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When a person dies so young, I have to ask why.
I still miss you as each day passes by.
When my brother told me how sick you were, he told me face to face.
He didn't want to tell me over the telephone so he came to my place.
Until he told me the bad news, I didn't know just how ill that you were.
It was painful and heart breaking and your death was hard to endure.
You didn't die on the operating table even though the surgeon thought you would.
I was unhappy eight years ago today because I had to say goodbye to you for good.
Because of an aneurysm, my brother and I had to take you off of the respirator.
We did this to end your suffering and you died twenty-something hours later.
You said if you were ever on a respirator, you wanted to be taken off if you couldn't make it.
We did as you requested but your death was devastating and it was hard for me to take it.
You were living proof that a person doesn't need a big education to be smart.
Rest In Peace, Mom, you were a wonderful lady and you had a very big heart.
Dedicated to Agnes M. Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away 8 years ago today on March 6, 2013
She spread her arms and embraced me
that familiar scent made me smile
I noticed the wrinkles on her arms
and my heart ached

she spent half of her life
preparing what's best for me and still..
she is here
comforting me at my worst

My eyes welled up as i held back my tears
thinking of all the things i couldn't do for her
My heart pounding in a rhythm
thinking of all the best things for her

As she got up to bring me my favorite snack
tears finally escaped my eyes
wiping them away quickly
i promised to myself

I'll never leave you maa
That one perfect woman in our life
nevaeh 4d
this one goes out to all the moms
that lost themselves
that gave up hope
or never had any at all
all the moms that left their kids here
all alone on this sick earth
without a heart to lean on
or half a mind to trust
this is to all the moms
that broke their sons heart
or made a girl impossible to love
this to our moms
and to these moms
i say

i loved you, you were my mother and i had to love you, because i was just a baby, and it isn't my fault that you never loved me back.
You need to be scared,
scared that any slip up could be fatal.
Not for you of course,
for the ones you forget about.
the ones you chose your self over.
Like your step dad,
when was the last time you said hi,
while you were slipping out into the night.
They will be gone and,
You're not getting them back.
You need to be scared.
You need to think everyones going to die,
because they will.
You need to spend every moment giving love to others.
Stop being selfish,
you don't matter,
you need to be scared.
Ashley Feb 2
you say my full name like you've been there my whole life
yet you haven't.
ever since i was little you haven't been there
you were with some other man
crashing my dads car
hurting me and my father
i was little maybe 3
i didn't know anything
now i think about it all.
no good memories i have are with you in them
you left me and let me get abused
i had a horrible childhood because you couldn't put down your ******* ****
you couldn't think about your own ******* kids.
at age 12 you just show up like its nothing. you show up and speak to me like you've always been there but you HAVEN'T
you missed 10 years of my ******* life
10. *******. years.
and you act like its nothing.
you gave me all your horrible mental issues
you gave me your depression
i got your disorders
i only got the bad things
everyone ******* hated me for every ******* problem i got from YOU
to my mother..she'll never see this
Man Feb 1
ash world wishes
stacked high dishes
gluttony's their missus

countless stolen oil barrels
countless good men, turned feral
their dreams and hopes
made sterile
off the poison of falsehood

how does she cope
mother of one
on her own
without others, none
bills need paying
her pain needs staying
where is her life
has she become
nothing more
than mom?

older man with a near toothless mouth
a troubled man, whose prospects
he is without
values, virtues, and beliefs
he hates himself more
minute, day, week
when did he peak
and out from in
he's always been afraid
to be genuine
he's not himself
he's never been
i don't think he'll ever be
in the end

neither will
cause one is dead
and the other dies
a much slower death
their lives amounted
to be the selfless work they put in
though i got to meet mom and dad
i never knew them
i hope there's a chance to meet
once again
Tizzop Jan 30
in the middle of nirvana, ashima wakes up
she doesn't know how she reached this sphere
full of silver lights and black silhouettes
everyone she knows seems to be present

greyly shimmering leaflets are floating
through the air, gently, like mist
and red fireflies are clapping their wings
the crowd of shadows is starting to sing:

"ashima, you have come a long way to us
we are the voices of nirvana, listen
nirvana is the deep core of your soul
the land of your most secret wishes

sometimes, in your dreams, you reach out
when you are waiting for a train and the
rays of the sun are reflecting your thoughts
you never find us but we know where you are

you may call us your wishes, we belong to you
as ****, as branko and your mom do
are you the imitation of your dreams, ashima?
or do your dreams imitate you, our girl?

certainly, you will become the thing you dread
we know that you took revenge recently
when you were slashing the *******'s throat
as his blood was slowly flowing into the sheets"

in the middle of her apartment, ashima wakes up
she becomes aware of a crinkled and dark leaflet
it is more than twenty years old, informing about
something that ashima can not read anymore

the letters on the leaflet have become dust
ashima is taking a deep breath and sighs
her pitbull branko is strolling towards her
his wet tongue, ashima thinks, feels cute
Grey Poduska Jan 23
Hummingbirds can fly up to 65 miles per hour, faster than cheetahs can run. My momma says I can talk faster than that. She thinks my lips and tongue signed a deal with the devil to earn their speeds. She thinks I can say enough words to fill the empire state building and still have some left over just by telling her about my day at school.
My momma thinks I can do anything. She tells me every day “Baby, you are going to be the biggest star this world has ever seen.” So I puff my chest and put on a smile, ready to face whatever the universe has to offer me.
When I hold hands with her, my momma whispers softly to me. “Come closer, my dear.” She carefully lifts her hand, brings in to my ear, and pours her knowledge into my skull. Always giving, always pushing, always trying not to be forgotten.
When my head swims with too many memories, a mix of mine and hers, she holds me softly. Lets me weep in her lap, collects my tears and molds them into pearls, strings them on a necklace and places it delicately around my neck. Always giving.
Alina Jan 21
Dear mom and dad, colleges been a whirl.
all nighters are common and I eat too much ramen but Ive kept off the freshman fifteen.
My friends pierced my ears and dad I'll out drink you with beers. But frat boys can be quite mean.
I took the car for a few trips outta state with my friends but I filled up the gas and didn't once crash.
I have a tattoo I haven't shown you. I really miss my old bed.
My friends got us a fish but that was a miss.
Then I broke my finger but the pain didn't linger.
I did get corona but after tacoma.
I kissed a few boys and made too much noise, but I did get to dance in the rain.
I showed my friend his first snow and watched my plant grow.

And although midterms made me cry, I got to watch the sky go from blue to pink with a friend

I'm just hoping it won't all end.
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