Poetic T 4h

Buoyancy keeps me floating above
a tide of seductive

I'm a stop motion venture that will
surprise you with a reality
                                       at its ending..

You may see me smile
You may see me laugh
You conclude that i'm happy
But deep inside
I'm crying
Can you not help me.

I love him, but I don’t know if I can stay with him forever.
He is kind. He is smart. He is in someone’s eyes “the best you will ever get.”
But still, I feel I need someone else.
Someone who is deep. Someone who is my ideal. Someone who I can’t get bored with.

I love him, but I don’t know if I can stay with him forever.
He is loving. He is strong. He is an amazing partner.
But still, I feel in my heart that I need someone else.
Someone who is stronger. Someone who will protect me. Someone who will never tarnish in my eyes.

I love him, but is this what I really want for myself?
He loves me.
But still, I someone else could offer me another high.
This someone could be the one, I mean really the one.

Do I take the leap? The leap that will leave me in a bare dry dessert composed of lust filled,
decomposed rocks of what used to be? Is it right for me?
And if so, who is he?
Does his breath continue to whisper sweet nothings into my nostrils? Does feeling his embrace take me to the ledge that I would be willing to jump off of for him? Can he be the one who I can wake up to, armpit stench and all. Raspy good mornings, and I need coffees? Or will I fall asleep with him too?

lightening doodles
night and city lights dissolve,
more or less than than real?

Tropical country
That Latino rhythm
You’re smiling
You look so fresh
So free
Mind and soul so clear
With no worries
So happy
I used to make up stories
About this moment
I used to fantasize about this moment
Maybe I’m still making up a story
Got lost in my mind
Imagining this perfect moment
Then I ended up believing it is real
But it feels real
You’re here
As Happy as I imagined I’d make you
Aren't you?

What you said taught me something. How passionately you claimed to not care for me, but yet how much you hated me, gave me something.
A passionate disposition for not being a good person, but something real.
A truly realistic human being.

Forgive me, but I've always been something real. A product of my own reality, and I'm only just learning to take control of that reality.
D A N E Apr 7

We ended things.
But if I go there, wherever you are…
Would you meet me?

Let me hug you.
Would let me see who you are,
for the sake of my sanity?

Because that’s all I want.
Bare myself to you,
when before you couldn’t see.

In my eyes there were no lies.
That I loved you for real.
When the truth wouldn’t let me be.

To know you’re real.
For you to feel how you affected me.
Would you finally hear my plea?

Ari Apr 7

I once had a friend
Who was afraid to die.
That very same friend
Was afraid of life.

I once had a friend
Who hated herself.
That very same friend
Loved everyone else.

I once had a friend
Whos soul had unraveled.
That very same friend
Had often traveled.

I once was a friend...


Liz Carlson Apr 3

Beauty should not be pain.
Beauty should not be starvation.
Beauty should not be hours of preparation.

Real beauty is personality.
Real beauty is found on the inside, and only an ounce of a person's real beauty is shown in their outward appearance.
Real beauty is formed by years of self love and compassion.
Real beauty is shown through a person's eyes and through the way they act when no one is watching.
Real beauty is found in the little things.

Look for real beauty in everyone and everything you see, including yourself.

Dark Delusion Apr 2

My sanity is hiding from me.
Making me a weak prey.
I want to run, I want to get away.
I just want to live.

Lies, inside my head.
Time is ticking.
I’m running out of air.
I’m…. blank.

Get me out,
Let me escape.
I can’t hide,
They know.

They know. They know.
I won’t know.
The lies is eating me up,
It’s getting harder to sleep.

I escaped...
I... I didn’t.
I’m still here, living in a phantasy.
I have to find an answer,
An answer for my insanity.

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