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Yemaya May 14
I briefly reminisce
of that moment of bliss
when she touched my lips
and we were tied at the hip

then torn apart
my poor heart
was vandalized
like despised art
Yemaya May 9
cigarette smoke couch
in an alley
street light flickering
pouring your heart out
but I can't love someone
who makes the world seem small
like you do
I'm angry with you
I am sure you don't care
If these words were spoken I'd be wasting my air
My feelings not even an afterthought in your brain
You are too selfish to consider my pain
Casey Rodger Feb 11
What was it that made me think?
Who turned me in that direction?
Stand around and watch me sink,
Different versions of affection.

Did they ever see me blink?
Living a life of pure deception,
Hope not to drown, and so I drink,
As long as I look like perfection.

Something about me fits your kink,
No self-control, just a slave to your *******,
How did this begin? Was it the wink?
You're nothing but a **** infection.

Don't mind my mind, it's on the brink,
Deny my every last objection,
The shame I have hides in pink,
Your shame is triggered by rejection.

Live your life within your lies,
Go on and raise a f*g kid,
But when you look into my eyes,
We both know what you did.

To be mad at you is a waste of energy,
Forgiveness is just about the same,
Not mad at you, or anything,
And now I can't even remember ya name!
With love and light my remedy,
I hope you lose at your own game,
Because though you are no enemy,
You'll never understand the pain.

You'll never know the after math,
The years and tears that come,
You'll never know my wrath,
Because for you, it's all said and done.

I hope your parents question you,
I hope they look at you with disgust,
Whatever story that you spew..
But hey, one day we'll all be dust.
Ahmad Attr Feb 10
The waves of life came crashing in
Didn’t know I was going to survive another day
So I just wanted you to heed
Everything that I had been holding in for two years
Honestly I was being selfish
I wanted to burden you with my pain
I wanted you to hurt
Just a fraction of what I’d gone through
I wanted you to know how heartless you were
So I stumbled upon my words
And got you in your room, alone, finally
I bounced from one place to another
Mustering up the courage
Seeing your amused face, silent
So I started from nowhere
And ended nowhere
You took it like a man
Because you couldn’t care about it
Didn’t care then, you don’t care now

You are always so above me
Even my breaths can’t touch you
You are always so ahead of me
I can only remember chasing you
So I confessed nothing
Back to square zero I guess
Falling Up Dec 2021
I look up at the stars
Because they are the only ones that will listen
I can hear them talking from afar
But the rest of you just see them glisten
They know so much
But you just go on and mind your business.
Maybe if you hush
If you let me spill my secrets
If I give you my heart
And you have the grace to keep it
Then you could be my star
But I know you'll never be it
Ashwin Kumar Nov 2021
For days and days
Weeks and weeks
Months and months
You work the hardest you can
You burn the midnight oil
You sacrifice a lot of things
That you hold dear
Whether it be cricket
Whether it be mobile games
Whether it be online shows
Whether it be exercise, even!
After all your sincere efforts
You are surely bound to think
That success would follow you
However, you are in for a rude shock
Far from being rewarded with success
You are instead punished
With failure after failure
As your efforts go down the drain
One after the other
Until all you are left with
Is a massive pile of zeroes
A reflection of your  rejection
By the candidates
By the clients
And, last but not the least
By your laptop itself!
Recruitment is such a devil
letters to basil Oct 2021
dear basil,

regret is useless
learn the lesson and move on

blow out the candle next time
don't go to auditions alone ever again
call your friends more
live outside of your head sometimes

don't wait for her to find someone else
because you're scared of rejection

make a wish before you blow out your birthday candles
write down that thought stuck in your head
don't wait until 10 pm to start that movie on a school night

but it's okay if you want to turn back time a little
just as long as you learn why

just a thing about regret and lessons and time, ig. i've missed you. and myself. and i hope you've been loving yourself and drinking water <3

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