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Your living was a gift.
Your life taken shows us
All how we're not being.
Taking our own lives,
In effect, by not doing
All we can.
You may be dead, yet,
Still, you give us insight,
That we're not fully alive.
May your memory be
A constant reminder of
What we lose when
We fail to be,
That being everything.

Cops asked an African man,
In N.Y.C., "show us I.D."?
He reaches for his wallet,
Before he can even pull it out
His body's riddled with 20 bullets,
The cops reload, shoot him with 20 more,
Making sure he couldn't live to tell.
In memory of the assassination of Amadou Diallo, 2-4-1999; posted in memory of Ahmaud Arbery, who was assassinated on 2-23-20 by an ex-police officer and his son; and George Floyd, who was assassinated on 5-25-20 by police   :)   reality
The hands of time
took care
from one minute to the next
till they left it in an hour
and moved on without it.

Time, then, broke.
Run. Run. Run
Here they come
The rampant dogs
Ready to rip off
People's skin.

Another ****** forgotten
Another person in their coffin
For just living in their skin
There's no way to win
Against supremacy.

What's next? Another Holocaust?
Another mass-genocide lost
In the media? In history books?
Because if this is how my future looks,
I don't want to live through it.

This is why we must stand up now
Before the dogs and sirens get too loud
We can't travel back in time, not like this
For there is so much good we'll miss
Unless we protest the injustices

Plaguing our society.
I just felt like writing a poem about all the things happening in our society today. Dealing with racism and supremacy.
"What is your greatest fear?" he asked.

"For words to flee" she said.
So What’s...
Happened To The CHATTER... ?

About... Black Lives Matter... ?!?

DON'T They Matter NOW...
That... Coronas Around... ?!?

Well It Has To Be Said...
That Our Younger Heads...
Are Those We Should Protect...

From The Virus’s Spread...
As Well As... New Tech... !!!

Like Chips Being Placed...
... INSIDE of Them... !!?!!

So That They Can Be Tracked...
By... "Governments"... !!!

Because What Matters To Them...
Has Been Causing Problems...
For A... LOT of Children... !!!

Due To Violence...
That’s Leaving Some DEAD... !!!

How About Women... ?!?

Do They Really Matter Now...
To Men Who Are Hounds...
For What They Have DOWN SOUTH... ?!?

Well Folks DON'T You Doubt...
That Men Will FLOUT...

New Laws To Get...
Their Penises Wet And To Get Some ***...
Ya See ****** Needs Will Surely Supersede...
The Need To NOT Breach Corona Policies... !!!!!!!!

If You Don’t Believe Me... ?
Just Wait And See.............................

Social Distancing........................

WON'T STOP *** Trips...
Or... Stuff Like This... !!!!!!

So Does Race Matter In Times Like These...
Where This Corona Disease Has EMPTIED Streets...
And Clearly BATTERED... Any Chance of Unity...

Racism... BELIEVE...
Will Now Be Seen On Internet Feeds... !!!
And In Communities Where Supremacists Be...

And Now...
How About The... LGBT... ???

Do They Matter As Much...
As They Would... LIKE To... ?!?

Well Their Agenda Will Run..
And Will Matter To Some ...
Which Is Clearly Now True...

But Isn’t Something Up If What They Become...
Becomes More Important Than PROCREATION..... ?!?

It’s A Funny Time To Be Writing Rhymes...
When Everybody’s Focussed On Corona Vibes... !!!!!

Does What We Write Now Matter To Minds...
The Type Now Trapped In A World of Rhymes...
Where Bats And Gats' And Dealing In Grime...

Are What Some Say Now Matter Today... !?!

So Do Those Who Entertain …
Now Matter To Brains... ?

Who Now Want MORE...
Than To Sit And Applaud...
These Entertainment ******... ?

It’s A Time To RECOGNISE...

MATTERS In Our Lives... !!!!!

That Deserves A REWIND... !!!!

It’s A Time To RECOGNISE...

MATTERS In Our Lives... !!!!!!!!

And That Would Seem To Be...
How It Is We Survive In These Days And Times...

Humanity Needs To Stop All This Greed...
And These Ignorant Breeds...
Who See SUPREMACY As A Goal To ACHIEVE... !?!

So Now That Things Are Shutdown...
Across Borders And Towns …
Where Corona SURROUNDS... !!!

There’s A Thought And A Question...
That Now Resounds Beyond Political Mouths...

And The Question Is This...

“ So Who Matters Now ?!? “ …
An interesting question now ?
no one knows,
everyone wants you,
you're never alone
One rule for you, another for me
That's how it is going to be.
Born to rule,
Know who's who,
Born to rule, not to obey -
Breaking my own rules is okay.
Austerity in any shape or form,
For common folks is the perfect norm.
I do not need to mind my 'p's and 'q's;
I need a laugh while collecting my dues.
I am above, you are below;
Stop moaning, your position know.
Rules of for the likes of you, not me;
Stop complaining! At least you live in a 'free' country.
I can get away with ******, you can't get away with theft;
The law will take from you when you have nothing left.
If you are poor, you will be poorer still
When top cats move in for the ****.
Money makes the world go round -
Work and no play when I wear the crown.
I posted a picture on the internet today,
after handpicking the best of all.
While she is left with no choices,
so she walks on the roads that burn
carrying herself upon her feet that bleed.

I took my camera and checked up the lighting,
as I wanted the picture to look 'natural' and 'candid'.
A cameraman rushes to her to click a picture
as he is a magazine photographer searching for stories real.

I sweated and protested about the scorching heat
while I set up my camera.
She wipes the sweat off her father's forehead
on which the glabellar lines cease to exist,
while hers is carrying the roots and branches of it.

I held books in my hand to strike a pose
as my fingers laid in front,
whose nails I painted yellow for this summer.
She holds the handlebars of her bicycle she can no more hold or paddle,
her nails have painted themselves with the colour of mud.

I clicked too many pictures for me to count or recall.
Even after thousands, she remembered how many miles is home.

I captioned my picture
'No more lonely quarantine',
She hardly knows alphabets or words to even ask for help.

I swiped from filter to filter
selecting an 'aesthetic' one.
She drinks the pitch-black liquid,
they tell her is water,
without even demanding for 'cleaner' one.

I finally edited and made a perfect picture,
with my wide grin sealed with a gloss,
And the cameraman too asks for her to smile for once.
She with her deserted lips forms a curve that makes the cameraman frown.

He deletes the picture from his camera
as it would be disliked by all,
It got 1.9k likes,
The picture I posted on the internet today.
Where do I go from here?
Leaf and stems don’t make a bloom.
The dormancy in me
Doesn’t realise in me lies a floret.
In the grassroots which bind me to the earth deep in my soul
Here I lie but where do I go?
thirteen years old was first
the words hidden in my teeth were seen
on window pane bone shattered
spelled primal utterance
carved in disillusioned groans

foreshadowing of roads
lain ahead on tracks
strewn in leather bootstraps
a brother hears his leg snap
like screeching eagles

the reading is clearer
with age, comprehension
improves parallel to sorrow
the price of silence whispers
woven in slow rips of pyche's shawl

the mind shouts why
don't you pay
but first my molar
splits in two, shrieking
the rot has set in
hands firmly grasps the
bottoms of boots
gravity laughs in
chorus of unpayable premiums
pulling harder tills my foot
In trenches of mud
uncovered in the earth
spells a solemn word
written from fossils of my teeth
Health care is a right
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