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Steve Page Jun 19
He sits quietly while she explains patiently
what it is that he really wants.
If only he'd listen, he'd not have the stress
of second guessing himself.

In his quiet, in the soft breeze
of her advice, he runs
through perfectly good past menu options
and again considers how their taste
had readily agreed with him.

He resolves and waits for her
to finish her salad,
and before dessert he explains
he needs to leave and walk the dog.

And once safe home,
old Pippa loves him for who he is
and he gratefully takes the lead,
while blocking one more number on his Nokia
and pocketing a mini mars bar for later.
I was observing a couple in a cafe and let my imagination run.
Andreas Simic Jun 17
You were in the rear view mirror of my life
That one chance encounter to last a lifetime
What a wonderful day it was

Frolicking about the pool two strangers in a foreign land
The ocean waves beckoning us to foray into unknown territory
Sea urchins, star fish, and shells waiting for us to join them in dance

The heat of the day matching the rising temperatures in my heart
Overhead the sun baking our skin like a toaster set on high
Glances were exchanged but only for a moment

For any lasting looks into those deep brown eyes and…
All clean fun our laughter speaking for itself
Until the setting sun and a waiting plane ticket ended it all

Back home my thoughts would return to that day and you
Though I knew the city you lived in I didn’t know your name
Or the street you resided on but the memories remained

Like a haunting which would not go away, a ghost only imagined
On that rare occasion passing through your town
A watchful eye for the woman who now held my heart hostage

But it was for not, the years multiplying like an adding machine
Days would fade into night but not thoughts of you
Of that moment in the sun when all felt perfect

And then…it happened
A twist of fate
A phone call from a friend

A dinner
A date
And everlasting love

Andreas Simic©
I am done being measured by being without a man. I am so done with dating. I am getting to a point where - remembering their information?
Darling, show me you're here to stay first.
I am done remembering facts and whole pageturner conversations.
I might put it in when I feel like it.

Dating is horrid. Spend weeks apping and talking and sharing and caring only to part after what, date two? Three?
No, I am done.

But yes, that is the paradox. I want love.
I want THAT adventure too.
But I am done begging god for love or for fate to find me a person.

I AM DONE BEING BUILT UP, WRECKED AND HAVING TO REBUILD AFTER SOME OX DECIDES TO TRY WITH ME. I am DONE with indecision. With coldness, with superiority, with children, with babies on the side, with leftovers.

Because that is what these men have tasted like to me. Leftovers.
And I am a ******* snack, a meal at a Michellin restaurant. A ******* well-rounded, thought through, social, creative and sportive prize.

So who the **** are you to bring me down.
Online dating annoys me
Maeve Mar 15
I love you So Much
It’s 3am and I don’t
Want to go home yet
agatha Dec 2021
I wish I could have kissed you
the moment I saw you
in real life for the first time;
something like
running into your arms
and letting the world
turn into static,
only focusing on you.
Only you.

But that would have been
too dramatic. Maybe
you'd get shy all of a sudden
or think I am too forward.
So I just held your hand—
warm like a heavy blanket
and evidently bigger
than mine. Enveloping my hand
in the most comfortable of ways,
like some missing puzzle piece
that was bound to be together
no matter what.

That would have appeased me
don't you think?

No. Not really.
I have nothing to say.
I still want to kiss you.
Leocardo Reis Nov 2021
I glance at
an empty seat
an unanswered text
and a cold cup of coffee.

You didn't have to say yes
to a date.
Jenny Bllr Nov 2021
Do you remember our first date?
A date that wasn't official
for you never dared to ask me out.
A date that was one
even though we didn't kiss at the end.
A date where I lost my gaze
in your pretty eyes.

How many dates will there be?
A date where we kiss goodbye
and are slowly falling for each other.
A date where we spend the night
and are not two but one.
A date which is not a date
as we spend more time together than apart.

I can't wait.
For you
For us
For I am already falling
Falling for you.
First Date

We promised a beach trip to each other
I count down the days, hours, and minutes
Til my release into your arms.
Third part....
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