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S Smoothie Oct 22
Such a playful synergy
Your heart strings and mine
Thrumming on our frequencies

Drawing fourth sacred energy
Running on light beams
Dipping our toes into notes
And hands wafting in melodies

Dizzying highs and resounding lows
Shattering boredom
Stepping on apathy
And plucking joy from the air  

A glorious spiritual liturgy
How beautiful now since we've learned to pray

Drawing such sublime adventures
Going this way and that
Shuffling the order of truths and mystic mysteries
Coming full circle where withall
then bounding off again.  

Such a lifting of feet
a symphony of etherial musings

The tethering of our minds eyes
innocent daydreams
Making a mockery of darkness

Shining in the glory light beams
Bloated with gladness
Soaring with hopes

Soul Edifying

And that's just the beginning
Of our poetry.
Owen Sep 23
Melting snow and chill winds.
Wisconsin spring days,
where the only heat is the sun's rays
through a clear sky.
***** snow piles
on the sides of the street in the city.
Puddles on cracked concrete.
The scent of unveiling foliage
on the breeze.
Quiet moments alone,
the calm before the storm.
Dead to the world
but never feeling so alive
as thoughts creep in.
Wishing things could've been different
Wishing no one had to be wounded so.
Take me back to slow life.
Take me back to no cares.
I wasn't planning to survive.
She Writes Aug 16
I am scared to let my mind wander
To get tangled and twisted
In daydreams

To paint pretty pictures
Of you and me and us
Happily ever after

I’ve been fooled
By empty promises
Too many times

But the way you say tomorrow
Makes me want let go
And trust that the future is nothing to fear
i don’t even wanna think
i just wanna dream
to gaze upon distant worlds
read old conversations and smile as i try to contain my laughter
to do nothing but imagine the worlds i could  create on a piece of paper
i wanna smell every flower
and be nice to every person
i wanna drown myself in every song
and sing along once my teacher lets me
i wanna see all the colors of the world
and hold them close like a little blanket
i wanna fall asleep with a pen in my hand
to paint my nails and stain my palms
i wanna dig my hands into a box of something
just to see how it feels

lovely little fantasy world
perhaps if i commit myself to you long enough you’ll be come real
the SAT isn’t real. fight me!!!!!!
Emm Jun 6
I miss you but I don't know you
And my name would puzzle you
Yet neither rise your curiousity
Yet you're addictive to me,
This sensation, this adversity,
Sweet, like some iridescent nectar gathered by hundreds of fairies in an instant,
From some magical forest forever showered by the gentle light of the golden hour in the distant...
Albeit the bitter pain afterwards instead,
When reality take back its stead,
Who are you? I don't know
This doesn't make any sense, that I know...
But... if only I can dream a bit longer, for I have dreamed far too long, I know...
But, if there is even a tinier than a speckle of dust of possibility,
In this whole world our universe of unpredictability, please...
I'd like to make our story a reality...
Dilly dally, ***** nilly, talks of dailies,
No roses or daisies,
Just two souls walking together,
In harmony parallel, cruising in life for forever
Eloisa May 18
Can you take me to a special place
where the wild
becomes my blissful sky?
Only you and me,
dreaming while gliding with glee.
Help me find my lost essence,
my disoriented strength.
And marvel at the joyous,
glossy evergreens
till the darkness sets in.
Please hold my hands until my moon glows again.
Sometimes I still wake up at night.
To my mid-day terrors.
And my room always feels empty.
My eyes fall off back into time.

I'd always hear you say
That we'd be better off
But who are you to say so
When you're not here anymore.

And I wake up in the after glow
Of the sun from my midnight terrors
This place is just too much for me.
I'd rather not stop to look and see.

And I remember that you'd always say
Nothing would last that long
But how could you tell me that
When you've been gone for far too long.

When I dive back to the sea of dreams
I close my eyes and can't help but think
You were right all along
But I can't tell you that anymore.

And yet as I drift off into the evening sky
Your voice is still as clear as it was that time.
And I wish that I could have this back
Your kind words and the hope you'd bring.

And all the parts I lost that you took from me.

Ahahaha 🧍
lua Apr 13
breathe in
the ice cold waters fill my chest
as delicate strings strum in my head

"careful, you'll crack your head open"

careless, my thoughts come pouring out

jump in
unwind and relax
droplets ebb and flow
with a mind of its own

reach out
extend a helping hand
these shallow waters
soak my shoes

unstrained and wet with tears
living in a daydream
has never felt this real.
lua Mar 31
time slips from my fingers
when i count each passing day
that passes by like passerbys
on a busy street
walking past me, my disillusioned form
an escaped daydream from a chronic sleepwalker
a recurring thought

the clinking of atoms like drinking glasses
the passage of space
things don't make sense nowadays
never really did

i'm just a ghost with no body to call home
translucent and vague
people watching forever
forever a thought bubble in a lonely man's world.
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