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Glenn Currier Dec 2023
The breeze stretches and cools the season
along the country road
variegated light, leaf-filtered
from trees that lean
in rivalry for my eager eyes.

Their foliaged arms dangle, then drop
an amber snowfall all around
as if to awaken me
to the autumn creep
into my bones that click and tick
with each tottery step.

Earth awakens me to the beauty
in this splendorous season
of the gliding swaying passage
of life in alteration
and spiritual invitation
to bathe in the slow current of creation
along this road
and its cool and bright possibilities.
Nylee Oct 2023
Letters you posted, i never got,
Somewhere in transit,
Many months passed
Conversations skipped
It is untimely
So likely
I am hung upon
All missed opportunities.
Dave Robertson Jun 2021
As chasms open up to swallow
I’ll eye them carefully
to see if I should cling or dive

The thing about chasms is
that there might be something amazing
at the bottom, that reinvents you

Or there could be spikes and crocodiles,
or spiky crocodiles
with knives

You just never know with chasms
And unto the new life thou promised
On it I pray thou hold thy grip
And unto thy ***** hold thee tight
Grasses here are greener than thou think
There's no place better than home
Abby Feb 2021
I have questions I’ll never get to ask
Answers I desperately need to hear
Thoughts seeping then escaping
So rarely any resonating

I drink more than I should,
Believe more if I could,
Die in your arms, wish I would
Guess I’m just misunderstood

Laughter turns to anger in my throat.
Senses scrambled when I need them the most.
Don’t you know we’ll all die alone?
Recognize emptiness in your bones

I swear more than I should,
Trust you more if I could,
Transcend doubt, wish I would
Purposely misunderstood

Chances left on the table like scraps
Another time we’ll never know
Things like this change everything
Sacrifice one for another again

I lie more than I should,
Love in full if I could,
Be young and free, wish I would
Always just misunderstood
Always looking for the right words, answers, and infinite lives to explore.
Louie Blaise Jun 2020
Not like life, when it's the end, it's the end
The sun will set, yet it will rise again
The lost opportunities can be rendered tomorrow
But, the same sequence will never show

Enjoy the clouds while they're at fleet
The patterns will never aver again repeat
Be open to the opportunities that knock
Like a rock, once thrown, they'll never come back

Regrets, nostalgias, and broken dreams surround
As the pink skies are swallowed by dark clouds
When the day comes to an end
It remind
things in this world are transient.
Wrote this poem while looking at the sunset when the pink skies are slowly swallowed by the gray mushy clouds.
beth haze Jun 2020
Walking into the house of someone we don’t know
you can definitely tell right away
this is not my type of crowd.
Following your friend around we made it to the backyard
sitting on a couch outside on that cold August night.
Your other friend couldn’t stop messing around, he
was really getting on my last nerve now.
You’re watching us from across the table
beer in your hand and daggers shooting from your face but
you didn’t even try to put me aside to dance.
Face to the side and you start a conversation
with someone else while one of my friends drags me to the side
of the house and asks “Which one is it? Which one do you want?”.
How I couldn’t tell right then and there that I
was putty in your hands is beyond me since
I just wanted you to take me where the music wasn’t
too loud even if it was just to talk or stare at the sky.
But I barley saw you at all, looking grumpy all alone while
I was a rushed inside the house just a few rooms down the hall
holding my friend’s hair as she threw up from mixing too much.
Came across you again when it was time to leave,
forced to sit at the front since I was the only one
on her right mind and your friend didn’t want
to be bothered after finding out that you and
his girlfriend had stolen a bowl out of the house.
It was just us four in the car.
How I wish you had been sober that night,
talked to me even just for a little while.
Maybe I would of had the guts to kiss you in the corner
of the living room or held your hand later that night when
we walked side to side down the road whilst our friends
chased each other around.

  - why did it take me this long to figure it out?
This person has been on my mind lately, mostly 'cause I've done some realizing during quarantine brought by my subconscious, things that helped see this (and many other nights) clearer but I also been listening a lot to "Wish You Were Sober" by Conan Gray which happens to bring back the memory of this particular night every-time I listen to it.
Avidace Theophil May 2020
I asked for opportunities,
They said i should search.

I searched in all available channels,
They said i should apply.

I applied for everything,
They said i should be qualified.

Then i told them, I am hungry!
They promised a viand.

I reminded them,
Wait, They gave me hope.

Everything that had remained,
Started overflowing.

For the stubbing,
Was all over my body.
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