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Let me take you back to the past, where my life was a blast.
It was just my mom and I, full of love and laughs.
Not a day was dull, it was always an adventure.
We’d go bike riding often and sometimes late food adventures.
She used to tell me stories about the evil wicked witch.
Who happened to be my stepmom- an evil *****.
I climbed into her bed during thunderstorms.
She would wrap me in her arms to keep me warm.
She would sing me to sleep with her lovely voice.
It was calming and it blocked out the other noise.
She was my bestfriend and the woman I aspire to be.
Unfortunately, she was taken away from me.

Now let me take you to the part of my life when I was filled with strife.
My mom had cancer; she was fighting for her life.
The vomiting was something I could not take, but I rubbed her back anyways because she needed a break.
I would bring her medicine and make sure she was fine.
“No matter what, I’ll always be in your heart”, was a foreshadowing line.
She took me to Disney world for my 8th birthday.
That trip was magical and something to remember.
She sent me away for Christmas break.
She said she was going away on a business trip.
I stayed with my aunt, my cousin, and grandma.
I had it in my head that I would soon return to my mama.

Let me take you to the day when my heart went away.
I woke up in the morning and my grandma was crying.
“Do you remember when your mom said she’d always be in your heart?”
From that moment on, I knew we would forever be apart.
My heart shattered and the tears remained all day.
My mom was everything to me. How could she be taken away?

Now let me bring you to now, where I always wear a frown.
It’s 12 years later, and I still cry to this day.
My happiness been left and I am such a mess.
What did I ever do to deserve this mess?

Now let me take you back to the past where my life was a blast.
It was just my mom and I, full of love and laughs.
Those were the good times where my happiness existed.
We had great memories and I’ll always miss it.
Save me a spot in heaven.
Mom, I miss you...
Kate 5d
It was 4 p.m.
The sun shined through my window as music danced in my ears
The birds sang in unison as I wiped my tears
The wind spoke soft, like an old friend
The children played outside my window, their smiles not pretend
The hour 4 p.m. is when I think about him
The little things, appreciate them.
Abby Reynolds Oct 11
I loved you with soft kisses and warm hugs
with t-ball pictures in a scrapbook
and eating ice cream with your little sister the first time her heart was broken
I came to you in my love
with hands to hold when things got hard
and a smile to share when the world gave you a favor
My intentions were always laced with your happiness in mind
I wanted nothing more than to cheer for you in pridefulness
when you proved them all wrong
but also to walk you home in the dark when you struck out
I loved you with all the stars in the sky
with every word in the books
with every tear in my heart
loving someone like that
filled many holes I didn't know were there
it showed a side of me
I didn't recognize
A side of me I wanted to stick around
I loved you with soft kisses and warm hugs
with laced fingertips and galaxies through the freckles on your back
you loved me
with lustful touch and half chuckles
with clenched fist and a hesitant heart
I know we lived two completely different love stories
you found chaos in the same place I laid mine to rest
This is why we could never try the times
we would never last loving as we did
you see
you never fell in love with the oceans in my eyes
or the tenderness in my voice
you were searching for a violent love
in my peaceful heart
I suppose you didn't know you'd found a girl who could make a home
out of your getaway car
Simply H Oct 10
I hope that you’re doing okay
You didn’t ask me to stay away
But I knew it’s what you needed that day
I’m doing well is something I can’t say
But the price is more than I can pay
I just wish you wanted to stay
I can’t say it any other way

Please don’t go and leave me here
Losing you is my greatest fear
I may not cry but there is a tear
In my eyes for you my dear
The time apart has been like a spear
I just wish you would reappear

Being with you was my greatest joy
I really don’t mean to annoy
But my heart is not a toy
Because I’m not like every other boy
That your silence would not destroy

Life without you is really hard
My heart feels like it’s deeply scarred
I’m trying to put up a guard
But your not someone I can discard

It’s you that I really miss
The memory of our first kiss
Left me in this dark abyss

Every day I think of you
I wonder if you have a clue

You have my heart from now and forever, finish to start
Lexii1602 Oct 9
your hugs :
telling me you love me and you care.
holding me closer to you heart.
my hugs to you :
telling you to never let go and never leave my side.
holding you closer to my heart too.
telling you i love you.
your notes :
i still have the notes you sent,
i look at them and cry,
wishing you was still here.
my birthday :
you not being able to see me grow up.
you not able to see how big ive gotten sense i was young.
school :
not being able to tell you all my boy problems.
or asking you for help on my math homework.
homecoming :
you not able to tell the dude im with to keep me safe.
the sky/clouds :
i look up asking,
'why ? why couldnt it have been me instead ?'
nights :
every night not being able to hug and kiss you good night.

