Cody Jon Jan 8
is laying in bed 'til 2 p.m.
thinking about everything else
that you could be doing

Anya Jan 2
My mind offers a compromise
Which is instantly refuted
Shot down
I’m absolutely amazed by the sheer
Number of superficial constraints placed
Upon me, my superstitions, my desires, my obligations
Each one currently impossibly to fulfill
Each side impossible to sait

And so,
A stalemate
Sitting here, doing nothing
Unmoving, but
Thoughts whirling about
Fidget spinners, or
Bablades repeatedly clashing
Repeatedly smashing
Till it’s just me and the broken debre

All you see
Is a girl
Too lazy to move
Ross Lopez Dec 2018
You don’t have to do that babe:
Getting gussied up to go out and get
    groped by the grotesque ghosts and
    goblins that turn the green grass
    brown and the blue skies gray.
Just stay here and smoke with me and
     lounge around in the haze of your
    dying potential,
But take comfort in knowing that your
    demise is only eventual.

Let's just munch the leaves and drop
    the eaves and pet the peeves
And reject the difficult and embrace
    the sensual.
Then maybe when we've grown old
    and burdened from the waves of
    regret residual,
We can be like Romeo and Juliet and
   end the physical.
Yenson Dec 2018
The Rent-a-Mob loonies, the gangsters and the Racists
damaged scums of society and contemporary politics
Ignorant arrogant sociopaths who want it all for nothing
Indulgent wasters in nation awashed with opportunities
In idle union they scream, feed us poor and **** the Rich

Strangers come Poland, Bulgaria, India and all over
to work in farms, hospitals, hotels and Constructions
Building futures and faring in endeavours with sweat
Crimson gangs and Renta Mobs states we serve nobody
**** the wealth makers, **** the parasites and let's drink

Our shyster gangs of Revo-comrades and malcontents
See killing fields, whereas strangers toil and find rich pickings
Our Revos Distract, confuse, sow seeds of dissent, make strife
Blame all others, lie and decieve, fling indulgent political turds
Rent brainwashed Mobs,into ***** bridgard to do their ***** work

We all know life is unfair and even roses have imperfections
Some are born to riches in spades and some born to beggars in dusts
Those with time, sit and ask *** why, just a fact of life to accept
But from dust has risen billionaires, whilst riches have made duds
Insane Crimson sits in spurious guise and odious fallacy playing ***

Yeh, **** the Rich and feed the poor, why hide and use Rent a mob
Why not air your case in broad daylight and stand your conviction
The coward you are knows it hold no sanity for those with sense
Except for thieves, the workshy and wasters who cheat to survive
In your city of merits aplenty, Revo-crimson is beneath contempt
Rahim Sterling - Nothing annoys the Racists more than a successful Blackman or a black male with potential. The sick of the Society will all rise up in arms to Destroy them. They can only abide the subjugated and oppressed black male, the ones they can use in Rent-a-Mob...
Moushmi Mehta Nov 2018
Winter morning won’t you stay
Won’t you stay with me
All my life, I just lazed
Now I’m cold and cozy
empty seas Nov 2018
i failed again
i couldn’t make myself work
i’m supposed to be good at things
i’m too lazy for anything, though
i am a failure
everything i touch crumbles
everyone i love leaves
i can’t even muster enough motivation
to practice for the upcoming competition
or work on securing my future
i’m awful
why can’t i ******* do things
*** im a failure at everything I’m so ******* lazy
K Nov 2018
Today, lets enjoy the simple pleasures  
Whilst disregarding the morning luminosity
when the city wakes, our impulse to be fainéant grows
a comfortable silence, filled with slow music at a moderate level
whilst slowly turning pages of a book, dismiss time and live in the moment.
Poem influenced by music.
lulu Nov 2018
winter nights,
couch days.
sweater, socks and
no pants.
coffee with half a spoon sugar,
some days i like the bitter and the cold in the chaos.
only cuddles and coffee.
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