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A wonderland similar to Alice
Like priceless jewels in a crystal palace
Sometimes loads sometimes none
Where's my friend Lucy gone
I wish that oneday she would come back
To help my friend he loved that track
Hopefully one day she may return
I'm sure if he believes
waiting he yearns
For a friend of mine with a hidden message
Yea! Ok uh-huh
I know the roads hard
You lost and trying to find yourself
Wanna grab the shard
Seems like the lights so far away
Every day it's a struggle
Can't find a reason to breathe
Eyes gone and you can't see
Wanna take the pills, wanna OD
Gonna set yourself free
Let it all go
Cause your broke inside (cause you're broke inside)
Looking for a reason to stay
But everything looks gray
The stress is getting to me
and I will admit, I am not ready
Not ready to face the demons of society
That's too much anxiety
Thoughts overwhelming and I just wanna sleep
But I sit here, letting the tears flow as I weep
Shits scary and I don't wanna take a peep
but to find your light in the dark you gotta dig deep
Deeper than the ocean, deeper than the sea
Deeper than anything you wanna be
But life can be a scary thing
Lock the doors
I'm staying inside of my room
Feeling full of gloom
and my faith is doom
My happiness is consumed
I feel the hand of despair
Man this life just isn't fair
Struggling to breathe I need more air
But I don't wanna pay the fare
To go somewhere,
where I don't need to be aware
Reach this peace I find it there
You know that magic has a cost
But for me, it's lost
So help me find the reason
'Cause right now my mind screams treason

Tonight we win
Tonight we sing
Cause you and me
We'll defeat the enemy
Hold my hand you'll see
We'll make it be alright

Tonight we win
Tonight we sing
that whoever
wants you
will find you
Anya 5d
I'm fine
I'm pretty sure
I'm fine

I'm normal
for the most part
I'm not super different
I don't necessarily stand out
I'm that nice girl
who's kind of a nerd
A sort of vague
baby bluish
in your memory

Except for those
who I am close to
who see me as more,
splatter painted orange
which happens to be my least favorite
and tiny splotches
of greens
and yellows
then if you look way down
deep deep deep
like the deep blue sea

I'm fine
I'm pretty sure
I'm fine

I began writing poetry
due to loneliness
My obsessive
had put
tantalizing thoughts
in my head of what school
best friends
but wasn't

I would notice
every little thing
a drop of a pin
would mean
a world of difference
in my head

I'm fine
I'm pretty sure
I'm fine

I'm smart
But lazy
I don't spend
enough time on
what I should
I'm too privileged
I complain
(As I seem to be doing now)
I don't understand
what it's truly like
to not

I do as I please
It's not
that I'm not a hard worker
But it's like now,
when I know I have
two essays
and two
speeches to write
(And science homework)
here I am
writing poetry instead

I'm fine
I'm pretty sure
I'm fine

I've repeated that,
how many times now?

I wonder what got me started
on this furious
ferocious tangent
I think it was...
another poem I read

About how poets
have something wrong
with them or other

I began thinking,
what about me?

Who's to say?
Probably me
Because I'm me
And I get to decide
who I want to be
Is what an optimist would say
Not cheesy
to believe
to believe
You know what?
Screw it,
Um...all I know was that it was me talking myself into going from uncertain to determined but I'm really not sure where I went with that. Hope it's relateable or gets you thinking!
i don't know about my past lives,
but am really glad of this one,
i hold no grudge against you,
i wish you best of everything.

i don't know about you,
don't know what you believe in,
don't know what you think of you,
don't know what comes to your mind,
every time you hear my name.

i don't know the struggle,
you keep up with,
don't know the shrapnel's,
you have to dodge every moment,
aftermath of a broken heart,
the feigned smile to keep it moving,
hell brewing on the after thought's,
deep buried haunting memories,
you don't know when they be going off,
daydreaming your worst nightmares,
sleep doesn't comfort anymore.
Live a life, Live a lie, Leave
sky 5d
When I leave, I hope you think about
all the things I told you
that you didn't
and when you call and say you miss me
I hope you see me from the past
crying on my bedroom floor
because I felt that
the one person who always loved me
didn't anymore.
Faith in God
Faith in yourself
Faith in your dreams
Faith in your plans
Faith in your moves
Faith to succeed!
Emilee Ayers Oct 7
You believed in me before you knew my name
but you asked it anyway.
Thanks, Lloyd
this life is not what it seems
we are nothing but flesh and blood
poets and writers and storytellers
liars and cheats and frauds
pick and choose your destiny
redefine your purpose
you are more than you know
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