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LLillis 6d
Amber fire cooled
Smooth over water hardened
To soften the burn.
I heard that love would be a kind of a date,
a chemical one,
between me and you.
I heard that love would be a kind of an explosion,
an atomically one,
in which our elements,
are intertwining,
are changing everything,
are destroying the cages and the chains
of our minds,
are creating joy,
are provoking re-freshness
and are giving hope.
If from this amalgamation
of heterogeneous elements
results... life,
only then,
our hearts start to beat at the same pace.
What did you hear about love?
Olivia Henkel Aug 14
Spirits presence was ubiquitous                                                                            
                                                                               Circulating / ay-r
I am a walking coincidence                                              
                                                                        In a cuircuit / ah
latavia Jun 6
but i know its probably me
but i know i wont take responsibility
but i know i'll find a way to make you apologize
but i know we've been here a million times
but i know that my love for you is like fire
but i know that it burns you
but i know that you think the way i shine is beautiful
but i know that i hurt your eyes
but i know that each time you close them and trust me its unbearable

and so we are left with one option.

while i shine, crackle, pop, burn
you must sway.

you water and i fire.


evaporate us both.
Ylzm Jun 3
             I am,
             contained and
             compartmentalised in

             of self similar structures
             with fractal dimensions
             at various scales,
             from the unseen cells
             to the whole person, that I am;

             permeates all of me,
             constantly cycling, in and out,
             the breathe of life,
             in the blood.

But where is the Fire?
Deadwood Jawn Apr 18
When the fearsome face appears,
When the senseless violence emerges,
When the air is saturated with red,

And when my surroundings become ruined

I will feel the lightning

The lightning

Playing around with elements here. Might use it as a trope more. Nice symbolism and feelings attached to the elements.
Olivia Henkel Mar 31
Swept up in summoned motions

Winds stir stagnant emotions

Slurp down that potion of brewed dreams

having steeped long enough, visions edge to burst the seams

Kaleidoscopic undercurrents break the shore

with it a myriad of misty rains pour

refrain from thwarting these divine schemes

failure wont override on the premise of faulty genes

lingering faith saunters with me on this path

without valor, I risk a skewed aftermath

so here I am kicking my feet up to float the waves of spirit

may our shores harmonize,darling dearest
Olivia Henkel Mar 31
emotional floodgates

Herein rage dangerous rapids, Do I dare release?  
The waters may never cease

Water is not always gentle.
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