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Once you understand the eye language,
You'll keep your eyes for yourself.

Words Of Harfouchism.
Jay M 5d
Fireflies in a jar
Covered in mountains of scarves
Darkened, but not out
Still it shines
Despite not being seen
Deep within the cocoon of fabrics
Soft as a kittens fur
To rough as canvas sacks
All contain the light
Hiding it
Sheltering it from the outside world.

- Jay M
October 8th, 2019
Thedrop Oct 6
You have had a long time to perfect your story,

become who you are,

have answers for any question.

Your face shows life-

that life has been ******* you.

Do you have a self now?

Or are you just justification?

I cant blame you:

an easy answer avoids hard truth
Irene J Sep 25
where should I hide
my love.

while I'm dying for
you to notice me,

you said that it
better to be kept

rather ruin the beauty
of what it is now.
Bhill Sep 25
Why are you hiding
Is it important to hide
Don't hide here alone

I will hide with you
What do you mean, No I can't
If you hide, I hide

Brian Hill - 2019 # 241
Don't hide alone...
dafinkanaf Sep 22
the bitterest, bitter
guiltiest, guiltier
trying to reach out the flag out from here
most hidden, more hidden
How does anxiety-disorder feel like?
Rexhep Morina Sep 20
To the secrets that are kept away
whispers unheard
cloaked by the shadows
these thoughts are engulfing

hearts shiver
i can feel the cold wind
parading with the darkness
these thoughts are overwhelming

take me away
throw me away
set me aside
while my thoughts consume me

behind the wall
they cant hear me
behind the wall
they cant feel me

even my reflection dulls
concealed by gloom
light is dim
don't expect me to be easy
theres a fire in my gut
and i wont put it out
for the likes of

Esther L. Krenzin
LK Sep 4
Laying in the dark,
after I turn off my light,
the things which I held back today
come forth to haunt my night.

See, I've pulled it together!
Look, I've made it through!
See that I'm much better now,
that I wait for night to brew?

My head it hurts when I'm alone,
I don’t know how to sleep,
when all the pain comes out at once,
all that which I shove deep.
Erian Sep 16
They say we've got twisted minds
But there's only so much a soul can hide.
I've been in a big Halloween mood lately so here's a little poem for the haunting of the season
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