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Alexis 2d
if you have ever had a panic attack,
the gasping
racing heart
tingling limbs
and crashing mind,
then surely
you know what it is to die.
pretty ****, I know.
austin 5d
I'm not sure if the sun came up
I haven't seen it shine
There's something wrong, I think I'm stuck
I'm running out of time

I'm not sure if I'm still awake
I think I might have drowned
There's nothing here, it feels so fake
I think I'm falling down
Vellichor Oct 4
Locked inside this box
My muffled cries resound
Emotion floods in waves
How long until I drown
It fills with liquid mania
It swirls with tides of pain
It brims with stagnant sorrow
I pound the walls in vain
You’re baffled by my struggle
You can’t seem to understand
How I drown in this emotion
When my box is on dry land
If all it took was logic
To save me from this fate
I think instead of screaming
I’d be in a better state
But the box is filling quickly
I wail a broken cry
Then I hold my breath and pray
That the cry won’t be goodbye
And I still see your face
I still hear your carefree voice
You lecture me to fight it
As if drowning is a choice
But you don’t know the pain
Of dying for a breath
And you don’t know the art
Of living cheating death
Save me from this madness
I plead as you come near
But liquid floods my lungs
Silent words are hard to hear
Now I’m breathing with no air
I’m screaming with no sound
It’s just a matter of time
Until I finally drown
ordained Sep 24
i think i have a problem,
for real this time,
because the only words i've been able to write for months are
"i'm drowning"
and just what the **** am i drowning in?
to be honest i think i'm just numb
like when you're drowning and your brain shuts off when you run out of breath and--
there i go again.
i need a hug, and maybe a plane ride.
or just to sit on the top of a mountain, away from the depths of a body of water.
because i think water is out to get me right now,
like it's planning something
(like drowning me)
because i haven't really cried in a while,
which is just absurdly rare for me.
i cry all the time! it's my thing!
but tears haven't fallen in a long time,
and i've been really dehydrated, too.
so i think the water is saving itself for the big event.
it's hurricane season again, after all.
why do i feel like i'm drowning, if the water is waiting?
she hasn't drowned me yet, so why do i feel like it's already happening, or is currently happening?
the only answer i have is that i'm just become too numb.
and bracing myself for every eventuality has numbed me into oblivion, and that's what the draining drowning feeling is.
i don't really understand any of this.
but the good news is: i don't have to!
because by the time i get close to an answer, hurricane season will have ended and started all over again.
oof she's back.
emlyn lua Sep 25
Denmark’s a prison
Where all are guards and all are inmates -
I must be the Queen
For I am held in chains,
Caught by the currents of my own thoughts;
Alas – I never learned to swim.
I am an echo chamber,
A thought is a ball kicked over and over and over and
Can I not pass law to cease this bruisement?
Goal! I speak,
And my thought is no longer contained within me
But in the world, circling the pates of the court.

Sweet, your lover calls you,
Even now;
As the battle with corruption corrupted you.
Justice, you promised me;
I no longer believe in justice.
I loved him, though his love was a leash;
You took from me my cage and now I cage myself.
Scheming and plotting against schemers and plotters –
No longer knowing ourselves as once we did,
No longer viewing the world as what it is –
If only I had seen!
You would not have abandoned me now.

You will not come again?
You will not come again.
The King is fallible,
The usurper of God is not omnipotent;
I see the traces of that which he strives to hide.
His mask is good, true, but –
A mask cannot hide all:
England is the trickster’s smiling blade,
I know so.
I mourn you, as I mourn all that I know:
This ends with the destruction of a nation.

I miss your presence beside me.
Your soft eyes, looking only at my face,
At my face only.
I was safe with you.
Hearts mirrored in forbidden affections;
Switch places with me,
Let us not be ****** for desire.
Marriage is man and wife, man and wife,
You saw the lies.

Kick, quick, pick the flowers,
One for each noble skeleton.
I show their secrets in petals and songs:
The language of the mad, the insane, the crazed fools –
Fool I am, I see all, hear all, know all.
Hang their weeds in the weep of the willow,
Cursed crowns of concealed corruption.

I reach –

A tear breaks –

And I am overwhelmed by swirling thoughts,
Sinking deeper into the abyss of my mind.
Smiling trickster, smiling blade – Pretty Ophelia!
A will not come again.
I will not come again.
No one will mourn me,
There will be no one to remember:
This ends with the destruction of a nation.
Anna Patricia Sep 22
i have swollen, light rose eyes
because of the sea of tears  
rushing down my face.

one wave for love,
one wave for fake friendships,
one wave for my family,
and another for myself.

there is a reason
for my courage.
there is a reason
for my mess.

i let it all out,
that one night.
but oh, how come i didn't stay afloat?

i felt like i was drowning.
i'm still drowning.
Alice Sep 20
i was weightless
adrift in the shark-infested
ocean of my thoughts

the bell rang,
everyone around me began
collecting their belongings
and moving on

i was frozen. stuck in
whirlpools. struggling to keep
my head above water.

the tables emptied, new faces
poured into the halls
something was blocking the

when i finally found my way
back to shore
i looked up and it was you,
heroic, with your lifeline
outlined by the sun

you stood by the doorway smiling.
books in hand, waiting for me

"you coming?"
The light in my eyes burns low
as the gateway to my soul starts to suffocate
like a candles feint flicker fading away.
This leaky heart drips drops of hope
through a slow draining sieve,
with warmth escaping ,
cold like a cunning trickster
slowly starves this depleted vessel
of all sensation.

Living only to steal shallow breaths
for fear of the greedy hand of rot
that has pillaged my wilting will
that like a running wound oozes life.

This I would still prefer to your "love"
that repeatedly left me lifeless and limp
cowering behind high walls of stone
mending shredded flesh in secret
In self imposed shackles,
far too tight,
constantly cutting
into bruised wrists.

So I longingly look at those outside
while I am so lost inside myself,
hoping someone, somehow
penetrates this prison
of isolation

As my grip starts to slip I look down
at the haunting black beneath
where I was once consumed,
where I am afraid to fall again
from where I still haven't healed.

Drawing a dead man's last breath
I'm unafraid in defiance of death.
I let my vice fail, to embrace the abyss.
As absolute black washes over me
in it's powerful pull I begin to drown,
while my weighty corpse starts to sink

The last of my air bubbles away
with empty eyes
And nothing to say
  the wounds that wash an ocean red,
are the reason I will wind up dead
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