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Today is the first
that she is gone,
first of ten.
The bed is enourmous
and there is nobody to witness
my guilt if
I don't get done the things I should.

The room still smells of her,
is still more densely populated by her things than mine.
There are still cupboards which
I shouldn't use
                    and tell myself I won't visit.
I'll put away her underwear later,
the dry ones at least,
leaving the jeans.
They take longer even on blistered days
like today
where nothing can get done.

Nothing but laundry and maybe a song.

Wouldn't she hate for me
to write about her underwear,
especially in some half-arsed poem,
but she is away today
so I think that I will.
Maelynn Jun 7
Lazy mornings on summer days,
Relax! Forget your modern ways!
Stay awhile and chat-
We’ll drink our coffee on the porch
Content as the old house cat.
Left To Rot May 26
Why do I still worry
when time is all that I need?
I'm afraid if I decide to wait,
refusing to do a thing,
my life won't move at all
and I'll be bound to fall.
FC Azaele May 4
Paperworks and junks pilled into mountains
on top of my ruined desk
“I wonder what had went wrong
for me to stack up such a mess?”

Indolent, Oh! so petulant!...
But still I digress
Saying I didn’t have time
To sort out the cluttering hefty mess

Jesting around with the things that avert my gaze,
Such a child I was,
I paid no mind to it all day

Night came too soon,
and instantly I say...
“When will I ever sort out this mess?”

Perhaps never, but still I say
“Someday, okay?”
Hip Hip Hooray!
Leone Lamp Apr 26
I've got a spot,
out there in the yard
It can sit, it can stay
But playing fetch is hard

I've got a spot,
where I like to spend my days
It takes naps in the sunshine
and together we laze

I've got a spot,
it can't run, it can't jog
But it's a very good spot
I think I'll call it Dog.
Dog is great and all, but someday, maybe we'll have a real Spot. And we can take it for walks, and play lots of games. In the meantime I'll have to live vicariously through others. So please post more poems about your goofy, fluffy, adorable or grumpy puppies. <3
Bellie-boo Apr 21
Lilies and Daisies,
Today I have got a case of the lazies,
I sit in our room listening to the eighties,
Thinking about nothing my thoughts come and go like the waveys,
I wonder Dear if you would look good in paisleys,
But then that pattern is a bygone phas-ies,
If you wore it on our dates, I can’t imagine all the gazes.

Lilies and Daisies,
We are feeling Lazies,
Sitting on the bed doing nothing but maybes.
“Want to go for a walk?” “Maybes.”
“Want to go to the movies?” “Maybes.”
Our code word for, “I have the lazies.”
When we hear maybes,
I know well just sit here doing nothing…
But I am perfectly okay with doing nothing so long as I am doing nothing with you, Cuties.
Just sitting on the bed with my partner thinking how happy I am to do nothing with them <3
It's a struggle
I understand---
The point is lost
When comfort
Of the bed takes over,
But failing
The challenge twice
In a week
Is noteworthy.

The point cannot get across
If it's all but a car
With flat tires,
For this road has no time
For brakes to depress,
And we knew that stepping in,

But surely we can do better
To not deplete the message
Of wasting any moments
Than the example we've set.
Laziness is no longer an excuse,
It's a mindset;
Don't let it breach the line
Of permanence.
25 lines, 267 days left.
My Cat slept a lot today
It's not an unusual thing
He was asleep when I went out
And asleep when I came in

The Whiskers twitch, the tail flicks
Perhaps a playful dream
Oh he's awake! No. Just turned round
The laziest cat I've seen!
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.
Inspired by my cat 'Draco' who's favourite passtime is to sleep.
तुम आते हीं रहो देर से हम रोज हीं बतातें है,
चलो चलो हम अपनी अपनी आदतें दुहराते हैं।
लेट लतीफी तुझे प्रियकर नहीं समय पर आते हो,
मैं राही हूँ सही समय का नाहक हीं खिसियाते हो।

तुम कहते हो नित दिन नित दिन ये क्या ज्ञान बताता हूँ?
नही समय पर तुम आते हो कह क्यों शोर मचाता हूँ?
जाओ जिससे कहना सुनना चाहो बात बता देना,
इसपे कोई असर नही होगा ये ज्ञात करा देना।

सबको ज्ञात करा देना कि ये ऐसा हीं वैसा है,
काम सभी तो कर हीं देता फिर क्यों हँसते कैसा है?
क्या खुजली होती रहती क्यों अंगुल करते रहते हो?
क्या सृष्टि के सर्व नियंता तुम हीं दुनिया रचते हो?

भाई मेरे मेरे मित्र मुझको ना समझो आफत है,
तेरी आदत लेट से आना कहना मेरी आदत है।
देखो इन मुर्गो को ये तो नित दिन बाँग लगाएंगे,
जब लालिमा क्षितिज पार होगी ये टाँग अड़ाएंगे।

मुर्गे की इस आदत में कोई कसर नहीं बाकी होगा,
फ़िक्र नहीं कि तुझपे कोई असर नहीं बाकी होगा।
तुम गर मुर्दा तो मैं मुर्गा अपनी रस्म निभाते है,
मुर्दों पे कोई असर नहीं फिर भी आवाज लगाते है।

मुर्गों का काम उठाना है वो प्रति दिन बांग लगाएंगे,
मुर्दों पे कोई असर नहीं होगा जिंदे जग जाएंगे।
जिसका जो स्वभाव निरंतर वो हीं तो निभाते हैं,
चलो चलो हम अपनी अपनी आदतें दुहरातें हैं।

अजय अमिताभ सुमन
हरेक ऑफिस में कुछ सहकर्मी मिल हीं जाएंगे जो समय पर आ नहीं सकते। इन्हें आप चाहे लाख समझाईये पर इनके पास कोई ना कोई बहाना हमेशा हीं मिल हीं जाएगा। यदि कोई बताने का प्रयास करे भी तो क्या, इनके कानों पर जूं नहीं रेंगती। लेट लतीफी इनके जीवन का अभिन्न हिस्सा होता है। तिस पर तुर्रा ये कि ये आपको हीं पाठ पढ़ाने लगते हैं । ऐसे हीं महानुभावों के चरण कमलों में आदरपूर्वक सादर नमन है ये कविता , मिस्टर लेट लतीफ़ ।
Sitting at home being lazy
Another day at home, I might just go crazy
Quarantine is sooooo boring, I think I'm crazy sometimes
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