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She laid me down
Caress my cheek softly
Kissed my head with love
Brought the light into the darkness.

Don't need a poetry
Don't need a song
Just her by my side is enough.

Hugged me with warmness
Helped me with troubles
Her beautiful face is always inside,
Inside here deep in my little heart.

She's my one
She's my mom
She's my only lullaby in the cold and scary night.
If I could make a film,
It would have been on her life,
Because I have not seen someone more inspiring than my mother.
Nothing is enough
Nothing says love more then a social media post about her, right?
A post to reinsure that my position being a son is formed by approval for the media to recognize that my love is enough
I think about this every day.
Why do you need a post to assure your loved? Liked?
Maybe ill just like the post so the repercussions don’t fall far from the petty position she’s left standing on,
Firm, aligned, or is she an allie?
An allie that this mother tore the son’s soul from every being that man she always wanted but never let the soul of cujo surpass his demons.
I was the demon.
I never knew how to love her. I was always civil.
I always knew resentment.
Because to her,
Love is letting everyone see a satisfaction,
Stevie wonder’s superstition, spoke to me, while he sang “writings on the wall”, I posted a post of a glimmering light while I was sitting, dwelling in the dark.
Addicted to drugs, and now pills till this day and somehow she wants respect out of me?
Respect from what?
Respect to whom?
****, you got to respect my hustle.
All I ever did was want nothing more then a mother,
I can call my best friend.
I see it everywhere, the bond that a mother shares that a child will chase to the highest cloud looking for their mother’s direction to soar.
Soaring always came as an instinct to me.
My father drank my childhood down,
I found my childhood down street,
I was never trained to expand my wings, to oversee my demons, direct myself to a clash of life’s titans,
I found strength in friends.
I’m alive cause of them.
I’m a better man cause of it.
I’m the king who was killed from chapter one.
I will always love you for being my mother, being the one who kept me alive before memories faded from the blunt I held, choking.
Tear drops falling on my pillow,
Tear drops falling making a silhouette,
Tear drops of something I won't forget,
"Sometimes I go to call you", but right now you won't be there,
I'm sorry,
Now aren't you?
I would stop crying if it weren't for you,
But I just keep trying,
Holding on,
Tear drops,
an artists palette,
of paints creating a silhouette,
on my pillowed canvas,
Never heard sorry cross you lips,
Tear drops rolling down my finger tips,
I cover my eyes waiting 'till dawn,
Wish the tears rolling down my face,
were replaced,
with your loving kiss,
Haven't felt that love since I was an infant,
This is something I sure do miss,
Am I really that insignificant?
Is it really that hard to say the word that I longed?
"I'm sorry"
Work in progress, got in fight with mom...
Meme 4d
Its the sweet sound of their voices
The sensitive thunder of their pitter patter feet
When all the dust falls & settles
They are a reflection of you & me
Love captured in every moment
When they open their mouths to speak
Beautiful memories that shall last forever
Enriched before the young ladies that we see
I'm taken away when I see the reflection of ***'s glory
They are a reflection of you & me….
Daksh 4d
Caring, scolding, and loving
A infinite times,
her heart was broken by me

Lips still wore that smile

When you looked beautiful
Ma, I can't forget you

Stop worrying
You have me forever

Staring me breathing
Thinking the world of me
Got everything planned

Tears, and sorrow
When I leave for good

You are the only lady, I'll love
Every second of my life

I may go far, but look deep inside
I am always there
In those wild creatures
Called hearts
Within the warm ***** grows
A child no one yet knows.
But she gives them love regardless,
Not needing words to give her bliss-
A mother and child.

Within the warm house grows
A child first using their toes.
And she cant help but cry in glee,
She never knew she was so motherly-
A mother and child.

The warmed house slowly grows colder,
The small child now older and bolder.
She's challenged by them over small things,
The love they have now paired with a sting-
A mother and child.

The once warm house now devoid
Sits in the darkness of isolation.
But a motherly spirit can't be destroyed,
Even if we must let go of our creations-
The mother then smiled.
Haylin 6d
2/5/09 - The day I lost my best friend (Grandpa)
7/?/12 - Moved in with dad
12/11/16 - Tried to KMS
9/16/17 - The day my dad and step mom got married
4/3/18 - Started dating my boyfriend

6/19/18 - The day my gave me up and kicked me out
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