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Ils Mar 2
When you do an action enough
Your body naturally remembers it

My hands still remember the trace of your face
Moving to your lips, a soft outline

My eyes remember the way it felt to divert the attention you had so pleasantly given me

My mouth remembers the way I spoke your name
The laughs we shared together

And in a way, my tongue remembers yours
Learned ways on how to pleasure and love

My body remembers the way you touch it
Innocent touches brought to my face
Passionate touches went to a different place

Muscle memory shows us the past
Things we might’ve forgotten had it not caught after us
Your lasting touch still burns on me
It singes my memory

Until now my muscle memory bugs me about you
Oh how I would love to be touched again by you
The thing is, I saw you recently and we held each other. First of many or last of us?
Louise Oct 2021
You're not talking to me.
Avoiding me.
But the 5 second eye contact we had
felt like everything was back to normal.
MG Sep 2021
I am hurt by you.

I am hurt that I cared more about getting to know what lies beneath your skin.
(Than You did)
I am hurt that you made me feel things I haven’t felt since Him.
(Feelings I didn’t know I was capable of again)
I am hurt that you touched the places that others have been too scared to touch.
(The places that I am too scared to open up)
I am hurt that you lead me to believe that you care more about what my body can give to yours.
(Like all the rest do)
I am hurt that I believed your broken promises.
(Excuses, excuses)
I am hurt that I wanted to trust You, and only You with the most valuable thing I could offer.
(The thing that has been shattered time and time again)
I am hurt because I thought I finally found someone who valued me enough.
(Your actions say the opposite)

But I am grateful for you.
Because you showed me exactly what I will no longer tolerate.
That I am capable of connection, vulnerability, and true intimacy.
Things that I thought had died within me years ago.
Things now, that only someone worthy will receive one day.
To the first person I’ve opened up to in years. Maybe one day we’ll come together again. Ouchie but thank you.
seekai Sep 2021
I walk through a ghost town
where I’m never alone,
kicking empty cider cans across the road,
whispering secrets to the stale, morning air
where my life, at a standstill,
hangs over the beat of a single heart

and a single large Eye,
always watching,

judging my footsteps as I cross
the path, to a flatland, between the forest
and the streams of music playing in my ears -

there's a spring in my step this cold winter.
Even though I don’t see the sun until it’s too late,
I dance, like the dead, poison in my veins,
because I’m free from my grave.

I’m free from monochrome soil -
draped in a bright pink dress,
I kiss the days away with a warm hand in mine,
and a stolen, back-washed bottle in the other.

I skip on the pavement, rocking back and forth
to high notes and drum rolls,
where I find myself moving between friends and pages,
collared sweatshirts and daydreams.

I whisper my moments of happiness to the North Wind
and hope it travels South,

down to you, down home,

where you’ll hear of my vices
and understand everything.
this poem captures my first term experience in my first year of university. it deals with new-found, personal freedom, along with the chaotic response that comes with it. there's a sense of despair within the anarchy, but also a feeling of homesickness - i've missed you through it all; i want you to hear of my adventures.
stillhuman Jul 2021
I see my feet tracing back
my previous steps
And I can hear my throat
choking on itself
My insides are in shamble
and I feel them all, my organs
as they tremble
and I don't understand this feeling
Just that I miss you
and that might be the meaning
I've never felt more uncomfortable with the idea of bothering you
Colin Jul 2021
I miss you but
you need to do better.
Sometimes at night I
think of you. I think of
the good times we had.
I think of the
hot sun on
our sweaty
Bodies. I think of the
bagels we shared. I think of the long
heartfelt  talks and I miss you. Usually
I don’t think of who you became. I don’t
think of the mean things you said behind
my back. I don’t think of the times you made
me feel worthless. I don’t think of the betrayal.
I don’t think of the person you have become. It's
funny how I only remember the good things when I
get nostalgic. How I remember the parties.
How I forget your immaturity.
How I remember the dreams we
Had. How I forget your artificial
Nature. At one time you were
Beautiful. At one time we were
happy together. At one time you were
the most important person in my life,
And even though you would never
share it                  with me,
I know I was       the same to you.
Then you            threw it all
Away. When           I gave you
The                     chance,
gave us               the chance,
to have                 it all back
You threw             it away. I
can’t keep            chasing you.
I can’t keep             expecting
you to                  change.
The                      truth is
         that I’m                  repulsed
                 by who you            have become.
                                 I’m        disgusted    by    your    weakness.
I wish I could say that I’m doing great without you,
But I’m not. And you’re not doing great without me.
I did everything I could. You have to try harder.
You Need To Do Better.
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
I still miss you.
Sometimes I wonder if you miss me
As much as I dream that you do.
If I am even a second thought, if you miss
Anything about me period.
I don’t think I’ve ever squeezed you as tight as I do than when I dream.
When I am sleep, everything feels real.
The feel of your skin.
The way the small of your back raises
When you breathe.
Your hair a mess, barely holding on to the pillow.
Apparently dreams are the guest house to prayers.
Missing you hurts like hell, lying awake
In angst, not being able to enjoy the moment In full.
I don’t think I’ve ever squeezed you as tight as I do than when I dream,
Your head in the cease of my arm.
I am not ready to wake up yet,
I am not ready for you to go.
Not ready for you to disappear.
When I dream,
Every word we say is silent
& your heart beats next to mine.
You snuggle up close to me &
Everything in you just releases.
Just let me sleep a while longer,
I still feel safe when you’re around
I still miss you when you’re not around
Hope May 2021
Brown bottles filled with hops
It seems to be the only physical evidence left
Eleven sit on my bedside table
Ten you finished, one I couldn't, and one unopened
The smell of you is gone from my clothes
Gone from the blanket I hope kept you warm
I still feel your hand on my thigh
Your deep laugh vibrating against my chest
Your hair between my fingers
For now the only thing I can hold between my hands
Is a beer bottle gone stale
But every time I look down at my cold hands
I remember how warm they felt holding you
T Apr 2021
City lights,
Sunday Blues.

Can we reset?

Long drives,
Left me in pieces.
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