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I don’t want you to be a part of my life anymore.

I don’t want to experience the pain that comes with you

I don’t deserve the heartache that comes with loving you.
love me or let me go
Hope May 3
Brown bottles filled with hops
It seems to be the only physical evidence left
Eleven sit on my bedside table
Ten you finished, one I couldn't, and one unopened
The smell of you is gone from my clothes
Gone from the blanket I hope kept you warm
I still feel your hand on my thigh
Your deep laugh vibrating against my chest
Your hair between my fingers
For now the only thing I can hold between my hands
Is a beer bottle gone stale
But every time I look down at my cold hands
I remember how warm they felt holding you
T Apr 18
City lights,
Sunday Blues.

Can we reset?

Long drives,
Left me in pieces.
Hope Apr 12
Even if the closest I can get to you right now
Is just the subtle scent of you on my sheets
I’ll fall asleep with this piece of you wrapped around me
It calms me faster than counting sheep
deadhead Apr 11
all i do is think
about you.
but im not
why would i when
i have such a
lovely face to
haunt my thoughts?
deadhead Apr 12
i will take the
sound of your
and bury it
within my
so that it may
forget how
your words were
deadhead Apr 5
look at the big picture, love
there's nothing here now
and maybe there never was
deadhead Apr 4
im happy for you
glad that you got over it
even if i didn't
dylan Mar 16
and then it hits me like a tidal wave
what if i never feel that way for someone else again?
what if i can never fall in love again,
because they aren't you?
what if they don't make butterflies flutter in my tummy
like you did?
what if their kiss isn't warm & wet & real like yours?
and their hands...
what if their hands don't touch my soul but only my body?
what if i can never fall in love again
because they aren't you
these thoughts just hit me like a tidal wave of emotion
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