Wyatt 2d
It's the right time
on a wrong night.
This all so terrible,
so I guess you were right.
It's alien to me,
these people
who pretend.
They dress all in white
until it's time to cry.
I've always worn black,
draped on my heart.
I've always ignored the fact
that nobody cares about you
until they see you die.

Arm me, tell me
one more thing
I don't wanna hear.
Cool outside,
but the coal of a heart
is burning inside me.
Arm me or feel me
for the first and last time,
although it doesn't matter.
It's just sympathy
disguised as a present.
This ground I walk on
is littered with landmines,
soon enough the luck runs out.
Look the other way.

I put down my American flag
and picked up a white one.
No affiliation, no creed.
Cut the ties to anything.
Just one last one to cut.
Family and friends are just words,
but still I send my love to you.
It's not your blame to carry,
I guess somewhere along the way
I became defective.
But is today the last day?

Arm me or feel me
for the first and last time.
I'll cut these ties or you can
sing me to sleep one more night. Pretend to care
or look the other way.
Either way I lose.
Arm me or feel me for the first and last time. I'll cut these ties or you can sing me to sleep one more night. Pretend to care or look the other way. Either way I lose.
Am I really that pretentious
Or do I just love hyperbole
I want to stay veracious
But I let my imagination go free

I want to be trusted
But I want to be imposing
Sometimes my lies get busted
Then nobody believes my boasting
A poem about impulsive lying and boasting, hope you enjoy!
Amanda 6d
Pretend you are normal
Act like you are okay
Pretend this is just
An ordinary day

Pretend that you are happy
Act like you do not mind
Pretend this will not happen
Some other time

Pretend you will get through this
Act like you do not care
Pretend it isn't words
They want your soul to share

Pretend you do not hurt
Act like nothing is real
Pretend until the emotions
You fake become real
A really old one. I like it though.
Amanda Apr 12
I may be chaotic and crazy
You can ask anyone
I have a different
Idea of what constitutes fun

I am just a girl
Who is a little afraid
Of the power contained
In a tiny grenade

I know at this time
I seem bland and weak
Because I am still searching
For the answer I seek

You do not worry or care
And I pretend that's fine
These issues I am handling
Are no one else's but mine
A super old one
Fragile Apr 11

Hold back the tears
Hide your fears
Keep up that smile
its all going to be fine

Curl into a ball
Safe under the covers
Shield your ears
Close your eyes

The world is scary
The world is dark
But the world is also beautiful
No. Stop. Its an illusion

Don't trust anybody
They will surely leave

Fight for them
But they don't want me
let them go
But then I'm all alone

Surrounded by lies
These people play their games
Loose yourself in the moment
And for a second you can be happy

Take off that blindfold
And you see who's truly there
There's nobody around
Just you
within your own pit of despair

I'm lonely
They all pretend
Its all false, its all fake
Its true isint it?

You dwell in your self pity
You push people away
You dont show your true emotions
Then you still expect them to stay?

So in the end
Who else is fake?
Who else is playing pretend?
Cause surely you can see now
Your just like them
What kind of life is this?
lexi Apr 10
it's an invisible weight
pressing down on all of us
we pretend not to notice
and continue our daily routines
but inside
none of us are really ok
the only difference between the sane and insane
is that one is better at hiding it
Deviate Mar 28
I am tired of
Pretending I'm okay when
I really am not.
Yet I can't seem to drop this mask
Evelyn Genao Mar 27
A mask is what we wear.
It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes.
On the mask is a smile.
Forced. Real. Unsure. Scared. Alone. Broken.
It’s always different. For every person.

With our heart’s torn and bleeding, we smile.
Hiding the tears.
We numb and we hide and we pretend.
Pretending that everything will be okay.
That we’ll be okay.
But we are getting sick and tired of always being someone we are not.
Aren’t we? Or is even that us pretending?

We just want to hide our fear.
Fear of never being good enough for anyone.
Fear that no one will ever love us.
Fear that we won’t love ourselves.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?
What we can fake with a smile.
That’s all it takes. A beautiful [fake] smile.
It hides our injured soul so deep.
That no one ever knows how broken we really are.

Are you okay?”
They would ask, sounding like they actually care about.

I’m fine. Just tired.”
Is what we say with that fake twinkle we have gotten so used to wearing.

We say it over and over, repeatedly tucking away our heart.
We don’t want to have it broken. Not again.
We act as if nothing is wrong.
That we are not breaking.
That we are fine.

They are such fools.
Believing us so easily.
Can’t they see our pain? Our tears.
Are they even looking?
Why can’t they tell that we’re wearing a mask?
Is the smile that we wear too good?

We are good at it. Hiding.
It’s what we do. Hidden behind our mask.
It comes so naturally for us.
But sooner or later it becomes an addiction.
Our need to lie becomes too great.

No one ever thinks we’ll fall apart. That we’ll break.
But we do. So much.
Sometimes that’s good, but not always.
There are times where we wish we could just break down.
On someone’s awaiting shoulder.
As they comfort our pain.
But for now, our masks will remain on.
I hope you love and be sure to comment what you think.Also look at my other poems if you loved this one.
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