Abby 3d

he told the boy
that he loved him

and the boy smiled
and sadly shook his head
and with an
"i'm sorry"
the boy wiped his
hopes away

but he persisted
and followed the boy
in most everything he did

he burnt rosemary
as an offering
and decorated the candles
with candied ginger
and cloves

it wasn't until
they found him
alone on his couch

that anyone knew
what had happened
or that anything seemed amiss

he loved the boy
too hard

and when the boy
didn't love him back

he was too
to cry

so he became
a bottle of coke
and the more he was shaken
the faster he went

~think before you open

Most people would not accept the idea
That Terrorism is a means of SOCIAL CONTROL,
Terrorist attacks
Are traumatic, chaotic and bloody.
I'm aware of That.
However, what I'm DESCRIBING
Is the ROLE Terrorism plays
In today's world.
Most people who join Terrorist Organizations
Are Misfits.
They might not have been able to find
Suitable employment in their Home Countries
Their education might be
They might be Homosexuals
Who are not accepted in their Communities.
They could  be mentally ill.
Or they might think that they
Just can't afford
To marry and  raise a family.
A Terrorist Organization
Provides one with a Sense of Belonging,
A Mission,
And some financial compensation.
Joining these sorts of Groups
Seems like the Best Possible option
To many men,
Even some women as well.


Out of the loop
Outside the Establishment
Outside the Mainstream
Out in the Open
Out of range
For the Collapse.

Pagan Paul May 8

Such a sad sad tale of woe,
the story of the wood nymph Echo.
Cast aside with never a care,
her sobs reverberate through the air.

Warning the forest of her sorrow,
no fanfares did she need to borrow,
far and farther her tears did go,
fading and fading, just like Echo.

© Pagan Paul 25/07/16

Echo is the Nymph spurned by Narcissus
when he fell in love with his own reflection.
Always felt sorry for her :)
Buddy T May 8

and honestly
at this point
I couldn't care less
if you loved me back

I've spent
over a year
and longing

Friday its to be
put to rest
whether rejection
whether reciprocation

all I wish is
too move on
from this feeling
and begin again

I want to shed my past
become something to you
something close
or nothing at all

because right now
I can't help but to think about you
to love you
to need the thought of you

these feelings
are too strong
too many
to turn back now
Spectre May 1

You've been dealt a hand,
as has everyone else.
Large numbers, nines and tens,
yet not a single king or queen.
Alas the winner before you is the Ace of Hearts,
your Holy Grail.

You need not a king or queen, when the ace of your heart is prominent before you, hm?

I wanted to believe in her.
I  tried to care about her.
She seemed beautiful
At times,
But she went over
To the Dark Side
With the Authoritarian Types,
And now,
I don't trust her
No more.

elowen morey Apr 28

that’s what I’m afraid of
that too
to put yourself out there
to leave everything up to him
with no control
to possibly be laughed at
the thought terrifies me
of course it could be worth it all
even more than that
but the steps getting there
well I haven’t decided if the risk
is worth it yet

(thinking about you on a friday morning)
7:37 am
Lily Apr 27

And little did she know;
Before she rejected him,
He promised, to give her his
Whole, entire, heart and
Everything more.

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