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brOKen 2d
I’m hiding the hurt,
I’m hiding the pain.
I’m hiding the tears,
Although they flow like rain.
I’m hiding the fear-

Just let me brood;
I can’t tell you the secrets trapped inside my skull,
Don’t call me rude.

Let me
Protect you.

I’ll tear myself apart
To put you together
I’ll make it worse for me
To make you feel better

It’s all about you
Don’t focus on worthless things like me
These aren’t the colours I should see
Get it right:
You’re priority.

In layers I hide
Behind my mask
Maybe there’s a monster?
To remove it
Should you I dare ask?

I’d loved you while you lasted
I’ll love you through your plastic
I’ll love you when you’re finite
I’ll love you as fantastic

I know it’s not the best
I know it’s not that healthy
In this case especially
Because it is killing me!

But how can I tell you?
How can I deliberately disappoint?
How can I **** all dreams you have for me?
How to tell I need oil in my joints?
I don't have BDP, I sw**r!
JJ Inda 5d
Melancholic ties pull
left and right
as tears are held back.
Aching throat screaming;
lights are always in the distance
and waves crash nearby.
An eagle is circling
this patch of blue sky
and a sweet fragrance is still in the air.
a profound disbelief
attaches itself
much like this worn out smile.
Latifah 7d
where do you escape,
when you're trapped,
when you're held captive,
by your own thoughts,
where do you hide,
when you're exposed,
and all your feelings,
are on the floor,
where do you run,
when you're chased,
by your worst nightmares.
FreeMind Jan 11
I burry the thoughts of you deep, deep down
Into the emptiness that is now, simply, a ghost town

May these thoughts forever remain unharmed
Protected by the burst of emotions that shall keep them armed
January 11, 2019
Skeletons in your closet only proves you were once alive.
I cannot bury these bones somehow...
Solomon Jan 6
In dusk lies a light,
Sun painted on sea with pride,
A path no one walks.
my very first attempt on Haiku
Can I suggest self reflection?

Because you're lost; in a constant battle

With yourself

And it's been so long
Resentment latches on to the first tic

With a painful hold

Because resentment isn't beautiful

Its monstrous

With razors and thorns protruding from its skin

And you're not safe
Because you take most of the damage

And the longer you hold on,
The uglier

I see gashes on your skin
I watch you lick the wounds

But for what

They're layers

You are so desperately trying to heal a surface

And you think it's okay

this is me
this is how I do things
I'm strong

You're not strong.
You're safe.

Or you imagine

Because harm still reaches you

And you have scars to prove it
I see.
That wich is lifeless,
May hide behind a shade of certainty.
Thus the tiger masks its barbarity,
With the beauty on its body.

~ Sombro
it is the worst
to keep your tears in.
But sometimes,
you can't stand
that familiar feeling
on your skin.
I don't want to cry,
but this fear,
and pain
just gives me more rain.
I don't want to cry,
I want to hide it.
I cannot.
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
I still miss you
Out of habit
You are my first
After all
And since then
My heart is different
Ever since we end it
Am different
And have been trying
To hide my heart
So **** hard
That i have been building
Walls and walls
Around me
So no one
No one
Could ever break me
Like you did
How you made me feel
So weak, Vulnerable
Hopeless, Broken
My walls were doing fine
Before u came back
I hate that you have
That control over me
Over my heart
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