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karo 6d
I've fallen for the lights.

tiny little sparks of hope
days when I surrender to
my path

and believe
that even if nothing
turns quite right
I'll still be fine.

and I love this town
a city of light
To fall in love.
To be kicked and tugged.
To picking up, and moving on.

To stepping forward.
To find courage, within this coward.
To letting go, of what's already gone.
To what's been said, and what's been done.

I take my hopes, and pack 'em.
Close the door, leave through the back an'
Don't turn round. We could see it crackin'.
To leave before it breaks,
Breaks my heart, but it feels like fate.
Tried to have faith, I made mistakes.

I guess that in the end, we took
What we could get, though there's
Still so many loose ends.
Looked for the closure,
I swear, felt it was getting closer.
Thought, we could make amends, make it better, make it to a better end.
I guess by now I've lost my friend.

Seems that now has turned to never.
So whatever. I tried my best.
I failed this test.

Shattered heart, I pick up the pieces.
Few more shards, and I'm back to being jus'
Who I am, who I'm at peace with.

I'd never be the same,
It won't be so seamless.
I look up, maybe one day I'll see
The one I need, my miracle seamstress.

For now, here I leave this.
From a broken heart, to broken trust. To building this friendship up, to realising, it washes a way, just like mud.

I take on the next day. Move on, move along. Take my heavy heart, my heavy mind. I'm alright. I'll be alright. This sadness will leave in time, if anything I've learned, it's that sadness is just like a tide.

- O. Glad you were once a part of my life. Thank you for what you've taught me.
So you think you know the reason why it is that we're all here? You think you've got it sussed and that it's crystal clear? But what you fail to realize is that you don't know who to trust. The people who have taught us are also made of dust.

You're strong in your convictions; you never doubt the facts. You read the science books but don't inspect the cracks. You back your suppositions; hold strong to your beliefs. But have you ever smoked a joint and doubted all your briefs?

Life is not at all what it at first appears to be. All you need to show that is some archaeology. Gaze up at the stars at night, or the moon during the day; check out Machu Picchu and reflect on what you say.

We'd be pretty ****** foolish; and equally naive; to place all our bets on the lies that people weave. I don't mean that in a mean way, or disrespectfully; it's meant to show my love and camaraderie.

And hey, I know, that sounds real cocky, 'cause I've no monopoly on truth. But I've got something tangible that's both evidence and proof. If you want to hang a while I'm happy to expound; I'll blow your mind and steal your heart and shake your faithless ground.

© Canadian Cowboy

unexpected love was came
my heart's breaks a little
unexpected love was came
i drowned

he said he loves me,
i said it too
he said i'm not beauty,
i started to believe him
he said trusting each other is the key,
i quiet
        how to trust when he doesn't give
        me a trust?
he said his heart is mine,
i sigh
         how could he said that when i
         saw he enjoyed with other girls?
he said he never feels ilfeel with me,
i cry,
a lot

how fool i am never trusts him
i estranged with my self
correct my words, please.
i am a newbie english writer.
thank you, <3
I don't want you to worry anymore.
I don't know how many times I have said it before.

It's going to be alright,
trust me; you aren't going anywhere.

God will take the pain, alright,
believe me; God will be with you everywhere.

I love you too much to see you leave;
I don't know what to do if you leave.

But I know if I love you so,
I have to let you go.

So I wish you the best,
for God will take care of the rest.
God organized already all.
I know time will pass by and everything will have own place. The truth love will stand against the storm and rain.
I don't need to worry.
I believe in God.
Writeist XVII Sep 25
Sun does not set in the east
Yet it always a dead end when we are near.

The pouring rain in dawn— we ease,
With my arms wrapped to your body securely.

Waves are against in every step with take,
but I have nothing to lose when I'm with you; we'll not retreat.
Sayo lang ako lalakas.
Left Foot Poet Mar 2018
at 11pm in nyc
one sees what
you need to c
what you don’t want to b
what’s c-ing you
all the aleph bets
are ghosting words in your
brown i’s and clear fingernails

then when and why
you are under the
dining room table
cause you don’t want to be
a real person
it’s so oh much easier to be
in the under, the table dark thunder,
so when until you need to be a visibility,
until then a ghost is a fine impossibility

do we believe in ghosts?
girl, you crack me up
W ooooohoooo W you who?

the witching wishing h our
Carmen Jane Sep 23
No one can hear, your symphony escaped through the gaps of your teeth
No one taught you, how to pray or in what you should believe
Your weary bones, don't know which road to choose and take,
As you stumbled on this crossroad and want to avoid mistakes

I should say, spin around as fast as you can,
Let yourself fall and reach out your hands
See which road you touched and before you step,
Squinch your eyes and try to see as much ahead

If you see some sunny patches, that is good, my friend,
And if you see some cloudy corners, that is not the end
You'll be sure to find your way, trust me when I say
I see how strong you are and how you can lighten up a day!
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