Alex Mar 11
Please don't look at my face
I know you'll only think
I'm just another disgrace

One more person gone bad,
One who has given in and gone mad
Christ put me in a tomb
An abode for the soul
Forever cold

I fear the slumber
And a slender plumber
With his wrench and pipe expertise

The hold he may have
Solid grip
And strength

It could corrupt
And maim me

I want to hide

But I am trapped
Lost in the blaze
Of the plumber's gaze
Janie Elizabeth Oct 2017
I've been searching for a way to bring you back to life
I've been needing you here with me every night
It's not the same without you by my side
But I let you die

All I need is your arms around me
All I want is your hand in mine
It's not the same without you by my side
But I let you die

I can feel your cold, bony fingers caress my face
i can feel you looking at me with so much disgrace
It's not the same without you by my side
But I let you die

I killed you
I let you die
Please come back to life
But I let you die
As I youth,
I attended services at
And went to Hebrew School
At Congregation Rodef Shalom.
In young adulthood,
I encountered some serious Mental Health Problems.
At this time,
I studied Buddhism
And attended religious services
At Denver Tri-State Buddhist Temple,
Which is part of the Jodo Shinshu sect
That originated in Japan.
I recall that Sensei Eijun Kujo
Told me that SHAME is considered to be a GOOD thing
In Japanese Culture.
This view lies IN CONTRAST,
To the Teachings of Dr. Brene Brown,
Who sees Shame as a PROBLEM
And views GUILT
As more therapeutic.
I don't really feel "guilty" about anything right now.
I feel ASHAMED that the United States
Has a President like Donald Trump,
For the suffering people of Puerto Rico!
I feel ashamed that the UNITED STATES
Has allowed a man to become President
Who EXHIBITS so many mental health problems
But REFUSES to allow himself to be evaluated
By any sort of Mental Health Professional.
I feel ashamed of how the CULTURE of the United States
Is being degraded and eroded
By President Donald Trump
And his Authoritarian Clique.
As Americans,
Are normally proud
Of our beautiful National Parks
As well as our Diverse Cultural Legacy.
Music, Culture and the Arts
Are things that bring Americans together,
But President Donald Trump cares NOTHING
For Culture.
All he is interested in the "Bottom Line"
Even if the Murder of Innocent People
In places like Yemen is part of the "profit margin".
I must say
That I feel ASHAMED to be an American right now.
My Grandparents came here
To flee War and Persecution in Europe,
And I know of no other country as my Home,
But I'm really feeling DISGUSTED right now
And ashamed!
Lilly frost Sep 2016
Not this
Not again
Defiant I lift my chin
I will not break because you decided to go off on a whim
My gaze held steady but I wasn't ready
The second your clenched hand reached my face
I knew already I had lost the race
what a disgrace you'd say
what a disappointment
Though to duck is not my first urge
I've taken too many hits from you
It's to punch but I must still my nerves
From there I knew it could only get worse
I'm crying but it doesn't hurt
No emotions show on my face
No feeling in my eyes
Your little girl is frozen is that a surprise?
Your little disgrace is emptied
Is it even alive?
How could you have left yourself so far behind?
Samruddhi Sep 2017
Did you just call my name?
Cause it got lost in the hall of fame
You have always let me down
How can you still think you deserve this crown?
I still remember you holding my hand in my darkest days
Now all I can see is my own disgrace
There was a time when you would walk with me in the rain
Here I am now with no heart, soul and brain
A brave Knight is born to make his own ride
So henceforth, I need no one by my side
TheseRoots Sep 2017
I'm not good enough
I'm not small enough
I'm ugly
I'm untalented
I’m not smart enough
Not happy enough
I’m not enough.
G Rog Rogers Aug 2017
Slow Southern Blues

Been so damn down
looked up to see the ground
Been so damn low
then I arose to stand tall

In those damn times
I couldn't walk at all
that was when I just
had to crawl

So damn alone
I didn't see a soul
I was so damn glad
just to see a happy fool

There was that time
I heard my children sing
Then I awoke and it was
all a damn dream

Been so damn tired
I couldn't sleep at all
Been so damn sad
I just had to laugh

Been so damn long
I never will forget
I walked too damn far
Too damn late to quit

The fox he got his hole
and the bird his nest
But a damn man like me
got no damn place to rest

Still and on I go
until the bitter end
A damn man like me
will just begin again

My greatest sin
was ever loving you
Surely once
you were almost true

In every way you know
my love was shown
But now your heart
is the devil's home

You told your damn lies
and some still believe
But in the end
your gonna' die from grief

They'll dig a shallow grave
to cover your disgrace
But until that time
I don't want to see
your damn face

There will come a day
when you know
you've been wrong
But surely then
I'll of left
and be long gone

Then you'll say
I knew him back when
Hear me say
Go to Hell
Go to Hell again

If I live to be
a billion thirty-three
God will damn you all
for what you done to me

If I die the day
before yesterday
God will damn you all
for what you would not say.


In my heart, invisible
-Oceans, I felt
My heart, a shell
Within a storm, I dwell
A high up place—True love's disgrace
& without bitterness, I fell

-Ashton Amstutz
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