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My heart started to beat slowly,
slowly that I feel like it's going to stop anytime.
I started to tell lies.
I started to hide all my feelings inside. I keep all of these,
just for me.

Tears running down on my cheeks
like they are already used to it. Smiling and talking a lot is the way
to cover my swollen eyes and broken voice.

Fake laughs,
so that they will not recognize
that I am crying inside.
Other loved me

For what I show
For what they see
For that what I
Pretend to be

You love me for the person I hide
That I hoped always
No one would find
Anya 5d
A grand musical is underway!
Actors and actresses scurrying about
Memorizing their lines written by poets
Weaving sweet phrases
Conveying positivity
Artists shaping the smile
The relaxed pose
Arms open and inviting
Ready for instant hugs
A harpist for the mouth
All this is at play
So, how is it possible
For one
To look deeper
And see what’s really behind the smile?
Miry 4d
I walk the streets like a ghost in flesh,
Streaming down an unknown direction,
Dancing through unspoken partners,
I'm a stranger to my own reflection.

Sometimes at night when I hung my feet,
I let the darkness envelop me and preach,
She holds me, my lover, with her I can be,
No more than me, a stranger it is.

And it's the little, bittersweet things,
That come so dandy, for at least a bit,
Beautiful refractions that I try to reach,
They rip my soul open and leave me to bleed.

Still, I'll persevere and I'll choke it down,
I'll wield my sword and I'll stand my ground,
If a stranger is what life wants me to be,
Then I'll know nobody, not even me.
I've been trying to cover up some emotions lately, lol.
We mastered the art of pretending until we believed we are who we pretend to be.
We didn't realize that we lost ourselves in the process.
We pretend to be okay and we ended up believing that we are.
We didn't realize that the more we pretend the more we are breaking.
We got lost in our pretences and forgot about reality.
Hey! Wake up and try to find yourself before you lose the last part of you.

We mastered the art of pretending until we believed we are who we pretend to be.
clever Sep 16
all my friends all live in pretend
because heaven always has an end.
there are new stars in the sky
and everybody does what they like.
still, god can bless a world full of crime
so maybe he can still save mine.
bliss city
Emmah Sep 10
Can I press pause
So I can take a breath
And hopefully find the cause
Of my loud mind’s death

Could I press rewind
To see where I went wrong
Perhaps I will find
That I never did belong

Maybe I should fast forward
To see if it gets better
Sadly I’m a coward
Believe the future is bitter

Stop seems the only choice
My disappointing movie will end
The world will surely rejoice
And I won’t have to pretend.
Yenson Sep 6
It Thursday and it's gunfights at Reds Dumbos OK Corral
Them motherf--kers have got their fingers on the triggers
Triggers of fake news and delusions made by liarsmith for'all
Put on your blindfolds nutcases an let's have reddy fingers
We rule in this corral and oppose Lone Wolf with lead walls

There ain't no Sheriff in this madtown cause we run the show
Lawless Reds and Morons Shepple Gangs we're damnit known
Fast on our triggers made by Lies Scams and Nonsense in Bow
Lets go make believe we oppose what is not happening in town
We will haze the people and tell them this is how power flows

We are Criminals, thieves and hooligans but just say Politicians
Yell that Lone Wolf is the bad man and we gotta f--k his mind
No jobs, no woman, no loving, no joy and peace just perdition
Darn, Lone Wolf is too good a man and we can't let that be found
People like him always do well and that ain't our f--king tradition

On your horses Reds and Morons Shepple Gangs we go to war
We have to bring this Saint down or our bitches give us nothing
We fight for pussies, drinks, beds and look tough men at the bar
Fire those triggers and make saps think our scam is something
We make up false stories and get those mugs acting stupid on par

Now ain't that a hoot, We are the Reds and morons Shepple Gang!
We rule this City with Lies, scams and roll..........

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." - Abraham Lincoln
"hush dear, be safe with us"
of whimpering
"liars, don't listen, don't make a fuss"
"you can't pretend, in your head it's all about us"
My reflection
mirrored in a strangers frown
creature creeping
underneath my gown
is it me, sweeping
give to whom it belongs, this heavy crown

In your pictures
the conflict hides
through pretty gestures
beauty subsides
and love with its tiring lectures

I don't give a fuck
about your empty phrases
turned down praises
Watch me pull the plug
Your insincerity amazes
as I watch you feast on a deers pluck

You're not a dog
all you do is bark
getting rid of carcasses at the bog
listen closely and hear the lark
we all get lost in the fog
see if you can catch a spark
listen closely and hear the frog
you will see me in the dark
Gods1son Sep 3
I'm tired of them snitches
They stab your back and still put stitches
Cause you problem, pretend to fix it
Make plans with you but they switch things
I told you my idea but you pitched it

We out there at every picnic
But behind, you try to prick me
I trusted, but all u do is trick me
I showed you my heart but you ditched me
It all feels like a film trick!
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