Ellison 2h
Shed some light on the smoke covered town
That breathes nothing but the bombs from the sky coming down
Shed some light on the shadows of the dead
With the swing set squeaking softly as the sky turns red
Shed some light on the bodies never meant to be seen
Expelled from society; their lives never being clean
Shed some light on the hand
That draws people in the sand
Does it belong to a child?
Broken dreams they have piled.
Spread awareness and encourage contributions to aid the crisis in the Middle East.
Once I ran, ahead of the time
They disqualified me
I ran, following the time
They again disqualified me

I’m running with the time
This time, they qualified me

I disqualify myself
self respect.
Theme: Hope that clears things up
mythie 1d
Bright lights!
Neon signs!
Pounding sounds
with citrus scents.

Focus on me.
Zoom in.
Zoom out.
I'll be all they see.

All eyes on me!

Wet cement!
Deafening silence
with the smell of freshly burnt oak.

Focus on me.
Flashing lights.
Blinding colour.
I'll be all they see.

All eyes on me!

Big billboards!
Magazine covers!
Spotlight on me
and the crew sets up scene.

Focus on me.
Dig your nails into me.
Leave your scent on me.
I'll be all they see.

I'm everyone's favourite.
I'm in control.
The society is crumbling.
They hum a lulling beat.

With their eyes on me.
lights, camera, action!
Luke 1d
A siren's song,
no one had heard,
too easily mistaken,
for the remedy to our wounds.

A boy lost,
his life only a day,
before I realized,
why stay here?

This life can be broken,
shattered easily with touch,
but I remember now,
why it is so beautiful.

I have many companions,
a woman who loves,
for me and my life,
I have friends.

I would miss the snow,
as it falls in lacey grace,
covering the Earth,
in blankets so heavy.

Some words are hard,
to spit or roll off my tongue,
but that is why I push,
press through life.

The universe serves,
only who stay true,
and who stay calm,
collected in their thoughts.

Clouds don't scream,
only cry through the rain,
but always live to see,
the next day.

A crow's caw,
doesn't pierce the air,
unless someone is willing,
to hear it themself.

And a man can only love,
if they open their eyes,
face the battle,
and step forward.

My observations serve,
only as a reminder,
hard to say,
whether judgement will serve.

Hard to say,
goodbye and even sometimes,
I love you,
but it will get better.

Reach forth and take my hand,
let's walk through the fire,
close our eyes,
and leap.
This is also on my account Anonymous666 on AllPoetry.com
This is a bittersweet poem on how I view life.
The nature of society hates
(Based on my experience so far...) -.-'
Picture –
The ancient slave
On one knee, hands in chains
From his dreams, he refrains
A soul destined
To follow his master
Like a beaten dog tied to a post.
The few who rebelled
Either died, or were expelled,
Outcasts for life,
Labelled as heretics, agents of strife.

The ancient slave
Was born a slave, a captive soul
Animated as a shadow, not a whole.
No freedom, no choice –
A voice
With its chords tied,
Its right to speak denied
Because slavers and a bill of sale said so.

Visualise –
The modern slave
The one who is born
Not with bonds made of chains
But of laws,
Of the systemic corruption
The incessant drive for consumption
And the illusion of freedom.
It is the modern slave
Who lives the greatest lie –
A purposeless drone who will die
Thinking he has lived
Because he had an affair with life.

A life fully savoured
Cannot be just this.
Working 40 – 60 hour weeks
A system that just reeks
Of exploitation,
Of the horrible foundation
On which everything we know is built.

Most of us
Work to eat, to provide,
No secret accounts to hide;
Most of us
Make enough to get by,
Maybe enjoy the weekend
When given the leave to do so.
Most of us
Have this affair with life
Living freely for a few hours
Like rain when it’s just summer showers
Brief flickers, drops of rain
Sprinkled onto an otherwise barren field of crops
Of which the main harvest is pain.

A few of us, however,
Endlessly profit and plunder;
The modern slave
Differs from his ancestor
For he chooses his master
And loves him.
He is conned
Into thinking his masters care
Allegiances are laid bare
Hands are cast in adulation
Rights undergo strangulation
And nobody bats an eyelid.

The modern slave
Caresses his chains,
Wears them like a badge of office
Distaste for dissidence of the state
Pouring out of every orifice.
The modern slave
Could learn and understand
Confront the shimmering illusion, the shifting sand
That is the realm of made men,
But doesn’t.

