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It is another day
For us to pretend we're holy
And after service today
All the pretends are gone
Stop claiming holy all because its sunday
Aseh Sep 20
I want to play house with you but you never let me I’m not even allowed inside your house even though I’m allowed inside your mouth.
My feelings for you are not simple if I stare at them too long my eyes start burning
my warmth for you always so flammable and quick to spread and trickle down.
But your faceprint floats around my mind it feels like a breath of autumn air to revisit
fresh and crisp
I want to inhale you.

Will you leave me stale and dull and achy
Will my whole body recoil unto itself like a tender spot that never toughens up
Are you so unlike that recurring drunk bruise on my upper right thigh
fat and bold, navy-yellow (I always wonder where you came from)
I hoped you might be fleeting otherwise I never would have let you kiss me like that
but here I am standing still while you weave through me stuck or afraid to unstitch myself.

I know
by the way our voices go
sickly sweet and weak and warm
how we drop low into a de minimis code we know too well for having never been taught
an uncontrolled hum the world cannot hear
I know
a tiny sliver of you
wants to play house too.
KM Hanslik Sep 20
I need a yield sign; don't try to rewind
your drama on my time like a landmine
it's all fine when you unwind greasy fingers in my spine
don't cost you a dime
bang my line trying to choose sides
I'm a gold mine going half-blind and you're broke it's no joke
spitting up acid trying not to choke
your courtesy is a hoax, puffing smoke and pulling ropes
get to the point before the end of this joint
you're the king that I'd like to anoint
and I'm late to appoint better motive for your conscience
Petty thoughts and petty pensions
won't get you very far I'm not a martyr or a star
kicking rocks and stealing cars,
now you need a brace for lumbar support cuz your back is all wack from talking smack wrapped in bubble wrap
talking **** don't pay the rent that's money that could be better spent
and don't tell me that I'm heaven sent when I'm bruised and bent just as much as you
you can't tell me what is and isn't true
so don't treat me like a shiny toy
I don't need another reckless boy
shooting shots only to up and quit
when you miss the hit;
your words don't stick unless I want them to, cuz I'm not just a sad sack I know I've always got my own back
I'll stick to my word like glue until all the self fulfilled prophecies come true
and I'm up and coming hit the ground running; I know you want something,
but I want something too,
and no I don't need you I'm just trying to make it through
walk a couple steps in my shoes just to know
how heavy my feet drag to make it home
even though I'm not alone I still prefer some space to roam
you're looking for a clone looking like a homie,
feeling free and fly and foamy but you're just another phony
trying to make it out past 8 with no more incidents to date
but your apologies always arrive too late
get it straight, this isn't hate
there's just a lot filling up my plate
and yeah this might be blatant but your replies are always latent
and my days are better spent trying to climb a barbed wire fence or just getting my feet wet
below the bridge where we first met cuz I would rather talk than text and if you want to worry about what comes next,
just get it in your head there's always going to be a red light, an-i-can't-get-to-bed kind of night
but it's going to be alright I've still got a lot of fight
and I'll find new heights when your sanity strikes
a nerve, get a little anxious & swerve
avoiding conversation desperate for ventilation always
a fiend for escalation dip my toes in rash sensations still
searching for elation but there's patience in creation
there's always gonna be temptation, you've just gotta learn to face it;
if you find something good, don't waste it
my shower leaks into my basement
& sometimes you're so sad that I can taste it,
but that doesn't mean we aren't gonna make it
put my thoughts in a jar and shake it;
here's a penny for thoughts of annihilation
getting wasted in the parking lot of a vacant gas station;
here's to the nights of our youth spent sitting in booths,
it's a different game but the rules are the same
saying we've changed but we've still got our old names,
I've still got the time to tell you you're worth it,
don't worry so much about how everyone's words hit;

just tryna live for the ones who still sit behind bars,
at least I've still got the money to put gas in my car
and we've made it this far, despite this hungry desperation
despite the prices of inflation or the chaos in our nation
and even if this all spirals out of control I'll be up climbing the tightrope
mixing something less cutthroat just to bring you some slight hope
of a happy ending, when all else fails just keep pretending
cause you're gonna be okay, kid
you just gotta learn how to fake it.
Flower C Sep 11
Weep my tears,
Wash my face,
Don't let them see;

