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Joanna 2d
an old tree stands bare
and alone until seasons
start to rearrange

relationships stall
when people ignore parts of
the puzzle of love

Blossoms appear alone
Butterflies roam free
Rainbows dissolve pain

wisdom and light beams
give hope and understanding
to the one who waits

blood is thicker than
water but love blooms where there
is light to just be
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if i had known it was going to be the very last time i was embracing you
i might have taken notice of the little things
like the way our lips locked together and moved in such a beautiful rhythmic motion
and the way our bodies fit together like a jigsaw puzzle
and the way your voice sang perfect harmonies along with mine
if i had known it was going to be the very last time i was embracing you
i might have taken notice of the little things
its only been a single day since our breakup, i miss every little thing about you like hell
Gale L Mccoy Sep 8
built a puzzle out of my surroundings
till it makes the perfect formula
the catalysis: energy
Planejane2 Aug 26
A pinball not spiraling out of control
Not scared of falling
Not scared to let go
For I know
That I will not lose control
And I will not stumble and tumble
Down the dark hole.
The chase,
The race,
To be in first place
Is not that satisfying than to just participate .
To think I was sad all along, but sometimes it feels good just to be the tagalong.
For the sake of a stunt
For the stake of a thrill
Every single time I decipher
A metaphor or a puzzle
From way above the clouds
I rush a kamikaze rhyme
Into the open void
Near fatal crash
As if it were a drogue parachute...
Lyda M Sourne Aug 24
And I tried to fit in
Cutting away the edges of me
Hoping to be part of the picture

I tried to fit in
Closing my eyes
Covering my ears
Sealing my lips

To the sins of yours
To the sins of mine
Trying to be part of the picture

But I could not fit in
In this puzzle edge
With a straight back and a crooked front

I wasn't meant to fit in the picture

I was meant to be a picture
In a gallery called life

I was not a puzzle piece
I was not in pieces

I was and am a picture
In this gallery called life
I've tried fitting in for the past three years. That didn't work out. I was never one for fitting in.
In a seven and a half billion puzzle
humans are all a single jigsaw piece
but some parts would need a muzzle
in a future time of world peace

Put Farage in a sea or ocean
let him exit from a whale's mouth
place Trump in a climate change commotion
in the Antarctic way down south

Remainers fit well in the European map
leavers are the difficult last ones to find
war mongerers fester in a pile of crap
while pacifists knit with their fellow kind

A natural world map of Earth's delights
with no countries and man made hate
would piece together its greatest sights
while the divided planet waits and waits and waits
A 7 and a half billion jigsaw puzzle, eh?
Kai Aug 1
lurking over us
a mystery a puzzle
an eye that sees all
Aaliyah Salia Jul 22
Can we please not pretend to like each other?
It hurts,
the sweetness of your voice hurts.
the truth hurts.
But every time you look at her,
I die each time.

Please be raw with me.
Either leave me,
or keep me alive.

Just don't place me in the dark,
I'm not your puzzle piece anymore.
Think twice before you love someone. Because once you're committed, there's no going back.
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