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Despair 1d
We don't lose
We just learn who our
real friends
L Brown 1d
A new start a new life
Something to make me smile
Something to erase all this pain
Something really worth my while
I truly hope you find me
And when you do I’ll be standing right here waiting for you
You need me just like I need you
So don’t deprive yourself of a love that could be so true
Let’s put our past behind us and learn from our mistakes
Because we know without love you really only attract snakes.
Lydia 2d
You should not have to feel like you need to change yourself for anyone else
the right person should help you bloom into the sunshine
be the rain to nourish your roots
and the soil to help you grow
but be the key to helping you see how beautiful you've been all along
Chris 2d
Entangled fingers
Passion laced
Skin toned ribbons
Esophagus constricted
Mirror image

The strength of this love
In bloodshot white..

Eyes will see devotedly
The truest moment

If beauty is truth
When there's no more life..

Unblinded in the fade..
Pass with honor ...
You are flawlessness
From beginning to end
I suppose
I don't write
As others do.

But you see,
My work is from within.
Riddled with bits and pieces of
I see her despair as she reaches for you
Clinging to her past.
Hoping for a future.

I smile in satisfaction,
bathing in her sorrow.

Her object is my ****,
her happiness is mine.
Boys cry
But men think they shouldn’t
Girls cry
But women sob

Boys play
But men joke
Girls play
But women are serious

Boys are real
Among themselves
But men pretend
Girls pretend
Among themselves
But women fake it

Boys form
But men aspire to become
Girls wanna be
But women aspire to be better

Boys like
Men fall in love
But men play with your feelings
Girls crush
Women love
But women love too hard

Boys love competition
But Men love power
Girls love Friendship
But Women love Class

Boys hate chores
But men can now cook
Girls love chores
But Women now do more than chores

Boys dream,
But men achieve
When boys lie, girls believe
But women are those that make the men
Women they make the will to bend

Boys are young can do no wrong
Men are calculated, they know what’s wrong
Girls are young they make heads turn
Women are smart could make kingdoms burn
And after all my vacant musings
And energy wasted in worry
I sit here, sorry.

For but a while I lay silent in my bath
Drowning in evaporating thoughts
Lamenting my stories.

He lets me ponder, flail, indulge my mind
And fill my soul with sand
On my self-made dry land.

Until a feather lays at my feet alone
And my little ones say my name
I suddenly understand.

The rays of sun wrap me in their love
And my stubborn perception is severed
Life opens, unfettered.

And after all my vacant musings
My weathered, jaded body
Returns again and remembers

Simple beauty,  
Simple acts,
Simple words,
Pure love is simple.
Peace 7d
Let the rain touch, speak & pour over my emotions. A whiff of thunder, a cloudy chance of a storm brewing. The darkening of the skies. Washing away, the colours of the day. Night in midday, windy in humid air. Tis the atmosphere is changing. Approaching is war. A fight within self. As Spirit is preparing for the battle ahead.

Come wash over me
Amanda 7d
In moments of seemingly meaningless quiet joy
I take a breath for once enjoyed
Embraced with the love you have
Arms circled around my back
I feel your lips brush my forehead
Heart stops, for a minute I am dead
I am tired, running from fear
Sparkle in our eyes is clear
Laugh and release my mind from thought
Just want to escape the things we're not
Taste your kiss and all else disappears
That is how I know it's real what we have here
When it's real you just know
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