Sweety 20h
When you smile, the whole world stops to stare at you..
When you talk, universe just stands still to hear you..
When you walk, whole crowd just moves apart to give you a way..
You are special and you are amazing, just the way you are..
svdgrl 5d
RGB colors mind scramble on your ceiling,
like in our closest amusement park.
Playing underneath it, unicorns and feelings,
making flesh shapes in the dark of your room.
Bioluminescent in its black sea,
I can't swim good but I ride the waves you send me.
You can't read but you're rather well read to me.
Promises wont break, but please bend me
over and over again.
When did I become this sober again?
You get me wanting
to remodel the homes that belong to lonely songs
only so that they can fit a king bed,
extra cool on my side because you're a furnace
that I huddle into and cherish earnestly.
You let me ramble run-ons and babble
or be still and mute, be it
swimming in space or silently disputing
but I can never stay quiet too long.
I can't ever hide whats wrong to you.
Or what's right, so I write to remind you
how beloved this is, unparalleled to whats behind
and how eager I am for what's ahead.
She has a special place in the heart of the boy who once thought, that he won't open up to anyone now.
but then out of nowhere comes a girl in his life. who brighten up his life with her beautiful smile. A beautiful person with a beautiful soul. she is "too good to be true..!".
                      - rk_Vivan
sunprincess Jan 12
Each day I strive to make someone happy
And feel very special, laugh and smile
When this mission has been accomplished
Then I can lay and enjoy my bed awhile
peacefully sleeping like an angel, almost
With the sweetest of dreams
Maitri Jan 11
One day we were fighting who's more special
And look here,now we're discussing who has more flaws

Is it safe to say - time changes and so do people ?
Our melody is going out of sync
For it would be such a lonely world for MEN

without U.
MENU A tale of being unique and special.
Indranys Jan 9
Love is pure
             Love is honesty
   with a reason
                    is easy but
              is very special
Habib Ali al Jufri said : when you able to love someone unconditionally, without reason,,
you begin to understand ***'s unconditional love for you,,,
You have what I cannot, Security of Normalcy.
Your problems and even your flaws, Surety of Normalcy.

To wish I had what others have in I, a standard and check.
Why can’t I? I am ungrateful I have an Immaturity of Normalcy.

For I am not good enough. I hate me! What is mine isn’t passable!
So Premature they are though, Their lives Obscure. Insecure of My, no our Impurity of Normalcy.
High School is tough, especially so Freshman year. Being a poet, never really fit in. So, just fear not. [Refrain Type] (zs*l2%Ax1}x2%_)
laura Jan 1
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a room that
used to be owned by my older sister.
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a shelf of some
of the toys I have
received over the years.
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a twin sized bed,
that I got a couple years ago.
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a shelf with
gobs of my favorite
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a bunch of,
sports posters around the wall.
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a dresser
with some very special
items on top of it.
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a closet
full of clothes, puzzles,
and boardgames.
When I look inside
my very own room
I see a window
that I look out of
every single day.
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see my very own
This is a poem written by my 9 year old brother Simeon. He was very eager to have you guys read it.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
All that I had, to all that I have but nothing compares to what we had
for we had a gift of true love
A love you don't find every day something, truly
a special one of a once In a lifetime
Never to be repeated, again not In this life and maybe not the
Thoughs once In a  life time
opportunity a gift of love we had special
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