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Free flowing thoughts
Moonlit sky
Dinner by the beach
Hands reaching
Far across my thighs
Long summer evenings
That turn to dawn
Empty wine bottles
A seat in a lawn
We sat there in silence
Side by side
Hand in hand
Watching the Crimson sunrise
With coffee afterthoughts
A slight hesitation
Before our lips lock
Bobby Dodds Apr 4
life is lonely.
and death gives terrible company.
Would you like some dinner?
Tough ***** though, You're buying.
Kevin Cabasog Mar 21
As we stood beneath the sky fading away
Billions of stars shone and led the way
And Aurora Borealis graced the night as if to say
Every darkness has its beauty that can’t be seen in the day  

Looking high above the twinkling stars
And faraway from the bustling city cars
You held my hands with eyes reflecting lights
Amazed by how the glints showed your world to new heights  

We were left alone in a wide clearing winter
Yet the bleak feeling never seemed to fester
Maybe because we never thought it would be
Or could it e because you’re the one beside me?  

With hours that seemed  like minutes, time flew fast
It never struck as we were left in awe that seemed to last
Stars gently floats above with infinitesimal actions
Which to me, clearly makes a better therapeutic session  

As the northern lights glide through the night,
You laid a kiss on my cheek that seemed to mark the side
Then a meteor passed, and your smile flew high
Thankfully, we stood beneath the twilight sky
People are waiting for valentine's day
but I really miss valentine's date...
Will you go on date with me?
Jay Feb 1
I have a question for you
Plucked from the day we met.
I have pondered asking for a while
And still I haven't yet.

Especially with important matters
Or ones dealing with certain subjects.
But as I sit here wondering, waiting,
I think I may be ready for what comes next.

As we talked about chess,
Poetry, movies, and songs,
Random facts, and paradoxes
All these evenings long,

I sat thinking still...
Gazing thoroughly upon
The face you wear
And the smile you had on.

As you may be able to see,
I can often tend to be
Incapable of stammering out
The words I desperately want to shout

I get that I don't know you well,
But I feel I may want to..
As long as it works with you...
And maybe if you too...
Could possibly like to do...
If only I already knew...

Would you like a coffee with me soon?
I don't know whether I should send this or not...
Van Xuan Jan 27
In that very moment
My fears are gone
Taking all the risk
I bring her close
As I put her lips to mine
With her startled eyes
I didn't dare to move for a second
For it's a pure bliss of happiness
Covered with face mask
Credits to the face mask that gave me courage to kiss her
Evan Stephens Jan 16
Join me beneath
an eight percent moon
that shook itself free
from Irish holly
on its way to
bearded stone.
Agent of itself,
it little cares what
we'll do here,
in this rose garden
of shadow flighting.
Join me in the sliver
of tinnish light
that wanes into the berries,
& shove your breath
into mine with clear intent.
We wear dresses of silence.
The mottling dark
clenches your hair.
A faceless statue
chaperones no one.
Cold and windy gushes like no other
Hands embraced in one another

Stars sparkling from black in blue
But this galaxy, is in the eyes of you

Open as a book with our story already written
No secrets bar one secret
Leaving only one smitten

I can't forget our night along the river
But the hole that was left,
won't let me be a forgiver
Looking Forward
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