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Kale Sep 2022
One can never truly die
Until the great one
Sings his song
We must keep pushing
For there are challenges
Trials and Disparity
Lurking around each corner
We must continue to fight
Each day we must become anew
Touched by the sun’s ever cruel
Like a dead poem
who must be reborn
on the same night again
with all the endless silence,
words back to learn
to string his sentence.

"Everything that has been exhausted now it's between love and hate."

And a long road engraved
back to make a new face
along with each space.
We try to say the word go,
say the word again.
Everything that looks new
never forget the past.
And for all that is finished,
waiting for another story to the last.
Indonesia, 17th May 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
snipes Jan 2022
I am the universes end
My eyes are reborn at days end
I try to speak love into existence
But the Lord stops me before I can end,
my sentence
So important
My temptations
Whether it be
The sun talking
Or the moon snoozing
Shift my weather patterns
Breaking records in temperature
Spinning endless in vast emptiness
My eyes are reborn
I am… the universes end
Erik T Blaze Jul 2020
And so they say?
Drink more water
So I.. Search
Both seemingly and endlessly
across the Earth
Sorta like.. a new birth or a new born
that is being transformed
Though some may call it Déjà vu
Or quite simply
Old memories of me.. being
Which are vague memories that somehow came to be
All seemingly at one time after birth
And now my old residue?
Is the Afterbirth
Which in turn?
Gives me a reason or a aim
to cause me
to Lurk
Yeah, I be that bipedal with a purp
So that must be me, standing 10 feet tall over there, on two legs with a
So on purpose?
I just may be, the worst of the
Just like.. if I really did deal contracts?
I really would do work
Cause when I do work?
I really do
So I guess.. the occupation for me
to really emphasize pain?
Just may be my turf
And Fear.. is the only reason why,
I would ever blink first as I switch verse
Then slit wrist like
I'm suddenly suicidal
At how.. my thoughts are now idle like me going Psychø or Loco,
Just to appease the blood
And so that's why,
I ask the Lord to forgive me
As I continue to write Rhyme after Rhyme
Which may or may not be?
My 42 or 43rd verse
But only after I must first, skip the 44th, detour, and then tour, the Uni-verse
Even though?
I won't be the first to ever
Surf, or ever
Back to my old antics
Or find my way back to Christ
while still taking chances
And that's which.. or whatever may come first
Well smh.. either way
If push comes to shove or if worst comes to worst?
Then I guess I won't be the first, or the last to ever
I was in such a dark and unstable state of mind when I wrote this. I don't even know how I managed to keep it all together back then, And from time to time I still feel this way. Thankfully my current state has shifted over to being more positive and appreciative for just being alive and having my right mind intact
Debbie Lydon Sep 2021
I'm glad that I am here in the depths of this hurt,
I am reminded of my life, my very own life,
This weight that is heartache that I currently bear, I'm grateful to it and the changes it is making,
My face looks ever so different in this mirror, in this sorrow new strength, in these tears an elixir.
Wilfred Sep 2021
I you start with a breath
and end you with a death
and in-between l don't know.

By that l mean
I cannot guarantee you your dream
I cannot guarantee time
I cannot guarantee your love
I cannot guarantee you your self

You see my friend, all we  
can do is to never to hope
but to live.

Hera Apr 2021
I look up to you,
How I wish
Someone would
look up to me too,
It was in the past,
Look how
My soul disappeared
so fast.
Edmundo Mar 2021
Reborn as a part of myself goes by as I breathe my time away

Reborn as thoughts can never live more than a second
Reborn as my soul washes itself new every minute
Reborn as the memories i have change by the hour
Reborn as the person I wake up as every different day
Reborn as better than the one I learned with last month
Reborn as the day I accomplish one more year
Reborn as the person I am now birthed of the one portrayed last decade
Reborn at each glimpse in my life
Reborn - a wave breathes the ocean
To be reborn is to pass Time
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