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Sam Faisal Aug 23
What's a perfect date?
It could be:
Fancy dinner,
Pretty partner,
Roses and lilies,
Weak at the knees,
Holding hands,
Sharing an umbrella in the rain,
Catching you from falling down the drain,
Eyes locked,
Kissing in the rain.

Or maybe it’s:
Spilling your coffee,
A comedy,
No filter,
Matching humour,
Eyes locked,
"Call me daddy,"
You called me crazy,
Talking ****, books and movies,
Eyes lit and laughing free,
Then switch to:
Learning something new,
Expanding worldview,
And before we knew,
Time disappears -

No words,
Just your breath,
And my heartbeat,
And more tears,
Feeling weak yet safe,
Smiling on my own,
I'm home,
In your embrace.
I S A A C Aug 16
sparkling shattered citrine
bleeding out of a broken promise
wondering why he did me like a piece of garbage
cast away, ran away
wondering why i hold myself hostage
past erased, ran away
ky Jul 22
I see what you did.

You ignored me for a month
and then just happened to come back
the day before you asked her out
to make sure I still wasn't interested.

I'm not stupid.
I saw right through you,
and I don't appreciate being used.

That may have been well played,
but it wasn't played well enough.
Lauren Leal Jul 17
It's hard to forget the past
When it takes away something
That I felt was meant to last

So I'll wait for my phone to ring
No line and hook to be cast
We'll see what time will bring
Lauren Leal Jul 16
Deep within blue eyes
I see a constellation
I'll find nowhere else
Lauren Leal Jul 15
My wounds runs deep
Steeped in time
Memories to keep
Into my prime

Testing my virtues
Taking a deep breath
Walking in my earth shoes
Feeling like ego death

I must stay focused
On what I desire
Despite this fire
Thoughts like a swarm of locusts

Time to embrace the new
That being with you
I refuse to be static
Time with you is chromatic

It's a complete headliner

With you it's all about the major and the minor
Overcoming the trials of past wounds
Lauren Leal Jul 15
I find myself in that familiar place
where wounds reopen
and the feeling of danger
beckons to race

Old scars wanting to tear apart
like a stray bullet to the heart
Old habits emerge so mindless
despite being met with kindness

I question if I've really healed
If these years have anything to yield
Uncomfortable is how I've felt
Do I peek at this hand that is dealt

I'm at a crossroad of old and new
Simply locked scared at what to do

Yet I know I will choose you

I will always wear my heart on my sleeve
No matter the times it's torn away
In the work I've done I believe

Will keep you beside me day by day

This 'uncomfortable' is my test
Trust me that you'll get my best
My work will not be undone
because what we have has just begun
Healing after a breakup is tested when to try to date once more. Those feelings will come back as a defensive layer, your reaction is everything
Dead lover Jan 14
She wishes she could tell you that she's doing better.
She wanted to express her feelings, and you let her.

Now, acknowledged she does feel,
Her wounds continue to heal.

She knows why you pushed her away,
There's a reason why she couldn't say what she wanted to say,
That day, in the cafe.

She wants you to achieve your crazy idea and let you do whatever it is that you need to do,
She doesn't have what it takes to be angry at you. It is the truth, she'll always love you.

She is sorry that she was rude,
And ruined your mood over the food.
She didn't wish to hurt you with her words so crude,
But that's the way she does brood.
You didn't have to hear her nonsense, dude.

You, she'll never have the strength to claim,
Yet, she lights up each time she hears your name,
She loves you still, she loves you and will always feel the same,
It is not that she'd wait for you, more like she can't move on.
It her fault, you should not get the blame.
I love you.

Thank you for meeting me. I'm sorry for my words. I shouldn't have been rude. You deserve a better person.
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