Funeral suits and black dresses,
Fresh flowers and pretty coffins,
All while my heart died.
My soul was taken by you,
A thief amongst many things,
But a heartbreaker was the least expected.
Those hazel eyes were my weakness,
Your beautiful face kept me breathing.
I should’ve known a lifeline to another heart would lead me to flatline.
When I looked into your eyes it was almost as if I was staring back,
Your empty vessel contained no love,
No mercy,
No change.
I begged for some sort of peace,
My heart broke to the song of you.
Please spare me from this aching feeling in my chest for I lay here next to you and you’re already gone.
Your life is as empty as those eyes you look at me with
Late night texts
Sleepy eyes
Small smiles

Stolen moments
Held inside
Beating heart


Left alone
Tear filled eyes
Chapped lips
Scarred thighs

Empty promises
Cast aside
Broken heart

there's a reason why its called a crush
soak the smoke away
part the *****
meet your mom
good impressions good

you smell sweet
you kiss me

i love you
small thang
let me hold you and
let me tuck you in

i wanna feel your love, babydoll
lets do this every night
Amanda Dec 2018
I am terrified to let you know how I really feel
But time is spinning forward faster than a wheel
Each day that passes is another chance I lose
Cowardly silence is what I always seem to choose
For what if I let my polished surface *****?
Only to discover you don't love me back?
So I act indifferent, like I don't care at all
Determined not to be the first to text or call
I'm safer with you thinking I don't give a ****
You have no idea how badly I'm stuck
Controlled by the fear of getting hurt once more
That's what happened when I shared feelings before
But they keep growing, I have nowhere to hide
They have almos filled me up completely inside
And I start to wonder how much longer
I'm able to pretend these emotions aren't stronger..
I'll admit I'm scared to tell you what is inside my heart
But which am I more afraid of? Being real? Or being apart?
Just something I've been holding in. I actually wrote this today, crazy huh?

Jules DelPercio Dec 2018
I dreamt of a dream last night.
It crinkled my nose and shattered my bones.

shivering, looking for you.

Terrified, I grab the phone that looks like a hero to me.

I dial your number so fast I could feel my fingers shaking.

And when you answered,
with your tired, low, raspy, voice,

I knew I had to open my heart a bit more
for you.
I will probably elaborate in this poem later on...
n oa Dec 2018
i feel like a ghost. i'm just numb and moving forward to nowhere. i'm tired of fake friendships and i'm tired of having no goals. during this time full of beginning i am immersed in the ending of the only good thing i had. i want everyone to step away from me. not in some tragically dramatic way, i just think i need time to create myself and find me because *** i feel so lost. i'm craving adventure and freedom because my mind is locked up and terrified of almost everything. i miss being myself. i don't know when exactly i lost myself or where i went, but i haven't seen myself since you drove me home.
come back, i miss myself.
i drunkenly scribbled this down in my journal on august 21st.
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
although you were an ******* to me
and never loved me the way i needed
you had a big impact on my life
you were the first person i ever loved
so now i know how love feels because of you
and you treated me like ****
but i realized my self-worth through that
and you didn't really like me for who i was
but i started to love myself because of that
and because of you, i figured out what was best for me
and i promised myself
i would never let anyone treat me like **** again
even if i loved them more than anything
because i loved you more than anything
at least i thought so
but you don't deserve to feel my love
i stayed because i thought you wanted me
when in reality you were just using me the whole time
and i would say thank you for helping me find myself
but no you don't deserve that either
i am ******* terrified because of you now
and i will never ever ever forget
the way you would take me into the bathroom at school
and do things to me that i didn't really want
or do things when we were alone that made me feel disgusting
isn't school supposed to be a safe place?
but i can't be in one place
that doesn't remind me of all the things you did to me there
my life turned to **** because of you
my whole life was ruined
everything i cared about, gone
you broke up with me
7 months ago
kissed me twice after that
which caused me to hate myself because i let you
it took me this long to get back on my feet
and i hope one day
someone hurts you so bad
that it will take twice as long
to get over it

to an ex boyfriend
Mufini She Frost Nov 2018
Fully blasted scenery, where i once called home
Tweeting of birds resting in the tree as a tone
Another chaos has to began
Cover! Hide! —said the woman to her son

Clear water turned into red, how could we conquer the world with no more dread
I wished the i could repent
I wished, I didn't left

Messy world I created,
Are once the world I wished I have painted.
Random thoughts. Come and share yours with me.
bk Oct 2018
I promise, my love
That when I go home
I will tell the stars about you.
They will tremble
When they hear
Of how bright you shine.
They will quake
When they are told
Of how beautiful you are.
They will be terrified
When they hear
Of how your love
Heats my heart on cold nights.
And most of all,
They will be jealous
When they hear
That I love you
More than the
Whole Galaxy.

Celeste Briefs Oct 2018
I'm terrified of a world
that sits, growling in the shadows
anxiously waiting, sweating in madness,
for the day when it can devour my soul
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