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emily Oct 2022
After all the dust has settled I often ask myself why wasn't I enough for you to stay.

Why wasn't it enough for an explanation of you leaving without a week's notice, and now all i feel is used and discarded.

Like it was somehow my fault for your silent resignation and how I wasn't even worth a goodbye.
guess i'll never know
Charlotte Atkins Aug 2022
One night, you held me,
Then you pushed me and pulled on me,
Opening me, closing me,
Lifting me up, shutting me down.

I'm not your toy, your play-thing,
Your distraction when you're bored.
You can't pause me like a game,
Press play when you've nothing
Better to do, nothing better on offer.

You want me, I'm yours,
But only until you break me
More than you can mend.
onyx Mar 2022
you’re maple syrup in my pocket
the aftermath of a sweet meal i knew
i shouldn’t have had
now you’re stuck all over my clothes
saccharine mistakes dribbling down my fingers
you’re maple syrup in my pocket
and everytime i try to wipe you away
you find another way to get in
and now my tears are sticky and sweet
oozing down my chin
dripping onto the linoleum floors
maple syrup on my shoes
i can’t escape you
a sticky footprint beneath me wherever i walk

day by day you consume me
piece by piece i am more
maple syrup than i am myself
who i was before i met you
before i devoured the sweet meal
i knew i should not have touched
i am being consumed by you yet you are being consumed by honey
and i suppose honey and you fit quite well
but i am just a wooden spoon you use then turn away from
but because you are maple syrup
and you are so sweet and lovely and golden
and ever so sticky
all your unwanted and used parts
cling to me
pieces of you forever lingering
in my pocket
Florist Dan Nov 2021
I am nothing but a waste to you,
Thinking about it makes me feel blue.
I thought that our love is true
But the trial made us due.

Time is all I need
For me to do the deed.
Yet all was rushed
And our love is out of touch.

You made me your tool
To your success, I was a fool.
Your pride made you a ghoul
For it was an act that made you cool.

I gave you everything,
But you said I was nothing.
To your heart I am a disposal
To your soul it states refusal.

You used me well with no closure,
Memories was never your treasure.
Yet your lust was your ideal,
For my body was pleasure you feel.

I loved you, I do
But all the good is untrue.
In the beginning it was all an act
your love is a deception, that's a fact.
WickedHope Aug 2021
I hate it when I don't get to be the cat.
Isabella Aug 2021
Fallen petals are the bruises
from your lips and your fingers
that i used to trace my hands over
with a soft touch and a smile

Fallen petals are your words
that i can never forget
promises that meant everything then
but nothing now

Fallen petals are the lies
I couldn't see until the end
when it was far too late
to tell you no

Fallen petals are the aches
in my chest, my heart, my mind
the tears that won't stop falling
the embarrassment, the shame

Fallen petals are the innocence
you stole from me that night
a treasure i trusted you with
that i can never regain

Fallen petals are the memories
tainted by your power
disrupted by your voice
tangled with your cruelty

Fallen petals are the feelings
for that's all you've left me with
sick, crippling feelings
you've ruined me

Fallen petals are who I used to be
the girl i miss
before i was used
and before i was tossed aside like garbage
rough draft
mark soltero Jul 2021
i live here on the bedrock
tunnel vision
it’s difficult to see

sometimes it’s just grey
there used to be easier ways to get out
before i became baggage
left behind, raided and rotting

a shell of what used to be there
Aspen Jul 2021
Was I just a puppet to you?
A simple pawn to your game?
Was my heart just your playground or the targets in your shooter's range?
Were those "dates" just a way to keep me blind from all your *******?
Was I just a simple flask for your little experiment?

You put on quite the show, you were quite the actress
You made "I love you" sound believable
Oh, how sad that this play had to end in a tragedy
Now the curtains close even though I thought the show was going to go on for eternity
I really thought that you were going to choose me
But our love was just a fantasy

I'm still in denial, seems like it's been a while
Even though it's only been 2 days
I'm losing sleep, I'm not eating
My whole body's shaking from this heartbreak

I want to stay but I'm losing faith
From the way you played my heartstrings
The hope that I was the one is gone
I guess I can congratulate you and say "well done"
You stabbed my trust with your thorns
You trampled my roses that I grew for you
I'm walking away, I'm not your toy
Go find someone else, go have fun with your new boy
So, I am taking this creative writing class and they said "write about anything". So I decided to write about how my best friend led me on for about two years. She kept on acting as though she liked me even though she didn't and I ended up catching feelings for her. She got a boyfriend two days ago and I feel like she played with my feelings. I'm still trying to determine whether or not to stay friends with her because we had such a beautiful friendship, but she hurt me. Anyway, sorry for the long rant and for people who are going through this...your not alone and you deserve so much better
Often poets communicate
via internet voice recordings
sharing dancing lovers videos
as pen pals may venture to do;
no it doesn't mean
we do not exist
people aren't virtual cartoons!
We have feelings emotions we love
the mind makes it all real.

We are real people in different countries interchanging loyalties
we are perhaps more real then couples living together yet disconnected in many ways,
and not in love either
but rather utterly bored.
So don't be cruel saying
I am virtual and you've met
the love of your life already
and want no one else,
but your Zaheera for all eternity
because she's omnipresent real.!

Trying to make her jealous with me
a real poetess!? think again!
Zaheera and me can smell your rat.

She is more a fantasy for years if she even exists
Why the virtual competitiveness
and AnK isn't real?
We are breathing eating sleeping loving trusting sharing
yet not real!?
In your book of tricks ? Hu?

How shall we search for real connections hu?
have you noticed though
the whole planet has gone virtual.
it's become a ritual,!
All people are real living brings
not virtual their lap tops cell phones  c are the virtual conduits,
though so what !?
By Mr and Mrs Andrews
inspired by Karijinbba.7/21
presence trust is life
but so is penpalship honored with trust  respect and consideration for people's hearts  We all deserve to live life liberty in pursuit of happiness.
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