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FC Azaele May 8
Was i a stepping
stone? A little r
                             to get where you
                        are now? Perhaps
                        that must have been
                             ­                                 Maybe our definition
                                                      ­        of fun do not compare
                                                         ­     to be the same now -
I used to have fun when
you would be around,
maybe for you too...
but not in the same
way that I found.
Estel Apr 22
I’ve shed too many tears for those who don’t care
All I wanted was someone who loved me
And all I got were people who used me
Now I’m an outcast
There's the flame you cast upon my chest
it's all burnt down
Was I just too much?
June Apr 6
a wire impossible to be cut
strengthened by words so sweet

feeling loved the one day
feeling used the next

like an object you can't live without
just here for full filling your lust
Antino Art Mar 5
Any-Her has a name. Had.
It was the title of a travel book.

Any-Her had a
name tattooed along her spine.
You search and read her
up, down, sideways.
She was a work of fiction,
a ghost story. You read her
under the covers
by the beam of a flashlight
against your chin for dramatic
effect. In a flash, she's gone.
You flick the lights out and sleep.

Any-Her is a dream.
Was. Bright eyes, pierced
lips. You'd recognize her anywhere,
in the travel aisle of a library.
She had a name. Her signature
was jotted in the margin
of a catalogue card. She was
a name on a list of borrowers.
You'd wait your turn, check her out.

Any-Her is a number.
She writes it down on
the back of a bar napkin.
You skim details,
fill in blanks.

Any-Her is easily
(mis) read, goes by
an alias based on the
date. You name her
after obscure holidays,
like, "Winter Solstice '20",
or, "Funny Valentine '21".
You celebrate her coming,
the -where and the
-when. The -who is
irrelevant, the -how,
irrational. And -why
is what you keep asking
the next morning
while waiting for a reply
that never comes.

Any-Her is a city
far from home,
you decide. You don't
remember the name.
Don't need to.
You're just one
of -any, passing
Strying Jan 20
You and her together again,
leaving me like a piece of cardboard on the street
you kicked around, but never really wanted.
Nola Leech Jan 12
Sweet Tea wrote 3 months after I turned 15, 2018

Before you, I was a girl devastated by things I couldn’t change
Trapped in an endless bitter reality from which there was no escape
Sinking into a dark, spiraling well, from which I reached my hands and found a pool of light
You were my light, a haloed sunshine angel, who graced me with his presence for what seemed so long and ended so abruptly
The sound of your voice seemed to be honey, so sweet, attracting the bees, attracting me
My sunshine sweetheart, angel lover You’ve done your time so now you can leave
Why would you want to stay with me? I’m only a cement brick that will bring you down
A loose thread that will tear you down, a yammering parakeet who will wear you down
One time you told me that I thought too  highly of you
How couldn’t I? With someone who made me feel so confident with my body, somebody who praised me, someone who thought I was worth their time at least for the time being
In a way it’s better that you left, you’ll never be forced to see what I had to see looking in the mirror hating every inch of myself, hating the way I acted, and the way I interacted with everyone and hating the way no one seemed to like me
But you liked me, but it’s better this way because I’m a letdown
It’s Like when you thought you had bought sweet tea
But it’s actually unsweetened

The new version
Sweet Tea wrote 1 month before my 18 birthday, 2021

Before you, I was a girl alone
Being molested every day by the people who said they would take care of me
I was a fourteen-year-old girl who was taught at a young age to get yourself a man to save you
So I tried everything to keep you because talking to you distracted me from the fact my fourty-year-old stepdad was touching me
But what I definitely didn’t need was a twenty-year-old man messaging me
Telling me all the things he wanted to do to me
When the law would finally unclaim me and allow me to give someone a part of me he doesn’t deserve
You made me feel so much more alone
Somebody who told me he’d touch me
But instead of giving me what I’ll need he’ll leave
“Lick me up like an ice cream cone” huh Luke?
yes I thought highly of you
Because you made it seem like you’d never hurt me
You were the biggest disappointment
You always will be
original written about a man who groomed me in 2018 when I was 14, vs now I'm nearing 18 in 2021. as you can see I know how things are supposed to be now and I have stopped blaming myself
Simone13 Dec 2020
I am a lighthouse
My light shines you ashore
Away from the boulders  
When you can’t see Anymore

I am a lighthouse
I guide you through the storm
But when I am used
I am not wanted anymore

I am your lighthouse
But still I am alone
My purpose is solely
To guide you back home
Tooba Dec 2020
some pretend
to be
a good wisher
but are just
feeding on others
for their
personal shortlived
Nicole Beahan Dec 2020
He was kind and sweet
He made the promises
That girls like me admired

I was naive and innocent
Was neglected from those in my life
Desperate for attention and praise
I believed and trusted him

Days went by and he changed
He started to manipulate me
Promises of fulfillness broken
Made me feel worthless

And like i had no worth
Soon i looked in the mirror
And only saw what he saw in me
I looked in the mirror and did not recognize
who i was anymore
Ashlynn Rose Dec 2020
"Don't burn that bridge."
Why not?
If I am the architect who built it?
Who are you to tell me I can't light a fire to destroy what is mine?
People have granted their own access.
Even after I protest.
I hired a troll but even he said there are somethings he can't control.
He told me only I would end up paying the toll for every unwanted foot that decided to take a stroll.
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