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They say don't go out walking
in the woods nearby
You'll reach a point where it's so dark
You can not see the sky
It doesn't matter much to me
And here's the reason why
I listen to the wind out there
It speaks to me on high

One wrong turn and you'll be lost
They tell me, still I go
I know where I'm heading
The wind it tells me so
I listen to the wind out there
It say's I'm glad you came
The wind and I are such old friends
The wind it calls my name

Elemental friendship
From another time
Silent Conversation
No words, just thoughts in rhyme

Snowy winter afternoons
out walking all alone
Making trails for no one else but me
I listen to the tree and how they groan
The wind it makes them talk some
Not one tree sounds the same
The wind and I are such old friends
The wind it calls my name

The darkness closes in so fast
The winter days are short
Walking on in silence
Like a library or court
The wind says night is coming
Go back from whence I came
The wind and I are such old friends
The wind it calls my name

Elemental friendship
From another time
Silent Conversation
No words, just thoughts in rhyme
Born from water 
Of the womb 

Walk on earth and 
Breathe the air 

Turn to fire 
On the pyre
Natalia Apr 27
What will it mean
To never break?
To be stripped clean,
To feel joy yet still ache?

Like the trees in the wind
Of a harrowing storm,
You may twist and bend,
Even lose your form.

Like the rising of a tide,
You eventually submerge,
Into the depths, you hide,
Capitulating to every urge.

You rise from the ground,
As would a terrifying earthquake.
You are no longer bound,
You will no longer break.

Fire roars in your honour,
It's flames always dancing.
'Behold! Look upon her.'
Stronger still, you are standing.

Nothing can break you now,
Not water, earth, fire or air.
You have given a vow.
Try and break me. I dare.
Losing my dad suddenly and unexpectedly has been the most traumatic experience so far. Nothing has felt normal since. Not my body, mind or spirit. I have reached the darkest depths of my being since. As I am recovering, I have realised. I am unbreakable. Nothing can ever break me as much as I have broken and rebuilt myself. I dare anyone to try.
Haley Apr 27
The elements;
They're coming to surround me,
They’re engulfing my everything.

First there came fire,
It locked me up and took everything I once was.
It burned me up until all I had were scars.

Next was air.
It picked me up and swirled me around and everything I once loved was swirling too.
It dropped me down and all I had left were broken bones.

The third was earth.
It dug a hole beneath me, buried me inside just to close again.
It suffocated me until all I had left was a limp and numb body.

Last was water.
It flooded the gates of my feelings.
It drowned me until all I had left was a broken heart.

The elements have surrounded me;
They’ve taken away my pride and joy,
Until all I had left were scars, broken bones, a limp and numb body, and a broken heart.
What have they done to you?
what have they done to you?
MerlieJ Apr 23
I'm in outer space!
Swirling through Venus sky,
I  nosedive toward Earth
We all need a little water
to quench this thirst.
The elements amazing.
They are numerous and infinite.
They affect everyone and everything.

There is water.
Water washes away.
Water in a pure form hydrates.
We are all made of water.
The world is 70% water
Water is use in cooking.
Water is where we all come from.
The tears of the sky bring life from the earth.
Hot water burns.
Drinking too much water can be deadly
Breathing underwater is called drowning
cold water below freezing turns into a solid form
Freezing is the easiest way to get frostbite
In spite of it all, I love water.
I once told my mother I wanted to be a mermaid.
She told me my father wasn’t a fish.

Next there is wind and air.
The air is invisible.
With air, we live.
The weather changes by the wind.
The wind cries
The carries the smell of life
The wind swirls and moves.
The wind destroys everything in its path

The wind throws things everywhere.
The wind is my brother.
We talk from time to time.
I asked my mom why I couldn’t fly.
She told me my father wasn’t a bird.

Soon there is earth.
The earth is where we dwell
The earth brings life from seeds
Earth is ever-changing
Sand can become glass
Lots products in life come from the earth
Dirt is sometimes hard to wash out.
The Earth spins on its axis around the sun
The Earth is very old
The earth shakes violently
The earth falls from high places
We return to the earth at death
I love to run my bare feet through the dirt
But I have to be careful not to catch cold.

Followed by that is fire.
Fire burns
Fire brought forth ingenuity
Fire makes the world run.
Fire is used to control the world
Without fire, people would freeze
Fire burns in the hearts of people
Passion burns like fire
Blue fire is super hot.
Fire is the core of the Earth
Fire is dangerous
“Only you can prevent forest fires”
Fire is used in smoking
Fire destroys all in its path.
Fire is my zodiac element
I love to play with fire
As a child I played with fire dangerously
My mother punished me to play safely.

Finally, there is static and electricity.
Lightning exist in nature.
Electricity makes life easier.
Computers run on electricity
Static can **** computers
Men are more likely to be struck by lightning
Love is electrifying
Water and electricity don’t mix well
Too much electricity is deadly
I’m sensitive to static electricity
It makes me uncomfortable in high doses.

These are just a few of the elements in life
Without them, life wouldn’t exist.
But each is a destroyer in its own right.
This is one of my UA poems. Written 9-30-2010.
MerlieJ Apr 8
Fire dream from the sky
Clouds of White
will not pour
Gulfs of sea carve-
shrubs, sediment
Leap out of view
Make Space
Share Life
My mother comes from the earth,
she comes from moss, from dirt,
from loam, from deep roots.
she makes beautiful things from the simplest of beginnings,
From soil and seed, comes fruit,
her hopes, her dreams, her ambitions.
She turns manure into blossoms, ugliness into beauty,
options into opportunity.

My father comes from water,
he comes from ocean, from riptides,
from currents, from salty spray.
When the white caps are crashing over him, he perseveres,
unfazed by the storm, he faces his troubles head-on.
He comes from sailors, swimmers, fishermen, mariners,
ceaselessly stitched to the sea,
simultaneously searching for both freedom and discipline.

I come from earth and from water,
I come from deep roots and from riptides.
I come from softness and from stoicism.
I come from my mother and from my father.
I am also from myself.
I am from where I have been and where that allows me to go.
I am from strength in the hardest of times.
I am from love.
No one Mar 29
Quietly my hand 

caresses the fire with joy;

I watch my hand burn.

My body drowns in

the ocean's gentle feathers;

emerged in slumber.

My hand reaches for

the stars, trying to grasp the

untouchable air.

Energy flows through 

your presence, travelling from

your very own core.
Gabriel burnS Mar 16
Of all the natural elements, the most savage one has always been, the element of surprise...
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