yet, still, I wonder
what it takes for us to travel
from a place of false contentment
to a place of true bliss.
one day soon,
hopefully, I'll find out.
in this cave, there should be a light.
the dreams got sold to eternally rest.
arise and view the same old life.
the dark to dark.
the night to night.
the mourning to mourning
light is far too bright
for me to be in this cave . . .and out of sight . . .

despite the fright,
I still believe
that everything
is going to be alright . . .
Poetry 2d
Love can breathe life
Bring life
Be life

If you can love yourself enough
To believe love
I  couldn't  protest
As  you  stole  my  heart
With  your  magical  parachute
You pretended to be a better pilot.

I  am  screaming  and  I'll  shout
My  innocent  heart
Unknowingly, i  gave  you  all  credit
Helpless  I  couldn't  fight
I  am  completely  lost.

Look  now  what  you  left
Nothing  but  a  bad  taste
A  taste  of  pepper  and  salt
Whether  I  believe  it  or  not
This  is  all  my  fault
It  maybe  my  fate!
Indigo 3d
For I was tought of men to be
Uncaring,not the same as we
They do not listen when we speak
They'll love to boss you all around
And have u worship at their feat
They'll tell you how to dress and talk, and maybe also how to breath
Details are none of their concerns
The kind of makeup that you wear
The color that you dye your hair
The necklace that you bought today
How you just hate that bitch called may !

You made me doubt that i was wrong..
But then again so wrong was i
Its you who are too heavenly
To know how earthly men would be!
I wrote this 3 years ago when i first met the love of my life
The world turned to dust,
I  just knew you were gone.
That heart made of glass
shattered into pieces,
Unhappiness broke in
I watched who I was
Gone, free, & forgotten...
In one blink, I neglected who I was.
I asked myself,
"Who was I before you walked in?"
I was wondering and thinking,
I was wandering the world for answers,
Asking people who used to know me
"Who was I? Who was I? Who was I?"
And I suddenly knew,
I was nothing and you made me feel
That I was everything.
Walking in the dimensions of time,
I watch your little chortle,
And just gave me a smile.
It was true and I knew
how you revealed the divergence...
What's satisfaction?
What is blue?
The way it was before,
It was cruel to leave
A loving heart,
Isn't it?
She gave everything
She wished you knew.
She would wish to see you smile,
And tell you she's fine
Whenever she feels the cold.

What a beautiful smile
That would conceal
All her scars beneath her sleeves
Oh, her eyes full of tears,
Swollen, living the depths of death.

I realized...
It was not your fault,
It was mine.
I believed once,
But never would again.

She wore her hood on,
Left red marks on her wrist,
How beautiful it is
To see the ocean floor beneath,
Picturing the deepening pain
That would pierce through her skin.
Asonna 7d
Feelings of new, not witnessed before
it churns, makes the heart ache.
Feelings experienced within a new light,
yet fear is all that can be swallowed.
Months have passed and fall is gone,
and yet the feelings are somewhat whole.

Leap of faith, right off the cliff,
Potentially catastrophic.
Doubt constantly anew in mind
Yet it can't think of a reason why?
why not to do this?  They're here, no?
But for how long..

Communications are sparse with distance,
Is this really what they want?
It's doubtful.. Nobody really wants this..
Doomed to isolation of a stilled heartbeat,
they don't want it.. they don't want it.
do they? I don't know.. Fearful.

Hope is wanted, faith be achieved.
Happily ever after, that's the goal
Please forgive the hallowed belief,
it's all that's ever been known.
Give your hand, interlace it with mine
and please just never let go.
She walks in the streets
with her heart bruised and broken.
Her heart is bound with repulsive beats
and no words from her mouth can be spoken.

Her life is an utter mess
of repetitive problems she can't fix.
Too much heartache and bounding stress
overlaps on her body as the clock ticks.

No tears can come in her eyes
for she feels she can't be weak
but at the altar those tears come to a great size
and through those tears God hears her speak.

After that long cry,
her heart feels energized and relieved.
She gazes to God up high
and soon she knew and believed.
Kim Essary Aug 7
Darkness of an unknown lonely entered me the night of their death. Angels of heaven flying over as they took their last breath.
My best friends young life had been taken away, my little girl lost her best friend as well on that same day..
A young beautiful mother, and her precious baby girl gained their angel wings together, my little girl bares witness as she wakes the next morning ready to play I woke just in time as she opened the door.  I walked to the porch to tell her the news as my heart left my chest as she stood there at the age of 2 waving and laughing up at the sky, I was trying to find a way to tell her our best friends didn't live across the street anymore.
It's as if my voice had left me as I heard my baby say,
Momma can we go get them out of the clouds so me and my Peking can play.
I pulled myself together as I knelt down in front of her I asked her softly to tell me what she could see, her laughter had left her as tears filled her innocent blue eyes,  mommy they went to play in the clouds and didn't take you and me.
I cried as I held my little girl as tight as I could , with the day after we layed them to rest, I chose not to take my daughter as any mother would.
On the way home from her grannies that day still looking in the sky for her best friend ,I heard her talking about how pretty Peking looked in her new dress and she wanted one too.
I had to pull the car over ,  and asked her what color was Peking new dress , she giggled and said, mommy you know she said you gave her my hair bow cause it was red and blue too.
From that day forward Peking often came down to play, as I watched my little girl on the swing set as I pushed her gently the swing beside her started to move , mommy Peking said will you please push her too.
This is based on a true story . We lost our best friends that day but my little girls best friend came quite often to play
Mary Frances Aug 7
I know my heart.
It's been bruised and scarred and shattered.
It's already too tired but it never ceased to believe, hope and love.
And that's the pride I can give to myself.
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