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Sent just a single text..
an infinity bright smile on other side of the screen..
Happy little things.
Noone really knows whether u r making someone's day brighter by just a text
Even a gud morning/gudnight text from the right person , has the power to lit up the mood!!
So make sure that next time😉
Chandana saige Oct 2021
You are so irritating without replying
but I dont want to break your rules
Deep Mar 2021
Making the night
by our
Dali Feb 2021
A friend: passion, deep as the soul, drinks, blanket, and a cave to chat about escaping the world.
Quite you are they say
But not as what I see when I watch your face
Cause I felt, saw the storms/fires over and over
But no one heed even your warnings
I saw your own beauty that you didn’t even notice
Your soul is a cosmos’s of mystery
A wind mixed with fire
Cause you are a precious and rare
No one will gets you
Nor take your place in existence and your absence
Cause you made everyone fall
To make a call
from dawn to dusk
nor just to meet you for a few seconds at the hall
Can we take every road ?
To escape the world
like we talked before
When we went to see the cave and let our soul to talk before we fall.
Karijinbba Aug 2020
love is not killed
in good byes
It yields freedom
to a loved one
unable to communicate
with one on one chat,
since no matter
how great the ink
writ' may be
that makes a script
holy good
the face to face
spoken voice
is key heart clue to win
a loved one back

Have the courage to yield
set the loved one free
If loved one returns
for Go** sakes
speak up ask for help
feel worthy
grab your treasure

Above all know
when NOT to yield
write of love pain
sacrifice your truth
spill your heart
to your loved one
timely don't wait
might be too late.

Fight for lost
and love found
chance returns
For ink may last longer
as truth to scripts
in poetry
their poet poetesses
may long be gone
Copy Rights revised 08-2020
to love is better than to hste
ALL-ALONE Aug 2020
The best message comes from you
But the worst part is, it makes me fall for you
Flynn Apr 2020
End of it all

End of it all?

The end of it all

What end of it all!?

The man had a fall!
That end of it all

The man had a fall?
What man had a fall?

The man down the hall
That man had a fall

The man down the hall?
What man down the hall?

The man down the hall
Who works at the mall
He was an oddball
The man had a fall
Down there he is sprawled

Down there he is sprawled
Down where is he sprawled?

Down where is he sprawled?
At the end of the hall
The end with the stairs
as i recall

Oh that man down the hall
He WAS an oddball
...Oh ****! The man's had a fall!!!
Have the police been called?
read as quick as you can :)
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