All my nights are just sinking boats
Drowning deep into the river of regrets
And me not realising myself
being pulled down  along the boat.
Delaney 1d
I remember the sea foam.
I remember looking up and
Only seeing white substance above my head.
My lungs screamed for air as
The water pushed me under.
I remember calling your name,
Sobbing and yelling for help,
As a wave crashed over me
And the tears on my face were
Washed away by the ocean.
I opened my eyes in the water only
To feel my lungs burn again.
I panted, you waded, over to
The mess that was me.
It felt like I was going to die.
I screamed,
You waded,
I swam,
You fought to come closer.
Our fingertips inches away
As a wave pushed me deeper
Into the sand.
I came up and you grabbed my hand,
Pulling me out of the riptide.
The water came up to my neck
But your strong arms pulled me
Into the shallow parts of the sea.
Your hand still holding mine
As we dove beneath the waves
To escape.
Your eyes were icy blue,
The blue of the sea was less cold,
And you saved me.
Why is it,
That painful memories,
Can make you fall in love all over again?
Pyrrha 2d
Out of all these poems I've written of love and longing,
Out of all these years searching in the sea of people,
I still yet to understand how it's possible to have words without a muse

I often wonder what it would be like to have a muse without words
I believe it would feel suffocating
As you choke on all the words you long to exhale within your next breath
For a poet to be trapped by words is to be trapped by passion

Sometimes my heart swells up so big it walks across a sea of words and sinks into the deepness if the waters
Lost amongst the clearer beats on land
An abnormality pushed away from love like some secret sign buried deep within
One day i'll make it learn to swim rather than let it sink and bathe in sin

The question still remains
Would it be better to have a muse and feel like drowning,
Or to have the the words to accompany the lonely?
Danica 2d
Let me drown into something
Something else but you
I don't want to swim anymore
Except to swim away from you
Tharuki 4d
And you broke  
Shattered me
Killed me...
But there’s something about you
That I can’t
Let go of
Their words were waves
That turned into tsunamis
Every day, drowning her
She was captured underwater
Not able to breathe
Struggling to stay alive
And when they stopped,
She lay on the shore
Coughing up the words
Overthinking what they said
And so, she started to believe
She deserved it
She punished herself
And when she thought it was over,
The waves came back
Not again

The world is collapsing around me

I can’t breathe

Please not again


Is it because the sun is shining too bright?

Deep Breathe in

Deep Breathe out

Rocking too and fro

My boat is about to capsize

Please, Please, please


Shit Shit Shit.

I am suffocating and the world is going without me

Circles, Circling my forefinger over my thumb

Over and Over again

I can’t hold back the tears

What is wrong?

What is bothering me?

I don’t know, I don’t fucking know

How I know the world to be okay and

Feel like it is falling apart

Another wave comes crashing down

my body is not my own

The anxiety has taken over

I am merely a host for this parasite

I beg for it to go but it only wants to play

What do I have to be anxious about?


Nothing at all

That is not how this relationship works

It comes as it please and I can do it ride it out

No rhyme or reason

No explanation

I just ride out the wave

Hoping I don’t drown

This. THIS.

Fucking this

Is what anxiety looks like
Glory 5d

i ask for silence
and life
im begging
listen to my plea

this sad small insignificance
little eyes and cold fingertips
stop the warmth of my blood
have i not done everything

show me, love
show me freedom
show me my face
show me

this infinitesimal soul
caitlin 6d
i’m stuck on this island.
i don’t remember how i got here.
but i’ve tried to make it my home.
nobody but the waves to speak to.
who hold my hand at night,
but are the fears i can’t let go of.  
the waves keep my secrets,
but they know my breaking points too.
they taunt my every move
and point out every mistake.
the waves are all i have
to keep me company under star filled skies
Xyns Jul 10
And it just seems like lately
I’ve been drowning
My mind is gone,
I’m history


Bury me
In misery
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