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To a poem,
I can say whatever I want,
but often with regret,
for its something I don’t
say in a previous moment.
Aawatef Sep 13
I can't explain why my heart beats lightfast
Can you hear the thumping sound? Quiet fast
When you are around

I can't explain why my knees feel weak
A giddy feeling, red are my cheeks
When you are around

Everything seems a little brighter
My soul moves to the beat of the choir
When you are around

The world conspires to perceive a feeling
For my feral heart is healing
When you are around
Most luck ones have that special someone who makes them feel weak in the knees. Appreciate them, tell them you love them.
With so many people in all the wild world at once it would seem that none are special. But it is your time, so precious you spend with the ones that makes them important to you. You spend your time, limited by your life that you might tame the ones you choose from their wild world. When they are tamed they become unique to you in all the wild world, and even when they are invisable from you it is only with your heart you can see them rightly.
The ones we invite in, the ones we make special to us can hurt us the most and even in the hurt we try to find love
The sale sign is up
And so are my feet
I know I'll be here for a while
I've stamped a discount sticker on my forehead
It's more a dare than a warning
Take me home for half the retail price
There's a few scratches and scuffs
A bit rough around the edges
There's been wearing and tearing
Parts missing
It says so right here on the box
Just so happens I've also lost the lock
That came with it
So you see
It's a little defected
But instead of being rejected
I won't tell a soul
That you stole a glance at me
Sitting on the sale rack
And thought you could rip off the 'special' tag
Never letting anyone know
That you got me
No refunds
But you can palm me off
As a full price defect
Regift it
No one will know
Johnny walker Aug 29
She was all and everything
to me I was blinded to everything except her beauty and her goodness that came from deep
Such loverly kind and caring person that's what Helen surely was to all that knew her I was the luckiest man for I had won her
memoona kazmi Aug 23
Dear whoever is reading this,
You are the most beautiful thing in this world and you don't need anyone to tell you just have to know.....
Your lovingly
Your secret admirer
mila splawska Aug 23
there are other girls like me
with debilitating caffeine addictions
and an allergy to calories
to whom feeling “ok” is fiction
whose emotions come only in extremes
soon enough everyone will realize
that i am nothing special
then they’ll leave and fantasize
about loving somebody else
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