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KW 7d
it happened at night
December 20th 1969, my first kill
two kids in their car
you'll have to wait till

April 30th, 1967
i wrote my letter
bates had to die
nothing will get better

now take it back to 1969
last day of July
San Francisco Chronicles first letter
I bet everyone wanted to cry

it's now the 70's
still haven't been caught
i did talk to two police officers
maybe they didn't think of the distraught

i like the attention
and all the fame
to bad you don't know me
i wonder who you'll blame

I've killed a lot of people
I'd say 37 about
you still don't know me
are you losing all doubt

today will be my last letter
1974 in the middle of April
i wonder who will play me in my movie
whoever it is will be shameful

my case is unsolvable
no one cam believe it
they can't find me
i could always go back if i could commit to it

i hope you enjoyed my story
keep my case on track
everybody keeps on wondering
i am and will be the Zodiac
Riley June Sep 11
stomach blooming with sunflowers,
pick a bouquet to give to the one you love,
will they accept your gift,
the sunflowers won't ever stop growing,
no matter what you do they never leave,
you wear big sweaters to try and hide,
shower in pesticide and drink weedkiller,
don't let the weeds strangle out the sunflowers,
keep them safe,
let them grow,
don't shut out the light,
wake up and pick a bouquet to share,
if you leave them to grow soon you'll be coughing petals,
how can you hide yellow petals on your tongue,
each word scented with summer painted red,
carve around your heart,
hide away from the sunlight to wither away,
do you really think death will come,
i can see petals behind your eyes now,
why did you stop giving sunflowers,
leaves have sprouted from your fingertips,
please don't turn into a flower,
keep them hidden,
don't let them grow,
shut out the light.
The Guardian Sep 9
I Chose My Poison Long Before Without A Reason, I Dunk My Tongue Too Deep And Now The Taste I Keep.

Infected By The Venom Of A Vicious killer.
I trusted But At The End Of The Day He Was The One With The Gun, The One Who Pulled The Trigger.
Paul Kgaje Aug 29
You behold a beast that lives inside your darkened mind,
You hold a creature that preys at darkest nights.
You go to sleep in sight but to sleep you shall never go,
Your raging spirit aches to swallow souls.
You are a killer.

The life you live, shaken, tremulously.
Demented souls  you devour meticulously.
The blood you sip from the skulls relentlessly.
Sins of joy, sins of joy.
You are a killer.

The poor children cry, the poor children cry.
You never hear but yet you listen.
You swallow swords; you swallow blades as the sun it shines.
You utter words of encouragement and hide your face from the light.
You are a killer.

You act as brave as the knights of Templar,
And slice your blade in a stranger.
You shape a world of delightfulness and stump on it.
You are a killer, you are a killer.
A poem about the bad things we do
A Sad Alex Aug 27
No poison as venomous
Nor insidious a rouge
No piercing an arrow
Can compare to love

A disease like no other
Like no virus or spore
It rides the breezes of Autumn
With the leaves as they fall

In the laughter of lovers
As they gaze into their eyes
Their company they cherish
As the world, it turns blank

Such subterfuge is legend
As warning you it does not
And in chains of steel unbreaking
Your heart will be wrought

Your walls will crumble
Your discipline, for naught
You crave their happiness
And then you are lost...
as it tears you asunder
and rips you apart from within

Oh, such a malady has no cure!
You can only give in...

When will you arrive my love?
Please, come to me
Cool this fever of passion
This fire that rages within
Swiftly my darling!
Life from my fingers it slips
I can´t bear to see them smiling...
In sadness I wallow in...
yet, maybe this is what I deserve
For turning my back on my heart
The pain, the agony, it feels...
like the cut of a thousand knives...
A shiver creeps right through the house
Searching hard for a spine so to tingle
It scuttles and darts around like a mouse
Hunting just for the right soul to single…

Out for its attention. Upon which to blow
That cold icy breath; to make shudder and shake
The one that it settled on never will know
Why they felt such a fear when not even awake

For it found them and used them
Wrapped and smothered their skin
Pricked and tickled their body during deep REM
A dream frigid and sharp and as bitter as gin

Oh the terror it gets you however you try
Shoots hard up your back as the strongest of shingle
The worst thing about it is you never know why
With your deep darkest fears it’s determined to mingle

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness 2018 – All rights reserved)
What happens in the deepest darkness of the night, during black hard sleep, when "something" touches you...from somewhere
Jack L Martin Aug 23
Brian liked to get drunk to the maxes
He killed 40 innocent people with axes
When it was his time to die
With a twinkle in his eye
Brian yelled, "Death to those who don't pay their taxes!"
RBWhite Aug 14
Have you heard about the news?
A glow of light is bursting out of my scalp,
Did you read the new story?
About a little pain so great that very few can tell it well,
Is it tempting to reach a black and red bottom?
As infinite as it is, I keep on falling apart,
If you can't reach out to answer,may I at least have one more question?
The desperation of a killer in love with his victim.
Death comes water clad,
Distruction’s own water waves;
Monsoon’s killer rush!
Kerala reels in flood havoc that destroy habitats, kill people..obliterate homes!
aj kamaria Jul 12
he has no clue
that he's killing her
he has no clue
how much he means to her
he has no clue
that she would die for him,
live for him,
or kill for him
he has no clue
that she loves him
and it's killing her
in every single way
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