in another life
i wear clay beneath my fingernails
and linen pants around my hips
fastened with a braided leather belt
rescued from my mother’s closet
one she wore in the eighties
when she met my father on the seaside of france
i carry flowers from the corner
down a gum-stained sidewalk
past the park i fell asleep in during one
slow sunday afternoon
there are cherry red stains on my pillow
some from my lips, some not
i’ve never been in love
but i’ve never felt alone
my nose is slender
and my collarbones flaunt themselves
beneath tanned skin
i am someone who drinks vodka and
orange juice while watering my plants
a longhaired cat licks its paws
in the windowsill
as i lie naked in the sunlight
reading tolstoy and kerouac
and obscure poetry introduced
by the neighbor in 4F
none of it matters
i am just like a cloud
like a creaking step
i share myself only through
spearmint breath and coffee dates
here are my sweaty palms
here are my uneven bangs
you will never know me
i wrote out a daydream
She Writes Jul 11
There is too much regret
In unspoken words
The quiet thoughts
Whispered only to the moon

There is too much longing
In wishful thinking
Can quickly become a nightmare

There are too many tears
Spilled onto pillows
Over suffering and longing
From words unsaid
Danielle Jul 10
Sleepless nights
Basking in dreams,
Day dreaming when you should be dreaming in your sleep
vanessa ann Jul 1
what would i give
to wake up next to you
fingertips dancing on hips
as curtains give way to sunlight;
the world,
a wonder of sight?

what would i give
to drown...
in the crook of your neck
or the streams of your laughter
as you lurched your body forward
and laughed
with all your might?

what would i give
for our souls to entwine
the raggedness of your breath
spilling into mine?

what would i give
to be given a gift;
to weave another reality;
craft a different mentality;
build a sanctuary;
one with you and me
our confined souls broken free?

just what would i give
just what should i find
to redraw the line
for this silly popstar love of mine?
for yjh: my angel, my muse, and my very own popstar love

This was inspired by In Love with A Ghost's "popstar love", from which this poem got its title from. It's moments like these that I cherish; when the night is shifting to day and inspirations start flooding in. And it has always amazed me too, how music is able to influence my creative process.
The Path of the Everlasting leads to nowhere
not here, nor there, but everywhere

between the willows lies a world within a weathered blade
like breeze upon the grass and the morning's milky fade

the light may fade within, but when you leap from down below
the treasures of the teathered beams will shape you as you go

climbing through this wilderness, searching for a test
when this moment truly represents a summer daydream rest
born from a spiritual experience, sitting in the grass at the break of dawn, The Path of the Everlasting references setting an intention before embarking on a journey, only to realize that the intention was to have no intention at all
Lyn-Purcell Jun 25
Lost in a daydream
Let my griefs fall with cold days
Flightless bird in snow
A pun on my name 'Lyn!'
Lynette - Linette - Linette bird
I'm loving the haikus! Feeling like my creative juices flowing.
Despite how my head is pounding!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Echo chamber Jun 22
You're my savior.
you never made any promises,
And yet I loved you.
Crazy, insane and maniacal,
The mad hatter has nothing on you.
Twisted lies and games you'd play,
And I'm the perfect liar.
Denying everything that felt wrong.
Everything feels right,
When you tempt me with dark desires beyond my wildest dreams.
But nothing ever is as it seems.
Helene Marie Jun 21
someone tell me
was it a beautiful nightmare
or a horrific daydream?
it's all about perspective
J Ann Jun 20
I am lost in a sea of daydreams
thoughts hitting me like waves on an ocean shore
these waves were beginning to grow
yet I had not realized that a storm was brewing
within my head... because I was too far from reality
this storm was not just a storm but a tsunami
I was at the best part in my daydream
as if I were in the eye of the storm
and we all know what happens once the eye passes
reality hits me as if it were the biggest tsunami wave ever
I question why this happens every time I daydream
then I realize that if I want a daydream to come true
I must live in reality and make it come true
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