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i will miss...

...all the words even when they’re meant for someone else you make me read between the lines, the commas, the
parentheses and the semicolons

...the all-consuming feeling as i turn the last page you up to others
atlas 4d
symptoms include:
brushing my teeth in the middle of the day
wearing my pajamas three days in a row
failing classes i understand
listening to regina spektor's old albums on repeat
wearing your flannel to sleep
talking to myself, forgetting you aren't around

fatality rate:

a soft kiss on the lips at two am
as we fall asleep
talking about committing arson
i miss kissing you and talking about faking our deaths together. in the room we probably shouldn't have hotboxed <3

i love you, blue eyes **
I ******* miss you
Wish I could kiss you
I'm furiously mad at you
Tried to be good for you
Feel ******* sad without you
Nothing but bad to me
Should have minded myself
Instead I blinded myself
paschelco Sep 2
I saw you last night.
nothing has really changed,
not a single look was exchanged but we both knew.
your eyes feel the same... what?
a lot can happen in a year,
If you asked me 889 days ago if i'd be here
I'd say no.
did the stars align or did hell freeze?
all I know is the atmosphere has turned
ugh , my stomach .
shaking this is everything but cosmetic
889 days and it feels like the 29th.
it only takes your voice.
your voice to deploy thoughts of confliction.
It's the most wonderful time of the year.
I don't want this tradition.
I missed you today,
As if a breeze had walked in,
Then left me to cold,

I said your name today,
But my voice was drowned,
By the laughter of people around,

I remembered your touch today,
Disintegrating into fine sand,
Blown away on a deserted land,

My heart ached for you today,
Like spikes piercing upwards,
Poking away at fallen clouds,

I cried for you today,
With heavy tears that sunk,
Dropping down into a dark well,

I feel alone today,
As I’m missing you,
By myself and on my own.
paschelco Aug 24
three minutes can feel like an hour,
but three minutes can't make up for a lifetime.
It can't make up for sleepless nights and future talk...
thoughts of old times with words at the speed of light,
although... this isn't enlightening.
maybe for a second, or a minute, or three.
I don't get to know that.
I pride on the simple fact you knew.
a hey with no name and a simple question.
just a simple question...
that's never the case but it's still scary.
it's scary because we care
it's scary because we loved, hurt, and lost
what am I losing now? myself?
paschelco Aug 24
as our dreams and fantasies fade
the future doesn't look as bright
definitely not the one we painted together
we are different
I like to think maybe we just didn't have time
we didn't make time
maybe it was a simple fix
I guess we'll never know
lenneve Aug 8
to my limitation about the distance,
i withstand the heartbreak.
unconcern to other humans’ emotions
but, the broken piece
of being out of reach
of not having you in my arms
when things are falling apart
and i see you are too,
from far.

but the world isn’t a kind place,
to restore the heartbreaks of
two person(s) in love.
despite the devilish heartless fate
of the universe,
the sky and stars give the chance
to wish for the
unspoken and hopeful words,
for those which are in love.
My real mother,
her name is Angela
She invests her heart and soul into
a child that she did not birth.

She loves, has a selfless sacrifice for someone else's kid in all of her,
while ignoring her own comfort.

She could never replace my biological mother,
but every child needs her mother
and nothing can change how much
I love her
To my mother
I will always be there for you
I will always care about you
I will always fight for you
I will always love you

you were never there for me
you never cared, your silence was the key
you never fought for me, instead, you broke me free
you didn't love me, you  never accepted you and me
because you  judged a person I was never meant to be

Someday you'll realize I was there when no one else was.
That I loved you like no other, and I didn't judge you like the others
Makes me wonder, why do I still bother?
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