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siinli 1d
I break things
I hurt people
I delete words
I keep secrets
Its because
I am frightened
Its because
I grew up
knowing that
these things
can conceal
my feelings
—I am a lost cause
Amanda 2d
Some people see light in me
Fire inside that I don't see
Burning bulb of a spirit sweet
Expectations I fail to meet

Some people think I am great
Love the pieces I create
Only imperfections there
A decent work is oh-so-rare

Some people know the things that I have done
Battles fought but never won
Yet they love me despite my wrong
Believing it made me strong

Some people wish I would try
Push myself until I cry
They don't realize that I do
The fire in me just won't shine through

Some people see grief inside
One I so carefully hide
Because I understand but they don't see
Some people cannot be what you want them to be
Written 1/31/11
Dani 4d
If I could tell you what I really think
Would you take a drink?
Of my thoughts and passion
Could you have compassion?
If only you knew what went on in here
My head is spinning, I have to go, but where?
Where to or where form am I running?
This event won't stop it keeps returning
This is never ending, am I misbehaving?
I am stuck in a cyclone full of this craving
How to get out, I do not know
Maybe I can stay, and reap what I sow
My thoughts are a mess! maybe only to you?
Because I know what I’d like to do
Is it worth the judgement or deceit?
Can I hid it away, under my bed sheet
Where only I can see the truth at my feet?
If it could stay there, forever hidden and complete
Then I would indulge in the thoughts you cannot hear
The ones deep within me I know you cannot bare
It makes sense to me, I understand it now
All the questions you have, what why, and how?
I don’t want to answer, you will not understand
How I crave what I do! Or where I stand
We all have secrets, yes you too!
Ones that hurt people if only they knew
So do I tell you the thoughts that I think
Would you really like to take a drink?
juliet 4d
the angel laughs
at my broken mask
i hide behind a boulder
so i can’t see the light of day
and if i can’t see you
you can’t see me
who is this girl i see
staring back, listening to
the tune of the song i sing
about losing everything
i can’t hold onto myself
when you trace my lips
and marinate them with the taste of strawberries
but tell me,
who can live without hope?
is love blind?
how does it find me
so often in the dark?
if I am blind also,
how can love lead me
to a better place?
does it see with its hands,
feel through the empty spaces
of my bones
where I hide?
can it hear my heart
beating in the silence
so loud it drowns me
in its fire?
There are those who wear masks to hide,
Those who wear masks to show us what they stand for,
to inspire,
to unite,
to define,
to strike fear,
There are those who wear masks to protect themselves.
And there are those who wear masks to protect us all.
Which mask you wear?
Jordan Nov 8
before you decide
i am your friend
here's something you should know
about me

i am

i may look happy
but that's not
the truth

i don't

someone has always
found a way
to remind me that
life is ****
and can i trust

all of my friends
that were real have
left me
and if they
weren't real
you know the rest
how that plays out

if you want to be
my friend
listen up

my friends
don't lie to me
friends don't keep a simple
secret bottled up
don't leave you in the
leaving you waiting

friends are honest
tell me if they change their mind
and are patient

but those friends have
already left my side

so tell me
can you live up to this?

can you be my friend?

you don't want to be my friend
you're just another one of the fakes
and if you truly
want to help me

i am begging you
stay by my side a little

be a friend that tells me
if you're leaving
so that i can at least
get to see you in person again
before you move
across the country

and i'm left holding my hand
to a ghost of a friendship
that was once real
but now nonexistent

if you want to know me
stay by my side
and don't leave me
like all of my friends
I am depressed. Life always finds a way to remind me that it's cruel. I don't know if I'll ever find a life-long friend.
AB Nov 6
To spend with someone who embarrasses you.
To spend someone who angers you.
To spend with someone who disgusts you.
To spend with someone who makes you feel unwanted.

Life is just too ******* short

To be spent with someone like me
I tell myself all the time that good things are too good to last and now I think I’ve finallu convinced myself
misha Nov 6
rub those
tears off
your full on
baked make-up
wipe those mascara
drippings and
fix your lipstick
because i can
see you breaking
even if you hide it
get it together, barbie
don't cover it up, let people know how you feel because your feelings matter as well
Daniel Nov 2
Beam from above illuminates my body
Drink till i'm numb and let go of my worries
Dance in the spotlight
Escape once it is dawn
Hide in the shadows
Wait for the moon to return
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