alan 2d

We are all the same people behind our phones
trying to find our home
dancing and starstruck in a line
staring without a soul.

All the same people just touch skin
assuming the places we have been
seeing hieroglyphs on fingertips
ready to get up and start again.

how are you

I had to fight my monsters
So a monster I became
And I learned I had to wander
Till I fell into my grave

Now I understand my demons
You might say I'm one of them
As I watch the passing seasons
Try to drag me to the end

I belong with evil creatures
Trying to run away and hide
'Cause I've never been too sure
That I can control my mind

D Holden Jul 4

He pretends.
The essence of this game is knowledge.
Capability knowingly imitated through bluff,
a sleight of hand and a nodding mask.

Nouse is the paint on the mask he wears,
yet the paint fades quickly.

Zan Balmore Jul 3

You know the bandage pull
And how they say you should
Remove in one yank?
Oh, for comfort, true.
I've got the addiction
Just like you.
Meet me on the carpet crisscross
And we can slowly tug the
Adhesive for the pain we need
Over days. Better yet, stay.
We can hide ourselves for years.

Zan Balmore Jul 1

my soul,
cannot be
it's gone,
been stolen
When you
reach for
wick warmth,
you find
When you
bare teeth
to bite,
I'll hide,
too truly
Can't you tell the time
for pleasure's passed?
Two tired eyes and
mirthless smile,
don't care to stop it.

Silverflame Jun 25

it’s like i’m trapped inside of an oyster
hidden away from the world;
except i am not a precious pearl
waiting to be found

Chan S Jun 22

Open your eyes to realize the lies that have been placed in your brain so meticulously.
Every word that is heard planned strictly to a 'T'.
What are They trying to hide from you and me?
You sit there like an obedient dog, waiting for your next command.
Being sure to never bite the hand that feeds you.
But what are They feeding you? 
Do you ever stop and look,
truly taking a look
at what you are allowing into your body?
Or do you just accept the 'bull-ogni' that is coated with sugar
and said to be
Open your mind to define the words that your ears truly hear.
Don't be afraid to allow your brain
to reach a higher atmosphere.
Don't take refuge because all of this seems
so inherently huge.
Learn the truth,
know the truth,
be the truth.
Truth is hard,
truth is real,
truth is sometimes pain.
But we need to gain
the knowledge
to remain
From the aspartame in our food,
to the fluoride in our water
‘They’ tell us that it's for our own good so we don't even bother
to learn what we consume from day to day,
we just accept every word
and believe what They say.
We think that we're free,
but I find that hard to believe
With the Patriot Act being changed, taking away our civil liberties.
Now called the Freedom Act
we're being stalked on the internet. Leaving me to suspect
what’s coming next.
They say that Martial Law is here to protect us, in their trigger happy way,
but there are far too many bodies for me to feel safe.
And so many stories that have caused me to feel this way,
Like there are no more truths
to what anyone has to say.
Gerald Massey, an Egyptologist
has a quote that I believe
couldn’t be any more honest.
He says,
“They must find it difficult
those who have taken authority as truth,
Rather than
truth as the authority.”  
So little words
with such powerful meaning.
Proving that we no longer think,
only ‘watch’
as our brains sit bleeding.
So, I have taken a stance
to enhance
with knowledge
to improve myself.
Which to me holds so much wealth.
We have become so complacent
with the way life is,
not thinking about our kids
and what they'll have to succumb.  
Already our privacy against the Invisible threat
over the internet,
so many warnings
and no eyes opened yet.
As an invincible society
is waiting patiently,
quietly for us to kill ourselves
so that  they can delve
into their plan of action while the masses
are distracted by the media.
Throughout the years,
so much blood and so many lost,
I wonder who’ll have to bear that cross.
From fallen soldiers to the husbands, wives, and kids.  
Still the question to myself is,
what are They hiding from ‘u.s’?
What don’t They want ‘u.s’ to know?
So my mission is to go beneath the glacier
and truly show,
there are lies
we’re all being told.
Not for our protection,
not for our own good,
but so there’s a
covering our already blind eyes.
Lying is not the only method of destruction they like to use.
They also use fear tactics so they can abuse
all the unknowing sheeple
walking around.
Living for authority,
and no truth to be

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I want to hide from the world,
Hide, in the hollow of your back with my lips to your neck, from the world,
Hide, with my fingers woven into yours like a tapestry of hopes and dreams, from the world.
Hide, with your hands cupping my face and your eyes caressing my soul, from the world.
Hide, with every aspect of your being taken in with the heightened sensibility of the euphoria that you stir in me,
With every breath, an inhalation of the airy facts of your existence,
With every touch a lovely osmosis of declaration to declaration; "there is only me and only you",
With every kiss, an escape, a knowing beyond all knowing; "there is only us".
I want to hide from the world.
I want to seek you out.

Monica Jun 12

If I run away
Would you leave with me

Is the reward
Worth the risk

How often do you think of me
Because you never leave my mind

It hurts me
Knowing you're so close
But you feel so far

It's like a part of me
Is missing
And I don't quite feel whole

I've been agitated
And depressed
But I pretend I'm okay

I feel like I've lost everything
Because you are my everything

I feel so alone
My parents are cold
My friends don't care
And I've lost you

I try to find peace
Knowing you wear my necklace
But my mind plays with what ifs

What if he finds someone else?
What if he stops loving me?
What if he forgets about me?

I look at our pictures
And listen to our songs
Holding onto the little hope I have

You have two weeks left
And you're gone next Friday
I wish I had something from you

Something to hold on to
Something to cling to
Something I could keep on me
All the time

I wish I had something
Other than just memories
Because memories fade
And I can't remember

I love you
And I miss you
And I took you for granted
Because I didn't know what I had
Until you were gone

I keep listening to the same songs
Holding onto you
Letting them play on repeat
As I cry myself to sleep

I can't think of you
Without feeling the pain of loss
Because I feel like I've lost you
And in a way
I lost myself

You're my best friend
My lover
My rock and shelter
But now you're gone
And I'm left hurting and alone

I just want to run
Run to your house
Run to the woods
Run anywhere

And I wish
You could come too

But I won't ask
Because I can't run
And the reward
Isn't worth the risk

This is from a while ago. Just haven't posted it.
Alexa Rose Jun 8

Your eyes can be so cruel. You don’t have to try to be.  You do it so naturally. Unable to move, nowhere to run.  Your eyes pierce through me sharper than a knife, faster than a gun. Why did I go along with your games for so long? Why should I be made the villain for your evil crimes?
     In years from now, these demons will be just as near. Never fully gone, no matter how much I wish they’d disappear. Your face will haunt my nightmares, not only in my sleep. Preying on my deepest fears. My inner child will be playing hide and seek. Fragile and so used to hiding finally seeking a way out...
     Your threats have kept me at bay. You’ve gotten what you wanted and will continue to do so until the judgement day. You’re unkind remarks leave a bruise on my already crippled heart. Breathing doesn’t come easy when it comes to your iron hand. Sometimes it would be easier to not breathe at all. Less painless with pins and needles to break the fall.
     Trying to catch myself before falling deeper into your lies. You say there are rules to abide. That there’s nowhere to run or hide. No one to hear my deafening cries. Singing to myself a quiet lullaby. That’s the best I can do to sweeten the blows. Just get it over and done with no one’s ever going to know. You’ll sweep it under the carpet so my scars never show.

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