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I know I'm a fool for
running away from love,
especially when love is the only
thing I've been dreaming of.

But I'm afraid of rejection, so I
isolate myself from other's affection.

Time after time I find myself
walking this road alone,
with just the thought of you
to keep me warm.
But in another time or place, things could have been different.
I think I loved you but I cannot give an accurate response since I am inexperienced in such things
Oh what a shame, things could have been different,but honey life isn't as simple as , one,two, and three
"All I do is lose but baby all I want is to win," is no better understanding of the feelings lingering now
Life doesn't play itself out to be that way, and honey I hold no resentment, I hold no anger, and I find no blame in you, and neither in myself
I will allow myself the time to regain composure and continue forth
I never expected forever from you, I simply longed for the now.
But that isn't what you want, and honey that's okay
In another time or place, things could have been different, but for now they'll remain the same
And honey, that's okay
What happened to your eyes?
Blankness was residing in them
A force field built around your perimeter
Their protection of you my condemn

I kept hoping for approval
Some sign of validation
Yet you had nothing for me
Only a serving of rejection

Gluing your eyes to an animated screen
Shutting out the action around you
I being caught in the mix
My insecurities coming to a brew

So now I'm the invisible woman
Transported to a state of sullen
My feel goods suddenly taken
Hopes for your love disheartened
Creator Sun Oct 6
You probably won't see this,
But what I want to say is that I.
I hate you.

You're stupid.
There isn't enough words to describe your awfulnesses.

So why does it hurt?
Why does it hurt when I push you away?
Why does it hurt when you chase someone else?
Why does it hurt so much?

As much as I want to say 'I hate you!',
I realise that I.
I love you.

It's stupid, isn't it?
If I told you this, you'll laugh at me.
Reject me. Pity me.
I just know you will.

And that's why I never told you.
That's why I kept pushing you away.
That's why I'm drifting away, drifting away
From my light. You.

But absence makes the heart fonder,
Doesn't it?
It hurts so much, it feels like I've
Left my heart behind. With you.
I'm salty that my poem got lost due to a connection error. Anyways, do you think this letter fits a Tsundere or Utsudere better? I'm experimenting with letter formats in an attempt to raise my motivation for my scenario writing which is where I've been focusing most of my attention onto. I have a lit exam tomorrow too, so extra practice in analysing my own poem for me!
I noticed that you look at yourself really disgusted like you not good enough to be loved and that you in need of serious adjustments

Clearly the smoke of rejection clouded up your judgement instead of sparking a fire igniting flashbacks to intial assumptions.

Birth from intuition of how your gut felt, especially when the signs been lining up,  pointing out the fiery trial in the night  

Thinking it was a star to be wished upon
when reality just showed you a meotor
falling to the earth, soiled even before it has been discovered

Imprinting marks but nothing of worth
to a heavy heart burdened by expectation
While mind unfortunately waited for the same effort instilled to be reciprocated.
There are many incidents where people are being given false hope for love and then they are rejected and left to feel worthless when all along the connection with the person who shown interest in them felt wrong from the get go
Belle Oct 4
I feel her in my lungs, she is my very breath.
Every intake is a caress against my lips.
A life without would be death.
A craving? No, something more.
Buring in my chest, a pulsing ravenous need.

But what am I to her? A leaf perhaps.
Momentary beauty that fluters past her eyes,
To be trampled underfoot without thought.
Laokos Sep 28
what we become in
    rejection to the templates
        we succumb to
a positive negation of what
we once believed to be our
cast aside even the idea
of a revelatory rebirth
silence and space do not
    describe it
emptiness, void - they too fail
the more i write about it,
the less i say about it
Nina Sep 27
I've already fallen for you
I swore I wouldn't
But i just couldn't stop falling
I know
You've warned me from the start
You're not interested in commitment
And i understood that
You're not ready
Not now
But I've already fallen for you
So that's okay
Use me
If it makes you happy
By all means
Make use of me
It makes no difference
I've already fallen for you
And that already hurts
So use me as your one night stand
It's the same
As one sided love
Either way
I will still get hurt
Because I'm already attach to you

So that's okay
I love you either way
What am i supposed to write now
Now that I'm too broken
Too sad to write about you
Even to hold a pen
Didn't think it'd matter that much
Didn't think I'd cry,
thought it was just a crush
And would just cause me to sigh
But i realize your 'no'
Was the worst sound to my ears
Had the ability to break me
And it is too much for me to bear
I know I'm very young
That i may change my mind
But right now it hurts like hell
And i can't get myself to be kind
But i really did expect
That i would get a 'yes'
The scene of you saying no
Was well beyond my guess
But it's your choice,  i understand
Shouldn't force you to say you like me
Cause i know you shouldn't say a thing
With which your mind disagrees
Maybe you don't even deserve me
As everyone has been saying
But i cant stop looking at you
I've got a habit of staring
Thinking how nice it would be
If i was a bit better
But i know I'm not the one to cry
I know I'm a go getter
Now I'd just try and forget you
Try and not hold a grudge
I'll be alright and forget this pain
Which felt like a million cuts
And now i feel like a total fool
Crying for a boy
The only thing i decided
That i would never try
Michael Adams Sep 22
Darkness and light have become entangled in my mind.

Moments captured are quietly lost, nothing more than shadows that flirted with existence.
They were hope, then became a memory.....soon they will be gone.

My heart is to blame.

Under your brightness, it could not see that the shadows were being cast from one side.

It spoke out of turn.
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