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Steve Page Mar 21
Give me a grain
of gravity, in a moment
of space time, tied to a thread
of string theory,  soaked
in one long figment
of my fantasy

and I will give you
a multi-verse.
Merlie T Nov 2021
The sky is crying
Gentle tears
While a song of sorrow
Sorrow and yearning
Sings from my spirit
Merlie T Jul 2021
Gaze rests upon
red, red roses
encased in a purple vase
Hear warm, safe voices
A melody carried along
Words of affirmation, love, trust
Wind kisses
flowing through window
wrapped in its arms
tossed away
Merlie T Jul 2021
I need not use full sentences
I cannot if I want to express
The structure confines, represses, degrades
the integrity of the cries
Help me speak
My throat, mouth too dry
so dry, I do not have tears

Salt crystalized and formed the rock
mounds glowing orange
in the dessert sunset
my spirit rests, crushed to rubble
like ash
Sarah Jul 2021
Every day at nightfall
the sun sets herself on fire
in an immaculate public display of affection.
Vibrantly glowing in shades of vermillion
before vanishing beyond the horizon,
surrendering the day to the darkness of night.

Her departure, a self sacrifice,
generously offering her light so that
the moon may shine so brightly.
Share the light. Be the light.
MM Mar 2021
You spent a lifetime looking for the flame
to burn,
to be consumed
to feel the warmth  

Didn't you know by now?
you need not anyone to combust
the flame is yours
the warmth is yours

All this time,
you've been the fire
MM Mar 2021
You need not to win the race
as long as you keep running
It's alright to not be at the top
for you have never stopped climbing
Set your own pace
for you are the master of your own race

It's alright if the only thing you could do for now
is to just keep breathing
It's enough to know you're still fighting

For now, just breathe
We'll figure out the rest later
MM Jul 2021
You, a free flow

Calm as the sea when the sun shines,

and as ferocious on a stormy day

Know this,

You need not a savior to reach the shore

nor you need a boat to keep afloat

Once, he might have been the drop of water

you desperately needed in the middle of a desert

Or the sprinkle in summer

that you've waited for in the scorching sun

But you must remember,

he is not your salvation, not your reservoir

no one is better equipped to ease the raging rainfall than you

to end the drought in hope of spring

It is in learning to calm your own storms

That you won’t find yourself drowning when he leaves
Julika-Skai Jul 2021
I see you
You can see trough me
I can see inside of you
And so we see what is underneath
Inside of you inside of me

We share the same energy
Yet we are not the same of elements
Hearts collide
But from a small distance
Almost as we are ready to move on
In love and commitment

I didn't thought that
Air and earth
Could be so exciting
In our existence
S R Mats Jun 2021
There are three known states in which substance is to exist:

A solid, which has a definite shape and volume.
Liquids, although having a definite volume, can only take the shape
       of that which contains them.
Gases; death and beauty in our conundrum; have no definitive shape,
      nor volume.


The ethereal nature that does exist,
An un-defining ethos,
This trinity of you.
Somewhat loosely inspired by Teodoro Ronquillo's Apr 2 poem, Kristal at Tubig.
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