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She keeps acting hard to get
I pretend to not care
We both know this love is rare
Yet we cant bring ourselves to admit it yet
When you lie for so long
   Pretend and play along
     That you're not yourself
       You feel so lost from oneself

     That's when you feel so far
   You feel closer to a star
  Then of those unaffected
ít's            ÿou
    ɯ he  n           st@  r  t
t¤            ⨏ e €  l                s  ◯
    ↇ  ⫯ ⫓  ©  ⨂  π  ₦  ε  ¢  ⫮  ἓ  δ
Faye David Apr 27
You’re way too good for me
But you’re way too in love to see
Your biased eyes easily deceived
By my pretentious deeds

You’re way too good for me
But I’m way too selfish to leave
For I think I’m starting to fall
Even though I’m fighting it all
Angela Rose Apr 19
I don't want to keep being your maybe
I don't want to keep being your hypothetical
I don't want to keep being your shadowed fantasy
I don't want to keep being your naughty little secret
I don't want to keep being your ***** on the back burner
I don't want to keep being your inferior alternative
I don't want to keep being plan B

I want to be the girl, the one, you know what I mean

The laugh that keeps you craving more and more
The smile that makes a day full of rain feel like a sunflower garden
The touch that makes the pains of yesterday feel non existent
The snicker that reminds you of play time as a 6 year old
The sarcasm that keeps you on your toes
The soft voice that makes you think about how good of a partner I would be
The drive that makes you want to be a better man, better future husband, future father

Instead, I am the token of *** that makes you hard
Instead, I am the moan that distracts you from your problems you pretend to ignore
Instead, I am the breath of fresh air that reminds you how suffocated you have felt for years
Instead, I am the burden that you can't seem to ignore
Instead, I am the voice in the back of your head telling you that you need to make a decision and you hate me for that

I don't want to fall for you. But I think it's five months too late for those emotions
Ash Apr 12
You said you were the one
You said that  you were it
But you were wrong
You claimed I needed to be with you
So I clung to you
I needed you to simply be
Because i thought that you were me
I thought living was inside my head
I thought performance was winning
And equated with existence.
Every part of you is not me
Though I've grown with you
And traced you back to the age of three
You are not me but merely a distraction
From seeing the ethereal before me
From living out the plays inside my head
From conforming to the reality that attention is not needed
Recognition is not imperative
Success is not vital
To live extraordinarily.
You are just a distraction from who I need to be
And as I fall and trip and stumble back into the pleasure of your continuous movie reel
I see the world and I see me and I remember the presence of who I am supposed to be
All in the moments that you are not there
And still I struggle
But I know now that you are not who I was destined to be,
And maybe I’m not special
Or all i thought I’d be
But with you, I’ll never reach my dreams
And I’ll never reach me
Until I hit pause on the remote
And eject this fantasy DVD.
ira Apr 11
Words to make others laugh,
Laughter to make them believe,
Smile to cast no doubt,
Don’t feel pain.
Put on a facade for the rest
At home back into the nest.
Don’t let them see
Be filled with glee.
They only know
What you show.
Put on your facade as an aide
To make them laugh.
hydonni Apr 9
"How are you? "
They asked me...
"I'm Fine... "
I'm perfectly okay,
And my chest feels like its gonna explode...
My head feels pressurized,
And white noise feels my ears...
And I'm stumbling blindly,
Barely seeing through the tears that pour down my face...
"I'm Fine... "
Everything is just peachy,
And I feel empty,
Alone in a crowd of people,
Never fitting in... Never belonging...
Floating above everything and everyone,
A lonely, solitary ghost...
"I'm Fine... "
Perfectly alright,
And I play that depressing song,
Over and over and over again,
Listening to the same sad words,
Feeling worse by the second...
"I'm Fine... "
I have never been better,
Can't you see the huge, ginormous smile on my face,
"I'm Fine... "
I swear I am,
And I'm drowning in my fears,
I can't see, I can't breathe, I can't be,
But I'm fine.
My eyes always
from side to side,

Checking for a sign
that tells ‘em to hide

Under a screen
of pretended Lies -
To protect me from
the cruelty of Life.

But, to Lies I prefer
Poetry instead:
warming my heart
with Love once again.
© 04/04/2020
Memories can be abandoned—
Her empty heart
Is what makes her strong
Just like what she covers,
In her face.

Ghosts of their shadows
Listed in her palm—
Calling upon them
Like a spirit
That needs to be summoned.

She was standing in the middle
Of the ghost town—
There she was closing her eyes—
Stomach turning,
When she heard him.

They were staring at each other
Who is going to win?
It was a contest
Of who should go first—
"I still love you."

He said with a smile—
Her thoughts are like the battlefield
"Should I trust him?"
She asked her shadow—
Only the beeping sound
Of the cricket's songs

Can be heard in the area—
She tried to fight
The tears,
Afraid that it will rain soon.

He tried to suppress a smile
A genuine—
She couldn't forget;
He tried to control
The rushing vessels
That makes them inseparable.

They tried to live in the present—
Left the Ghost Town
Of their oppressed memories
Tried to imprisoned
the old beauty,
At the back of their heads.

This way
will work,
and they don't have to fight anymore.
Ghost Town of oppressed memories.
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