Visiting the palace

In palace corridors the music glides throughout minds
And finds itself welcomed and ignored at the same time.
It drifts in and out like the smiles on the faces,
Which say they are happy, but there are also traces,
Of nervousness; some emotionless.
The never ending search for acceptance.

Wishing to fit in, but never able to attain a place,
For you are born below and below you will always remain;
But still you try to become more,
As you walk the beautiful palace corridors.

Never fitting in, trying to not stand out,
When all you are made to do is stand around.
Never making your way into,
So always ending up without.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
In days gone by, roles were pretty clear
When men knew they had nothing to fear.
They were the ones who brought home the bread
And each in his household was the head.

But no longer today, men are pleased
Their financial burden has decreased;
With it too, as heads at the table
Why not? When wives are just as able.

Who is now sharing the household bills?
Who pays now, when the car needs refills?
He no longer needs to feign offence
When outings are at his girl’s expense.

Pray, what mad genius started this game?
Or are the times entirely to blame?
Women are free but men are more free
Who are you fooling? You can’t fool me!
Pinal 2d
We authors reserve the right
To fictionalize serious issues
And shine light on them by poking fun at society’s name.
We reserve the right
To document humanity’s shortcomings
And draw them out with painful knives.
We reserve the right
To italicize the wrong of your whims
And the right of your supposed sins.
Yes, we authors justfully hold our rights.
Wars and a million deaths -
Lives are just numbers -
Makes me chase
Rainbow’s end.
How far must I run
Before souls are set free?

Wars and a million deaths –
You can’t catch your breath
Talking business and politics;
The mighty pen is drenched in blood;
How many words must the pen write
Before souls are set free?  

When souls are just a number;
When news headlines pose
Varied beats of joy and fear;
When souls are a just number;
Tragedies just statistics;
When news headlines pose
Varied beats of joy and fear -

When the day is gone; and
We are through with
Breaking entertainment;
Ascended souls
Above the evanescent clouds;
Tragedies - just statistics;
You and I talk politics;
Our lives run
In a parallel universe.
How does the poem fare out of 10? English is my second language, and critique and feedback, particularly from native English speakers would be greatly appreciated!
I think
I fall for
find more
to write
your name
in my
Loose your footing,
stumble around.
Waving your arms around,
trying to find a light.
Cut your arm on the fence,
stub your toe on a rock.

There is pain in this horrible and blind society,
that we don't know just yet.
Tara 3d
Half circles plastered on billboards
Blinding white light
A sore face
Blood dripping
Smile dear
One more time
Short piece about smiles- I hate smiles but I know some people enjoy them, if you do more power to ya buddy.
jas 4d
searching for a reason
a meaning of life
to keep on pushing
seems living is a fight
without resistance
and yet the past doesn't quite seem let me forget it
incapable of letting things go
i just miss it

if only you knew
all of the scenarios in my head
replaying daily
the spider weaving its web...

eating at me mentally
considerably the amount of judgment
received in this society, hideously

when will the search end?
Lily 4d
Please do not let society deceive you.
Father’s Day is not just for
The strong, the brave,
And the handsome fathers.
It’s not just for the grill masters, the family men,
And the ones who have mastered a car’s engine.
Father’s Day is also for the single dads,
Struggling to make ends meet,
Who find themselves crying at 3 am because
They don’t think they’re good enough.
Father’s Day is for the dads who are
Away from their children, fighting tooth and nail
For their country, not knowing whether
They will ever return home.
Father’s Day is for the stay-at-home dads,
Who don’t help support the family financially,
But enjoy all the small moments of
Their childrens’ upbringing.
Father’s Day is not just for
The strong, the brave,
And the handsome fathers.
Father’s Day is for all dads and father figures.
Please do not let society deceive you.

Popular culture is so inconsequential;
All I see, I am growing to hate.
The time has come for someone to become beneficial;
Artificial is no longer needed.
You are starting to grate, without ever being great.

Faces without names, names without faces;
Relevance has never been so relevant.
Giving money to people who have not had to make it.
Share the wealth and do not care so much about yourself;
Spend the money before your fame is spent.

Debt collectors on the T.V., movie stars in between the films.
I fast forward and pay no interest to any adverts.
T.V. is tainted and full of people faking it; what is this?
Empty people with shallow sights.  What are you worth?

The rich get richer and their greed buys them more power;
The poor are still kept down like they were yesterday.
Nothing changes for the better; we are living by the hour.
Repeat your actions, we lack clarification;
Politicians have nothing to say.

In a depressing world, how do I raise a smile or a child?
All that has come before has affected my mind.
You are pathetically pathetic and you’re not even and so very trying!
Self-importance is praised in these darkest of times
And the rocket men have fallen from the sky.

Old songs remind us of what we used to have;
One hit blunders, Andy Warhol’s sad quote.
Strive for perfection
And do not just accept the substandard woman or man.
There are only a few diamonds in this mine of music;
T.V. is no longer worth watching and who is this star of the show?

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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