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Blake 2d
These words I always hear
Mother please turn your ear
Listen to my story
Hear of my good glory
Of when I killed the butchers boy
When he took my favorite toy
The wooden horse of maple tree
The one to which you gave to me
Mother see
He fell from that tree
And that tool in his hair
See I put it there
And he weighed like a ram
See how strong I am
May I sit in your lap
Will we buy a new cap
Can I have some more bread
Will you pat my head
Why do you cry
You look so confused
Are you not amused
Mother see
I got back my own toy
Am I not
Your favorite little boy
Natalie 3d
Its such a shame
that you’re sad
and alone
You have a lot to offer a man
You can cook
and clean
and you’re pretty
and you’re smart
but you’re just so strange
and a bit rough around the edges
and a difficult to talk to
and thats probably why
they don’t stay
maybe if you could be softer...
Luna D 4d
Loyalty doesn’t run through our blood
No matter how many times i stick the needle in my arm
I’ll never be able to be loyal to you Mother.
I’m not the perfect daughter
That truth was sealed when you gave me up.
Now look at you.
Trying to come back.
Trying to act like you didnt miss your chance
That ship sailed when you broke my bones and when you tried to **** me
Im no longer a child but you dont even know it
Im my own woman and i didnt need you to find my way
So take your knives and your guns
Your opinions and your money and just go
Get out of my life.
Stay gone for good
I dont love you. I never did
How could i when you never took the time to actually be a mother.
Anya 5d
My dad tells me,
don't act like
set in stone
You're young!
Your character isn't

My mom says,
put it in
a mental trash can
and get past
the thoughts,
moving on
some mindfulness,
It'll help calm
your mind
I tell my little brother
you're character's
not set in stone!
Throw it in a mental trash
can keep
moving on
When reflecting on things,
they can be so sweet
Let me take you back to the past, where my life was a blast.
It was just my mom and I, full of love and laughs.
Not a day was dull, it was always an adventure.
We’d go bike riding often and sometimes late food adventures.
She used to tell me stories about the evil wicked witch.
Who happened to be my stepmom- an evil *****.
I climbed into her bed during thunderstorms.
She would wrap me in her arms to keep me warm.
She would sing me to sleep with her lovely voice.
It was calming and it blocked out the other noise.
She was my bestfriend and the woman I aspire to be.
Unfortunately, she was taken away from me.

Now let me take you to the part of my life when I was filled with strife.
My mom had cancer; she was fighting for her life.
The vomiting was something I could not take, but I rubbed her back anyways because she needed a break.
I would bring her medicine and make sure she was fine.
“No matter what, I’ll always be in your heart”, was a foreshadowing line.
She took me to Disney world for my 8th birthday.
That trip was magical and something to remember.
She sent me away for Christmas break.
She said she was going away on a business trip.
I stayed with my aunt, my cousin, and grandma.
I had it in my head that I would soon return to my mama.

Let me take you to the day when my heart went away.
I woke up in the morning and my grandma was crying.
“Do you remember when your mom said she’d always be in your heart?”
From that moment on, I knew we would forever be apart.
My heart shattered and the tears remained all day.
My mom was everything to me. How could she be taken away?

Now let me bring you to now, where I always wear a frown.
It’s 12 years later, and I still cry to this day.
My happiness been left and I am such a mess.
What did I ever do to deserve this mess?

Now let me take you back to the past where my life was a blast.
It was just my mom and I, full of love and laughs.
Those were the good times where my happiness existed.
We had great memories and I’ll always miss it.
Save me a spot in heaven.
Mom, I miss you...
Hailey 5d
The only person I thought
Would get it
The only person I thought
Would trust me
The only person I thought
Would believe me

My mother
The person I've grown up with
"What did you even do yesterday"
She says
"I had to handle some things"
"Yeah, like what?"
She says

Little does she know
I had lost a friendship yesterday
She tells her boyfriend what i said
In a sarcastic tone
When I start to yell

Now she cares
Now she actually cares
I won't respond to her questions
Because she didn't
Believe me at first
Trust me
So, I can trust you.
W 7d
Thank you for raising me the way you did
For understanding me and my fears
For being there for me when I am angry at the world
For pushing me to be the best person I can
But most of all
Thank you for being you

Ray Ross Oct 12
Dear Mom,
Someday, you’ll need to know.
I know you won’t like it
Or even understand it,
But I want you to know
You want me to be closer
With you and Dad,
But to be closer with you,
You need to be close with me too.
You have to know
I wore dresses as a kid
Because I thought it was fancy,
And I liked to be pantsless.
You’ll see that as evidence
That I should be lying.
I am not what you expected,
And I am not what you wanted.
I am not your little girl,
Though it hurts like ****
To tell you so.
I am not straight,
Though you don’t really respond
When I tell you I like a girl
And your face shrivels
Like the words from my breath
Leave a bitter taste
Between your gritted teeth.
You’ll really have to know,
I am nonbinary.
I am bisexual.
I am a ******* amalgamation of the things you don’t believe in,
The things you think are just a new wave of special characters,
Pretty pictures on instagram,
You call me a sponge
Full of others’ emotions and thoughts
You denote my strength as a being.
I am an amalgamation of the things you think of as teenage fairytales,
I am a ******* unicorn pegasus to you,
Dear Mom,
I am ******* beautiful.
And you’ll really know that,
Accepting my own shortcomings
Being silly to make her giggle
Cuddling everyday, so sweet

Daily routines, let's get this done
Eating chicken nuggets 5 nights a week
Fighting off all the bad

Gazing into her gorgeous eyes
Helping her learn to read
Inspiring her to reach for the stars

Jumping rope for hours on end
Kissing away endless boo-boos
Loving her, what a gift

Making up fun games to play
Never giving up on my girl
Overpowering need to protect

Playing all day long
Quieting all her fears
Relishing how lucky I am

Singing her lullabies
Teaching her how to count
Unconditional love, is all she'll know

Visiting new places together
Watching her grow up so strong
Xeroxing memories in my brain

Yearning for time to slow
Zooms on by, oh my so swift
Alphabet challenge describing motherhood.
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