I used to think
about traveling the world
searching for a happy place to go

but then I've met this girl
and realized
I'm in the happiest place I could be,
in a relationship between you and me.


Her eyes belonged in bed ----- Smelled her clothes
Copper, snow, tangerine ----- Kissed her cheek instead

Kate Gilleo Jul 7

The Wheel of Time continues on
the damning repetition of a spindling Journey
slaving away on the Wheel's unforgiving madness
caught on the Spokes of Eternity
just a piece
an arc hardly arching in the grandness
hardly varying in the vastness of forever
your entire Existence contained in a Segment
of the Wheel that drives us forward.

Sakif Hossain Jul 11

Filled with anticipation I entered that place,
Crowd was buzzing, the light was dimmed..
Trembling feet didn't help either,
As I looked for here & there..

Like evening sun peeking through clouds,
There she was sitting in a corner..
In disbelief I had to double check
My fairy, My dream
Empress of my heart,
She was really there..

I just kept looking at her
As if time froze,
Relishing her innocent antics, her every expression
I just kept on looking...

Many emotions I had to express,
Many stories I wanted to share..
But I was lost for words,
Well, I was just lost in her..
Those pink glowing cheeks,
Topped with that smile..
That spark in her eyes,
So expressive hiding behind her specs..
Flowing hair of her,
God I envy that wind passing through those!!
How could I take my eyes away??
I can spend a lifetime like this,
I will spend my life like that..

A day that took years to come,
Hurdling all obstacles,
An hour worth the craving..
An evening sweeter than the sweetest dream,
A evening I want to relive all my life... <3

mismatched wood
tape on ceiling
sauces on table
genuine laughter
dessert board with pie
silverware noises
talk about oil
khaki pants
pouring drinks in the morning

appreciate your environment
JR Rhine Jul 5

so he had my number because we met for tutoring on Wednesdays after class but he would text me really late at night asking me the weirdest stuff i would politely say this is incredibly inappropriate and i would not like to talk like this with you but still around two am he would text me lewd stuff again and again then asking if i would go on a date i said dude i am old enough to be your mother imagine if
a guy
          received texts
          like that
                    from a girl
                                  insisting to do sexual stuff BUT

Storygiver Jun 24

Do not date boys who write poetry
Their careless skill with words will
Have you captured as but a passage
And you are so much more than that

Date a man who knows nothing of metaphors
Love someone who knows science
See if he can learn your algorithms
From energetic beginning
To entropic end
Who can experiment with bringing
Luminescence to your fingertips
And suns aflame within your stomach
Date a man who is dyslexic with emotion
Who knows nothing of metre and verse
Doesn’t know how to write poems
But writes you one anyway because you are his universe

Do not love boys who fall asleep with Bukowski beside their beds
They will try to pretend that their eruptions
Are frustrated justification for treating you like they learned from him
Volcanoes, they are not, they just simmer and seethe
Keeping you Vesuvius ossified
In petrified acceptance that all men are assholes.
Going through implied inactions
Inspired by a bastard
You deserve better than disasters and they are dangerous
And only beautiful from afar

They will never learn to write you right anyway

Similarly do not love mean who love late night cafes
Black filtered coffees and white unfiltered cigarettes
Their bitter jealous love will leave you in absolutes
It will stain you like so much scratched and battered woodwork
And here you could be a forest
Though they may fuck you
So sincerely
They are treacherous rain,
Slick on pavements
And storms in teacups
Though they may make you wet
So you call him convection clouds
They are just bad weather
Date someone who is up before the dawn
Because they just don't know what the day holds
But instead hold their cup of tea so sweet and milky
You jokingly call it candy,
And raise a cheers to the new morning
And whose hard heavy worn hands hold hard to your form
Who never touched nicotine because they lost a relative that way
Who never touched verse because life is enough of an education
They will know more about the world than those poetry boys anyway
Don't date boys who tell you you are fire
They are only looking to get burnt
And will add fuel to embers to ensure you don't get put out
Every sweet word is just lies
Don't date boys who say your eyes are the seas
To hell with cliches (and your eyes are brown anyway)
If they want to drown let them find someone else
With the same taste for saltwater

Don't date men who say "they can't describe you"
As they will try and each and every frustrated sentence
Will rattle you
They will call you legends
And not understand when you don't live up to the poorly
Constructed reality of the myth they envisaged

Every published word smells of every other girl
And remember every letter of every word they put out there
Is one millions scraps of drafts as prayer
So take their million million
Million, million metaphors for how much they love you
And return it to them unmarked or
"Could have done better - don't see me" .

You are not here to teach them
And you are a lesson they will not learn

This is a nod to Paula Varjack's "why you should never date an artist" one of my favourite poems by one of my favourite poets, if she's ever in town go and check her out.

To get dressed up;
To be loved by the one I'm with on this dance floor.
Only rings, roses, and lips between us.
To get hugs that last longer than a dance,
Longer than a handshake.
To find the door to the Earth, that leads to the universe.
To stand you on its lip, arms stretched like Rose from Titanic.
For the night to fly by as if a dream,
Never making sense in the transition of scenes.
Will be enough for me to feel complete.
June 21.2017

This isn't the shortest poem I ever wrote,
but it has to be the quickest lol

Turn on the radio baby,
Play something country,
Make it an oldie.

Something sad sounds wrong,
Just make it a love song,
One we can sing along.

Honey, say you got nothing to do.
Kick off our shoes,
And we'll pretend the lyrics are about me and you.

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