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Trudging through murky waters
It reaches up to my ankles
I know it goes deeper
But I'm waiting for the reaper
I feel it creeping up my legs, creating slippery tangles
My wet hair clinging to me in mangles
I slowly get pulled down
Waiting for myself to drown
Devoid of emotion
I'm pulled into an ocean
I feel nothing anymore
My feet are sore
From walking on this slippery floor
Please stop the pain
Before I go insane
you hold me under the water
until my lungs scream out for air
you know i cannot hold my breath forever,
don't you?

you hold me under the water
in a perverse baptism
the one i worship delivers me to death

you hold me under the water
one hand buried in my hair
the other firmly on my neck
i have no choice but to choke

you hold me under the water
and i do not struggle to break from your grip
you were always stronger than me
and a part of me has always wanted this

you hold me under the water
and fill my mouth with the sea
i swallow, even as i know
to drink is to die

you hold me under the water
gently, as a lover would
it won't be long now
before i become one with the ocean

i am aware that you are speaking to me
but i cannot hear you over the crashing of the waves
when your work is finished and you wade away
there will be no blood on your hands
rebecca 6d
i was young and empty
on my knees to please god
and he held me down,
finding pleasure in watching me drown
Nik Apr 29
8 billion people in the world—
and here i am drowning in an infinity pool of self-pity.
i tell myself one day i will stop.
swim back towards the edge, gasping for breath, a new life to transform into.
and here i am drowning in an infinity pool of self pity.
The world is too heavy on my shoulders
Jeanmarie Apr 20
I live for the days and dread the nights
It’s something about the quiet that brings out the light
My body is falling asleep, but not my mind
Do people know what that feels like?
People critique me as being an over thinker
Friends finding my habit annoying and concerning
They don’t get that it’s hard for me to control
My thoughts take over the entirety of my mind
They don’t get that my thoughts keep me lying awake at night
I pray to avoid temptation creeping into my way
But sometimes muffling the noise sounds like a luxury getaway
I’m not ready to face what lies underneath
But every night it’s getting much harder to breathe
My family doesn’t really believe in therapy
I don’t know what to do
I’m drowning, can someone please help me?
evelina Apr 15
something that's really hard to understand
is that you can't save someone
who has fallen in love with drowning

you could try to send rescue boats their way
but they avoid your effort
they like the waves
the waves of sadness, tears and anxiety

they like to drown in the ocean of their mind
where they have built a home
out of despair, thoughts and hopelessness
and there's nothing anyone could do

at the end you just have to understand,
that you will never be able to save someone
who doesn't want to be saved
Night can be fallen in my dream,
but I could not swim in the dark.
The moonlight is so high,
and I try to get it.
Before death follows me,
you must hold me tight
and I am not drowning again.
Indonesia, 15th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Wallflower Mar 29
slowly dying,
trying to scream but she can't.
They did this to her
or did she?
No, how could she,
but what if...?
No, it doesn't matter
It wouldn't change a thing
the way of looking at the world,
looking at herself...
Trying to understand
what is happening
She needed to know,
she needed to find out,
She needed to understand
What made her act like this monster?
What made her hurt...... herself
Again and again
She couldn't
She looked for herself
lost herself
and found a monster
Monster sitting deep down at the bottom of the ocean
Making every decision for her
wrapping around her ankles,
her thighs,
her waist,
her arms,
her neck,
her mind,
and finally her heart.
She was trapped.
Swimming for her life
screaming would **** her.
Water in her mouth
She would have drowned.
She couldn't shout so she could swim.
And she said this to herself
over and over again
She didn't know she wasn't swimming
She didn't know she can't swim
she didn't know was already drowning
And screaming for help could have been the only thing
that could have saved her.
Only if she knew....
Well, you can see i had some rough time with myself. And this is just a suggestion... but tell someone if you are hurting. And if they don't listen... scream. Eventually they will have to listen, but please don't drown.
Juno Mar 28
And just when I thought I might drown under these waves of sadness,
You showed me how to swim.
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