time :
day after day,
week after week,
month after month,
year after year .
im still missing you .
Olivia Oct 7
Tu me manques.
Or should I say I miss you.
Because I really do
But that is not what is on my mind right now.
I want to know if I am the one who is missing you
Or if you are the one affecting me.
Am I passive or active in our relationship?
Am I the only one who love
Or do you love me too?
Do you have some magical powers that I’m not aware of and that you are using on me?
Because I want to know, I want to know everything about you.
But even more, I want to understand this feeling, this attraction that we have for each other.

Why do I miss you?
And why am I the one who is suffering and the only one to be affected by it?
Why can’t it be like in French?
In French, you are the one that I miss, you are the one affecting me.
At least, I have a stronger bond with you in French,
Because you’re definitely doing something to me.
And I know you’re doing it on purpose.
I know you want to drive me crazy. And I have to say that it is a success.
I want you to hurt me, because at least you’re giving me something,
At least I am not alone in my bedroom, crying because you don’t want to see me.
I don’t want to be yours, I want us to be ours.
I don’t want to miss you, because I don’t know if you miss me too.
I’m pretty sure you’re playing right now, and that’s alright.
I’m over you.
But I still want you to help me. Because I still can’t understand our relationship.
If you can’t help me with my feelings, at least help me with my words.
I don’t want myself to miss you.
I want you to be the subject of my love, not the object.
I want you to make me miss you.
Because you have that kind of power on me, and if I have to be honest, I like it.
I like it because it’s something between the two of us.
And nobody else.
Don’t let me be the only one missing you.
Because I know you miss yourself too.
I wish your old you could come back.
I miss your old you.
Tu me manques.
a long and meaningful one. Thanks for reading :)
i really never liked your cigarette scented kisses
they used to leave my cheeks itchy for hours
now i'd do everything and anything to feel you again
Akela Santana Sep 30
Do you remember?
Sitting on the porch,
looking out into the distance at the houses behind,
under a canopy of stars and moon,
smoking cigarettes and talking about our pasts?
I can still hear the sound your heart beat made,
and feel the way your strong hands felt when they held mine so softly.
Do you remember how the wind chilled the air?
How you wrapped your arm around me cause I was shivering and you pulled me close to you?
Sometimes I forget how much I love and appreciate you.
I want you to know that I cherish our memories.
I need to remind you everyday.
You're amazing,
you're perfect,
you're beautifully flawed,
and you're my best friend.
I miss you so much,
and i'll always want you to be in my life.
I love you.
For Freddy.
Abby Reynolds Sep 29
I secretly hope
on the long nights when it feels like the sun will never beam on your face again
you'll think of me softly
I pray you'll imagine me reaching for your fingertips
lacing them with my own
maybe you'll remember
me grazing your cheek with the soft part of my small hands
scooping away the tears with my fingertips
doing my best to take all your sadness into my own palms
or my quiet kisses on your delicate cheek
the soft whispers of " I love you"'s and "don't give up on me"'s
the words that you didn't hear with your ears
the words that traveled in a straight shot to the inner workings of your brilliant heart
I hope on these nights
you remember who loves you most in this world
who always will
I hope for the better part of forever, I'm there with you
reminding you someone out there wants the same things you do
My last hope, is believing
that I can still keep you safe
that I'm still your refuge
when the air turns bitter
Diana Morales Sep 27
I’m sorry I never seemed to care enough
You gave me nothing but love
Maybe I was scared,
Scared of what it was.

I know I wasn’t just a complete wreck,
You always showed me through your smile
If only we could just go back in time
I might just have you for a while.

Thank you so much for all the precious moments,
For those I could never pay you back.
And for never giving up on me
It was I who changed all that.

I’m sorry you wrecked your car that night
You made sure I was safe and sound
I can’t seem to get you off my mind lately
I could only dream to see you around

You treated me like nothing but a queen.
Even tucked me into bed one night,
I just wish you were in my life right now
It hurts to lose you out of sight.

I always try to come off strong and independent
But even you have seen me cry.

I’m so confused with life right now,
So I end up on a plane somehow
Hoping that my scattered thoughts will clear up on their own.
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