Svode 23h

Wake wake wake wake wake
confront confront confront confront
talk talk talk
ask ask

Wake wake wake wake wake
beg beg beg beg
think think think
contemplate contemplate

Wake wake wake wake wake
decide decide decide decide
tie tie tie
write write

I really like you

Whispered in my ear
Murmured into my hair
Nuzzled into my neck

But always their eyes roved

Over my shoulder
Hunting for the next
girl to chase in text

I am never enough
For anyone
To stop
To say

I found you

Clara 7d

I can love you & hate you,
All at the very same time,
I can need & yet reject you,
I’m balancing on the borderline.

I can blame you & bad mouth you,
I can make you feel, I don’t care,
If only I could explain to you
How much I need you there.

I’m balancing on the borderline
With no safety net below
I’m like a ticking time bomb
Not knowing when I might blow.

I’m loving & argumentative
I’m cruel & yet I’m kind
I’m childish & mature
I’m balancing on the borderline.

I can chop & change my mind
Quicker than the weather
I’m like a mound of clay
You can mould me into whatever.

Take my life into your hands
I’ll let you create what I should be
I’ll be whatever you want
Just please don’t leave me be.

Anthea Nov 9

Overcome with excitement
Feelings he doesn’t understand
And neither do I
Top notes of bergamot and lemon
I grow anxious
He breathes in as hard as he can
Middle notes of freesia and white rose
He can’t get enough
It’s driving him wild
It’s driving me insane
“It reminds me of her”
He says
Base notes of musk and sandalwood
I crumble

But of course

Seema Nov 9

You entered my heart
Now it's hard to leave
Showed love from start
You made me believe

Turning my negatives
By talking out
Feeding with positives
I no longer shout

Your talks are full of charm
Soft to heart and affection
Your love is no alarm
You showed me a reflection

Quite a tall guy in my view
Yet so gentle, I know I want you
Rejection is nothing new
But you decide, if am worth you...


Anthea Nov 7

He’s sweet
I bite into him and feel the juices pool in my throat
He’s bitter
His aftertaste
The sting of rejection lingers in my mouth

I’ve always been addicted to grapefruit
Its natural tang much like melancholy
Much like the nightshade of my heart
I bite off more than I can chew
I live for contradiction
And it’s addiction to love

Grapefruit is a woman
A woman who feels too deeply
A woman who is sweet and sour
The woman I’ll never be
I can only consume
I ate too much

Grapefruit is the man I love
Sweet and bitter
The sting of rejection lingers in his mouth
Give me more
I’m still addicted

Anthea Nov 7

His voice touches me
Like strawberry wine
Clouding my fears
Giving me permission
To feel him
Under the autumn moon

Drunk on his citrus scent
I'm overcome with need
With lust
I'm drowning in all the words I want to say
I want to say them sober
But I can't

More strawberry wine
It slips down my throat like a bitter reminder
My hands
His hands?
I can't remember
I want to remember
I want to feel this sober
But I can't

I'm bubbling over with feelings
I am growing desperate for more of his cosmic skin
But I drink more strawberry wine while we dance
And hope he forgets it all in the morning
I want him to remember
But he can't

They say drunk words are just sober thoughts
Anthea Nov 7

I sit sideways
I bite my cheek
Watch my pink skies fade to black through the window
The sunflower’s faces turned down
I turn inside myself when the night comes

It’s a subtle ache
The air is light with chlorophyll
The moon is asleep tonight
I sit alone
I still bite my cheek

Our thighs pressed
I laugh
I touch your arm
The wedge of a strawberry moon in the distance
Yet I bite my cheek

The air is heavy with humidity
Your tall grasses whisp my legs
I bite my cheek harder
Pink pools in my stomach
I choke on my words

A strip of white plaster
234 miles thick
Pink starlit skin
Your strawberry mouth
Sweet sunflower hair
I have to bite my cheek

I sit waiting
Wishing to watch my hot white sunrise through your window
Flowers bask in the rose gold sun
I unfold in the moment
Bathing in your citrus air
I keep biting my cheek

R Nov 6

Have you been praised recently?
Has anyone told you today
that you did well
or that you're doing your best
or that you've done so much for them
or that you deserve your rest?

Do you believe them?
When they thank you, do you ignore it?
When they reaffirm their opinion,
that you did something good
do you lash out against yourself?

I don't.
Not because I don't believe them
nor do I think they feign sincerity;
It's mostly just from my experience
that just as easily that they praise you
for such a remarkable ability

that they will turn around and say otherwise
at the drop of a hat.

I am not here to tell you to believe
those who mean well when they say
"Thank you."
I am here to tell you that
the one you should be thanking
is yourself.

So from the bottom of your heart, please take a moment
close your eyes, and ignore everyone around you.
Feel it within your soul, and say
"Thank you."

For living.
For breathing.
For being here.

Thank you.

Anthea Nov 6

I was a flower
who longed to be watered
but he didn't like flowers
so I knew I would wilt
and that was fine

He began to water the roses
and my thirst rejuvenated
but he didn't like dandelions
no one waters a weed

As roses bloomed my roots withered
a bright yellow flower turned to white seeds
he steps on me
my seeds blow away...

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