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A mother sobbing,
a raging mob.
What we need is people
to do their job.
A cop stands still
amidst the crowd.
To **** or…be killed?
His head is bowed.
Lock the door and
set the alarm.
So simple a task
to keep some from harm.
Collecting a paycheck,
is easy to do.
But there’s a lot more
we expect of you.
By the time that you
become a grown up
you should have learned
it’s important to show up.
Most of the world's problems would be solved if people just did their jobs.
Daivik May 23
Today is a very sleepy day
And I am going to sleep it away
So please do not come in my way
For today is a very sleepy day
Rickey Spence Mar 12

If I could speak to you
I’d tell you how special you are
I’d tell you that what makes you cool
Is that I can see the love of Jesus shining

If I could give you counsel
I’d tell you how valuable you are
I’d tell you how infinitely important it is
To wait patiently on God’s will for your life

If I could ask you a question
I’d want an answer from your heart
What is your pressing passion, I’d ask
What drives you, what things do you love?

If I could watch you
I’d want to see you smile
I’d want you to be safe and happy
I’d want to watch you live your dreams

If I weren’t so self-conscious
I’d be confident and encouraging
I’d want to be intentional and inviting
I’d want to be the person I’m meant to be
Robyn Little Feb 27
Summer mornings in a spare bed
entertainment available by 7
breakfast and then back at 11
curtains ajar to spy a crack of light
I'll close away the rest of the day
and the next thing you know
it's dark outside and you're alone
where did all that time go?
I'm sorry I'm not a degenerate like you
But that's not my fault
But in your own warped minds

F Minus
JJ Inda Oct 2021
The afternoon is warm,
bright and long.
The sidewalks are busy,
packed and loud.

Drinking another beer alone;
the view from my apartment
feeds a thought.
-We're all crazy, you know?
Nolan Willett Oct 2021
A lovely tree, so carefree,
In serene tranquility
With it I would spend my night,
And let come whatever might

Red-yellow leaves, sparsely wreathed,
Life into the air it breathes
Dying breaths, it pays a price
Gives it’s solemn sacrifice

It’s not fair, you’ll soon be bare,
Many will not even care,
At least for now, your leaves bright
Make for an envious sight.
Lazy lines for a lazy day, 2019
ScaryGary Oct 2021
Sometimes I wonder if it's just from a lack of life experience. Easy for me to say though, since I'm not a poet, and I write nursery rhymes. A closed mind causes individual thought to bounce off of cranium walls, and when these confused thoughts do leave the body, they literally bounce around your living quarters and infect those that you love. So, if you blame writer's block on anything but yourself, you are just projecting more "confused" energy.

I picture a person just sitting there with a pen or phone, angry at the world that they are scared of. Maybe I am wrong, but it truly is related to laziness. These same people sometimes use that anger to inform others of how stupid they are. Never stopping to look at themselves.

I can't help but think that it's the ones who study, research, and live life more that get famous. These people with writer's block self publish, and yes, possibly end up with a book in the know, the books that never get borrowed and look brand new, even when they're old.

You do know what a library is right? Well, grow some passion, and do some research. Walk a path that you normally wouldn't walk. After all, hasn't it all been said about poetry, poets, butterflies, writer's block?

I can't help but to think that some of these same people are like the haters that tried to run me off for years. Guilty conscious? Nope, guilty sub-conscious.

Don't worry, I have enough written to post 5 poems a day for 10 years. Maybe I will get a chance to post those someday. As for now, my mind is continually evolving, and searching...and finding. I just sit down and the *******(poetry) pours out of me. This is not poetry...true
These hits aren't aimed at anyone in particular...I just call *******, *******.
Brumous Oct 2021
I get these silly hiccups,
and it bothers me
but I'm far too sluggish,
so I let them be
a beat at a time.
My Dear Poet Aug 2021
Oh no
It’s 1:02
we’re still in bed
and the mornings bled
into the afternoon

It’s a
lazy day
but I’m glad to stay
here in bed
with you
Just got up
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