Nature isn't great
Birds and bees I hate
Don't mention romance
I don't like roses
Nice weather is bait
This is not a date

What a pleasure;
a woodland drive on the edge
of a cliff
with James Dean,
glamour by the sea
A star at work,
fawning over me
We will be
in the gossip magazines,
you and me
and evening chatter
about how things
are supposed to be.

Terry Collett Apr 15

Yehudit took me
through the woods
behind the cottage
where I lived
with my family.

It was a warm morning
birds sang
pheasants raced
across the track
in front of us.

We came to a pond
surrounded by bushes
and trees.

I call this my lake
she said.

It was a peaceful place
and no one was about
except us.

Do you come
here often?
I said.

Now and then
for peace and quiet
she said
sit down
the grass is dry.

So we sat
on the grass
and looked
at the pond.

A few ducks
swam there
and dragonflies
hoovered over
the water.

I felt a tingle
being so close to her.

Do you bring
many boys here?
I said.

No you are the first
she said
why did you ask that?

Just wondered
I said.

Wondered what
that I am some sort
of whore?
she said
staring at me.

No I meant that it
might be a place
of peace to bring
other boys to
I said.

And why would I
bring other boys here?
she said.

Silly of me
to say that
I said.

She looked away
from me.

You are the first boy
I have brought here
because I like you
more than any boy
I have met
she said.

We sat in silence
for a few minutes.

I like you very much
I said
watching a swan
descend onto the water.

How much?
she said
turning to look at me.

I kissed her
before she could
say another word.

That much
I said.

She sat
gazing at me.

She grabbed me
and kissed me
and we fell back
on the grass
and kissed more.

Then we lay there
side by side
holding hands
breathing deep.

The whole world
seemed to have
closed it eyes
and gone to sleep.

Arihant Verma Apr 10

If I was your date, I'd try to be sweeter
than any other fruit, hotter than the land,
that grows me, stickier, than
chewing gum, and honey.

If I was your date, I'd remind you that,
You can't have me for more than a day,
for I'm a polyamorist, I love everybody.
I'd remind you that I could be your last,
someday, any day. But that shouldn't,
stop you from loving me, right now.

If I was your date, I would share
my gaze of you, in the silent reflections,
of my convex eyes,
tell you that on this date,
you are the only 01.01.01

Jonathan Apr 7

Not long ago our destinies aligned
and of all the people it had to be you
your fragrance in the wind is left behind
as you walked by as i held the door for you
we wined and dined and hoped to outshine
the glittering stars of the night

you came at me in the midnight and held my hand
with no constrains you took me away
hand in hand amongst the sleepless souls
Side by side through the half empty streets of mainz
our brilliance playful act of love felt so alive

Sitting down spacing out to thoughts and memories of you
uncertainty overshadows every dream of you

piggyback rides and lingering goodbyes
of the same mind tonight i hope we could be two
mesmerised by the sparks between our eyes
passionately yielding to this sensation you and i shared
with fastened lips and no words to spare
the essence of love was in the air in a surreal like dream
time stood still for you and me  

Sitting down spacing out to thoughts and memories of you
uncertainty overshadows every dream of you

an unseen dramatic contraction
of what seemed to be a lasting attraction
Unanswerable questions are left in wander
Unquestionable answers are left to ponder
Words of love and poesy used to quickened you
bittersweet traces is all that I now leave you

Silence is all that remained that only a wonder can break
To enlighten your heart and brighten your smile like a summers day is my aim

The one and only i fell head over heels for and describing the connection and energy that was felt between us
ju Oct 2011

I’ve tried really, really hard
to not look like I’m trying-
See? I am Super Girlie-Girl
for one night only.
Every detail attended to.
I’m even wearing kitten heels
for fuck’s sake.
(quite literally, I think)
I’ve gone for pretty…
(or as close as age allows)
... not at all scary.
I’ve no idea what we’ll talk about but,
so far, I’ve managed to say hi
and not stare at his hands.
Still thinking ‘bout them though.
I’ve seen him play guitar-
‘nough said.
He’s grinning and I wonder,
If I might’ve let slip as words
some of these thoughts but,
since no one near by is rolling round on the floor
pissing themselves laughing-
I think I’m safe.
He’s just given me the most beautiful flowers.
The deepest red roses, all half-opened velvety buds
and frothy white gypsophila.
(it’s one of those bouquets)
almost burying my face in the petals-
they smell delicious.
That's done it.
Even without a context- that word turns me on
but now?
My brain is seriously misfiring.
Pinging thoughts and words and images around
like a demonic pinball machine.
Oh Dear God-
I hope he’s not a mind reader.
How long, do you think- can I stay
hidden here in these (delicious) flowers?
How long before I need to try one?
Before the urge to lick and taste and bite-
overcomes me?
That just wouldn’t be cool, would it?
Not on a first date.

I get distracted by little things
It looks like I’m hunting love
I know I want Love
But then I get distracted by simple momentary things
I know who I am supposed to ask out on a date
But, seems easier to ask someone else
Because I’m too scared to fall for that person
And get “we’re just friends” as a response.
“Hey I love you why you telling me your dramas about the guys you like but end up lying and hurting you?”
I think
But I never say
I just listen
“Don’t be fooled” I say
“I won’t” she says
Weeks later she telling me the same old stories
“Try me”
I think
But I never say
“What if she is telling me to ask her to be mine? What is she thinking?”
I think to myself
Gosh, I wish I wasn’t too scared to lose you as a friend
I wish you knew I mean it when I say I missed you every time I see you after two, four or eight months
I wish you were mine
Just mine
I fantasize about the things we could be doing if we were together
Then I remember what we had
Were we too fast?
Was it a perfect thing on a bad time?
I don’t know, but
I loved every little moment
I told her she’s one of the best things that ever happened in my life
I meant it
When did we fuck this up?
When did we become just friends?
Am I in love?
How can I win her back?

(to be continued)

Pagan Paul Mar 31

No my Darling, that is not snow.
Its not winter, it should be colder.
No my Darling, that is not snow.
Its just dandruff on your shoulder.

No my Dear, I am not in pain.
Neither am I hurting, or showing grief.
No my Dear, I am not in pain.
Its the lettuce in between your teeth.

Yes my Love, I am listening.
I was just temporarily distracted.
Yes my Love, I am listening.
But your friend is so attractive.

No my Sweet, its not that draughty.
Its not windy, you've got it wrong.
No my Sweet, its not that draughty.
Your skirts caught in your thong.

No my Darling, that is not snow.
It can't be true, its a wrong fact.
No my Darling, that is not snow.
Its just cocaine on your compact.

© Pagan Paul (31/03/17)

Another silly one for April Fools Day ;-)
RLG Mar 29

At dinner for two
I chose a tasting menu.

Chatter was pleasant,
Until the sous-vide pheasant.

Conversation digressed:
My faults were expressed.

I did not forsee,
A deconstructed m

I walk by this lake everyday.
I pass these same trees routinely.
My feet stomp against
this exact concrete daily.
But tonight,
it’s different
I’m with you.

Your mile-long smile turned the leaves
into spheres of fire.
When your thumb wiped the fallen eyelash off
my cheek you transformed the streetlights
into floating lanterns.
The story of your mother
teaching you to bake the perfect
apple pie before she passed
converted the sidewalk
into a solid rainbow you borrowed from the heavens
to glide across with me.
you made this spot
my favorite spot.

By Lindsay Johnson
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