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If you can't see me
technically I'm creeping.

That's the thing about van life at the beach.
The tinting on the windows
provide a delightful treat.

Greetings, yummy surfer meat.

Why would he change out here in the open
if he didn't want to be appreciated
for the beautiful piece of art he is?

If I touch myself, I'm a creep.
But my eyes can eat the meat.

Cold. He tenses his muscles.
I'm starved so I notice

He can't see me but-
what if I'm his destiny!

Nope. He's gone.
and I creep. yeah. But he don't know what I know.
xandra 2d
every time i imagine your name
or your face,
or any daydreamt aspect of you
interacting with me,
instead of your name,
i will think,
"for what?"
and i think,
it's better this way,
~for both our sakes
I so want to tell you.
I so want to dream with you.
I want you know me better.
I am strong daydreamner, loneliner,
So full of kindness and loving feelings.

I know how to make you and me happy.
So happy to scream it to the whole world.

I can see ordinary life like full of
wonderful details.

I know how to make you feel so lively.
I am person who is always on foot.
Going through and exploring.
I will take your hand and go out to show you
how my seeing of life is
How you can be happy in details.

This is me.
Daydream is my drug for you.
Everything with me is sweeter.
My Daydream.
The daydreamer asked, curiously:

What else do people
use those solitary
moments for
where the
mind lulls lazily
into the hazy grapefruit
halo of an afternoon

if it is not to collect
tokens of daydreams?
gracie Nov 7
they say “a rose is a rose”
but I’m more of a dandelion
clumsy and soft, always growing
in gardens I’m not meant to be
and betting on the wishes of silly
tufted daydreams.
Zane Oct 15
as i watch you from close, yet far
i drift off into romantic daydream.
every day you step into this office
i am graced by your prescence
and neatly alert to your newest hairstyle,
pressed and tied into a form that yet again
exceeds the beauty of the previous day.

long have I wished to approach you cooly,
and much as an example of the sly man I am,
propose a meeting at the conclusion of our shifts
wherein we might exchange grins at one another
complete with deep resounding laughs.
retiring to the warmth of my apartment
yet this time
not for beaming looks and lighthearted conversation.
instead, a raucous intense evening
in which my dinner is had between your legs
with a dessert of deep, passionate thrusts
eyes fixated onto one another.
we retire with andrea bocelli
and I bid you farewell.

as serene a dream as this is
it is nothing more.
for who am I,
but a strange boy
that glances at you from across the building
with a glimmer in his eyes
wrote this about a coworker, as you can tell. I've casually admired her for quite a while, without much courage to ask her for a date.
Marie Oct 9
bless these darkening skies

i can only get to you
when i close my eyes
Luiz Oct 9

always there
never spare
to scare
they stare

and snare
they swear
my despair

not a prayer
to breathe air
never fair
always tear

here and there
I'm elsewhere

back in time
times behind
hit rewind
as tears flare

past glares
I dare

rip to pairs

to replace
and erase
no space
for disgrace

give it face
past deface
earn my place
win the race

up the pace
live in grace
life embrace!
Rhys Hebbs Oct 5
Cold coffee goes down too easily;
But only when
your day-to-day
is not estranged
from the truth of pain

Whats a bitter taste
to the feel of rain
within the brain?

The modern poet folds in too frequently;
But only when
the pressing nature
of the art of life
refuses to use
their trembling bones
like a burning knife

Why should others exult in that which you mine,
from within the confines of your darkened mind?
When the only light you seem to find
only serves to make you blind?

All unhopeful seekers lie to themselves too easily;

But no one ever said that life would be
filled with blissful reveries
even if you feel Satans kiss
do not allow him to twist your wrist
for even within the deep abyss
you can still defy all those that missed
going down into the long goodnight
without a fight of drunk delight
far better to live a life so brief
doing all of which you love to do
than to live the longest life
but every un-lived dream
you’ve come to rue
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