It's hard for me to give a damn about anything any more.
The younger  generation will have to be the Revolutionaries,
I'll be excluded from the Revolution of the Youth,
Because I'm 51 years old,
Any Exclusive Revolution
Is not an Authentic Revolution.
It's like a Che Guevara T-Shirt
Purchased at a Trendy Boutique
If I'm excluded from caring about anything
Because I'm not hand sexy enough to seduce
The Youthful  Female Revolutionaries
Any more.
What's the point?
I don't know?
I suppose things are gonna' change
Whether it's our Intention
Or not.

James 2d

No she said
Not without a car
Not without a house
Fill me with riches
Which resembles hope

Tears fell deep
Into the heart
Into the soul
Regrets enfold
Statement's bold

Not gonna marry
Reasons couldn't be told
Only sadness
And endless tolls

No he says
With shambling fear and deepest sorrow...

Hari DR Sep 13

And like that, everything made sense. The words she had been waiting, to kill this dream and wake up into reality; The soothing pain of rejection.

The sadness is back again
Every ounce of me is weak
Loud laughs escapes my mouth
Covering up the sobs

I was trying to listen
The lesson the teacher says
But a flash of your face appears
Now, I'm tearing up again

The smile on your face
They brighten up my day
But I see you with her
My smile turns to a frown

I got a heavy heart
Constantly reminding me
Of the moment
The minute you told me no

The most painful no
No, you can't be mine
No, I can't be yours
No, I can not try

You made me believe
That love could be for me
Someone could be there
But I want that to be you

Pain has become my friend
A constant reminder
Of the existence of what I hate
Rejection of the person I love

I love you
You love me
But not the way I want you to
But the way I don't want you to

Tears flow from my eyes
A river flows in my face
Never ending because of the pain
Pain because of heart break

Alissa Rogers Mar 2013

And yet again, I care too much.
It burdens my shoulders
and suffocates me everyday.
Thoughts of everyone, everything,
efforts to remember,
it has consumed me
as would a storm.
To think that they-even you,
never wanted me,
it was always her.
Compare us
and I will always come up short.
And? I shouldn't even care.
It is dangerously shallow water to swim in;
but I cannot yet let it go:
I wish terribly to be
just one person's first choice.

Kyle Dee Sep 7

No, you don't understand
you don't get it
I like being miserable
I enjoy being ignored
I don't like talking
making friends annoys me
pain is my inspiration
you're not that cool
get over yourself already
you are all annoying
your voice brings me headaches
your eyes disturb me
you're fake to me
and not that interesting
I don't want friends
don't want to party
I prefer being alone
I'm fine at home
I don't need sympathy
I don't need friends
or comfort, or happiness
Does this sound robotic?
that's because it is
this is a machine
this way I'm hidden
my tears don't show
may pain stays inside
keeps me from hurting
keeps my heart safe
I'm use to lonely
It's pain is comforting
way better than rejection.

Kyle Dee.
rippedjeans Sep 6

You are there,
Never here,
Never near.

I am here,
Never there,
Never aware.

The both of us,
We're moving dots;
Always crossing paths,
But never actually meeting in the middle.

Ink Sep 6

Men I don’t love
Send me emails telling me that they care about people like me.
They say,
I am committed to helping people achieve their dreams by providing the right support. I want to thank you for your interest in utilizing this opportunity.

The boy I know
Sends me a message saying he saw potential in us.
He writes,
I wanted to help you become better. And when you spoke to me that first day, I thought that maybe we could become something greater than we are now. Together.

Men that know me
Send me emails saying that they liked learning what’s in my head.  
They say,
I recognize the time and effort you put into this and truly appreciate that you shared your thoughts and ideas with me.

The boy that doesn’t love me
Sends me a message saying he knows what he meant to me.
He writes,
I know how hard you tried to make this work. I think you’re amazing, how you always give your all into everything. How you gave your all to me.

Men I don’t know
Send me copy-paste emails that I have memorized.
They say,
There was an outstanding selection of applicants this year and the competition was intense. I regret to inform you that you were not selected to receive an award.

The boy I love
Sends me a message saying what Men I Don’t Know couldn’t.
He writes,
It’s just that this isn’t what I’m looking for.
You’re not who I am looking for.

Rejection has many faces, and I have seen too many of them.

The bitter pill of rejection,
The deep cut from within,
The onset of self loathing
The scathing attack of the mind.
A middle finger to kindness, all the good retreating to hide.

Memories aren't made to be broken,
Yet lie in shards, each piece
Refracting unframed pictures.

Promises aren't made to be broken,
But words are malleable.

Hearts are too often broken, quartered
And flung to the elements.

Spirit cannot be broken
Under any crushing worry.

And love,
Away or dwelling,
Encompassing love;
Battered, betrayed,
Exalted, praised;
Spent like money,
Treasured, yet free as air.
Most invulnerable,
Most vulnerable;
Frail and omnipotent.

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