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Sometimes you have to understand how hard it is for someone with a broken heart, finding its pieces and give it to you.
She doesn't want you to feel the same, to feel lonely and forgotten.
She loves you, really do.
So let her stay.
At least, pretend to let her stay.
A shy smile and intense eyes
Made me scared to be around
So I moved my car and kept my distance
Then tried not to be found
Time flew by until months had passed
Everything turned out fine
But it all changed in an instant
When I found myself behind you in line
One moment was all it took
To send me through this downfall
One statement was all you made
To bring a start to this all
I wasn’t sure what happened
It all occurred so fast
I was captivated by your confidence
And those eyes I met in the past
I let the moment slip my mind
But you locked me in one more
Time froze when I met your gaze
As you walked right through the door
Now I know the start of this whole mess
But I’m trying to find the end
So I’ll take advice from the beginning
And continue to pretend
Pyrrha Oct 28
You and I were never real
We were just kids who played pretend
Riptide Oct 22
The best way to not have your heart broken;
Is to act like you have none.
And he picked her over me,
Now I will always be second.
i know you don't want me
but can we at least pretend?
Daniel Oct 17
Come with me
I'll take you into the darkness
We can pretend we are happy
No more pain and anxiety
You can be the light
I'll be drawn to your attention
We can pretend we know whats real
And take turns coloring imaginary roses
You can have my heart
Attached to a chain
I'll never leave your side
Together we can go insane
With some help from my cigars, little dancers dressed in swirling black smoke, I'll keep the words from leaving my mouth. I'll say something about my day instead. It's okay, I'll just pretend. With the shadow from the sun visor covering my eyes as they well, I'll tell you about my lunch plans. Small talk, right? I can be good at this, with you. My ears, little zombies searching for a pulse, I'll ask you how your day went. I'll pounce on a laugh, I'll bite at a smile. This is all I have. It's okay, I'll just pretend.
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