Let's go skate,

Wear all black,

Smoke cigarettes,

And day dream,

In the dead of night.

~S.C. Kelley
For the young ones
Once there was a teenager,
She wanted nobody’s hate.
So she began doing prayer,
She wanted God to relate.

She’s softly praying to God,
Thanking him night and day.
My Lord, couldn’t she begot?
Never overlooking all betray.

God, can’t you please help me?
Praying for his answer returns.
Lord, can’t you hear any plead?
As he never looked overturned.

Just as she began to bow and pray,
She never wanted forever begged.
God shall be an answer, she’d say,
Heaven’s angels sang what is said.
Passenger seat.
Windows down.
Sun in my eyes.
Love sits on my left.
And there's trust
In the breeze.
We create little expeditions,
Until the real freedom comes.
Adventure glints in both set of eyes,
And we long for that day
When the world is completely ours.
As for now,
We walk on the edge of the limits,
Trespassing sometimes.
The wind blows through our hair
The sun gleams in our curious eyes.
One day we will never be apart.
One day adventure will have no limits.
I try not to complain,
For the adventure will always be there,
Paitiently waiting for us.
I Suppose Jul 15
I bet that my livers more damaged than yours
Take 5 more shots and see who's first on the floor
Laying on your bed
Sleeping isn't really an option for me
Stealing food and hearts
For the best things in life are free
"Do you feel me?" she says
Through cloth and all our lies
For a servant of the devil
Her eyes are bluer than the skies

She says her favourite person is
The only one who ever mattered
I ask her for a name
And her response has left me flattered
But the handcuffs that bind us
Are our favourite little play things
And we hate our concrete boots
That dont let us use our wings

Do we go to parties
To forget events of our pasts
Or do we go to fall in love
And just hope this time it lasts
We go to be ourselves
And we go to feel alive
But every fucking night
Feels like a new attempt to die

She says her favourite person is
The only one who ever mattered
And she'll go visit his grave
If it didn't make her shatter
So she sits and cries alone
In the safety of her home
Taking shots of whiskey
They're helping her because
Each burning gulp
Gets her closer to who she loves
A tale of two young stars, determined to burn as violently as they can
Cyrene Jul 11
touched her,
her dignity
laying lifeless on the ground
at a monster
even the animals
wouldn't look at
My heart goes all out for the ones who've been treated with no humanity. You all deserve so much love life has to offer. Don't ever think your world is crushing, instead build your confidence up to face the day again! ;)
Amarys Dean Jul 9
There’s an “e” in your name.
2. It’s also composes a syllable of it.
3. Things will always empty, no matter what. Even bottles, for example. Especially ones that contained alcohol. You seemed to enjoy emptying those quite a lot.
4. Once, I emptied a pen of it’s ink while writing about you.
5. There is no “e” in my first name, but you pronounced it as if there was, replacing the first “a” with an “e”.
6. I always, and still do, get annoyed whenever people mispronounce my name, but never when you did it. I always knew that you were the one calling it. You were the one thing I was always sure of.
7. The other night, I tried to think of other things that started with “e” and “a”. I found “always” and “eventually”. Just as you substituted the “e” for the “a”, we substituted “always” for “eventually”.
8. Or maybe it could stand for “eventually an alcoholic”?
9. I just wish that you could have emptied your heart out to us just as easily as you could empty a bottle down your throat.
10. Ever since you told us that you drove home drunk I’ve been thinking about writing an eulogy.
11. Please don’t make me write one. Not while we’re so young.
12. Eventually, everything expires, like our patience, our vitality, and our days.
13. You haven’t spoken to anyone in months, and I don’t know how to reach you, or if you even want me to. When I saw your mother this past October, I wanted to ask her if she knew had badly you had been struggling, but I didn’t because I know that you would have hated me for it. There was a reason you had tried to keep your addiction a secret.
14. The letter “e” is the most used letter in the alphabet. How can you ask me to forget you when nearly every word I write has a trace of you in it?
15. I would never pick up a pen again if it meant that I could hear you mispronounce my name one more time.
f hanna Jul 3
may 14-

here’s what you’ve done to me:

i am no longer able to write.
i don’t know how or why but every time i stare at a blank sheet of paper, i am overwhelmed with anger,
so overwhelmed that nothing comes out, not even the tears that swell up in my eyes or the screams that lodge themselves in my throat.

