Did I come off to strong,
Did I do it all wrong,
Was it desperation,
or maybe an exasperation,
I fucked it all up,
I need to face it,
Memorize and trace it,
I can't fake it,
I think I lost her,
But did I ever have her,
This is just one big disaster,
That I have yet to master,
Please leave my mind faster,
I need a pastor,
Whats the factor,
This moment I capture,
So I can look back at it in the future,
And see that i'm such a loser,
I want to be close,
But fall short,
I can't possibly retort,
So I hide in my forbidden fort,
Letting Go,
I let go.

When you feel like you tried to hard and made it awkward...

the necklace he wore turned to a noose,
his neck stretched until he looked like a goose.
i tried to hold him up, but he fell apart and when he fell, so did his heart.
it shattered to shards once it hit the floor, blood burst forth staining the windows, walls, and the door.
in crimson, four words were written: “i tried my best.”

You were a newly engraved name
on my stone cold guarded heart;
I used to think the walls
I built were high enough,
but the moment I caught your eye
was the moment you caught my heart.

You entered my life, like a calm ocean,
and just like that I bared myself to you,
yes, you met me at my best,
and I guess that’s where our limit ends
for my worst you could not comprehend.

I admired you this much you see;
I cautiously offered my heart,
but it didn’t took long before it broke;
just like that, you left without any hesitation.

Not one feeling of regret, no second thoughts
not even an ounce left of consideration;
I remember standing still as I watched you walk away,
the pain grew in intensity and for the last time,
I heard my heart drop.

How can you call me baby
when your openly shunned me
Without a little chance to say
I'm sorry and take the blame.

How can you call me at night
When you refused me in the day
For you I cried in broad daylight
On my knees I begged you to stay .

How possible is it now to be needed
When I never was because I was broke
It breaks my heart the way I was treated
For many days I became the party's joke .

How in the world can you say I matter
When I did all to seek your attention
I hear you say to me nos vemos más tarde
In tears I title this my Spanish rejection .


How could you?..tears....
Trevor Dowe Jan 10

You tried, she said to me
As if that counted
And as if she really cared
Just pick yourself up
And start again
We may not click right
But there are plenty of fish in the sea

Simpathi Jan 8

I’m not giving up,
I’m not giving in.
I put on a stunt,
Just to have Him win.

I may be down,
I may be injured.
Want another round,
Vengeance returned.

Won’t look away,
Won’t look behind.
Never will change,
To be captive by time.

Yes I’m imperfect,
Yes I have flaws.
But it’s never worth it,
To count all our wrongs.

I won’t run,
Refuse to cower.
Anticipating rejection,
Waiting for hours.

Yes there is risk,
Yes there is chance.
But grasp its brim,
Hold its hand.

And you will find,
It all will pay off.
You’ll meet your kind,
You’ll hear your song.

You’ll match your heart,
With another’s own diamond.
Never to break apart,
Only to shine on.

Sometimes you can't even trust yourself...
solfang Jan 7

I hate it when -
the sun rejected
love from the cloud;
and made it
cry every day
during the monsoon,

And yet
the sun still tries
to shine brightly
over the clouds
as if the storm
never happened.

My love was not justified, and will never happen.
Found this old poem lying somewhere in my documents.
Jenn Jan 5

The Colors
The Shades
I feel like a Color
You’re just a Shade
We can’t
Why are you back
Is this love?

gray... i want you to love me
sarah Jan 3

i want to snap the gold and silver rings that desperate me from you
like a bathroom stall that will never be vacant again
you're gone

reinforced number, primary outsider
i wished for the unachievable and it turned out to be true
stereotypy and sitting pretty
please fall in love with the fantasy of me
i could've done whatever, been whatever
the lines in my hand are fading slow
cut them open and see what's inside

oh, how the wasted years pull on me like an outgrown shirt
i can't see any other way to pass them without you running through me, an electric pull to the long walks to class, tilted heads through doors
look at me and hear me

paper cuts, physical education and rejection
was it all to be left behind?
oh, to have known how it would all crease out like crumpled paper and smudged words by shaking hands
phone calls on grey white buttons in a grey white building, the hope of connection that could never be there

opportunities for you to admit and confess it all
wait like me
and never say goodbye

i wanted to work more on this but what can i say, it’s hard to write about people who no longer have a place in your head
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