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Underneath, there are secrets
Kept safe from prying eyes
Held fast and secure
Behind a lame disguise

Would they think less of me
If everything was shown
I wonder, would their eyes still see
The person they have known
Panda Boy Apr 9
The people in the venues,
Having meetings and conferences.
they mix like a dry salad
drenched in vagueness and normality

it is
to not be there
and feel not happy
but not sad
just not there

it is alright
in the sense that you do not hide
pains or fears
But when business is about,
You can't run.

so go ahead and stop
let these conflicts settle
and fall into dreams
escape momentarily
For now.
Have a care,
they said
if the wind changes you’ll stay like that

and I think I missed the breeze
that fixed me in place
in among the hurricane days,

but the aches and pains
don’t shift no more,
just there
to be muted
by whatever suits
and ties
Into the long grass,
the long, long ponder
lost to breath and tears
lost to wonder
lost to the clear and present
or the hereafter
but there in the past
a cancer tumour twisted
all the slow growth
til the now,
this rotten gutted now
My Dear Poet Jan 17
Don’t hide your words
use them and speak
Don’t bury the truth
and play hide and seek
Come out, come out
from wherever you are
Don’t hide behind lies
and be found a liar
For ready or not
the truth will come when
there’s no place to hide
and they’ve counted to ten
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2021
Death is inevitable
but unknown in life.
Maybe the life
is never known
until knowing what's
in the dead hide!
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
Whether you hide or stand out,
Whether you whisper or scream and shout,
If you want to, you can be found.
And if there days you feel you have no one
But your fears and your doubts,
Like you've looked everywhere but can't find a way out, if you want to, you can be found.
You will be found.
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