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Mose 4h
To each of I, that is not myself.
Scrambling a puzzle with no picture.
Colliding letters but fumbling only sounds.
Falling deaf to the noise.
A prism that light can shine through, but never into.
You were gone
So the puzzle was incomplete
But you never knew that
You were the missing piece
You completed me
Poetry Art Oct 13
he collected me
once every piece
and shaped my edges
for him to fit me in

and then when he left
returning those parts of me

it no longer fit
the way
it used to be
Frozen cubes clink around my glass.

I swirl the container around the table top endlessly.

The dewy surface soothes my clammy hands.

Anxiety seizes my heart.

He squeezes it between his hands causing it to beat fiercely in my cavity.

Each beat rings in my ears

I glance around the room to see if anyone else hears the base of my drum.

Thoughts slide into my wooden booth.

Insecurities join him, and bind their hands together.

They bicker back and forth as the seconds pass.

The hostess voice guides me out of my personal world as she directs you to me.

Your presence fills the the room.

I slowly slide out of my seat to sneak a peak.

Time seems to stand still around us.

Butterflies flutter around my stomach.

I embrace the warmth from your smile, and greet you with my own.

Numbly, I shake your hand as I get lost in your coffee colored eyes.

My brain freezes, but captures the key points that occur in our enclosure.

From double green beans and wide eyes

To dry humor, sly winks, and bold fedoras

Our laughter and emotions dance with each other as our souls mingle.

We fit together like two lost puzzle pieces.

Little did we know this encounter would start our journey together.
Maha Sep 17
do you think puzzle pieces ask themselves why they fit in each other's arms the way I do in yours?
About Them
Words just wander
In my mind
But all the pieces
Hard to find

What are they?
And where do they
come to go?
Like missing pieces
of a puzzle
I’ll never know
why do i feel
like i'm always searching
like i'm never complete.

what is it
that i'm missing the whole time
is it something or someone.
Hope i'll find them one day
mae Aug 25
and the same
not a player
yet always
ends up in the game
quite simple
and complicated
if you wanna decipher
view it from both ends—

if you still don’t get it
oh well…
try harder.

or just don’t.
just leave.
like how everyone does it.
March 3, 2016 – 4:12PM
mae Aug 17
she isn’t
a missing
puzzle piece
she is
a puzzle
April 17, 2019 – 2:18PM
Giovanna Aug 7
I observed you a lot,
I hope I could have understood you once!
You are the puzzle I could never solve.
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