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in my mind i've built a love - we lay in tangles on my bed
she throws her head back laughing at a ****** thing i've said
i hit snooze a million times to push the world aside
for she holds a world all of her own beneath those angel eyes

in my mind i've built a palace and she sits upon the throne
more beautiful and radiant than anyone i've known
i crown her in white daisies - soft and pure and free
and leave a kiss atop her head to seal her Majesty

in my mind i've built a life and we're but an inch apart
but i'm out of my mind!
and i'm not in her heart.
Trees of many colors
from burnt orange to gold.
So many words to be written,
so many stories to be told.

She drove past all these,
mind already writing poems.
Gazing at the hues
with the winds just a blowing.

She lives in a world of words
rather than in reality.
The world may be a bad place,
but she sees the beauty.
nitelite Feb 1
its only 6:47am
but i've been up since 2 something
i was thinking about who i am
i guess im doing well.

i went to sleep at like midnight
after late-night overeating at a Shari's on a thursday.
two hours was it, try as i might.

i was feeling a little sick of myself, honestly.
kind of sick of yourself where you just think,
"in the end, what's there in store for me?"
and come up with few answers.

it was so weird, waking up to complete darkness,
motionless for hours in pitch night, before the day starts.
alright, this wasn't anything new, but regardless,
it still made me think.

i don't quite know where i'm headed,
yes, im waiting for the sun, but what then?
can i just go back to bed?
it feels like i just spent it all on a daydream,
doing nothing, but waiting, waiting, waiting, to fall asleep,
just to dream in the dark instead.

if i dont think, or move for a bit, i can feel myself drifting,
but it feels kind of comforting,
despite deep craters beneath by my eyes, twitching,
i know i'll go back to sleep sometime.
Penne Jan 29
Waking up to dawn
To see you stand on the lawn
Your details are to be fawn

Universe does not exist when you are around
Every moment and memory is spellbound
A new side of me has found
As you lift me up from the ground

I cannot remember
If we really met in November or December
I must be in a deep slumber

Your touch is a revel
My heart is a rebel
Fruit not in level
Your orbs are to marvel

The sand on our feet when we strolled on the beach
The waves splash in peach
Like each other's leech
Like me who wish to reach

Wonder is our niche
Not that it is cliche
But true
As my love for you

The skies become lighter
The room gets brighter
The nature seems richer
Life is smoother

Bouncing in clouds
Chasing the moon
Floating in rounds
Body swoons

Only one who fights my gray
Who lights up my day
As we fly away
To the fields of May
As I lay and pray

My strings went from none to beyond
Feelings about to be bond
Flame tames down
Waking up to dawn
To only find you gone
Just had an idea if Eurydice never got a happy ending with Orpheus. I guess this is how it is told in a more modern way.
alia Jan 27
Fleeting memories

Of what feels like centuries

The obnoxious sounds fade

The unpleasant sights unseen

It's just me and my special scene

A scene of happiness and no despair

My little getaway is quite rare

1995 fantasy a true destination

Laughter fills the silence with a beautiful sensation

Racing down the road ; Music blaring

What a beautiful moment it is that we're sharing

In this moment everything is alright

Not a slight problem in sight
Oskar Erikson Jan 22
There I daydreamed,
of melting in the snow
with the thought of you
thawing me free.
sarah Jan 22
silence, my heart beats too fast for acting normal
blank stares, you catch me reliving the same daydream
where i confess and you feel the same
but, every time i wake up

i missed the part where you said you loved me
or did you even say anything?
i guess it's all in my head
why would you love me when you could love her instead?
courtney Jan 14
Like candy floss in my mouth,
Like smoke you disappear
I’m chasing after ghosts it seems
Not sure you’re really there.

Wrapped up in your promises,
Your perfect warm embrace.
You’re the only type of daydream
I would give my life to chase;
rin Jan 13
I can’t get you out of my head.
even though your eyes,
have already told me the truth.
yet part of my being still screams;
you are the one.

why do you hate me so much?
and why can’t I amend the past,
when all I ever wanted was you-
and the future I’ve dreamed of
so many times before.

it’s maddening,
to dream of you when I know
you dream not of me.

we share no glances,
no conversations, and such
just the occasional pass-by
and the longing I slip out of my mouth,
along with the scorn you say back.

i hate it. i hate you
yet here I am, thinking about you
please just rid the future in my mind,
and stay in the past where you belong.

ease the pain of my present being.
and let me free from the chains I built.
my delusions are my poison,
your hatred makes me sober from the fantasy.
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