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Alfa 1d
A circular poem about the corrupt cafeteria system I used to work in. "Don't improve the system" refers to the corrupt system we had in place. "They'll reject our own mistakes" refers to if we put a new system in place, it'll be rejected by students, so there's nothing to do- either way we were *******, and everything continues to rotate just as the dishroom trays did.
Kush 2d
I look back at all the things that I've done,
For a girl that i never won.

All the trinkets that sparkled
Under the moonlit sky.
Accompanied by a silence
As i waited for a reply.

All the smiles i created,
Just to see you elated
For a moment
That lasts forever in mine eyes.

All the poems writ and read
But never read.
The longing for you to understand the words,
Yet at the same time, not .

And after all the sorrows,
After all the pain,
I'm still where I started.
Standing in-front of a girl,
Trying to make her smile.
Happiness is the elusive "unicorn" for most teens my age.
Maybe I am just being melodramatic, or "angsty".
I have no clue what to do to be an adult.
My mom says I have to be an adult and do what I need to do.
I need more money so I can save for a car.
I need gas money, and I need extra cash.
Marching band season is almost over and all that will be left is an emptiness for me.
I am sad it is almost over, but I am kind of relieved at the same time.
I am no poet.
I have no specific pentameter, or feet speed.
My poems don't even rhyme.
I'm no good at anything.
Happiness is the elusive "unicorn" for teens my age.
I hope you find your unicorn I am still looking for mine.
Untill then, I'm going to listen to music and pretend to be happy.
I... don't know anymore.
cold feet beneath the sheets
i close my eyes & try to breathe...
it's 3am & i'm dreaming of who i used to be
before everything fell apart around me

my life is a mess of regrets
& reasons to stay in bed
i still can't escape the voices inside my head

(louder) they're getting louder now
i try to scream, but there's no sound
no one can save me from my anxiety

so i try to sleep but the voices follow
the nightmares become harder to swallow
& i wake up feeling more hollow

just to have it happen all over again tomorrow...
Hannah Chin Oct 10
I confessed my love to her
In pretty words speaking softly, fondly
And she spake unto me:

You fool, do you not realize?
You bring forth tears to mine eyes
For thou hast not realized
What thou hast said or done.
Thy words are as an empty shell
Deserted by its host, never to be full again.
Thy colours are beautiful, thy words sweet,
Yea, sweet to the taste, but vile in the pit.
Thy heart—Thy heart is a heart of words.
Thou art empty.
Thou hast not found thy meaning.

I protested, indeed, trying desperately
To convince the beautiful creature
Of my love and adoration
But my heart, my heart of words
Knew all too well that she spake truth.
I needn’t press upon thy time any farther,
I told her. And I turned my back.
I turned my back from the light
And simply walked away
Unfeeling, unchanged.
Mr Uncanny Oct 10
I look at you and become selfish and upset
You probably look at me and wonder why?
If you only knew what was deep inside
Then there will be no reason for wondering

I have a soft exterior with a rock solid interior
Though the interior is solid it gets a bit soft
I have feelings and emotions that I want to share with you
But I feel that there is no need

I read those words of wisdom
That say don't miss the chance to say what you feel
In some cases, some feelings are better left unsaid

I'm writing this not to tell you how I feel
I'm writing this to ease my heart
To ease the pain and suffering
That I dealt with for some time

Like I said I look at you
I feel selfish and upset
This time I will tell you

When I'm with you I feel whole inside
I have no worries or fears
All my sadness is gone and all I feel is happiness

I find enjoyment in all the time I spend with you
From the funny jokes to the sad talks
Every moment with you is worth it

You probably wonder then why are you upset
Well this is why
Were just friends

Friendship is important to all of us
But when it comes to you I wish it was more than that
I wanted to be with you

I don't ever want to not have you by my side
I want to take you everywhere with me
To wake up to you
I always wonder what is it like to kiss your lips
To feel your soft body on mines, not sexually but romantically
What is it like to hold your hand to hug you close
To protect you

People see us and say we look great together
I look at us and I know we are great together

When people ask where I am
Nine times out of ten I'm with you

Its funny how we do similar thing couples do
But were not even near being a couple
Its true

Yes, you are my friend
And some relationships can stem from that
Yes, you are my friend
And I rather have you some way then no way
But in my mind you are more than that

You are my center, my balance
You are the ying to my yang
The peanut to my jelly
All those clique things they say when people complete each other

I guess what I really want to say to you
Is that I love you and wish to be with you
But I'm one of the fortunate, unfortunates
I have a best friend, who is you
But that's all well be
Just friends.

I'm not really upset as I write this
I'm not even bitter
I guess I don't want things to change between us
But I know it will

I get upset for the fact that you're not appreciated
That guys hurt you and not know your worth

I remember when you fear being alone
That you are part of the curse
As I told you before
I won't let it happen

If you were to ever read this don't look at me different
Try not to act differently
Just know that you have a friend that deeply cares about you
And that friend will be there forever
To make sure you're always okay
Kaya Oct 9
When I look at I see more than you.

I see your spirit inside,
Your glimmering eyes under the moonlight.

I see everything opposite of me.

I see a mighty gale,
A dark storm.

I see more than you,
More than Aphrodite or Eros.

Sometimes, you think I’m weird.
Sometimes, you don’t want me as your friend.

But just know,
When my light dies out,
You will always be in the tunnel ahead.

You are everything opposite of me.

You are strong,
You are perfection.

I don’t care what they think,
For all I care,
They can go **** a ****.

Just remember,

Whenever your with your friends, remember who was your best.
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