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Dying romantically over a bridge,
Taking snaps on our phones as we cut our wrists,
Let's go make fun of all the suicidal kids,
Mental illness is the trend,
Let's make money out of this.

Post tweets.
Tell them about you wanting to end your life.
Click. Send.
Now lets brag about how many people retweet and like.
IG stories.
The highlights of the night,
Show them your depression.
Then delete before sunrise,
Pics of sad poems,
Then pics of memes,
#relatable, right?

We're like a sponge filled with heavy solemness,
As we sqeeze our anxieties and drink our stress,
We all use drugs to treat our mess,
But we ain't redeemed yet,
Sweet Jesus, please make the pain less.

Drink out of misery,
It all turns out fine,
The first thirty minutes will be heaven for your mind,
Enjoy what is left,
Ignore and leave your problems behind,
They'll come back for sure but atleast you had a **** of a time.

Put the chemicals in,
Snort the ******,
If you're not gonna shoot in your school,
Atleast destroy your brain.
Put the chemicals in,
Enjoy what is left of your sanity.
Crystal ****.
A minor inconvenience that leads your death into ambiguity.

Our insecurities has never been more expressed or shown,
From all the popular kids with all their Gucci clothes,
Go ahead, make money out of the things that you don't know.
Go ahead, make money out of us since we're the joke.

We are the joke.
kids don't want rifles, they want Supreme.
Chris 3d
I like the truth as I like my women,
Simple, ***** and hopefully in my favor.
I gave you everything that you asked for and more
and *****, look what you’ve done!
You well know what I got can’t be bought at a store
and *****, you are a joke!

You wash your hands for letting me go,
well there's a place you can also go.
It’s a place where you belong,
but it’s a surprise what I have in store.

After I taught you all the things you now know,
*****, look what you’ve done!
You saw my magic trick and wanted to claim it as your own.
*****, you are a joke.

Before I let you take it all
and leave me here with nothing at all,
get on your knees while I bend down
and kiss my a$$, you filthy *****.

Kiss it, ******, kiss it, nasty.
It’s not sacred and immaculate.
You’re so ***** you might like it.
Consider this a blessing, you so well deserve it.
Kiss it, ******, kiss it, nasty.
Don’t it taste like your husband’s lips?
You’re so filthy you might like it.
Don’t it taste like your lover’s lips?
Written on April 21, 2015
Composition number: 492
Lily Feb 10
~I saw you right after school today, and you said “Miss me already?” jokingly and I said, “Of course.” I kind of hope you realize that I wasn't joking~
M-E Feb 5
I am so happy today
Tuesday, the first day
I went to work, on the bus
There is no fuss or muss
Everyone I met
Not frowning or upset
It made me happy
That people were happy
To one point, looking back at them
I smiled and they smiled too
If you were sad, I wish you smile too
As they smiled and laughed
Some chuckled and some are reading
When they saw me seeing them
On my bus stop, I walked out
Happy, my head high
When I was flying low
Wrote yesterday: 04/02/2019
Zoe Mae Jan 26
I'm smart enough to admit I don't know everything
But foolish enough to forget everything I know
Justyn Huang Jan 24
Someone, somewhere out there thinks you’re beautiful—

Idk how **** you are.
Kayla Hardy Jan 23
(imitated from Patricia Lockwood’s **** Joke)

The woman joke isn’t something you choose.

The woman joke is something you get used to.

The woman joke it almost becomes your livelihood.

Remember when you were little, boys had cooties, but so did girls. Imagine what would happen today if you said boys had cooties-


You’ll hear the woman joke when you’re way too young. The ones telling the joke probably won’t realize that the joke they’re telling isn’t a joke at all. But girls have cooties and they always will.

You’ll grow up, but nothing will change.

The woman joke is now commonplace. The norm! How can a joke be so common normal? The only people who think the joke isn’t normal are women.

The woman joke is when even the President can make the joke without consequence.

But you can’t.

The woman joke is that if you make one, it suddenly isn’t funny anymore, men will look away in disgust, and other women will say you’re degrading them and yourself.

It’s just a joke, you’d say. Even though you knew it wasn’t.

The woman joke is an expected icebreaker at a party that you learn to laugh at. When you go home at night, you shake with rage but know there’s nothing you can do about it.

How can such a joke exist? Because you do.
Quiet Justin Jan 21
The fight isn't over.
It never was.

They are catching up fast
And if we don't do anything,
We will lose.

I can here his voice saying to me:
Bobs or vegana, whichever will it be?
Sit the f#ck down T-Series, I'm here to spill the real tea (Uh)
You tryna dethrone me from spot on number one
But you India you lose, so best think you haven't won
When I'm through with you
We're gonna be completely f#ckin' done
'Cause we only just begun
I review you, clap clap zero, bye *****, gone
So come on T-Series, looking hungry for some drama
Here, let me serve you ***** lasagna
More of a joke poem than anything.
muna Jan 20
i'm sorry i don't see the humour in life
sorry can't laugh stupidly about everything
with you
all you'll get from me is synthetic smiles
all you'll get from me is forced chuckles
and condescending nods
because really.......
i never get the joke
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