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dadens 5d
heartbreak has the depth of the ocean-

at first, it is all-encompassing
swallowing you whole as you sink deeper and deeper
everything begins to go dark as the light on the surface begins to fade into blackness

but as you fall into heartbreak, you almost get comfortable there
the darkness and lack of air engulf you.

you grasp for air but with every gulp you take, you begin to drown until you feel nothing but emptiness in every crevice of your body

but to some extent,
you like it.

as the agony and darkness take over, you accept where you are and believe there is no way up now that you've fallen so far.

and when you close your eyes for what feels like the final time, the light breaks the calm surface and you rise up to taste the sweet air once again.
swaggmaster Feb 7
learning to be
aware of how to hold
my physical being
creeping into the christening
resistant fingers and toes
curled inward in fear
driven by woes
Some days I wish you do it,
As I wait to get the call.
Death spreads fast like wildflower,
Trust me I done it some times.
Now its your turn for the dark,
To think of a thousand ways.
Toxicity all to cope,
Our thousand times all before.
Ring, ring, ring I pick you up,
Knowing the tone of silence.
No need for the death angel,
His voice ringing in my head.
These aren't the tears of sadness -
I'm a dried well of relief.
Sunken Grounds.
Bliss Jan 27
Every morning like sunflowers lost
their self on the sun,
I lost myself on your smile.
And then I reborn to rise in love with you
By finding myself in your arms...
I never fall in love with you because i rise in love with you..!!
The progressive flow of time
can never, ever unwind
don't think towards infinity
and degrade your own trinity

The title of alive is but a mask
finding your power is your true task
I look back and I realize now
why my depression screamed so loud

I wasn't true to myself
I could think of nothing, and nothing else
To regain my insanity, my dignity
Grow my resolve towards infinity
I'm really feeling it today. Watching a Robin Williams documentary. Do what you need to do, I realize what I need now.
Deb Jones Sep 2017
I believe in transmigration of the soul.

I want to be born again as a bird.
An Eagle, Hawk or Falcon
Maybe a Condor or an Owl
Birds with few predators.

Their kingdom is the sky.

I don't want to have memories of being a woman.
I want to experience life as only a winged soul. I don't want the comparisons of the life I left behind.

Powerful and free
I want to ride the wind, soar with the currents.
With nothing in the air as powerful as me.

I want to see my shadow on the ground as I fly. Every creature below me, increasing  their heart tempo becomes paralyzed with fear.

I want to build my aerie on a mountainside. And fill it with my young.
With my superior eyesight I could see for miles. Of any enemy that might come.

As a Falcon I could dive at 200 miles per hour.

As an Eagle I would have beauty, power, grace and spirit.

I would live a life that is protected, honored.

As a Condor, my wingspan would be majestic. 10 to 11 feet. With hallow bones, almost weightless

As a Hawk I would mate for life. Both of us would hunt. The echoing cry of a Hawk tells the mate where to find it's food.

The calling of Hawks or Peregrine falcons hunting with their mates immediately makes me stop and listen. It's a hauntingly beautiful call.

What a wonderful life that must be.

I believe that one day that will be me.
Gaia Jan 7
My rebirth is here my dear
Do not be sorry nor shead a tear
For she was buried under fear
To finally be reborn as the universe is finally clear
John Mendoza Jan 7
If I’m being honest when I left, though it hurt, yet you still wished me the best, but deep down, you knew I wasn’t coming back, cause life was just something I couldn’t hack, yet no matter how far I ran, you kept calling me back

I figured that maybe, if I made amends to those before I left, I wouldn’t have to pretend to be content, and I could be free knowing that certain things are better left unsaid, yet somewhere down the line, the love in our hearts, and hope in our eyes were lost due to a disconnect

Cause at times we’re too blind to see what we call home, too angry to enjoy what we call our own, while hoping that maybe it’s not too late, to say goodbye, as time continues to pass us by

As deep down, I knew I couldn’t stay, cause the thoughts in my head, always left me feeling worse than dead, so my only option was to flee, like caged bird, who needed to be free

So I looked for any chance to fly away, any means to runaway, but soon I came to see that I wasn’t running from you, I was running from me, although I always told myself, that maybe if I told you farewell, then I wouldn’t have felt so overwhelmed

Cause honestly I’ve grown....
Too tired of sorrow filled eyes, blinded with spite,
Too tired of holding up a heavy heart weighed down by lies,
Too tired of a war torn soul, lost in a disguise,
Too tired of wondering if I’ll ever see the sunrise

Yet as these things haunt me, your love for me never fell through, no matter how many times I withdrew from you,
So I hope that you can forgive me, as I have the strength to see now, what I was too angry to see before
Cause I was never truly alone, as I always had you, my beautiful broken home....
Over the hills and far away I feel today feel It seems I've come a long way In the last couple of
I'm now looking to a future starting to plan a new beginning just hope It's not to late
I still have up and down days but have a fight now I didn't have before born
Finding the will to carry on born again stronger than before
CL Fjell Jan 6
Drive far away from home
Shed tears for my old strife
Shave head, start a new life
Never remember you
Always forgotten too
Erase your favorite song
Still I ask, "Is it wrong?"
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