Rather than fight back
We consume the great lie like crack;
These made men
Will run our planet into the ground
Until it is no longer a home
But a graveyard made for us, by us.
These made men
Spin lies, smear the truth
Force them to mingle and interchange
Like mismatched lovers in a diner booth.
Reality has shifted
It has become unbelievably twisted,
Our perceptions are suffering.
Towards each other, we direct our hostility
Unable to grasp the possibility
Of a better way.

The modern slave
Is cosy in his prison cell;
The reality of the world outside
Is a structured, engineered hell
To be avoided.
So, we just build our own bubble
Outside of which
Our only, primary concern
Is how to get rich.

Life isn’t meant to be an affair;
Life shouldn’t be
Something we are given permission for
But a free pursuit of happiness,
A learning experience.
So, with this I will conclude –
Raise your fists in the air
If you are tired of living bare,
If you’re tired of a world that does not care.
AroruA Mar 10
I've been told how to look
What to feel!
What to say!
So you are expecting me to be a certain way
Surrounded by all these faces I say that I don't fit in
I see less of myself compared to that girl over there laughing ....

But maybe that's  superficial
Maybe she's just like me
Hiding under a shell, and not letting others see
Maybe she wakes up with the biggest regret
Maybe she doesn't want to laugh but that's not right compared to what society says

But I'm here for you girl, and I know you cannot hear
But feel it within that it doesn't end here
I know you feel crushed, hopeless and like nothing else matters
But still feel it inside that it's going to get better

I know you've heard this a million times, better days will come
But believe me when I say the worst has not yet arrived
I know you think its hard and  what's the point in living when you see your self-esteem getting crushed upon even in every single one of your dreams

It will get better, say that out loud
Not because others will make it so, but because you have the guts to throw down what others expect, disagree with what others think, crush down that conformity that society has put you in
You will make it far, try to understand
And once you believe it, the mask you have put one will finally disappear it.
I stare at myself in the mirror
Picking and degrading every single curve, bump, and blemish
Labeling myself as unworthy of human affection

Degrading what I physically cannot change
And hating what I can change but chose not to

I am quick to blame myself for the littlest of things
And say sorry more than I probably should
Even for the things I had no part in

I set these barriers almost impossible to penetrate
But I dwell on the smallest of things said about me
Letting them tear me down mentally until I give in and believe them

But in this world
In this society
In this generation
All we can do is try to build our walls higher and higher

Until we are finally tired of building
Attempt to stay true to yourself and keep building!
People Strive
to see the ocean beyond the great island
But often do not realise
that we are all in the same pond.
We feel the ripple in the water
Calling us
Feeding us thoughts that create an image of
How the world wants YOU to see
But when the water is drained
And the steps are set
We often question where we began
And what was left
Merely an idea of how the world presents itself and what you expect of it, until you grow up and realise what's really behind the doors (not very literate or structured, just for fun)
Flo 2d
Article 1, Purpose

1. This act is aimend at exposing the lack of solidarity inside modern society

2. It shall give an opportunity to overthink ones own morals and values

Article 2, Definitions

1. The term people shall refer to individuals regardless of their sex, age or nationality

2. Narrow minded shall comprise all comments that are based without having any experience in the concerned field of application

3. Judging shall refer to the creation of an opinion of any kind

Article 3, Scope

1. This act shall apply to all people judging others on their narrow minded and enclosed beliefs

2. This act shall apply to all people in favor of expulsion measures of refugees in need

3. This act shall comprise all people that want to isolate themselves and are in favor of closing borders

Article 4, Application

1. All people in accordance with article 2 paragraph 1, 2 and 3 shall refrain of the action of judgement and exclusion mentioned in article 3 (1) and 3 (2) without having experienced war themselves

2. All people willing to close borders in accordance with article 3 (3) in order to protect their own interest shall imagine themselves in the same stage of helplessness before acting in such a nonsensical way

Article 5, Justifications

1. The justification of a measure enshrined in article 3 paragraph 1, 2 and 3 shall not be justified on the following grounds

(a) Hatred

(b) The fear of losing benefits

(c) The false allegation of knowing what is actually going on in Syria
I wrote this poem after reading an article of a Syrian mother, who had to flee the country to prevent getting tortured and killed. She counts every day until she can get back her children, which had to be left behind with the rest of the family as money was insufficient to smuggle them, besides the danger of the journey itself. I read the comments and saw people raging and filled with hate that she left her children behind. Saying that they were disgusted seeing her. This kind of behaviour inspired me to write this (let's call it a) poem.

The fact that I am a lawyer or soon to be lawyer explains the format of my writing. I apologize to all who have difficulties reading it. Trust me it would not be the worst kind of legislation you have ever laid your eyes upon ;)

Cheers to all believers of human dignity
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