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Society is a being,
A breathing, living thing,
It’s skin is always cold,
It does not wish to let me be known,
For it needs me to fulfill its will,
But I want to abandon it so,
For it’s claws are deeply rooted
Into my fragile skin,
It does not care if I bleed,
But I cannot find myself in leave, for
It’d tear me terribly thin.
Freedom is an indifferent escape away,
But until one jumps, all will stay,
And so I will live out the same day,
Over and over again,
Thus is the wail of the proletariat,
Living as undying strays.
labyrinth 15h
If you’re a good person
It radiates. People know
If you’re a bad person
It radiates even more
Time and tears are healers
a million light years away.
Hidden truths are revealers
forever and a day.

Tears fallen, fix all that's broken
give as long as it takes.
Believe in words softly spoken
Make earth heaven for goodness sakes.

Stars are heavenly angels
That twinkle sprightly at night.
Guiding ships at all angles
rocky lined shores safely in sight.

Suns as big as imaginations
light up so much more than we see.
A trillion hopeful illuminations
that should fill up our hearts with glee.

Moons as pale as misty mornings
so round, some big and some small.
Tales of snow driven dawnings
birds in the distance will call.

Hope in the universe that we live in
it's time to call it our home.
Cope, its not time to give in
whether, London, Paris or Rome.

Our children teach us with voices
we must sit up listen and hear.
Time to give them their choices
was long past, in yesteryear.

Fear of what we are losing
Is driving many insane.
We're cruising for a bruising
if from this madness we don't refrain.

Love is traded for business
trees cut down in their droves
truly, really, what is this?
Where are the ark and the doves?

Please we need to play fairly
my daughters voice I miss so much.
There isn't a day that has barely
kept us too out of touch.

Our song as a collective is dying
It's last breath can barely be heard.
Please God help me I'm trying
A signal, a light or a word.

Courage must come from somewhere
I beg of you please bring it forth.
I'm losing my will, my life, its thrill
from east, west, south or north.

The last verse here in this message
is full of wonder and awe.
That humans will find the passage
to make earth heaven once more.
Written again for the love and courage I wish for my child and all the children of this earth. Its our home yet we disregard it as a dumping ground, people running or cycling down canal bridle paths throwing plastic water bottles away in hedgerows or worse still the canals. Beer can plastic holders trapped around a birds neck with its feet caught when it tried to free itself. Why? There are bins, bags or pockets you can hold them until you get home. Why? Our kids are not just calling for change they're screaming at the top of their lungs, still unheard. Still companies churn out millions of plastic products that ****, damage eco systems, and dull our futures and the future of all life. Please start to listen to those who are calling so urgently for corrective change. Its never too late and too late is better than never
Dawn is here
The birds are singing on the trees
Little girlie, little girlie
Open your eyes.

Start your day by washing hands and face
You have to go to the school
After wearing various clothes
The children all are going in groups.

Learning is necessary and you have to learn
To become a great one
Foremost, becoming wise
Will lead you to be the leader of the nation.

Let it be like this
All the baby should think this way
There is no substitute for knowledge
And, you should remember that.
Seeing people lost
blindly ignorant to death.
The truth is out there.
I see people, the fakeness and the reality. Humans hurting or killing each other and the animals as if we own them. The lying deceit, bigotry, manipulation, trying to be dominant over others because they think it's better that way. Even those who see themselves as good wholesome folk are fooled into that poisonous toxic mindset. Change happens? When? Before its too late? It was too late before I was even a twinkle in my parents eyes.
Daivik 1d
Many years ago
One man killed another man
& everybody died.
Jonas 1d
They know

something is teribly wrong
with me
something is off
I'm not right
not normal
They can see
sense it
can't pin it down
find excuses
but They know
Darkness chills my bones
twilight stars embraced by dawn
Hope renewed
Nature provides us more than we need. Its wonderful to write about.
Thinking outside the box
is growing harder everyday
I'm here from the school of hard knocks
still there's so much more to say
My life has had its ups and downs
yet it's been colourful too
I've entered the stage of reds and browns
where once it was all blue
Rainbow colours melting fast
within my own mindsight
all richness taken, was built to last
now fading as the light
Soon time to spread my angel wings
if the lord says I deserve
but I'll not have what a coffin brings
smoke my last preserve
Written during the toughest years of my life and how I'd like to imagine my passing from this world to the next when the good Lord says its time. Death isn't something to rush headlong into but it's also something we should accept. It is after all natures way.
Dham kur kur, Dham kur kur
Playing the drum of worship
Upon the arrival of the Goddess
Everyone is chanting.

Children, young and old
Singing various songs
In the pile of tam-tams, the drums
With increased solidarity.

Goddess came on horseback
The Goddess will return with swing
Let the happiness be with her heart
Let everyone's mind be filled with hope.

The worship is going from the monastery to monastery
Worshiping the Goddess
Come on in the happiness and peace
Sprinkle light on the earth.
On the occasion of last year's Durga Puja
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