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your heart as sweet as a date i will never forget
i miss you
Lucas Abbott Oct 7
Silly me, silly me
Thinking I was fine.
I walked through the city that’s so bright,
Blocking out the wails coming out from the night.
Silly me, silly me,
Why would I be fine?
I think of what I used to have,
And how my mind has turned so mad.
Silly me, silly me,
I should have known so much better.
Then to turn me against the tides
and crash the waves of all that has past
Each time I shave my face,
I scrutinize with my eyes,
To look for my mistakes,
But my eyes, they fraternize,
With the enemy on my chin,
And so, too late,
When on a date,
I feel them with my fingers
Sarah Sep 23
oh darling
I don't need much
to be happy
just your laughter
the way you look at me
and some place quiet
with your arms wrapped around me
tucked away from the world
Gelz Sep 19
Just met a man.
Every single thing about him is amazing or was I just under some spell?
Truly enchanting, he is, with the stories he had shared and I still remember the sound of his laugh that is music to my ears.
How endearing I find him. I'm still in awe and I'm running out of words to describe how endlessly fascinating he is.
Radiant smile is what my lips involuntarily form whenever I meet his eyes or hear the vibration of his voice or simply just the thought of him cross my mind.
One day, maybe, one day, he'll leave me, too, or maybe he'll choose me. But I thank the Heavens above that I've known this man whose name is somewhere along this poem.
sidra Sep 15
puzzled by his brooding stare
my heartbeat quickens

static lingers in the air
my posture stiffens

I glance down at the table
then back at his eyes

to dancing fire— playful—
a sensual surprise
“You look good today”
bitter and creamy
i need to fuel my body
latte twice a day.
a haiku
I’ve never actually been with another.

I have a close friend.

But I yearn for intimacy with a female.

Within extended pauses.

This lingering feeling.

Rises from its hole.

And finds me up through the undertow.

Bewildering me with a chasm of alienation.

And shrouding me in its dismal light.

I let myself foolishly steep in it.

Until I am saturated with my own self pity.

As pity rots away it turns to anger.

And I decay into a more disgusting person.

One who self loathes. The root of my problem.

How can one love if they don’t love themself.
Sunny Aug 26
Despite their protests
And transphobic comments
We went on the date we had planned
Not caring about their demands

Sure, I was nervous as hell
And I could tell she was as well
And maybe we didn't talk much
But none of that mattered when I met her touch

Our hands interlocked in a silent agreement
That no matter what they said, we would ignore their treatment
There were so many things I wanted to do or say
But all that will come on another day.

When I first sat at that table
A sort of aura filled the air, it was unstable
Even though I knew they wouldn't change their ways
My eyes still met your beautiful gaze.
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