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Stand strong.
You matter, not alone.
You strong, you not alone and you can do it.
New people, opportunities.
Life goes on.
Stand straight and strong.
Keep your head up straight.
I proud for you.
Bad things don't happen to bad people
Relics know,
Serving high the expectations of karma in disguise
Opting that time reflects a million lies
But deeds have never paid full its price
And stagnant are the perspectives of a rich life
But never has it been
A slight try at feeling alive
Boning traditions within the warfare of pride.

Bad things don't happen to bad people my child
Giving grace to strangers in the looking glass we hide.
Bhill Jun 28
How many chances
How many opportunities
How many failures...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 158
Sometimes you just want to know.
YusufKudsi Jun 24
All I see is wasted time
Wasted feelings and missed opportunities
Life passing infront of my eyes
Getting old when yesterday I was just a kid
Walking on a long road along the city lights
Wondering why I am here when there is so much more to life.
OpenWorldView Jun 21
blazing moon rises
darkness chases frightened soul
fleeing own shadow
You are your own worst enemy.
lake Jun 5
this is the greatest time of my life
and there's nowhere i'd rather be
one day i'll look back on the highlights
and miss when i was free

when i wake up in the night
arm reaching for the light
i think of where i'll be
but i don't want to see

too many choices, but not enough time
i think i'm losing my mind
each one could be the worst of them all
my mental powerball

sometimes i think i try way too hard
when there's nothing i can do
i like to think that i can still restart
but there's too much to lose
I don’t wanna be a victim of it
But it seems as if it has already made way into my home
It has picked my locks, or maybe bribe my dog
Or even found passage through my windows
I don’t want to loose to it
I don’t want to tell myself I have lost
The thought of being brought down by it
I guess has already given it a point
But I’m in my corner, with worthy weapons
And even though, there’s no more turns
I place my back deeper into the wall and hope I make it out alive
Make it out and say anything’s possible
I hope I survive and stand fully prideful, and say I know what I was doing
Even if I was blank throughout it all
And praying someone rescues me
I hope I’m not a victim, or anything near it
Maybe a survivor, but still I was attacked by it
I want to say I can help you, whenever it pops up again
And show how massive my heart is to feel its pain
Even though it strangled me into pointy corners
That tore flesh and pierce bones from my shield I once hold
I’ll show it how sweet forgiveness is, how gentle it feels
I’ll let it know, and I’ll say
Suicide your not scary anymore, I drew you alive
So I can draw you a smile
M-E Apr 22
This is
A silly thought
Like two little birds
One on the branch
The other on the land
I threw a stone on the
One  on   the   branch
Because the other one
Is   right   in my hand
Right where I stand
I missed it
No bird
On the branch
Or the land
Excuses are perfect
Purging behind innocents
Leaving relentless, the shame of forgiveness
For what rewards can be reaped
From holy deeds ?
When sins form more roads to see
And youth sways bravely,
The painful words of hatred.
And only age knows of Nor’s
Of whether time was spent with love
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