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Hidden beneath
The layers of cloth
Hidden beneath
your skin
and your tissue
and your bones
Is your heart
The one that belongs
To me
I've been trying to write a collection of romance poems! So enjoy!
Estella Feb 17
Sitting in the dark
My thoughts racing
Like a mad man for the door
I hold a knife while thinking
How easy it would be to end it
All the pain
The things I hide from others
I could just slowly leave it all
While laying in a puddle
of my crimson sadness as it leaves my body
I know I can’t
It’s just a fantasy and a nightmare I dream of
I can always feel the hate in the world
Shaping my heart
I’ve tried to forget about it
But nothing seems to work
Sometimes all I want is to just hold someone
Someone who really cared…
But in the end all I’m left holding
Is the ghost of an idea
A mere fading wish.
mostly just needed to vent at this point, kinda had a break down lol
Brittany Ann Feb 2
When an Autumn
starts to truly come
I like to sing into the air
of the world
the sweetest spring lullabies
of much sunnier days,
just to try to
hide away the crumbling sound
of falling dry, dead leaves.
Giovanna Jan 30
Truth is the true deceiver,
hides in plain sight.
The truth is always in front of our eyes, its just that we fail to see it or turn a blind eye to it.
Estella Jan 15
Why do I say it’s nothing…
When it’s killing me inside?

I turn my face away from the bright light
Upon darkness
To lie there unknown by all

If only they knew what thoughts flooded my mind
I build dams to block them
And bridges to walk across
But dams can’t hold it back forever
And the bridges seem to fail…

My hands are weary
I can feel my soul grow old
And my eyelids droop low
I can’t keep doing this forever

I wish someone could hold me
So when the waters rise
It wouldn’t feel so cold
And lonely
I could tell them all
Without judging myself
But it all just fails again and again
Leaving cuts on my thighs
And bruises in my heart
So why try this time
Or the next time

I have a mind darkened by misery
Nobody would dare to touch it
They could just have someone better

I tell myself
“Just hide away so you don’t lose more
Do you really think they care?
They’re going to hate you now
Better forget yourself
No one will ever love you”
It’s slowly killing me
Burning me from the inside out
Can you see the flames?
I won’t be here much longer
And all that will remain
Is an empty soul once filled with joy.
i could pull the sheets
up and over my head

i could shut out the day
and hide from the light

but i can't escape the fear
i hold tight within my chest

will i always be running
in search of something better

wondering if i mistakenly
fled the best?
kalo zadukr Dec 2020
there are eight windows,
there are  nine doors,
under our skin.
Some see them
Some don't.
But I know you never saw yours-
Otherwise , you would find me in there,
inside of your heart.
Nermine Marei Dec 2020

Good side .. Bad side
Let us have a deeper insight..
We all have both, but the stronger will ride..
And the other will hide..
This is mankind..
Sometimes we struggle, but it is worth the fight..
We are not angels in the day and devils at night..
It is something that we can't bind..
It is within all of us, be ready to what you will find..
It is always clear and obvious, don't pretend that you are blind..
We just reflect what we feel deep inside..
I hope we all ride what is truly right..

Nermine Marei

mark soltero Dec 2020
would you love me
if you lived inside of me
because i hate it here
you’ll never see me
i used to hide
in fragments of myself
often i want to hold back
sometimes i think it’s the only way
to keep you from leaving one day

if so,
we’ll always have may
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Where oh where my love are you to be found?
Call out your name yet hear no sound
Are you playing a game?
Long for your voice but you refuse to speak
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