He kindly somewhat
In his mild gentle manner
Carved his initials into her skin
Like a tree stump
But he did it ever so gently
Ever so lovingly
Slicing so beautifully
Crafting so carefully
Everything he ever felt
Went into her with feeling
Sinking his blade deeper
Telling her
How much this means.
He couldn’t understand her fear
And her lack of cooperation
He thought she’d have
Some appreciation
His tenderness
What he was able to give her
To share with her.
His life
His experience
Growing up beneath the gaze
Of a demon
It’s all he knew of love
And now
he wants to share that
with her.
There’s a fine line between sanity and insanity in all of us, when it comes to love and relationships.

Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018,  All rights reserved.
Daisy 5d
Once upon a time,

There was a lots of brutal crime.

By a notorious American serial killer,

Who did all this for a thriller.

His oceanic blue eyes,

Hypnotize other to hide his lies.

Your number of victims,

Is like my number of sweet dreams.

You were so cold hearted,

Don't remember, when it started.

Your brown hair, very fair.

You were every girls nightmare.

But still I'd love to

Make love with you.

Your charisma and animal magnetism,

Seems like I need exorcism.

You seduced me by your beauty,

I don't blame you, cause it's your duty.

I am in love with the dead man,

People say that i m not sane.

You were executed by an electrical chair,

For the sake of society welfare.

I m not entirely unsympathetic for your survivors.

Baby, come on take me higher and higher.

But it's so sad that you are dead,

Feeling like i m living in my wonderland.

I m in love with dead.

Why were you so cruel ted?

But I don't care,

Even though i m aware

Of your worst crime.

I spend my sweet times,

Staring at your photo

I wish i could tell you at least hello.
(This poem is dedicated to Notorious serial killer of America :- TED BUNDY )
Steelyvibe Jul 2
In the shadows of the Island
The moon killer on the prowl
Trio of eccentric professors
An echo of a howl
Turn out the light and interconnect
The mysterious Dr X

A technicolor murder scene
See the bizarre experiment
A creepy lab, a fiendish killer
An evil development
He waits to see who is next
The mysterious Dr X

A group of strange wax figures
The victim bound to a chair
Peculiar feeling of cold mechanism
In a Gothic horror nightmare
Who is the killer suspect
The mysterious Dr X
helena alexis Jun 28
you, my love
are a killer
ripping hearts
apart with just
your words and actions
only to have achieved
the tears of your victims
I am not in the business
of making money...

I am in the business of making
sure, people can make money.
Silence is a matter of body
Coming towards your language
He's in the lounge on his
(I Pad) looking frightfully cleaver
Slice cake mad
Not the happiest lad
she's wearing her fit to
be tied but feeling upside
down but lifted firmly up
in her falsies cup
 ((Hush  get your rush in silence))

But she failed to make him
these incredible dirty dozen
baking brownies
What a rookie cookie girl
Cannot keep secrets to be silent
But her deadly sexy pout
     (( Card-Flush-in silence))
She screams get out!!
The Bill kill she's the
killer eyelashes hot flash
She was quite challenging 
That silvery dainty moon lady
She's all capped-plated her knife
crazy eyes
 He's channeling her
Quietly with her bedroom eyes


Putting up a fight that's life you win

((The silent love))
Or start over your sin is
the silent killer
The silencer staying put
didn't explode
Her fifties smoking was
her weaknesses
Oh! boy, he had the right high tech glasses

What Belguim chocolate but her
Latte caramel she was quietly
running late more time with her
perishables love doves
(Such patients hospitality above)

What a braggart in her brassiere
She got his attention to look
over here
Over their all in the family
Like an Army military fit, Starwar
skirts super tight something didn't
feel right
They couldn't breathe and
someone asked  her to sit
So uptight down handed
Well guarded she the lady with
wits and guts scorpion landed
Oh! what a killer fights the dust mites

That silent killer lady was not
someone you could trust websites
What a fund money signs on her
forehead but tough elephant's skin
She needed a new hobby silent flirting
Her wrinkled cute puppy dog
What hogwash wearing your
Frownies all wrinkles they say
sometimes owners resemble their
dogs this the Hollywood hot dog
Out of state doggone it townies
obsessions something to die for

(Recent prayer of silence)

Forgive me darling I need to wear my
Frownies I am not going to be around
those loony tunes I needed to make
my getaway faraway really soon
He was wearing his yellow polka
dot bow tie every month of June

Smarties alcoholic anonymous

Malibu Lolobolu Honolulu
I love Lucy she wearing a tutu

All sizes and silent mouths
Things get louder when you're older
Loco in the Cabeza hot blooded
Little red Robin hood so silent
She is looking like a good pair
The silence is killing you  
I wouldn't get one taste out of
Moms French roue'
My Eden garden
Met -us
Something will kill us

The fresh green's healer
The mood set-us
The goods got us

Whats the in-betweens
No-one will ever notice
what's not green
(Like the blindsided lover)

My courage thumb needed
to break the shades of silence,
 To trust the secret promoting
her shampoo anonymous
Overly powerful her weapon
Dennis the menace
Loud as the hippopotamus

