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PM 4h
We all know of wind, earth, water and fire,
but there is an other.


It courses in our veins through the air we breathe,
singing its tune of magic, filling us with peace.

It rages a fire in our heart,
conjuring a deepening longing, everlasting courage -  and a will to never part.

At times it falls from the sky through rain,
creating a magic shield to enclose us in.
While at times it scatters from the eyes,
binding a promise to meet again after the goodbyes.

When we are all but dust in the earth,
we are reunited by the hope of meeting again.
Hope, in love, should never be in dearth.

It is a fortunate few that find their way in,
and it is only a fortunate few that can keep it within.
The title needs a bit more work :) Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Weakness of the heart
Weakness of the mind,body,and soul
You’ve experienced all these things
Growing from this isn’t always so easy
But you’re learning to be stronger in your fight for sanity
“If there even really is such a thing”
Because it’s the things you let get you down, that’ll break you
Let them make you
The things that set you apart
They more so bring you together
I know you’ve had too many bad days to count
But starting now
I’m cursing them all out
To allow yourself to be destroyed by your own mind is the weakest fall and the worst lie
You are strong, and you are beautiful
You have such blessed days that mean far  more than the days you may fall  
Not every day will be a win
But you’ll  never lose again
©Jessica Stull
A letter to remember
How funny my life as suddenly turned full circle, I'm trying now to start my live all over, to handle all the pain and sorrow which had darkened my live for nearly now a year, for that's how long since Helen passed away
I shall never forget that tearful day forever In my mind It shall remain, but If I'm to keep Helen's memory alive than must be strong I'll have to be for if I don't the pain will surely break me and leave just sad and lonely old man
With all the help from family and friends of keeping tabs on me, but In order to survive I've had to travel this long and lonely road, somewhere along my journey someone heard me pray for I met a new friend along the
And has given me believe to want live again, so I'm no longer that of just of the lost and the lonely, but to a person who wants to try and live again and to keep all the memories and my dreams of Helen very much alive, forever In my heart she always be now and no one will ever take from me not In this world or the
A lost and lonely road I've walked since my darling Helen sadly passed way
942 days 14 hours and 5 minutes
Since I lost you
Each day I remember you
And tell myself you will come back
And I'll spend time with you
And I will tell you how I love you
How I miss having you around
I wanted to write something for you
As soon as you left us
But I couldn’t bring myself to accept that
To accept that you were gone
To accept that you wont come back
Before I lost you
Death was a myth
And funerals were celebration of life in disguise
I didn’t know loss until you left
I didn’t know hurt until you were no more
I never understood regret and guilt
Until you couldn’t hear my apology
And so I cried
For all the times I refused to pick your calls
Because I was mad at you
For all the times I didn’t share my poems with you
For the times I hated you for abandoning me
And I cried for you leaving without a goodbye
I cried because death took you
And I never said how much I loved you
And even when everyone was saying goodbyes
And even singing praises about you
I knew if you were around you laughed
Because you never understood human hypocrisy
Because you knew those praises weren't real
Because you knew you were kind but never meek
So they gave you false praises and cried because they had to
And I realized even in death they misunderstood you
Cause even in death all you would want is them to be real with you
And all around me were people filled with guilt
Not sadness just guilt
Though the world might have forgotten about you
I didn’t for a second allow myself the thought
I wanted to remember you
As a reminder
Of what happens when we hold grudges
Of what happens when we don’t forgive
Of how we lose because of pride
Of how painful it is to lose and feel guilty
And so when I looked at your casket
There you were eyes closed
With that single dreadlock on your forehead
I begged you to wake up and forgive me
To smile at me, heck even hit me
But you were gone and it was too late
And I saw something I couldn’t forget
You in a wooden box lying in it
With that face of yours
That made me angry some days
And made me happy most days
And when they lowered you to the ground
When they made you one with soil
A piece of me followed you to the after life
A piece I will never recover
Others lost a friend, a son and boyfriend
I just lost a brother I had abandoned
A part of me I could never get back
And each day I pray for your forgiveness
And pray for peace of heart
Joyce Tshibasu
R.i.p brother finally i found courage to write how i feel
Life is not fair.

Love is not everywhere.

Laughs make our lives better.

Good memories you should always treasure.

Time will not wait for you.

Believe in yourself and you will get through.
Though my darkness there's now a light that
shines for me so very bright, that of a friend
who found me through
a poem of my late wife
I did
She read and wanted to help me, so much happiness she has bought
to my sad life, her messages she sends have changed my life, given me hope believe
A believe that I can move through this pain and come out a stronger person to live my remaining days try and live my life to the
So I thank my Internet friend Terry who found me
through a poem of my wife
I did write, for she has lite a torch to light my way through what was once a very dark and lonely
The Importance of friends who can help and do so much people who benefit from friends to help them through their troubled times
She tried to be perfect.
She tried to be what everyone wanted.
She tried to follow rules,
but she was terribly shunted.

She tried to be smarter.
She tried to be what everyone thought.
She tried it,
but she was not.

She is who is,
not who she tried to be.
She acts how she is,
that's not what everyone wants to see.
Hope One Day Dec 3
I have a strong feeling, all the unexpected situations I encounter, all the troubles  that surrounds me uninvitedly are not just there because I am born unfortunate, instead its a malicious act of a man kind who assume they can harm me in their own time.

Let me tell you who ever you are, I am not going to let you take over    my life and peace of my mind regardless how hard you try.  I am born only once, hence would not allow you take over my life rather would prefer to live to its fullest

I wasn't born to be unlucky or to have an unfortunate life. Don't you ever realise, your every wrong actions back fires and open doors of countless opportunity for me and that is because someone watch out for me and surely that is not an act of a mankind. I know there is this one "Ray of Hope" that always surrounds me, protecting me from all the adversities surrounding me by emitting the Light all around me.

Just to warn you, Either you give up voluntarily or
just wait for the light to engulf you whole in a split of a second before you would even realise...
I refuse to believe, I was born unfortunate
Devin Ortiz Dec 2
I walk alleys and avenues of broken roads.
Black tops eroded from years of punishing
Rainfall, passerbys and time.

After a hard rain, shallow mirrors open up,
Revealing an unyielding world on its head.

It seems, as I walk amidst the distinguished,
Cracks, chips and pebbles that this moment,
Both real and a memory is everlasting.

Overcast, both dismal and hopeful, I read
Between the skylines of the upsidedown.

I breath in this parallel, I write it all down,
A collection of neverhaves.

A creation that is mine for the making, or
For the taking, should I wish.
writer omsy Nov 28
Leverage for an escape
The fearest of them all
Last time he wore a cape
The dearest of them all

Perished, in dirt and blood
Vanished, from hearts and hoods

You witnessed nothing but the lies
Impossible to believe,
Still awakening the witnesses
They don't seem to believe.
Having said that the impossible matters are hard to believe, here, I remind you that's what it makes a man a hero. Several years after when the hero is no more, people tend to forget their effort. Just the slight memory of his existence makes most of them wonder what he was as a person and judge him from that perspective.

Heroes are always heroes. No matter the time or place.
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