Trying to tap telegrams
On the back of my phone
In a faux leather seat
In the back of my mothers car.
Anyone will tell you I have a
For the contrary
And there’s strangely no argument,
Where I got it from,
The seatbelt sits uncomfortably across my throat,
Stopping my words,
A space formerly only occupied by her gaze,
Though my future career may benefit,
My current psyche does not.
Mommy, can you hear me?
Its 5:00 p.m and I came for dinner, it's no test.
Please place yourself tonight
You've had 3 drinks already, tonight please for me, give it a rest.

Mommy, I need to tell you about my day
Okay this is drink number 4, and dinner is served.
Mom I got a promotion at work today
I can't believe it!
"Honey can you pass the wine please?" She says to dad
Conversation served

Mommy how have you been doing?
She tells me the same story she told me yesterday when I asked.
Dinner is cleared, to me for dessert.
Of course, dessert is just another glass.

Mommy you look beautiful tonight,
Oh wait your make up is all smudged up.
"Please fix it for me baby".
Shes too shaky, but not for another cup.

Mommy I miss our girls days
Getting our nails done and going for lunch
"I would love to grab some mimosas tomorrow,
How about we go for brunch?"

Mommy I'm too sleepy for brunch, how about we go to dinner?
The restaurant down the road is brand new
I hear it's a winner

Mommy why dont you want to try it?
"I can't go to dinner without my wine"
We picked a new restaurant
All was far from fine.

Mommy please dont yell at the waitress
I knew this was a bad idea.
When shes drinking she isnt always nice.

Mommy that was super rude.
You cant speal to people that way.
If you were sober it never would have happened.
You're more careful with what you say.

Mommy please don't be mad at me,
I was only trying to help
"All you ever so is pick on me," she cries
"I need to leave here, I'm out."

Mommy it's you whose breaking me
And I cant keep watch you fall
You have proven alcohol is more important.
I guess I dont matter after all.
Why can't any of you
Seem to understand
How heart wrenching it is to see my mother
with another drink in her hand

She picks up that bottle
night after night,
And drinks until her thoughts
are completely out of sight.

Mom cant you see,
that My heart breaks
Everytime I have to watch you finish your drink
And I notice your hands start to shake

You lift your final glass,
up to your lips
And I help you up the stairs,
please mom, please
this time just dont slip

You use to be my best friend
No matter what time of day
Now if it's after 8pm
Your memory has already been taken away

Our conversations have turned into arguments
As you can't see that when you drink you have a different side.
I try to brush most things off
but it's not fair to me, that my feelings are always denied.

The next morning you are sober,
most times with your slate wiped clean
It is me who is left with confusion and anger,
but all of them just call me mean.

Is it really mean,
that I hate seeing you act this way?
I dont enjoy watching you repeat the same mistakes,
again and again.

They contine to defend you,
You feel enabled, they make you feel better.
Here I am, trying to open your eyes
I wanna help you get it back together.

Mom, you have been taken over by vodka's warm darkness,
you run to your liquid fire to find light.
I watch you drown further into it's black whole,
that will never make things right.

I want my mommy back,
I really need you here.
I cant see you fall down one more time,
I cant see you shed another suppressed tear.

Alcohol stole you from me mom,
But knowing your heartbreak broke my own heart.
I want my goddamn mommy back
Its tearing our family apart.
I once had a beautiful mother
Who used to be a teacher
She teaches hundreds of students
Yet I was the special one
She left me behind
When I was as sleep in my dreams
God ask her to come
Because he needs the one
The one who loves and take cares of every one
She left me without a good bye wave
May b she was to scare
That I would cry like a baby
I love to watch over blue sky
Because someone said me she is up above so high
Taking care of littlie firefly
When I wanna cry
I watch the beautiful sky
So that she can tell me everything is fine
And give me a warmed smile
She is my beautiful mother
Now who became an angel....
hmm well this i wrote to comfort my self i usully don't understand why it should be my mom and she passed when i was hardly 6 soo that tym my dad told me she is in sky and moon taking care of little angels
Denny C 3d
You gave me shelter
You made it a home
You gave me a friend
When I felt alone
In this life
You've given me
You've shown me the way
You set me free
There is no me
Without you
By way of me
Your soul shines through
There's not enough
All I can offer
Is all my love

Appreciation is the essence of humanity -- let it show.
Pixie 3d
With the beat of a galloping horse you thundered into our lives

100milesper hour, yet



                Still. Somehow... something so visceral, delicate and fierce

enveloped everything around us and we

shut out the world with our hazy glow

An extra chamber of my heart was carved out

Just for you

                Time flew, And ground to a halt

unable to sleep,

even when granted that small mercy in a sea of insomnia

Unable to tear myself away, yet

Simultaneously craving freedom and your love.

The conundrum of being your mum.
Mothers shouldn’t cry.

Hello Nan, I’m sorry I wasn’t there enough.
I miss you; God how I miss your love.
I try and try, but I just mess things up;
My heads becoming unglued, how do I carry on?

It’s all over the place, what’s forward or back?
Confusion falls all around us, what’s up with my head?
This can’t be real, come on your having a laugh;
I must be dreaming, am I still in bed?

It’s no dream, it’s the truth.  She’s dead and she’s gone;
She’s floating up above, to Heaven; her new home.
She’s been there all your life, from the moment you were born;
But she won’t be there to comfort you,
Through the grieving my Son.

Remember her best moments,
Like her cooking when you came home;
Remember the good times, not just this bad moment.
Remember the things, she taught us about life;
Remember her loving you, when you were just a child.

Always wanting the best for you,
But disappointed when we failed.
She could get angry sometimes,
But she could also make us smile.
You were like the Godfather, or Godmother of the family.
Without your guidance, where will we be?

Lost and confused, not really believing this is real;
Being forced to accept that you are not here; this is surreal.
I thought you’d live forever.  Not you; you can’t go;
Seeing all my life in an instant,
Wishing you were here for your Grandson.
Like you always have been, the permanent star.
Guiding us, leading the way for us;
Shining brightest for us all.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Kellin 4d
but to whom could
i possibly confess
a secret,

any secret? not to my mom,
who’s never around. a time
or two,i’ve begged her to

to give me just a few
precious minutes between
campaign swings. of course
it’s true
the wrong secret could take her
down, but you’d think she’d
want to hear
it. i mean, what if she had
to defend it? really, you’d
she’d want to be forewarned,
in case the international inquisitor
got hold of it.  does she
this family has no secrets?
the clues are everywhere, whether
or not she wants to
Rebecca Kay Aug 8
The third stair from the bottom always creaked.
I always forgot,
So I’d always get caught.
The bi-annual outburst of my rebel-ness always resulted in tears.
And blue hair.

I bought darker lipstick from Walmart, back when
we lived in a small town.
I’ve worn it, but
never outside of my bedroom.
Never worn any lipstick, outside of my room.
Mom would freak if she knew I had it,
just like when my shorts didn’t cover my knees.
There’s a reason I wear leggings so often.

I can’t wait to get out of this place-
Hot, crowded, cacti.
I’ve said it before,
and I’m making plans, but everyone says
“you’ll be back in two years.”
I don’t want to. But I’m scared I will.

My sister claims I’m going to get married right out of high school.
Considering the .5 dates I’ve gone on, I’m doubtful.
And to who? who knows. She’s expecting a guy.
I’m not so sure- of any of her predictions.
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