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Ash 5d
here, everything seems temporary
time spinning slowly out of reach
less a wakeless dream
than a restless waste
and I hear the chorus of daydreams past

“it’s not you,” they sing
in a harmonious thrum,
the call of a coming stampede
thoughts that whisper, then scream
dissonant shrieks that beckon, reckon if
it is me after all
Ash Sep 11
how do I have memories
of something I never had?
my daydreams are fanged,
years of pained flashbacks
that were never lived
ky Jul 22
Never go through
with being someone's
second choice
because for you to be second,
there had to have been a first.

And that first will always be out there,
ky Jul 22
We had something special,
connected on a deeper level.

But I guess you were willing to settle
for something less than that.
SomeOneElse Jul 21
My greatest love just wasn't mine
her heart was somewhere else
I wanted her so ******* bad
but she chose someone else
she was my strength, my confidence
she had my complete trust
she was my love, my everything
my most passionate lust
I gave her my heart and soul
I gave all I could give
now broken and beyond repair
I've lost my will to live
I wanted her so ******* bad
she wanted something else
my greatest love just wasn't mine
as she chose someone else
people always ask why Ive used the name SomeOneElse for so long. this poem explain why. oh and she ghosted me after seeing this on social media
SomeOneElse Jul 6
I've thought about it.
we all have in different ways
some of us wonder why
some of us wonder if we should
some of us attempt and some of us do
am I really the selfish one?
I just want this ******* pain and loneliness to end?
maybe you're selfish because you want me to go on so YOU don't have to feel the pain
how often do you call your friends and loved ones? do they call you?
you can have friends and feel alone if you're the one who's always reaching out. maybe they'd call if they really knew. maybe they'd ignore you cause your sadness makes them uncomfortable.
it sure can look tempting when you feel all alone,
like you don't belong and never will
maybe if we reached out more, tried to understand instead of shaming, ignoring or invalidating pain and struggles
maybe we could prevent
written after a friend of a friend committed suicide and my friend was asking why. I don't know his reason but I DO why why do many do and I don't want people to ask why after the fact. I want them to understand before it gets there
SomeOneElse Jun 21
Will he buy you chocolates?
Will he buy you flowers?
Will he put your pleasure first
and worship you for hours?
Will he listen patiently?
And will he understand?
Will he still be there for you
when things get out of hand?
Will he be your everything?
Will he be your best friend?
When you're not feeling yourself
will he comprehend?
Will you be his Goddess?
Will you be his Queenie?
Will he write you love letters
and spicy poetry?
Will he let you vent to him?
Will he be there for you?
Will he always treat you right,
will he always love you?
Will he buy you chocolates?
Will he bring you bouquets?
Will he take good care of you
every single day?
written after a girl a was interested in chose someone else
JD Jun 5
I woke up positive and happy
I go about my day, smiling :)
Then I see you in the crowd
And all the rejection comes flooding back :(
Some people always put a smile on your face and others always remind you of the pain and rejection they caused.
JD Apr 22
Being with you makes me feel stupidly in love.
                                  Being with you put a stupid smile on my face.

When you don't show,
                   I feel so stupid,
                                                                        for being so crazy about you!
Too much happiness is not always a good sign.
I imagined a place in your heart and mind
But both of those places
Have become occupied
by a better tenant of your choice
I was waiting to see if you were
the right home for me
But I didn't put in my offer
fast enough.

Now my dream home is being
lived in, felt, breathed in, and cared for
by a tenant who is much better than me

I was ready
I had packed all my boxes,
The most meaningful memories
ready to be unleashed in this home

But now I'm left astray
with these boxes
in my U-Haul
That I don't know where to drive

I have to find another place,
But I can't move on right now
I can't find one as good as yours

Maybe your house wasn't as
great as I thought
and it was a sign from God

But now I'm stranded
Figuring out where to take this truck full of
boxes and heavy feelings

I secretly hope that your tenant will grow to dislike
what you're leasing out
I hope she'll one day decide to move out
and hope that you will offer it to me.
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