Shut in your feelings,
Don't let it escape your lungs,
Mute your heart,
So they can't hear;

How foolish,
Tormenting myself repeatedly,
Knowing that it's wrong,
To make them believe that I am my disguise.
Creator Sun Sep 1
I don't believe that someone can be 100% honest.
Because everything you know, do, believe in, understand...
Are all lies.

All of them are lies.
Yet we live in a world, content with these
beautiful yet misleading lies.

Why are our smiles so fake?
Why are our hearts so empty?
Why are our laughs so forced?
I'll tell you why; we're just pretending to be happy.

Everything is just a fabrication of your mind.
They are as endless as time.
But why? WHY?
Why do we still believe them?

Because there is nothing such as the truth.
There are only lies, white lies, more lies.
Everything you know and believe ARE LIES!

Religion? It's a LIE!
Atheism? Such a big lie!
Humanity is BUILT to be lied to,
to have something to believe in.

But still, everything you know is wrong.
Everything you do is wrong
Everything is faked, staged, fabricated, wrong!
Everything is a LIE!

So why do we delude ourselves?
Why do we exaggerate every little tiny thing?

It is because that is what we are genetically programmed to DO.
It is our sense of REALITY.
We have no other CHOICE.
Or do we?

Airplanes used to be a lie.
Racial harmony used to be a fleeting dream.
Woman rights used to be unheard of.
So are all lies hurtful?

Not all of them.
We barely have a future worth believing in.
That's why lies are so important to our society.

We LIVE by them.
We need them to SURVIVE.
It is in our code.

But yet we lie for every single little thing.
Do we need it?

YES. Absolutely.
It is in our programing.

Lies progress humanity.
It is our judicial system.
I'm high on classic coke, don't mind me giving my literature teacher an existential crisis of a poem. Yeah, it depends if she decides to check this out with the handwritten link on a card. If so, Happy Teacher's Day Ms Choo, I hope that you enjoy some other poems of mine. In this poem, I went with an experimental style of regular stanzas but irregular rhythm and repetition. This sounded better in my mind, but I guess it took too long for me to get back home and to type this out on my laptop, so here is a humble approximation of a psychological study. Also, this poem might cause some people to be offended, so please approach with caution.
Jaxey Aug 27
"I love you"
Only fell from your lips
When you were intoxicated
So I slipped a bit of *****
In your drink every night
Pretending it was me
You were drunk on
Please love me
When will I stop calling you whenever I'm drunk?
It feels like the alcohol over flows my mind
As if I'm pretending not to miss you
whenever there's no alcohol in the table
but forgotten memories begin to appear
in a bottoms up
I yearned for you once more
Drink moderately
Philomena Aug 26
Sometimes it's fun to pretend to be someone else
Anyone else really
Just as long as it's not me
I like to pretend my dad loves me
And that I won't die alone
I pretend I'm somewhere I belong
And not so far from home
And I close my eyes just to dream up a world
That when I open them again
I'm the same **** girl
Mandalina Aug 25
My Friend,
You look tired
as if you have walked a thousand miles
carrying everyone else's baggage

My Friend,
You look sad
as if you have cried a thousand rivers
trying to mend the pain

My Friend,
You look drained
as if you have drowned a thousand times
screaming for any kind of aid

My Friend,
I see you
as you're running even further away
poisoning your life every day

My Friend,
I know you
and as I'm watching you lose yourself
ignoring my pleas for your sake

I hope you know I love you

for I can see beyond your pretend

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