Despite the fact that you broke her heart
She somehow managed to mend it
Just so she could have it beat again

For you.

For J

Each step forward, I found his ego winning over my love.

Maybe we'll meet somewhere in oblivion. Parallel lines never intersect in real world.

My love! How sweet, how prosperous!
        He lives within my heart~!
Nurtures, Oh, He cherishes –
        Oh, never shall we part!

Though I may beauty and elegance lack,
        My heart strung with sorrow’s strings,
My love, His soul does sing for me –
        In perfect melody~!

And I do love, with all my heart,
        With fiber, mind, and soul,
My perfect man, Oh, man of dreams –
        My sweetest dreams unfold.

His flaws are seamless, seams are flawless –
        Imperfections perfect –
My darkness His light, His bright my sun –
        My blight, His love confesses none –

All this, except for only one.
        A single state which rattles my commitment,
A flaw which overlooking may not come.
        Bastardly, it prevents my love’s fulfilment.

Though He should love me in all my ignorance –
        My shame, and clumsy arrogance –
That I should question Him is deplorable –
        Yet, Oh, this flaw, it’s un-ignorable!

For He is a dream, Oh, not to be!
        In my mind it’s Him I see, but –
Among the living, out in the world,
        He does not exist but in my words.

What sorrow indeed, sweet imaginings bring!
        His rose-petal scent – His eyes blue and green –
His mystical magical magnificence –
        A figment of my imagination.

In what cruel world do I live where no one accepts?
        His love so extensive, mine potent, and yet –
Because He is fake, in only my mind,
        My love is doomed, empty, lonely, and blind?
My love feels so real; I weep and I laugh,
        My emotions run rampant for Him, and still yet –
Is it not real? Only a lie?
        A lie which is felt – but still not alive?

My love, it is real, but fake just alike.

You make a different person out of me
A person I don't recognise as me
From all the words you see
You draw me differently
in a compartment of your mind
Some of my thoughts out there
but many still hidden
You have a different idea
of what I mean from words written
But I have no boundary
limits you built for my identity
Do you think you know me
Or you see what you want to see ?

I too see you from my own vision
Colour you with your thoughts and words
the way I see
guilty of the same you do me
make you a character
in reality you never be
I feel you angry and sad
happy and mad
with all your charms and wordplay
I picture you but not really you

We are strangers
we don't know each other
we create lines to make sense
when we cannot comprehend the true forms
in real or virtual
you are different from what you are in my mind
a  very different person from who lives inside my head

I realized.
A lot these niggas are all lies.
Slowly but surely I realize.
That I bought them all to real life.

I had to really sit and recognize it.
They see me winning, want me to lose but I stay silent.
Act like they love but they really hate me in private.

I had to recognize but keep it quiet.

Giovanni Jun 15

Where did the time go?
The time moves so slow,
As I sit here and wait.
The love never replaced,
The light shines upon your face,
Your lips soft and sweet,

All I can ask myself is what's wrong with me?

Maybe if I would've done different you would be here still,
I should've loved you more,
Do you feel the sense of regret when you think of me?

I still love you,

The memories kill me!

The way we kissed,
The way we danced on the rain glittered street under the moon light,
The way we smile at each other for no reason

I miss you
I love you

K Jun 14

Tis' a tale foretold
A pattern so bitter
Your veil is sold
To the highest of bidders

The right one knows
With the mind that is clear
The left one talks
Through denial and fear

Your true beauty sleeps
Till the acting is over
When you open your eyes
Return to your lover

Giovanni Jun 14

I thought we were a poem meant to be written
I thought we were a song meant to be sang
I thought we were movie meant to be filmed
I thought we were a book meant to be published

You broke my heart but I have memories, they keep me warm inside. But those same memories tear me apart. My tears are hard to hide. You told me you love me but yet you pushed me aside, like an old bike that's been rusted outside. My heart is broken you left me alone. I feel my lungs are giving up, I feel I am too. The most dangerous drug I ever had, has blue eyes and a heartbeat.

Giovanni Jun 13

Hopeless is waking up in the morning at 3:30 and checking your phone to see if you contacted me while I was asleep and waking up to nothing. Hopeless is lying to yourself and everyone saying I'm okay when in reality I still love you, I never stopped. For you, I'm just hopeless

Hello, my dear dream,
Happy to see you in the bright morning sunlight,
Remembering, a passionate; kiss.

A sensual embrace a thousand years past,
The two of us bathing in a misty stream,
Under a ghostly moon.

Memories of a place where princesses and kings lived,

With wishful dreams, of golden sunsets,
Our Souls are holding each other in Heaven.
Until the gift of life comes again.

Living in the forest of nature,
Loving, making, new life,
Painting a new future;

With a brush of passionate words,
Painting songs and love poems,
Of a place and time, we can only dream.

Back then we just didn't know,
That we would ever meet again,
A thousand years hence.

My dear love,
Good to see you in the daytime.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

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