who am i to say
love isn't real
maybe i have never known of love
real love
am i a stranger to the beautiful sweet thing
that everyone speaks of
is it too far out of reach
they say i'm too young to understand
they say it won't come until i grow
what if i find the one
the one that changes my mind
changes everything
makes me believe
believe completely in this beautiful thing
called love
Just one kiss,
But much more,
A moment of bliss,
The girl I adore.

Just every fear,
But nothing real,
No one will hear,
I don't know how to feel.
My first poem, feels weird to be writing like this but I want to get good at it.
Sven 21h
It feels weird
I don't seem to mind.
Or at least I didn't.

Now I just want it off.
Off of my face.

I want it all gone
All of the fake laughs,

I just want to natural.
[I hope people who wear make-up don't get offended] :p
Garments stripped from worn bones and weary mind
Feet dragged on tile; hands grasp plastic veil
Stepping into a tub; near swoon divine
A pure, naked self emancipation,
before the squeaking running metalware  
that erases the daily equation.
Dancing, singing tunes of own devices
Cupid, Shooting Star, Sister Golden Hair
Rocky Mountain High, American Pie
Shitty bosses gonna kiss asses here
Astronauts, cowboys, and rockstars meet here
Best yet, the individual is here
Although merely hidden by a curtain,
all for your view is but a damp shadow.
So, you're dead?


What do you mean, "you're dead"?


This is just typical of you.

A man of your age should've known better.
Happy father's day
I used to dream of bidding you farewell
And wishing you on your way
"Goodbye, traveller, bye for now"
I'd force myself to say
But somehow you persisted
Punching thoughts out of the way
Ambling to the forefront of my mind every day
Almost real
Almost there
Until the moment
On a train between Woking and Clapham
When a new journey had begun
I grieved no more for melting snow
I worshipped the sun
And I let you go
throw your broken hearts away
you don't need them
go find new ones
fill them with real love
from within
begin again
Living in a fantasy with me,
Encased within a dream.
Circling the stars just like
We were in the sea.
And soon you will see,
That I cant differentiate between
What's real?
And what's make believe?
Nothing is as it seems;
Eat me, drink me,
Sky high, down low,
Wherever you may go to,
I will follow the maze into the deepest depths of you.
I don't know what is true,
I dont know what is false.

Every day I wake up,
breath the air and look up;
As I see the sky above,
I wonder if its all I've got.

What if things weren't as I see?
Could they be lies composed by me?
How can we trust ourselves these days?
How can we trust our human ways?

People are selfish, people are cruel;
All these people just want to rule.
So what if Im like them, what if I'm dull?
What if my brain just want to be 'cool'?

I'm tired of questions, I'm tired of thinking;
I just want the truth to finally sink in.
What am I feeling? Who am I really?
These endless questions forever spinning.

And this poem has no ending,
Like the life I keep in question;
Will I reach a true conclusion?
Or will my life be left on pending?
I'm lost in truths and lies.
Amanda 5d
She was the reason
He was finally able
To take off his mask
Love takes off masks we fear we cannot live without, but know we cannot live within.
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