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Shristy Sep 13
droll kid trapped in a clueless teenage skin.  loud, too emotional, too needy,too expressive
Self destructive but never self reliant.
I'm a leech to the people I love.
I can't live without their aid,
I can't function without their validation.
I worry too much when the tone of someone's voice doesn't make sense in my head.
I feel sick when people are not how I want them perceived.
i know it's toxic but I will do anything to be loved and accepted
i will stretch and stitch my own traits to be
something everyone always wanted
To feel so strongly is a blessing and a curse.
one small inconvenience and ah ****, here we go again, dramatic music "my life couldn't get worse!!!~

My world isn't that confusing. it's black or white and yes or no
I can hear more than 5 people i left hanging, scoff and say "what a hypocrite ***"
some say im fun to be around but equally irritating
sometimes i give away alot of **** to people that's too much to handle
Like a newborn child I need looking after continuously.
Attention and affection 24/7 around the clock.
please don't ignore me more than thrice
overthinking and ****, it takes two periods of crying at school and 5 braincells for my two feiends to unlock

Intelligent.. eh but my emotional permanence is absolute zero.I can't keep **** to myself because of this stupid need to have a nice conversation with eveyone
so they don't think i am a ******.
How expressive I am is what people probably like about me but its comes crumbling down when that girl whom I've only spoken twice to knows how many guys ive ditched were ******
We are the teens who jump to conclusions who smash beer in the street, walk fast and try to soothe ourselves with ***** water

We are the teens who cry for a song feeling alone but surrounded by people
Who replace hurt with *** and hide our pain by waiting until maybe finally something good happens

We are the teens who go home every day and miss everyone who made our life worth living

We are the loud *** teens who smoke and drink and get 100s on tests and love themselves and are happy about it

We are the teens who get gelato and are homies with our host families and jump in with our clothes on

We are the teens who look at the waves and the height and think the wind blowing is beautiful

We are the teens who overuse the word love because we lack it in our lives

We are the teens who have to give it to each other because maybe not everyone loves us the way we want them to

Maybe that’s why we don’t love the people who want us to
Axel Jul 29
Have you ever heard that the waves sometimes can pull you right back to the sea?
Right, that's you.
You're the wave
that keeps pulling me back
to the memories that we had.
back to u
Scarlett Jul 23
The ache in my stomach motivates me to keep going
The steadily decreasing number on the scale makes the hunger pains and sleepless nights, the bruises on my vertebrae

I slip up
I cry
The walls close in

The cycle starts again
yellow soul Jul 19
She couldn’t imagine life without him
But she didn’t have to imagine it
She was living it
Times changed.
We all are new.
We all are missing.
We lost the pieces that used to define us so well.
We lost ourselves over somethings that never really felt so real.
We run towards temporary happiness,
We get hurt and instead of healing we keep the hurt as a souvenir of the experience.
We hate changes, we live in our nutshell.
Friends and loyalty lost its meaning in our life long ago.
We drag ourselves from one day to another.
We aren't living...are we?
We want change but we don't want to change.
We want to live but we don't know how to.
We are stuck.
There are so many kids dying of cancer,
And I'm here dragging a blade through my skin.
Life is so unfair,
Why can't I just die instead of them?
A "poem" every day.
lj brooks Jul 1
i watched the storm roll in.
the sweet, cold taste of a banana smoothie.
electricity charging the night sky.
seventeen year olds sitting recklessly
on top of the black jeep we call home.
not knowing how lightning works but
if it strikes us then so be it.
a woman on the shaded sand with her son.
a couple in love,
groping, kissing,
we say, "gross," and look away.
i'm being held tight as thunder roars.
man in car shouting, "don't die tonight!"
man above getting angry.
I am wallowing in my own pity and self-loathing because that is what teenagers do, Mom.
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