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Just look at your life,
it is a beautiful thing.
You wake up every morning
as the blue birds sing
and the day is beginning.

You may run into problems,
but those help you grow.
Watch your mind expand rapidly
as you embrace life's flow
and you let things go.

Every mistake is a chance
to show who we are.
We may explode like comets
or shimmer like a star
and we'll see how far.

You are amazing and incredible
no matter how many mistakes.
You were not a misfortune,
you are a rippling lake
to new destinations you'll take.

Embrace all the new opportunities
you'll have in this life.
You may make many mistakes,
but you'll be all right,
just keep being a light.
March 2019
Be hopeful,
all things will come to an end.
Somethings may have a new beginning.
Some may be dead.

In this life,
everything is for our good.
We may not think that,
but we really should.

So keep hoping
and keep believing.
You never know
what you might be receiving.
March 2019
Mark Wanless Mar 10
i do two percent
of what i believe is true
i am not all bad
My Dear Poet Dec 2021
I am looking out a window
down a road that leads to sea
past fields along the horizon
there’s a bird upon a tree
where eye can’t see behind leaves
where a branch holds the strong
I can’t hear, but I believe
there’s a wing and there’s a song

I’m looking out over meadows
across hills, beyond the blue
where the willow casts her shadow
where my lady is out of view
bathing by a bay on an ocean
tending to her tail and fin
She’s humming, pouring lotion
and in my heart I hear her sing
Zack Ripley Dec 2021
I'm not going to ask you
to try to believe in something,
because I don't know what I believe myself.
I won't ask you to stop doing something because I don't know
what you're going through.
But what I will ask is for you to consider
that there are no right or wrong answers
to questions you have.
Because every life is different.
We may share similar experiences,
but we learn different lessons
from those experiences.
So, next time your views are challenged, instead of frustration, consider empathy
Nylee Nov 2021
Everything is a lie,
What I see as reality
is just my side of story
A pretty point of view
Live it, believe it,
illusion is beautiful
If the gold can still shine , even after forged and burnt,
why can't I?
If the sun can still shine, even under immense pressure,
why can't I?
If the star can still shine, even after untold centuries,
why can't I?
If you can still shine , even after leaving me broken,
why can't I?
Let them hurt you little more, let them leave you broken inside, let them avoid you without even knowing the real you..
You'll still shine until and unless you gave upon you.
Believe in yourself.
Descovia Sep 2021
My ears ring with frequencies when you speak my name.

I know you are a gamer as well, and you been great at this game.

Studying my work. Wondering if it's about you. Eye for an eye and even the blind can see, You wouldn't even give up a tooth.
Covering up your flaws, concealing worries hiding behind old ways and phases of "youth".

Trying to decipher the lie, between fiction and reality. Trying to undercover "The Truth". Every chance and promise offered went invain. I watched it all go down the drain!

No options left, but he's always the one to blame. I am not chasing clout or fame.  

So how is this your problem? I got a lot on my brain. I can't afford therapy, I'm trying to hide the pain. Restless nights left me, crying in the rain. Did things out of good and bad. I was doing what I have to! In order to maintain! If I could go back to past, I would do a lot things differently but still remain the same!

I am just holdin
All on my own
Trying to protect my prince and his throne.
Forgive me Gods, if my rights led me wrong!

We all been forgotten, used, abused and foresaken!
We live amongst killers, instigators, manipulators and rapists!
I been all for my peace.
Never been down for the hatred. It doesn't matter how you take it!
Some of yall stick around, hoping a brother of another color, never make it!

In 2020 never have I ever, had to Fake FLEX ****. All of you in your feelings, throwing mixed signals, while getting encrypted in your own codes, ha! Playin' like we're not living in a Matrix!
Grow tired of living, in a world of "Lies".
Hoping you would give me some peace of mind.
**** a piece of *****, or piece of ***!

You never saw the signs, or knew what they define. I been lost in a bind. Torn away from all that was mine. Suicide sounds fine. They always say,
"Yo Descovia, you gotta chill with your FEELINGS at times!

But unlike YOU. MY feelings be pushing me to GRIND!"

**** everything you gotta say.

You stress me to
Say what you mean
While you over here hating
I am still living my dreams
It doesn't even matter
what you think, I am gonna
continue to do me
That's the way it's gonna be!
You should've believed!
You should've believed!
You should've believed!
Nothing else more to say!

A lot of **** been on my mind. Thanks for understanding and being part of my journey!
Zack Ripley Aug 2021
"Why do you believe in me?"
"Because sometimes, I don't believe in myself. That I'm really helping.
But we all need something to believe in.
And I know that you believe in me.
So I believe in you."
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