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Feeling blond
Rat in a cage
Bound and gagged
I want you
Only the man
Married but inspired
Hopeless to
Your touch

Why can't it be me
In a covenant

The obsession
Too real

The ground is hollow
Thumping up
For lunch
A date
Xaha 3d
There’s a brilliant world of words and wine
Hidden behind the curtain:
A barrier of stares and smiles
Shyly given, modestly strained.
Each subtle push
Met with an even gaze.

Tell me more about yourself -
Your secrets
Your lies
Your favorite memories
Your darkest times.

There’s much more here
Than society allows we breach
On a first date meeting
In the middle of the week.

Sure, you swiped right
And that means you think I’m cute
But do we have a connection
Deeper than this Champagne flute?
I don’t want to talk about the weather
Or what your roommates do.
This isn’t an ad on craigslist,
You have nothing to prove.

Now you’re checking your phone
At every silence
*** we’re hardwired to our handheld
And if we aren’t leaving together
The night's been a bust.

No gain, no loss, no truths to wrestle -
No point finding a soul
In a hollow vessel.
larni 3d
i imagine myself with you, b.
i can see myself,  happy with you.

i can picture us on our first date,
laughing so hard we hold onto each other for support.
i can picture us walking together,
admiring all the local shops and galleries the town has to offer.
i can picture us holding hands,
and you holding me as we gaze out at sea.
i can picture us snorkeling together,
and how you'll laugh when i inevitably breathe in the ocean.
i can picture us kissing for the first time,
how our eyes will meet,
and how our hearts will explode with excitement.
i can picture us kissing,
and how our bodies will melt into one.
i can picture myself falling asleep next to you,
and how peaceful i will feel when i wake up beside you.

most importantly,

i can picture myself falling in love with you.
so let’s break the distance.
oh, how wonderful life will be with you.
to: bailey hull.
sindy 6d
Oh yes sure, but as friend then?
- Why would you say that?

- Remember talking about respect when you wanted to fight?

This is also to me the only thing that makes me angry and want to fight. As you, I have a high respect of myself and don't like to feel ignore, disrespected. It might be a big word just to explain that i don't appreciate when someone read my messages and decide not to reply.

Listen, it's not against you, i understand, you are busy, I might not be your priority. But i learn over the past year not to let anyone taking the chance to be able to hurt me. You might not be the kind of guys who like texting fine, then you should have tell me (same way as you asked me why i left and i replied).

It was really nice meeting you, i would love to see you again but not without disrespecting myself. That's a lot of feeling, but after what i saw in you, I am sure you will understand. I am free tomorrow, if you understand that we can meet. If not i want to tell you that i also feel this connexion and wish you a beautiful week.

Self respect is a high value i want to keep. I am mature enough and have been hurt enough not to let anyone getting this power over me.

Some people talk to you in their free time and some free their time to talk to you, i am learning the difference and i am looking to let people in my life only with the second option.

If you are able to rise you standard to meet girls like me.
Faryal Feb 15
Date nights & great sights
always trying to feel less alone

Only here for soft cuddles & lil kisses on the forehead
But only going through heartbreaks and counseling

Getting hit on, but they’re missing the date nights
Another date night but with a new heartbreak

Another date, but with the daily counselor,
Just to rant about how dumb the guy was

Counseling, heartbreaks, counseling, heartbreaks &
Badshah Khan Feb 8
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 16

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Let me bloom, for you my eternal love.

Hence, you can gently kiss me unconditionally.

Rarely I bloom, so don’t miss the precise date.

As I am precisely a rare flower, and you are heartily my Beloved.

No matter, wherever you wander hopelessly.

For your own existence, as I gently hold the Key,

Of your noble heart, As my Beloved’ Forever!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan
©UT-BK 2018
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Manasvi Garg Feb 8
one red
one white
and one pink,
i picked up three shades of love
along the way home today.

eight am
you ask me to be early back home,
something about an unofficial
seventy-sixth date you had planned

two five pm
you call me to check
whether i’d had my lunch or not
and whether amidst all the work
i’d managed to forget about later today
in all honesty, it did slip my mind
but i told you no

four thirty one pm
twenty missed calls,
and eleven texts from you.
‘hey, you on your way?’
i don’t respond

five six pm
i leave my work station
and call you back, finally
you don’t answer
i messed up,
i know.

five fifty three pm
on my way
i pass cafes
and couples
holding hands
being everything we used to be

s t o p
a small boy comes up to my window
and offers me flowers
‘a rose for your lady?’

even though
it may not seem like it
i’m still here
for you
for me
for us
and i know, you are too
in the sticky notes on my lunch box
in the small smiles into my kisses
in the wordless i love yous.
you’re here too.

i smile
And take three
one for you
one for me,
and, one for us

i’m in love with you

i’m thinking of you.

i’m thankful for you.

one red
one white
and one pink
i picked up three
shades of love along
the way home today.

for you.

This is me challenging my writer's block and coming up with something that pulls me out from this non-writing zone. Tell me how you like it? Thank you.
Viktoria Feb 1
A mysterious coincidence,
I love mystery, it's exciting,
Could it be a new romance?
Because romantic atmosphere is igniting.

I am thinking of you and your glances,
Shining brightly across the room,
But I still don't know the colour of your eyes,
From a distance I was watching you...

'Look at me', I thought, and there you did.
And you spoke to me right across the room,
You spoke of the day when we will meet,
For a movie and - I hope - a date.

You said, that you hadn't forgotten,
No way, of course you had not,
Don't worry that day you will see me,
From much less far, than so far.

I was a bit nervous, I admit,
But maybe you were nervous too,
I looked at your forearms, uncovered,
to see if I spot a **** tattoo...
or maybe even two.

But no, at least not on your forearms
And maybe you're not the person for that.
I am keen on getting to know you,
I am not gonna regret that we met.

So all my reveries keep on dancing,
Around me, my soul and my head,
Your eyes' spark from a distance,
The warmth that I couldn't forget.

I am pretty sure that you like me,
And for now that is all I want.
I am happy that I can tell you more,
Once we meet, only the two of us, for sure.
Enzo Jan 31
I fancy you
You fancy me
So we go to a fancy dinner
At a fancy place
With a fancy view
As far as the eyes can see
Everything is fancy
Since we both fancy each other
What better way to end this fancy night,
Than with a totally non fancy tongue-wilding sloppy wet smooch and kiss?
Murakami Jan 30
Traffic lights spread across the Opal sky
He held my face; his gentle, warm palms, magnetic on my skin
Fervorous glow embraced my chest
From beat to beat, my heart bled into the fog.

Leaning his forehead against mine,
I felt my conscience blending with his skin
A synthesis of feelings, an ocean of colours.
his lips find mine, heat rippling across my face
Cloudy breaths caressed my skin
This time, the sky didn't blend with tears.
This night, the lights were dry.
Who knew behind the subway staircase could be so romantic?
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