no way that you don’t
I’d say I’d let you read this
But I know that I won’t
I’d say I don’t look for you
But we both know that’s not true
Every time you’re around me
I don’t know what to do
I’m counting down the days
Until we make this move
Maybe I won’t see you
But what would that prove
I know that this is wrong
But I want to know your feelings
But what if I don’t want to hear
The information you’d be revealing
We go back and fourth
Like this is some kind of game
And I don’t know that it’s not
And what if you feel the same
We are getting so close
What happens when this ends
Do we move on like it never happened
And continued to pretend
Shila 1d
this game of pretends
it's funny
to see
to watch how
I let myself
dying from
denying my heart
for you
when it is into you
so deep
pretending to be fine around your crush
Your contagious grin,
Your bubbly happiness,
Your zestful spirit.
You are an unintentional liar,
with a simulated appearance.
The world misled by this facade.
I know you though,
as clear as the cloudless sky,
and I hear them all,
the thunders,
in your sighs.
you sobbed.
you whimpered.
you cried out,
your face
buried deep
in my chest.

i made my fingers feel
like soft water droplets
through your hair.
i let my voice flow
like the River Jordan,
that i myself was calm.

why is it,
do you think,
that our only moments
of true intimacy
occur when the
flames of our ignorance
can no longer
be tamed?

why can't we just pretend?
pretend and be happy
Hindi masakit
Kahit sumusikip ang dibdib
At mahirap nang huminga.
Hindi malungkot
Kahit ang luha ay 'di mapigilan
At naglalaho ang kulay ng mundo.
Masaya ako
Kahit hindi na makangiti
Na abot sa aking mga mata.
//kunwari// -- pretend
i am better at pretending
than ever truly showing my feeling.

i'll pretend to be happy
i'll pretend to be content
i'll pretend i'm not filled with hate
and losing my head.

i'll keep quiet
slowly whither away
my true feelings dont really matter
i'll pretend to be okay.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018

You can pretend,
but don't go too far.

Always remember who

you really are.

Guðrið J Dec 2018
I carry a mask in my purse
for special occasions.
Turns out
wherever there’s people
Izzy Aghahowa Dec 2018
beneath your addictive smile
was a satin heart
eaten through
to its blackened core
with putrid parasites in holes within
waiting for you to *****

you strut
like you can survive another day
in this primitive world
that you gleefully sleep against
until it leaves you open
to the frequencies of solitude  
and captivating madness
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