ZinaLisha 12h

If I could, I would build you a heart
one that could not be broken
one incapable of falling apart

If I could, I would wash away your tears
drown them in the murky waters
with all of your fears

If I could, I would shelter you from harm
shield you from dark days
and frequent storms

If I could, I would protect you 24/7
saving you from this hell
until you ascend to Heaven

i never thought i would make it this far
i told my mother
what do you mean? she asked
in life I replied

- I never thought I'd make it to eighteen

told my mom that I never thought I would make it to eighteen years old I thought I would have killed myself by now
Anon 3d

i hate you,
i hate the way that you beat me when i come home late
i hate the way you yell at me when your wrong
i hate that you are always mad
i hate that you think you are superior to me
but i love you,
i love that you love me
i love that you gave me life
i love that you support me in everything i do
i love that you would give anything for me to be happy
but despite all of this love and hate,
i can't be your favorite daughter
i can't pretend to love you when at times i can't like you
i can't support you anymore
and most of all
i can't continue to live with your suffocating, pestering, raw, unperceptive demenor.
i'm sorry

My mom was my mentor.
She helped me with my problems.
Although I stopped telling her my problems.
Because I was embarrassed and scared that I would disappoint her.
And so I act strong around the house.
But everywhere else
I always slouch
Because whenever I'm at home
It feels although I carried the weight of the world

e 6d

if I often I had the choice
to do or not do,
I would not do;
a stubborn bitch
concrete-set in routine.
many are the days spent
sprawling my gangly body
in its entirety
along the couch.
mhmm, this lady is not
for exertion.
"it's time you do something!
all you do is sit around
drawing, writing, reading
and SLEEPING!" says mom.
"but I am doing something!"
I say.
"nothing PRODUCTIVE!"
reeling things off from the brain,
I can't think of much I can do,
but if there's one thing in particular
I do excel at, it's fucking off.
this prophet (yours truly) has
the prescience of mind to foresee
these things.

9-13-17, 21:55 (not entirely pleased with it, but it's how it is. *shrug*)
brooklyn Sep 10

thanks mom
for trying to warn me
no thanks mom
for beating me up
thanks mom
for giving me food
no thanks mom
for calling a ugly bitch
thanks mom
for teaching me the hard work people put into their creations
no thanks mom
for never telling me what my period was
thanks mom
for not killing me yet
no thanks mom
for never telling me you love me
thanks mom
for at least trying
no thanks mom
for making me feel worthless
thanks mom
for housing me
no thanks mom
for chaining me to a chair
thanks mom
for giving me the comfort of you being there
no thanks mom
for giving me the uncomfort of you being here
thanks mom
for making me lunches when i was a kid
no thanks mom
for giving me depression

and so much more.

Somewhere you are
Watching me live

But little do you know
Only through you I thrive..

The world is not enough
To compare my love for you

But hey, you aren't gone nowhere
For to be me, is to be you...

Ma ❤️

Today, I held my mother's hand and cried.

Knowing the next time she might hold my hand, it would be cold and attached to a lifeless body.

She could not see my tears, for her back was turned away, her fragile body motionless as she grips my hand softly.

I traced her rough, wrinkled, worn out fingers and closed my eyes.

I'm sorry, Mom, for self infliction is the way I'll die.

I'm sorry Mom, I love you.
White Owl Aug 31

I remember locking myself in my room
blasting the radio
covering my head with a pillow
Even while I was doing that
I could still hear my mother screaming at my father to stop
I heard glass breaking
pans hitting the floor
dishes crossing the floor

After the fights
I would always come check on my mom
sometimes she was covered in blood and bruises

As I looked across the floor as she was
cleaning the mess my father made comma
glass everywhere
Everything from counters and tables
were scattered from kitchen all the way to living room


Mims Aug 29

I didn't have a dad to tell me not to date boys,

I didn't have a dad to tell me people weren't toys,

I didn't have one to tell me right from wrong,

I didn't have one to ask for advice when I wronged,

I didn't have a dad to encourage me,

Didn't have one to tell me its okay to be scared, existing can be scary.

I didn't have a dad to tell me he loves me,

I had a mom for that.

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