Mixed Thomas Islands
the bottom dirt
He was dressed in tweed
What a weed killer bloom
Wearing his stark white shirt
Madmen needed more room
We need the funhouse Amen

Heres looking at you
Your brother of prodigy
The silent scheme chemist
He acts like a psychiatrist
(I am talking he is so silent)

  Like a franchise lemonade
Put your foot down and stand
Her hair mousy brown
the sounds of silence

The fuller up spouse
Met his match fuller brush man
These herbicides hitching a ride

To be silent? This is not the
beauty patent
The mineral-sea-shore comes to the
dead sea
Giant green mutant/Medieval funhouse
Silent track betting racing horse
He's my General-tea-shirt

What are you after- the traveler
Or the loner meeting another drifter
Having tea plea party guilty green-tea-
Monk- by the sea mountain
What we kept Barbie dolls
Looking in the mirror in silence
Seeing the Fountain of youth
Beatle bopping heads
Ketchup packets spicy I pods

Eventually, Gods come to our front door
That chemical stinks cleaning our floor
The smokers teeth yellow the gray
shark Jaw's He Haw
Chinny chin Mr. Jawbreaker
The kitchen should be our
the safest haven, little rascals
Met the dirty scoundrels
Silent killer lady is so driven
Chemicals and health risks
Red silent Rooster
A silent chat his killer smile
Over my dark coffee
Mr. Beanster
Why was I put in this spot
Empty space looks shot

Your egg biscuits
Trilogy game of Triscuits
Wearing a bandana
Dirty dancing at the

Organic eggs no bacon
With the cabana boy
Hey sardine pork and
My killer beans, O-D and
more coffee!!!
Something renewable
Even if you're a twin double

Phoenix bird beauty of her flight
The silent killer lady didn't
get a decent sleep even one night

Not fancy leafs plain and simple
My smile high cheeks dimple
My Brooklyn tree smiling at
my Mom and Dad that's my
Brooklyn roots
Silent can have so many variations with good reasons and also it can be closer than you think to kill us lets act civilized and live healthier make those choices I did. This world has so many things to offer just go with the punches  I won't knock you out
Emotional guillotine clefts
     irredeemable psychological umbilical accord
witnessing heart breaking,
     woe-begotten inhumane rip cord
gut wrenching shuffle board

     (indiscriminately sporting)
     most punishing option explored
involving upwards of 2,000
     immigrant children forced to ford
predatory invested foreign territory

     south of Rio Grande potentially gored
if not raped, enslaved, via gang lion, viz
     nefarious smoking bandits gloating
     with anticipatory glee - hoard
ding young boys and girls

     sacrificial hideous torture
     mocking land of free and home
     of bravely ejected innocent
     nubile terrorized angels,
     where horrific, pedafilic traumatic plight

     unwelcomely visited upon
     naively overly trusting
     precocious youngsters ignored
fiendishly, and diabolically,
     where kids injured

malevolently, punitively,
     and violently inured
at the bloody hands of many
     a self proclaimed war lord,
which hypothetically,

     presumably blithely of once safely
     (albeit tenuously) moored
then cruelly wrenched where mill let tarry
     uber brutes ill league hull
     tender babes asper incident

     uprooting tooth and nail on floss
inconsolable sorrow upon fractured families
     (live re: worse, now imagine
     if you will gasoline poured
over naked peach fuzz flesh

     aye envision engulfed forked sinister flames
     purposelessly immolated how screams
     dark shadows within outer limits
     of AmeriKa twilight zone roared

renting asunder travesty
     treachery and trinity
     in God We Trust smugly trumped toward
page from fascist playbook
     "Stasi in Nazi Ward,"

where atrocities censored
     like Black Sabbath despite
     freedom of speech reprehensible witch
hunt scenarios over span
     six weeks bedlam
     decorated epaulette
     glorified hoodlums twitch
with numbskulls
     while defrauding, deflecting,
     and defiling,

     defenseless as deer lambs switch
ching the other cheek as smug snitch
like scattering rats
     Department of
     Homeland Security officials
administration’s enforce
     new “zero tolerance” policy
toward illegal border-crossing,

     nonetheless bend rules
     they busily play
     an extra round of Quidditch)
feigning obliviousness perfect suckling

     nursing, and mewing infants
     forcibly experienced nirvana unplugged,
whereat strong arm eminent
     marshalled tuckered law tugged
maternal instinct doubling down,
     sans cradling tender infant snugged.
He killed her with mere words

Saying everything in poetry

He eventually lost ink

And she started to write her own

Bleeding with her own blood

Dying in black
Nothing meant in poetry could describe her fate
I’d still run right back to you

Even if you were waiting for me

With a loaded weapon

And it terrifies

What this love I have for you

Will let you to do me
Haleigh May 29
Cuddling literally kills depression

If you cuddle, you will become addicted to each other

Gives the same reaction as taking painkillers

Though they hate to admit it, men love cuddling just as much as women

Can strengthen your relationship and built trust

Can heal wounds faster

It's the best feeling
This is why you should cuddle
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