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Alicia Feb 19
by campfire light
she dances
spinning myriads of circles
an elegant black swan
spirals fall from her tilted head
moonlight reflected in her eyes
she is Gemini defined
twins colliding
granite and whisper-soft
fragile delicate narrow frame
taunt muscles over bone
outstretched hands in the atmosphere
the soles of her feet
the power of her voice
the grace in which she moves
her skin ablaze
daughter of the elements
living freedom
low poetry Feb 5
we ridiculously young
as species
what do we now about human youngsters?
they seems to be stupid and selfish
the worst of their parents

so do we are
as species
living on this mysterious planet we called Earth
but it is as Earth as also Air, Water, Fire, Ether
we should call It - Elements
It looks gorgeous and we call it Earth

we use it
like we call it
we **** and litter everywhere we can see
digging inside It in the search of the gold
or building trenches
or getting rid of the dead ones

the planet is our god
not the guy in the sky
It need your energies to be vibrant with hers
if you will connect she will gave you everything you might need  

other planets has an impact on you too
they also can be your gods
but god you can be connect to
so closed as to Elements
is the most important one

everybody have own gods
it is in the one of their invisible bodies
along with physical one
the edited piece of the original #lowpoetry idea in 2018
inspired by Bukowski
rig Jan 23
roots earth water
own compartment
paged meals
visible deities
ressilences fire air
tongue to unmute
wordless dialogues
(translated from my original portuguese "faltas", which is a 7-square)
Descovia Jan 6
The whirlwinds from this hurricane
Creates a continuous world warp
the destructive tide remaining inside
Terrifying, flashing lighting side to side
Clearly everywhere it's a mystery
Drift to sleep and float in peace.

It's best to keep calm, cool and collective.
When it comes to friends I am overprotective as well as selective.
Under any form. Not every choice, is worth a risk.
Take a moment to feel the shift, before you flip the script!
You cannot hold on to it.
Allow it comfort you.
Another day with you is more than a gift.
Vacuous matters weighing on you dissolve and wash away

You give me life. In every situation must not lose your composure
Remain free of tension. A wise one of the world
Embedded it in our souls... "To be formless...
Formless like water"
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