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A 7d
The smiling man from the grocery store
Doesn't seem as cheery
Staring up at you from Grandma’s china
The stench drifting through the house
Doesn’t seem as exciting
As the first time, it greeted you at your front door
The man who used to sit your dining room table
Doesn’t seem as annoying
When he’s split into his own jigsaw puzzle
The noise coming from the park
Doesn’t seem as innocent
Since you dumped your leftovers there
this was for a thing about serial killers for halloween
minutes later played bayan
scary sounds he uttered
he played he played horror of horror
fear anxiety fear colds
he played black like in the dark
like a man killer

he did not stop playing because
blood passed because blood
twentieth century of all ages ago played
because it is an eternal memory
eternal eternal endless monument
the feast of death

Latifah Nov 30
you were the pain and its killer
you were the venom and its cure
I'm dying with you
but I'm lifeless without you.
Pastelblitz Nov 28
I’m not angry or upset

But I just want to know


Why did you pick me?

Did you just pick a random on the street?

But why me?

You know, I wonder what drove you to this

I wonder how you planned it

To drag me to the woods

And rip into my stomach
And my chest
My arms
My stomach
My hips
My thighs

The police found the knife in the leaves, where you left it

They said, “It was a slow and painful death, but the pain would’ve been less if I slipped under.”



I don’t remember the pain

I barely remember the first slash

But I wonder what pain you had

That you had to pass it to me

You know pain just passes

To one person

To the next

And to the next

And the cycle continues

It’s just human nature

I was just human

And you a festering beast inside my mind

That lead me to the woods

And made me tear into my flesh

And only to pass pain




To continue the cycle
I’ve never been fully honest about my suicide attempt. I wanted to do it in the woods so my parents wouldn’t find me dead in the house. I was so scared and I don’t remember what happened, but I attempted in the house anyways. I’m glad I did too.
LEX Nov 8
I abet your behavior
Without hesitation
I was awarded with love
Increasing temptation

I watched you claim
Your souls devine
The way you work
Shivered my spine

As i hold you hand
****** and bruised
You told me you loved me
Your devilish deed excused

I gave you my heart
You gave me yours
You treat me like royalty
My love for you pours

We now work together
Business partners if you will
You told me everything I need to know
You taught me *******

They say we’re going to ****
But love, we’re already there
We are always content
Living in each others care

I’ll be here forever
I’ll never get out
However I’m perfectly happy with that
My love you is devout

Our work will continue
Till our dying day
I love you forever and always
So come what may
c Oct 23
I'm treading on
shoe soles of glass
one wrong move
I bust my ***.
they say I'm pretty
but what's that mean?
when pain is beauty,
you **** the queen.
watch your step
Alexander T Oct 17
my words are like a sharpened sword
providing the ultimate protection
or destroying everything it touches

I know just where to strike
I can ****
or it can save

I am deadly
dont touch me
for what happens next is unclear

every little pain to me
erects a newer weapon
each more deadly than the last
sharper and more precise
with every use
I become more vilified

when I leave
there will be scares
there will be tragedy

a master of my art
a devastated lonely assassin
I am a trained killer
months ago...
"Curiosity kills cats, you say?
Perhaps.  I'm curious every day.
And of my nine lives,
I have left
A single life's breath.
And soon I'll satisfy
My curiosity
About death."

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