july 2- two and a half months later

here’s what you’ve done to me:

i still feel like i cannot write.
i remember saying that out loud and you responding with “maybe that’s for the best” with an ugly smirk on your face and that it stung so much because the first poem that made you decide to write was by me and about you and you loved it. you drank those words like you do vodka on friday nights.
but i am not angry anymore.
i don't even care anymore,
i promise.
i have forgiven you.
we’re teenagers, which is a euphemism for dumb asses, so i am not mad at u for making the decisions that you made.
and i understand that you were afraid of how much i knew you--better than you did yourself.
that’s ok.
it’s not the most settling thing.
i saw all the darkness and loneliness you hid behind a facade of absolute, sheer confidence and the coolest tie-dye shirts known to man.
i saw it in the corners of your ocean eyes and in the quivers of your soft, paint-stained hands when you thought no one was paying attention
but i just wish you’d known how much i didn’t care that you were broken.
how much i didn’t care about putting you back together or pulling at all your hanging threads until you lay on the floor unable to stand back up.
i didn’t care about fixing you because i loved you as you were, broken or not.
i wish you’d known that.
Haiku Donna Jun 18
I love my family
and even at times we row
we stick together

no matter what! There
was a time when I worried
about my daughter

She made me and her
dad go grey over night , we
argued lots back than

It was like someone
was watching over her to
make sure we'd find out

I cried myself to
sleep many a night, my soft
pillow caught my pain

There was a time when
I thought she'd never see her

of her beautiful
life ahead of her , but now
she stands proud like a

spring tree ready to
embrace life's beauty , she's not
one to take for a

fool she'll not hold back
on her tongue but shes learning
there's a better way

to engage debate
or anger or frustration
and thats just to talk

or maybe at times
say nothing at all , she's  now
working full time and

I and her dad are
so proud and no matter what
lifes throws at her she

will deal with it the
best way she can , so if you've
got kids who seem to

be heading the wrong
way don't give up even if
it's terribly hard

Because one day you
will wake up and see your kid
with a happy smile

and you'll know that all
your been through will be worth it
just to see that smile

:) <3
Dedicated to my beautiful daughter Rebekah who as been a nightmare teen but now just a lovely sweet honest and always will be mouthy girl <3 xxx
MEReidow Jun 16
At Eighteen.
She was lost,
Bleeding from inside out
With wounds unhealed from her past,
But all they saw was her lustic smile.
She, a beautiful flower drowning in the deep-
Under the grasp of self destruct,
Silently, She called for help but they didn't listen.
All they chose to see was beauty
covering the ugly truth of her imperfect life,
They chose the lies because it was easy,
It is easy to think one is fine, after all
“It saves you the emotional energy they said"
While she sunk deeper into the deep,
a black hole called reality
She awaited for signs that someone noticed
both her pain and joy
But all they chose to see way the joy
Until sadness took that away
Through the unholy vessel called anxiety and,
Depression her ally
She finally lost her spark
And all they chose to see were her beautiful memories (Lies)
Covering yet another part of her ,
Her story and the battles she fought
All on her own
We all fight silent battles at some point in our lives, It can be because of depression, anxiety or just all demons. It's hard to tell everyone about what your are battling with, maybe because of the social norms etc. Find your voice and tell someone about It, don't battle alone until you bleed off on the battlefield. If you've overcome a demon try becoming present for someone else so that they wouldn't go through it alone
Cyrene Jun 8
never knew you could affect me the most
never knew you could be the music to my ears

you don't know these things don't you?

It happens everyday
until one day
it'll blow me away
far away
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