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So many songs,
Writings of different forms,
Signs bearing emotions,
All done to define and express love.

What makes this exceptional?
It's Me and You getting functional
Where time here is neither money
Nor a factor as company

Sing to me your feels
I'll listen and do the beats
Dig in me your prints
Show me how you do your kills

Love to grow and glow
Should be let free to flow
Nobody May 22
You must suffer in silence here
you don’t have the power of will,
only a shaky voice with tears
and way too much time to ****.

You feel incapacitated,
so you must be in a deep sleep.
Now the usual strange burden
is the only thing you’ll reap.

You try not to look down
you need to back up real slow,
it hurts to breath up here
but there’s nowhere else to go.

This is your worst nightmare now,
all you wish to do is escape.
You want to jump off the cliff,
but something forces you to stay.

You feel so hopeless
like you’ll never feel joy again.
Some light might help you get out,
but there aren’t any lamps around.

You almost slip off the edge,
you know you really have to wake.
You think if you try a little harder
maybe the dreamy lie would break.

But some things aren’t what they seem,
you’ll soon learn the deal.
The dreamy lie is your life,
and it's always been real.
To net a butterfly takes time,
catch the states of mind with kindness.
From thoughts, emotions, opinions, belief,
ethereal dreams may seem out of reach.

The small pineal gland still stands tall,
even if we're concealing what is real.
Cold hard stone in hand,
a granite man can fracture.

Match the eye of sun gods,
appreciate your wider space in chorus.
Combined from our creative borderlands,
where we learn to understand and teach.

Factual fractals repetitively resonate,
so try to make the most of your ability.
As intuitions have a silent plan,
contemplate your future face.

This life can be deemed a dream,
where we're all here for a finite time.
You're born, you work and times pass by.
Then onto the next opportunity.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Lila Apr 30
I wish people could understand
That sometimes things don't go as planned
And that I'll always try to hide
The things I feel deep down inside

I wish people could understand
That's sometimes being true is hard
That sticking to the rules is bland
So let this all become freehand

I wish they know
That it's possible to
Like boys and girls
And still be you

To be bi in a world
Where straight is the norm
To be wild and untamed
When people conform

That it's possible to
Be 'smart' and suicidal
That comfort doesn't make one
Want to keep their vitals

That just because I smile
Doesn't mean it's all fine
That I can hate my life
And still act in line

So please understand
Don't judge, don't sigh
I want you to know
That I really try
To be normal and stuff
To not scream and cry
To act like I'm still
A really good child

But before you judge
Keep this in mind
I'll keep killing myself
Until everyone thinks I'm fine
Another day
Another say
Give thanks for a new day always
Everyday style up and give thanks
Even though you're not visiting banks
Just have in mind nothing of all is cranks
Crank enough to find taps on top of tanks
Positive energy🔥🔥
Broken Pieces Apr 19
How would you react if I said I missed you?
Would you miss me too?

It's highly unlikely because you seem to be okay,
But I still wonder what it would be like if you were to stay.

I don't want to, but I think of you every day,
I'm really sorry to brings this up this way.

I can just never seem to say anything right,
It's so hard for me to think about the light.

I'm ranting on and on about how I feel,
This is the only place where I can keep it real.

I cannot imagine myself without this site,
I for sure know the future wouldn't be bright.

Well this was a poem about nothing,
But it happened to lead to something.
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