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          I AM
                     TO YOU
     A SET
                  OF STAIRS.
Goodbye, you dirtbag. Your selective empathy, constant patronization, deceitful words, and manipulative heart string tugging has made me angry for a time, but for no longer.
annh Oct 20
Vellichor (n.): the strange wistfulness of used bookstores.
A delightful neologistic oddity! :)

'“The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows”, by John Koenig, is an ongoing collection of invented words, each representing an attempt to find a word to fit a concept for which our vocabulary is currently lacking. Vellichor is one such word, and Koenig’s site has hundreds of others, such as zenosyne (the sense that time keeps going faster), liberosis (the desire to care less about things), and sonder (the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own).'
- Petrichor, Cromulent, and Other Words the Internet Loves. Retrieved from
Alexis Oct 6
know you don’t miss me
you just miss the way it feels
to not be alone
Dan Filcek Oct 5
Not where you want to be.
It’s implied or suggested,
rather than physically acted out.
Emotional enmeshment,
betraying boundaries,
feel special and privileged
but also creeped-out.
I should be proud?
No privacy,
right outside the door.
Used and trapped,
in search of comfort.
Emotional growth is stunted.
My needs don't matter;
    what matters is what you want.
Used in whatever way.
Feelings of inadequacy.
The damage was done,
Dig beneath the surface
Reference -******-abuse-you-might-be-ignoring.html
Elias Sep 14
intertwine your heart with mine,
submerge yourself in the waters of my love.
allow this feeling to take you over, and bring you home to me.
i find the entanglement of ones love for eachother to be a breathtaking thing.
if only, the love you so delicately placed within her was shown to me.
so intertwine your heart with mine, so i can take your broken pieces and use them to make me whole for him again.
Strung Aug 26
Chipped or ***** or dying
and you can't look past it.
What's special about new? Or is it
that it is
How much beauty
can you see
in damage?
In use?
I'd like to believe you see worth
in the imperfections
of me.
But what do I know
of your soul, really? And who is to say
you will leave me in any better shape
All I can do is hope.
I am just a pushover
I let family run rings around me
Iam  just soft
For my own good.
I feel taken for granted
Not worthy
Or appreciated.
I feel so lonely and sad.
Dvali Taytem Aug 12
I found a flying striper
It minded it’s own business
So I asked my mother what it was

She said it was a bee
And that they could be dangerous
But that they made honey
And that some people kept them

I saw in my head a farm
With nets built into cages
To hold all the stripes
And I wondered if I could get
Used to bees
In time
I did

Their stingers are sunk
Deep under my skin
8/12/2020, 1:07 AM
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