We've found our very own comet-
The sort padded out with silk.  
We'll sit up here with the world so clear,
The iris sky speckled with milk,

And I'll ask you my sweet,
How did I get so lucky?
Through the sunlight we swim,
In the warm afternoon,
Or thrifty picnics
In my moonlit room
With dimples asleep on your face
How did I find this fairytale place?

I've seen a smile I won't tire of,
A spirit that understands.
Meteor rain wouldn't keep us the same
But my spine won't break in your hands

And I ask you, my sweet,
How did I get so lucky?
Nectarine breakfasts with
Peeling lanterns at ten,
Or scream ourselves silly
At funfairs again
With the wind kissing your face
I don't want to leave this place

And I wish you could see yourself like I do
'Cause it's impossible to be angry at you
And I'll love you for decades if you stick around
'Cause when I'm lost with you
I don't want to be found.
Home is where the heart is <3
Haleigh 19h
A teenagers dream. Something few deserve, something most don't get. The word that you think can change your image, looks, and life.

And then you graduate,
and then you realize,
is just a title
and means nothing,
In the real world
Haleigh 19h
They described her as
Popular. But she wanted
To be her real self.
You, Just be you. Don't change for others, Trust me, I learned the hard way
your scars
are like graffiti
on your temple walls
but no amount of tears
can wipe them clean
at some point
they became part of the beauty

now i love every bit of you
and i wouldn't change a thing
nobody's perfect. everybody is broken. never wish you were different. find someone who loves all of you.
Breathing in, but not out.
Air is thick without a doubt.
I feel like I'm collapsing,
and everyone is laughing.

"Help me," I call to them,
but they act as if I'm condemned.
No one hears, no one looks
my body feels like a hundred hooks.

Strung up, left for the dead.
Maybe I should just drop my head.
Give in to the pain and sorrow,
and maybe I'll live to see tomorrow.
This describes the feeling of not being paid attention to. It's the speaker realizing they're drowning in the voices of their family.
melody 1d
bath water dribbles up me
i lay smothered in the tub until my head is clearer than the water
it died a long time ago
i just never wanted to accept it
the transparency is covering my feet
i can see through it all
and although i should be sad
i can’t overlook the key components which made my life worth it
i met some great people over the years
i faced my fears and wiped the tears i wept
i overslept and got some rest when it was necessary
i heard my favorite songs til the break of dawn in the back of a bar porch
i met strangers and listened to them tell me how lovely i was
i listened indeed and i always keep it with me
it died a long time ago about 6 months in when i found out i wasn’t the only one getting attention
i just didn’t wanna accept it
thank you for that
in my mind my bags were packed i guess that’s why it was so easy to find the places where you lacked
it was easy for me to want to give up
because i knew it was already dead
love killed you
from the inside out
and each potential victim with bright eyes can’t help but hunger for the emptiness you cradle so deeply inside
hidden amongst the facade of creation
loved turned into a void for you
a void you had to fill with thrills and pills and feels
i’m trying to understand your pain
i’m standing in the rain
with my hands out forever grateful of this simulation
i bathed in pain tonight but i still remain heartfelt and empathetic and i wish to not project it onto others
and see that is why i can’t understand you
M 1d
Lavender petals dust the
floor of the shop,
pearls of stems and beads
of thorns stick up from
the carrier bins on display.

Fingertips grace the
blooms of the pink and twilight
nuzzled petals,
so pretty, so fresh,
so ethereal.

A flower shop,
a vortex of learning and beauty,
one for joyous occasions
or forlorn ones, but
for occasions nonetheless.

And my occasion
for such a place with
such ethereal beauty
and flowers with
limbs of outstretched
support and beauty came from
loving and caring for you.
I'm an image in your head
flickering lights, yellow and gold
I'm the idea you once had
a dream's promise you hold

I'm a burning desire
not only in flesh but in mind
one you admire
the most tender of its kind

If you make me real
there will surely be
things of lesser appeal
no longer a vision but an actual me

But if you're bold enough to take it all
the harsh and the pure
I'd make sure to go easy on you and to fall
For the most simplest lure
Neither are they all deep,
All poems aren't happy,
Stop liking what you see,
When I could be fibbing,
It's a shot in the dark,
When I start to get real,
I hate what they call art,
When art is what they fear.
It's a game in the sand when you get something from me,
Sight the clouds in the sky when the suns too bright to see,
It's all strange in my head, when did shadows start to breathe,
All is fun 'til someone makes you see reality.

You like what you see when I fake being happy,
They will see hope when I see my neck snapping,
A cry in the dark leads the bullets right to me,
Sound the sirens when the chains start to take what once was free.

Don't you know the real from the fake,
Grab a hand in case, must I pray, for your sake,
No one knows knives from pillows till they lay down,
Next time you see, know a grin from a frown.
Don't only appreciate false happiness. All poems aren't happy.
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