Haleigh 7h
Hashtag my soul away, so many can see it
I’m waving my hands saying hey look at me
Posting pics, statuses and videos
Can’t do it quietly
I want them all to See
Envy me and make me their fantasy
A few likes on this post is not enough
I deserve to get liked like I’m roylaty
adore me while you stare at the pictures
I spent hours cropping, adding more filters to guard my insecurities
Before I hashtag it, I dress it with perfection
Cut out any ugliness, clean up the mess
Show the world purity
because if they see the negative
their words will expose my insecurities
Behind this screen I found a secured me
That is the side I only want them to see
So I hashtag popular tags so they can all see
The better side of me
There is still a magic of the rituals, especially when we’re vibing together, stimulating an extreme climate of moods and intense thoughts, that I sweat out blood, consolidating the past to my parent of my future, Lucifer for I’ve meet you before death, through lalent needling threads dusting aura in a silhouette of temptation that backs itself up in forms out reality fulfilling meaning. For the mysteries of mysticism isn’t replaced, just enhances, at least now I have forever to understand, while I’m formed into a symbol of light, where illumination is and I praise in the darkness. The Holy war provides more complex, while it’s veil is simple. People cannot win the world by using the world to fight for their purpose for society in false revolutions. Humanity isn’t worth fearing. I’ve peaked beyond the curtain and saw only horror on both sides of good and evil. It’s frightening to see what people do for their side and personal success. Do not feed into their fear. You have mind, use it, live your life, before they take your life, there is a lot more enlightenment within yourself. As for me siding with Lucifer, for he hates all religion, ideology and culture, uplifting individuality to allow them to master of their own realm.
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Eve 1d
For being a brave, courageous soul,
In society’s eyes, your worth becomes devalued,
By the players that act like they know me,
Pretend and put on a show for everyone to see,
That he or she “cares”, “treats”, and “loves” me.
How could you be so careless with your decision-making,
Tell me why I told you a couple days ago,
We aren’t supposed to be on speaking terms at the moment,
Yet, that won’t stop my finger from sliding left and accepting your phone call request,
Very specific, detailed and to the point,
I’m going to remain frank and show you the truth.
I know you’re used to meddling with good people’s hearts,
But, that won’t stop you from proceeding,
Eventually, you’ll quit pursuing the person who’s distant.
Why is the question you may ask,
But the real inquiry here is why must you persist, to commit , to think for even a second that person gives?
Meanwhile, they’re taking you for granted and pushing you to the curb,
Always distant, cold like the winter breeze,
Remaining too friendly with the people they claim to be the “homies”,
We both know what’s real,
Fate tells we weren’t meant to be,
Instead of living in the moment,
We pictured it.
Never did the things we’d always say we would,
Never achieved what was dreamed of with you and me.
Not to be seen as a negative, narccistic person,
But wanting to be understand to the fullest extent,
Even when we’re faced with the greatest doubts,
We’ll stay oblivious to the obvious things.
I have ever felt alone.
Marooned on a rock,
Surrounded by dead stock
Absent of mind or independent thought.
Idiocy is idealistic, ignorance bliss,
I envy this in them.
The burden of intellect is straining on the mind and once knowledge is gained escape, hard to find.

Walking thin lines between the mundane and mad,
A life drained of meaning,by the hand of definition.
Cornered by the finality of decisions I never made.
Living in a time, after all has been said and all is being said.
After foundations laid and built up
into city states.
Now I’ll get to stand on its grave and watch as what makes us individual fades.
We’ve become slaves to lit pathways and the printed words on the back of meals that say
For one and a half minutes.
Then stir.
Going in circles with my spoon feeling a discontent bafoon because my life comes pre-prepared, easy to serve and consume.
These presumptions leave us no room, our creativity entombed.
But maybe one day when the worlds not so broke it will be exhumed.
I write to them from the world we broke.
Silence exists, it exists in gatherings
of essence that form an absolute, salvation
exists elsewhere for most, higher power
inside, own gods and self produced
wisdom, definities do settles in terms of
people, today cannot always yearn of
yesterday wants, for no crystal ball for the
future, truth is a matter for death and personal
identity belongs inside, in various ways and
conflicting wars, torn apart, yet in poetry
culture is where I comfort, until by chance I
find a lover. Than everything I want just becomes
a drench of romance and their attention.
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CGW 2d
Every moment.
Any moment.
Could be that moment.
That last life breath would escape.
And you would fall
And die.
So in this moment of reckoning we stand still.
In the light of a new era
We breathe golden light.
Light pulled down from the heavens above.
We are rooted to the earth.
To the rivers.
To the rocks.
To mountains high.
Golden sacred light flows deep through the energy veins.
It flows through everyone of us causing a great surge of Enlightenment.
An infinite moment of peace for all life and all who dwell on this Blue and green planet.
Long has the fight between light and dark dwindled on the strings of the human race but now
We are free.
Now we stand together.
United we are everything.
The light will break every darkness and will echo through out time and the universe.
AK 3d
When I'm searching for something real,
People try to find what's realistic.
I can't really understand what's the deal,
Being almost real isn't actually artistic.

Face change, body liposuction...
Tons of new terms for the word fake.
I'm here pondering about reproduction
And they think about other dumb shit to make.

In search of perfection, invented by ourselves
We lost our real direction, we're humanity shell
We do nothing relevant, only listen to the media
Watch the Kardashians and travel with Expedia

There's nothing left, we're almost dead
As a plant, we grow with whatever we get fed
We don't care, we do nothing to change
Such brainless animals, we keep living in this cage

Having a sickness nowadays is a trend
Way of getting popular while people's life ends
If you're feeling bad look at this cancerous Human
When you're bored go and yell respect Women

We should respect ourselves, in the first place.
We're not just animals, we're Human Race!
We do have an option,  we don't have to just survive.
So open your eyes and change your damn life!
The world feels broken;
What mattered, now does not.
The people have spoken,
With anger their will fraught.
Many fight heartbroken;
With lies their future wrought.
Yes, the world is broken,
But then, when was it not.
It feels like my head
Just swallowed me whole.
And I’m falling to pieces
In a room full of gold.
Jagged knife teeth
Cut through my head.
Megaphones blast in my ears
Screaming nonsense.
Until I’m frothing on the ground.
Cold on the inside,
Bleeding on the surface.

It feels like my arms
Are strangling me.
Raised off a balcony
Before plummeting off.
Descending through the ground
But my body still above.
My spirit is below,
Finally free.
But my body lays cold,
Bleeding out,

It feels like my world
Has crumbled around me.
But everyone floats,
Finally free.
But me I fall,
Down into the nothing.
Where I plummet forever.
But at least I’m not cold...
Or bleeding...
Or dead...
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