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Lila 4d
you've only
been gone
for less than
a day

but the taste
of your lips
hasn't faded
Lila Apr 25
walking in at 5 pm
my hands fly to my phone
looking for your message
to know i'm not alone

your words are calming
your smile divine
i'm so so proud
to call you mine
(wrote this for an old love. we ended on good terms but seeing this in my drafts brought back memories)
There is 2
One is Zoey
Black and fat
One is Battle
Grey and tall
Russian blue
Can be moody
loves to be petted
Short hair domestic
Eats alot
needs attention
but must have her space
Characters they are
So opposite
So alike
it's quite fun
having these two
they are my joy
they give me
alot to look forward to
I know they care
No matter what
These 2 cats
really are so special
we are family
I got them
and they got me to
I love these 2 cats
they are so cool
They know I love them
They are kinda spoiled
but deserve it
that much is true
These 2 cats
My 2 cats
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Luis Paris Apr 9
Strong as a mountain
Beautiful like a fountain
Unique in every way
Courageous every single day

A mind so filled with possibilities
A body with so many abilities
A spirit with unyielding might
A soul as pure as light

But the darkness in her heart
Is tearing her apart
And every move she makes
The darkness wants to take

Forever in a state of worry
Should she slow down or should she hurry
Sometimes life gets a little blurry
But she can beat it with a flurry

Very special even if she doesn't know
And as she finds herself and grows
The best parts in life will start to show
And when you see her she will glow

Irreplaceable she is
For she fills others with so much bliss
She's an amazing person too
And no one can fill her shoes

She's as deep as a river
Harmonious as a soft tune
Gentle as a dove
And capable of anything
Whatever you're going through just know that there's no one out there that can replace you. So keep going and everything will get better.
mark soltero Apr 5
starving to lick your wounds
clean and fresh
i really love you
special and divine
it is hard to swallow
what seems to be knives
sometimes we cry
it’s casual *******
painful close and loving relief
your heart beats with mine
the pain that comes with our current residence
unprecedented times
get stronger as we age like wine
pull me with you
all i want is you with i
Raven Feels Apr 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, pens can express when the tongue can't:}

What makes her so different

What makes her so quiet yet her silence flowing a million words

What makes her so dark yet the room in her presence shines

What makes her so desperate yet her eyes  hopeful for savior

what makes her so inert yet the  sweat on her screams excite

What makes her so sad yet her way of fidgeting is fighting a smile

Yet she manages to fuel him

with a sift of need for more of her fascinating enchantment

Rose Diamond Mar 31
Do butterflies realize their beauty,
The wonderful way in which they fly,
Or do they compare themselves to every insect
Wondering if they should hide their colorful wings with dye.

Do they admire their wing’s softness
Their calming patterns, soft and light
Or do they think there’s something wrong with them
If there's something faulty with their size

Do they hate carrying the weight
of those stunning patterned wings
Do they ask themselves why they don't look the same
Or do they realize it is because they're queens.

Do they recognize they have nothing to be jealous of.
That they’re special and unique
Those wings are part of who they are
And without them, they would just be weak.

Do butterflies realize their wings’ beauty
And know they need them to reach the sky
Because without them they would be incomplete
And would remain “butter” without “fly”.
Theanm Ankh Mar 21
1 am 06 and
My mother's just called the police on my
Daddy for hitting her in the face
'Cause he didn't like the food today.

Doesn't come as too much of a surprise
They've been yelling all-day
They've been yelling every day.

1 am jotting it
All down in a little notebook, without
Lines because 1 want to practice my
Straight hand.

No one else in
My little 1st-grade class has a mother
Calling the police on their daddy
For hitting their mother in the face.

That is why 1 am special.
Zack Ripley Mar 19
I've seen it all before
And I'm sure I'll see it again.
But I don't know if I'll ever meet
Someone as special as you, friend.
Jake Mar 14
There is no secret meaning to life,
Nor is anyone special.
To be honest, I don’t really care.
I’m not too fond of fate,
And I never wanted to be special.
I simply wish to live,
And create my own purpose.
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